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TL Special Remembrance Sunday, Manchester
Now here's the video I have promised to realise after the Armistice Service in Accrington. May contain tear leakage.
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Tee Chunk: Princess Cadence Book Review
Here are my thoughts on the book by GM Berrow Princess Cadence and the Glitter Heart Garden which happens to be the 11th book I own of the My Little Pony story books she has written.
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Ashleigh Ball Birthday Video
This is a tribute and of course a birthday wish to one of my FAVOURITE MLP & LPS voice artists. And okay yes I'll say it. I had a massive crush on her because she is a beautiful lady. Happy Birthday to Dashie, Applejack and all the characters she voiced and voices in her career.
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Tee Chunk The Decision of Princess Skystar Poll THE RESULT
So here it is !! The moment some of you have waited for. Too bad it wasn't as popular as the RD Guardians of Harmony vote but none the less here comes the result.
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Tee Log My Ramsbottom Peel Tower Trip
My street was under roadworks and the noise was unbearable. Solution: Why not have a bit of exercise and admire what views East Lancashire has to offer? Enjoy and leave a comment.
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Tee Log The Griffish Isles 2018 Roundup
So it's now drawing near !! The 1st Griffish Isles Convention is coming !! Here is a video of me getting ready and a reminder of what's to come on the only MLP convention to happen for just one day. Enjoy !!
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Tee Log: Griffish Isles Part 2
It maybe a bit late but better late than never, right? But anyway here is the 2nd and final part of my volunteering trip to the Griffish Isles in Manchester.
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Manchester Pride 2018 Part 2
Here is the final part of my 1st ever Gay Pride experience in Manchester back in August. Enjoy !! #Manchester #MancheserPride2018 #LGBTQ
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TL Special: Amistice / Remembrance Sunday Manchester 2018
2018 marks the centenary to end of the First World War. Amazing isn't it? There is a big surprise somewhere in this video so keep watching to find where it is. #WeWillRememberThem #Manchester
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Tee Log: Griffish Isles 2018 The Meet Up & Main Event
So the Con is coming closer !! In this video I attend a Meet Up at the Waldorf pub near Piccadilly train station and in this video enjoy the delightful entertainment of Elley Ray Hennesey on the meet up & on the convention its self.
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Tee Log: HW Con 2018 ( The Final Day )
Well my Hearth's warming Convention Tee Log series now comes to an end. Such an amazing to go to had lots of fun although it was exhausting at the same time. Enjoy Peter New, Amy New and Elley Ray Hennesey try to pronuce Dutch words and also enjoy some techniques of Voice acting that Elley Ray Hennesey herself brings you on Voice Acting for Beginners !!
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Tee Chunk Book Review  Lyra and the Secret Agent Ponies
Welcome to my 2nd Tee Chunk Book Review video. I would have said 3rd but it seems I can't find my Book Review of the Starlight book I read. So maybe you could say its a 2 and a half. Hope you like and love it :-)
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First EVER Tee Log Video
Welcome to my 1st EVER Tee Log video. Please beware that I am new to this and I may not the best looking in the world be please be nice.
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Tee Log: UK Pony Con 2016 Part 1
Tee Log: UK Pony Con 2016 Part 1 Intro Music: HERE WE ARE - Gabriel Brown (Black Gryph0n) & Michelle Creber (feat. Baasik) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdHm4dXkFNo Outro Music: BlackGryph0n & Baasik - Zero Gravity (Feat. Michelle Creber) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEnxIbwlNG8
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POTY 2018 Confirmed Nominee / Candidate Announcement
Yes VERY late video. It was meant to be released in November but just never thought about it and wanted to do it but could be bothered to do it so it's in December instead. So here a the CONFIRMED Nominee / Candidates to win Pony of the Year 2018. #POTY #MLPFIM #brony #WhoWillYouRootFor
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Tee Log My Internet War with some Cheering Up
What can I say? It was a depressing time when my internet was having problems and I was just basically trying to fix it. I cheered myself up though as you will see in this video.
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Tee Log London Brony Adventure Part 1
Tee Log London Brony Adventure Part 1 Twitter: @TMetttham.
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Tee Log My Little Pony Hunt in Bury
I am going on a Pony hunt. Will I succeed or not? Also in the Tee Log features another thing I've done for the 1st time !!
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Tee Log: The Rarity Vote RESULT and Announcements
For me, this is a happy yet disappointing Tee Log. For those who have voted in the 50 Subscribers Special Rarity Vote video the wait is FINALLY over !!
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1st Ever Livestream 100 subs Special
Twitter: @TMetttham.
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Tee Log Special 10 You Tube Subscribers and Show
I found out that I had 10 Subscribers on the 29th of January 2017 and boy that was great news to receive !!
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My Smurfy Day
Hey what can I say? I'm going to have a very BLUE day !! Not in the bad day kind of blue but a day seeing a tribe of blue. I will be entering their world created by Peyo.
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TL Update: VA and Prestie the Lamb Progress
Here is an Update video of my current situation. Haven't done one in ages so here comes another Update video.
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Manchester Airport ( 1st Ever Teaser )
Didn't think my airport series would have a teaser trailer did you? Well neither did I. Enjoy and hope you're hyped and excited for M'cr Airport 6 !!
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Happy Birthday Romance
A very special message to one of my new Brony friends. Have a great and spectacular day.
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A Tee Log Xtra Ramsbottom Extra Bits
Here are some Extra footage from my trip to Peel Tower. Are you liking my Tee Log Xtra videos so far? Because the Tee Log Xtra videos are like "Testers" or "Trails". A work in progress to the Tee Log Video Family.
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Tee Log: Accrington Stanley Parade?
It was a fabulous and must say at times too warm of a sunny day. Accrington Stanley Football Club (or Soccer) if you'd like to call it that have not only gained promotion from their league they played in the 2017 / 18 Season but were also crowned champions !! May 6th was Parade day, trouble is there was a time I thought there wasn't one after all. Will I find it? Watch and find out. Oh and Enjoy !!
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Tee Log Leeds Ponycon UK 2016 Final Part
Tee Log Leeds Ponycon UK 2016 Final Part
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Blackburn Christmas Light Switch On 2018
Feeling festive? Well this could make that happen because who doesn't love Christmas lights and fireworks? That's right, fireworks !! This video also contains a SPECIAL newly famous singer that British viewers may recognise. Enjoy !! #Blackburn #Christmas #XFactor
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TL Special MLP S 7 Recap & So Far Nominees for POTY 2017
So the end of Season 7 is drawing near. So sad I know but it happens and once it's ended we can look forward to MLP Season 8 !! Now here comes a recap of what Season 7 is given us so far plus also here a the SO FAR Nominee / Candidates for Pony of the Year 2017. I'm sure more ponies are still trying to get nominated to be pony number 4 to win this honour So if I find more candidates before Episode 24 I will let you know on my YT Channel.
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Tee Chuck  Gallop Crush has Finally Arrived !!
I was having so much much fun doing this video I was messing my words up while I was making. You'll find out soon enough. Enjoy the video !!
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Tee Log My Pony Conversation with Mark Hyder
This video is related to the upcoming UK Pony Con 2017 Tee Log series that will be released soon. So for now enjoy my conversation with Mark Hyder about our thoughts on My Little Pony: The Move. Warning: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS
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A Tee Log Xtra A Canal at Work
Just happened to catch this when filming my 50 Subscribers Video Special. Enjoy and remember 4 DAYS TO GO UNTIL THE VOTING CLOSES !! so VOTE NOW !! (On the 50 Subscribers Special Video)
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Tee Chunk Enterplay MLP Card Collection
Apologises for the what seemed to be like hiatus videos but here's one for you now. My Enterplay My Little Pony card collection !! Witness some really good and interesting cards that I am proud to own.
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The Krispy Kreme Birthday Truck Search
So I come to this place again. (I'll let the video speak on my be half) This time I go on a searching mission. To find a certain special truck that sells Doughnuts. This is a special one because it's Krispy Kreme's 80th anniversary this year and it is currently having a tour across the UK. First it went to Glasgow then it went to Newcastle so I'm in this place determined to find it !!
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POTY 2018 Golden Applejack announcement Trailer
Just a little announcement about this year's Pony of the Year Ceremony. #PonyoftheYear #HistoryBeingMade #MLP #brony https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC4KSOwVDgp0KHAcIk92K1g
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Tee Log Manchester Airport the Return
Well here I am again. Doing what I did last time. Watch planes take off and land and of course looking at them !! I also went here because the last time I filmed there it was a quite popular video. So now maybe this one could become an improvement to the last one. Enjoy !!
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Manchester Airport 4
Starting from Manchester Airport 4 I will be making these videos monthly. Ain't that great? So Enjoy this slightly upgraded footage of the planes come in and out of Manchester !!
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Tee Log My Writing and VA Progress
Here is a video about an idea I had in September 2013. I tried to make him famous but .... In this video is a little something about Speckla and I have also decided to include my progress in Voice Acting.
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100 Subs Special (Conversation Stream
Twitter: @TMetttham.
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My Very Suprising Day
I can't give too much away on this because it wouldn't be a surprise now would it? All I can say is that if you notice that "sprinkles" is spelt wrong I apologise. I'm new at using Movie Maker and will in time get the hang of it.
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TL Special: Sparrow's Birthday Message
Happy Birthday Sparrow !! Thank you so much for accepting me as a friend, sharing advice on voice acting and giving me your support.
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Tee Chuck Applejack Gaurdians of Harmony & Surprises
Yes I now have another addition to the Guardians of Harmony Set. Yaaay the Guardians are coming together and are now growing !! Now I have also got some other surprises to show you as well. Enjoy :-)
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Tee Log Dashie's awkward Flight
This was originally going to be on my Blooper video which I will be making soon however, It was Mark Hyder's (My friend from twitter) idea for me to upload this as a separate video for you all to enjoy.This may go on the up coming Blooper video if it's a huge hit on the laughs. Watch this space !!
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My Pony of the Year 2017 Announcement
It's finally here !! The moment of truth is finally here !! You are about to witness the 1st EVER filmed announcement of Pony of the Year 2017 !! Were you happy to see the pony of your choice win this year's award? Send a comment below.
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Manchester Airport 7   Rarities
Let the second round of The Bores vs The Wavers begin !! Can The Wavers make a come back? #Aviation #ManchesterAirport #Manchester
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Tee Log: Christmas in the Mettham Household (Part 1)
Come with me and celebrate Christmas with my loving family.
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Tom VA Productions   My Big Mac Project
I hope that you will enjoy this sample video the Bronies say that I am very good at the pony to voice for.
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My Tabitha St  Germain Birthday Message
Here is my tribute to the voice of my favourite Princess. (Princess Luna) a funny skunk on LPS and a loveable Lab who just cannot stop eating that Alphabet soup. Happy Birthday Tabitha St. Germain !!
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NEW Manchester Intro Trailer
In 2018 a little something new will be coming in the air very soon !! It seems Rarity wanted to do a little Make Over to a certain video intro of mine. Well you know best about fabulousness Rarity. Love you !! xx
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