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Communication: Sender/Receiver, Abbott & Costello Comedy Routine
A perfect - humorous - example of the receiver not getting the sender's message !!!
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Student Loan Debt Crisis
Total student debts pass credit card levels. $24,000 per student. 1Trillion
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Deny, Deny, Deny: Joey Bishop/Imagene Coca
Great Movie and great scene : Guide to the Married man!!!
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Two Entrepreneurs Starting a Specialty Jewelry Business 9/09
Great overview of the hard work, persistence, and dedication required.
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Chobani Success
Excellent study of entrepreneurism, passion, perseverance, targeted marketing, expanding channels.
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Beach Boys 3 songs 6/15/12
Central Park- Good Morning America Show California Girls Good Vibrations That's Why God Made the Radio They STILL have it......
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Fedex and UPS Documentary
Excellent story of both companies who lead this field. Retailers and E-tailers alike not only use them but can learn from them
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JC Penny Fires President After Failed Strategy June 2012
JC Penny's recent strategy to eliminate coupons so they can compete against Target and Wal Mart is a miserable failure.
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Retail Macys Commercial
Demonstrates Macy's use of Branded Products from wide range of Celebrities
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Internet APP millionaire
High school student sells App to Yahoo for 30 Million.
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Steve Van Zandt Interview: Rascals Broadway Show:
Limited engagement show - 2weeks. Watch Stevie's interview today- opening day. Got 3rd row seats for tomorrow show.
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Coke Machines: New Style
Coke has built these machines to better serve the consumer AND to learn more quickly what they are buying
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Mark Cuban: Insider Trading
SEC is suing him for insider trading. it will be interesting to see the facts.
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Tyra Banks goes to College for Business
Even Tyra Banks believes in getting the fundamentals of business down and how important they are in success !!!!
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Selling Clothes using Mobile Buses
Small businesses are using this approach to compete against large ones too.
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Marketing: Store Versus Name Brand
Consumer Reports checks whether there REALLY is a difference
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JC Penny History
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Small Business Explodes !!!!
8 years ago, after starting in her home for 2 years, Tory Burch now runs a 2 Billion dollar company.
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Sasha Baron Cohen Oscar Rift
Is this a real disagreement or just another way for the Oscars to get more people watching?
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Marketing Image: Facebook Zuckerberg $100 Million Donation
Mark Zuckerberg attempts to deal with his image loss because of the new hollywood movie about how he started Facebook.
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Purell: The Beginning of Go Jo
Great story of an entrepreneurial company
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Wharton Business Professor: Good Management Skills
What I have been preaching for years.... A giver versus a taker....
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All That Jazz 3/23/13 Starpower Competition
Grace's Group Dance
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Warren Buffett Interview 11/12
Great interview by a guy who tells it like it is.
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Mov 12 Jersey Shore
Last years trip on the 4th of July to the Jersey Shore... Joey Fatone's tragic concert started the weekend.
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Apple's Manufacturing in China: Key Issues
Excellent story on ethics/globalization/labor etc surrounding Apple's manufacturing in China. I am NOT taking either position - often the media likes to sensationalize. It would be great to learn more about the "facts" involved. Apple is a very good company and I am sure there is much more to the story.
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Glen Campbell Final Tour
A poignant 10 minute story about Glen's Alzeihmers Disease and how he and his family are handling it with an amazing amount of dignity and respect for one of America's most talented musicians.
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Go Pro Entrepreneur Billionaire
Typical example of working passionately on making sure a very simple idea gets developed and marketed.
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Video: Partnerships Michael Eisner
Michael Eisner talkes about building long term successful businesses with the right type of partner. What is the right chemistry between good partners?
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NJ News 12 On the Road: Glen Rock 8/21/15
3 segments; Glen Rock Trivia, Francesco's Pizza, Marc's Cheesecake.
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Apple Foxcom visit Feb 2012
As a result of all the publicity and controversy, Apple has allowed a full visit to the Foxcom plant in China. Very interesting story about how to properly handle a crisis in addition to the major cultural differences with workers in China.
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Edison's Dark Side when facing competition
Click on this youtube link to see the actual video of one of his attempts to scare people away from AC electric while he had been using and selling DC....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VD0Q5FeF_wU
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SharkTank: Coverup Followup
After getting the Sharks to support them, they have cut a deal with Baby's R Us and doing very well.
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Shaun Kingston Marketing his New CD and Approach
Great pitch "selling" himself and his music
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Ridgewood NJ Economic Downturn on CBSnews
Excellent story on the affect of the economic collapse on the retail center in downtown Ridgewood NJ.
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McDonalds "Tries" to Motivate Employees with a Special Website
Its controversial because McDonalds didn't truly present "reality"
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Kony 2012 Social Media Gets Stronger African Warlord on the Run
Social media is continuing to take on a stronger role globally. War Lord in Africa now Internationally known and hopefully will be taken care of.
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Katie Couric Dance Show 10/3/12
Grace's Group danced on the Katy Couric show today....
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Workplace Chip Implanted to Track Employees
Only in Europe.....
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Snapchat: New Business Idea for Internet
New ideas are still alive and well
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Sylvestor Stallone Persistence with original Rocky Script
Perfect example of holding out for what you believe in versus taking the quick money up front
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Motivation & Leadership: Container Store
Values the employees as one of the key success factors. They pay higher and avoid layoffs...
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Dickey Betts July 7, 2011
At almost 70, Dickey has been "Rambling" a long, long time....
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Kon Tiki Revisited
Story about the documentary movie revisiting the great story from the 50's
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Telemarketers working with Major Charities.
Is this ethical?
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