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Free Coffee Day
On the first Monday of every month, Fiiz Drinks allows everyone that comes from 6am-8pm to get free coffee. Dan, who usually only has two or three cups of free coffee on these days, finds himself drinking five cups of coffee in a row after experiencing something earlier that day. Thanks to a tip by Penn, Viv comes over and convinces Dan to go over to his house to talk about it. Dan explains the situation to Viv and accidentally crashes there for the night. Now Viv has to find a way to help his friend without hurting him.., or the person he had the experience with. ~ Happy General Conference!! Hope you guys liked the little mini-story. I’ll be doing it from now on in case anyone is confused about the anim. And happy end of spring break! (For me, anyway.) If you haven’t guessed by now, the only reason I’ve been able to be active and put out animations lately is because this week has been Spring Break for my school, so I’ve had a whole 7 days to lay back and animate my heart out. :) Sadly, school starts back up tomorrow, so I’ll be inactive again. :/ Type ‘Conference’ in the comments if you read the description! ~ Keep on smiling! :D
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A thing I made for a Geography assignment in school about Poland
I GOT IT TURNED IN ON TIME!!!!!!!!!!!! QWQ - Man, this is the first time I’ve done research on something that I know almost nothing about. When I was assigned Poland for our assignment, all I really knew about it was that Arc and King lived there. :v I’m pretty sure I got a plethora of things wrong in this video, and that’s what I get for not knowing about countries aside from my own. ,_, Please don’t be offended if the entire video is false or incorrect in any way. And hey, if I got something wrong, tell me about it! I’d like to know more about my mistakes so I can improve on them later on. ‘-‘ I’ll just put the credits in the description because I was too hyped on adrenaline to put them in the movie. Animation by: M_Pennanti (Kira) Voice acting: M_Pennanti (Kira) Sound effects: Sticknodes Sources: The websites my geography teacher let us use Special thx: My sister, my teacher, God, Ralph, and you. ;) - Type ‘Ge-o-fra-pe’ in the comments if you read the description! - Keep on smiling! :D
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Des Vs Troy - FlipAClip Fight
Hey look an upload o.o I tried out FlipAClip for once, and I love it!! Honestly, I think I'm better at FlipAClip than Sticknodes. Welp, expect more FlipAClip and hopefully more uploads! Keep on smiling! :D
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Viv Vs Games
Ahh~ Yes. Nothing makes you more happy than watching a guy flip out over seeing eyes in the corner of his screen. :) If you want more, comment ‘Bannanas’. Fun to see people reading the description of videos because I sure don’t. XD - Link to sound source: https://youtu.be/7SCVI88kJBg - Keep on smiling! :D
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Gildedguy X Jade ~ Valentines Day SpeedPaint
Wheeze! First speed paint for a while!! I kinda stopped because I was trying to find a new style 😅 Happy Early Valentines Day!!! :D For all you single pringles, don't worry, I'm comming with you to the big singles party- I don't want a Valentine. EVER. Have a great day, and remember: Keep on smiling! :D --- For Michael and Camilla, the apples of my eye :3
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Beyond Humanity Amino Story
Link to End Score Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMMnOUptlKc -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Oh look a voice reveal :o And a random story anim :^ Welp.. Keep on smiling! :D
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Aw shoot, I forgot to thank my Psychology Teacher, Mrs. F. Without her, this never would have existed. Thanks, Mrs. F!! (Name was shortened for safety reasons) Oh, also, thanks to Ralph for making Sticknodes in the first place! :) This was a Psychology Project for Piaget’s Periods of Cognitive Development. I hope you enjoyed the video! - Frame Count: 1,870 Time Taken: 1 Week (Including Breaks) FPS Used: 10 Program Used: Sticknodes Pro - Keep on smiling! :D
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Lyp Sync Unrusting - Me and My Broken Heart - Rixton
SONG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JJfJgyHYwU Welp, I haven't used Flip Da Clip in a while. Figured I rusted and decided to be active on YT :P Keep on smiling! :D
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A Brief Description of ADHD
Another school project. =_= I really rushed it and had to cut out a lot of the script to get it in on time. That’s why it jumps to random parts. Sorry. :( Anyways I’m kinda sick of doing these so... Comment 'Stop doing school stuff' in the comments if you read the description. - Keep on smiling! :D
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Clan Infinite Tryout w/ Arik
Sorry this took so long. Exporting took way longer than I expected :P Also sorry about the laziness on the explanation part. I did that at midnight rip. Keep on smiling! :D
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Bench Thoughts
Hidden Text (Easier to find on mobile) Happy April Fools Day Took about 5 hours 850-900 something frames @ 11fps Turn on subtitles (watch normally first tho) Comment ‘melons’ if you read the description Comment ‘melOOOnes’ if you watched with subs Hi - Keep on smiling! :D
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My Entry for the #WhoAmI Challenge! - Amino SpeedPaint
Time: 30m Program: IOS Paint
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When Can I See You Again - Music Video - Short
Created with iMovie and ABC Ya Animate Hey, Guys! All... uh.. 7 of you! Sorry I havn't uploaded a video in a long time! I've been working on my Reflections Entry for 2016. My sister is in it and she does not want it to be shown on YT. :( I respect my sister wishes, so I apologize. In the meantime, please watch this video! You may not be used to these drawings. They are mine. (I know, I know, I'm bad at it) Please watch and enjoy! (P.S. The music in the video has been shortened. I wanted to upload it now, so I had to shorten it. If you want a full version, please like!)
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The Fusion Collab
Oh look I'm active :o For the record, I have no idea what was up with all the glitches. It was all fine in Power Director, but every time I exported it to Youtube, ends would get cut and anims would be slowed. I tried to fix it, but couldn't. It kept on happening. I sincerely apologize for that :( But amyway, hope you guys enjoy! :3 Keep on smiling! :D
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Penn Vs X - MSB #1
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I know all
The ocs Raymond and Mei do not belong to me. They belong to Raymond and Mei. - Testing out sn pro sounds! :D And trying to not rust! :’D And trying to revive my channel! And do something with my life To distract me from school And other things- ._.; - Keep on smiling! :D
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Penn Vs Commando - MSB #2
Penn and Commando fight after a small prank went a bit too far...
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Penn Vs Trevor - MSB #3
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Art stuffffffff
Art I guess... idk I'm bored ;-;
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The Friends We Meet
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Two Favors Too Many - Amino SpeedPaint
I had this dream last night. I'll go into more details on Amino, but I felt like I should post it now because I'm lazy XD Time: 2h 43m 32s Program: IOS Paint
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Zeto Vs Rick - Amino SpeedPaint
Program: Ibis paint, Power Director Time: about 40 min Xd -=-=-=-=-=-=- Just some fan art for my friends, Carr and Rick! Carr is doing an anim in which they fight, so here is the link to Carr's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYGt7YX7-6A2ksgWkbFwwkg And if you wanna check out Rick's channel... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCznqwNpgj8u82icZHB6AeqA -=-=-=-=-=-=- Penn VS X is still under construction, please be patient. -=-=-=-=-=-=- Thanks for watching!
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Penn Demo
A demonstration of Penn's powers
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Penn Vs X - MSB #4
X is a water bender who loves puns. :D For those who are confused; when Penn says: "I'm sorry I can't get from H to O on time.", that was her punning. H2O is the molecular formula for water. If you still don't get it, go ask someone who does Xd Yeah ik this is, like, a week late, and I'm sorry. I'll try to update more often. I'm aiming for one upload every week. 👍 Welp, that's it for me! Keep on smiling! :D
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For Miniiiiii
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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Tidying up on my Fusion Collab Entry
My first stream on FlipAClip :3
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'Puter Live-Streaming Test :v
Testing out YouTube Live-Streaming Service on my Windows ProGo
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Titan In Charge - Amino SpeedPaint
Program: Ibs Paint, Power Director Time: 20 min (Lol x-x) -=-=-=-=-=-=- Just some fan art for my friend Titan on Amino. This is my first fan art speed paint I've posted on youtube- so I've made others. I also made an introduction screen of sorts- which you saw at the beginning of the video. -=-=-=-=-=-=- Penn Vs X is still under construction. Please be patient! :D -=-=-=-=-=-=- Thanks for watching!! ^u^
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Full Of Lies - Amino SpeedPaint
Program: Ibs Paint, Power Director Time: 1h 40m -=-=-=-=-=-=- Penn Vs X is still under construction!! Please be patient!! :D -=-=-=-=-=-=- Edgy art oooooo!!! XD This art has much truth to it tho :I -=-=-=-=-=-=- Thanks!! :D
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Patreon - Patreon SpeedPaint
Program: Ibis Paint, Power Director Time: 1h 25m -=-=-=-=-=- Check out my brand new Patreon Page! https://www.patreon.com/user?u=8581540 Yes, I changed up Seth and Seto. I'll post about it on amino. -=-=-=-=-=- Penn Vs X is still under construction. Please be patient. -=-=-=-=-=- Thanks for watching!
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Hey, the story in this is TRUE, so please comment!
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My ibisPaint X Stream
Watch me play ibisPaint X!
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My ibisPaint X Stream
Watch me play ibisPaint X!
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Test Animation Upload 1
Test only plz do not share :3
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Penn Vs Zeto (Carr) - RHG #1
Penn and Zeto (Carr) have a short battle!
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My Entry For Claw's Zombie Colab!!
:D I also added sounds!! :o
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My Test
If the links don't work, just search 'If You Said No... Star Spangled' If you said no and 'If You Said Yes... Star Spangled' If you said yes.
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I'm BACK!!
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Good Morning Cereal - CCA Comercial
Created with iMovie and ABC Ya Animate For my CCA or CTE class, I was in charge of creating a cereal name, type, and brand with my friend, Sarah. Here is the result! Please enjoy and Subscribe!
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Test?? :v
Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/m_pennanti1 null
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Elements Trailer
Elements is not my video, but i will put it up with permision from my BFF. Please enjoy!
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My Stick Fight test
Watch me play Stick Fighter!
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Park #4 (A 4 Page Comic) (comedy)
BUHT I DONT KNOW HOW 2 DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to all that helped me make this video and be sure to hit that like button for another video like this! Can we get maybe 10 likes? That would be awesome!!! Also, if you have any ideas for future videos, leave it in the comments below! THANKS!!!
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Things Taken For Granted List
It might sound boring but it's actually a little funny.
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The 4th Acadamy Trailer (For loo loo33)
Are you ready to see the side of Star Wars you have never seen? Where , right now, young Jedi are training as we speak?
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