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IRX 2018 - Luca Senatore, Genie Goals - Winning Paid Social and Search Strategies for Retailers
In five short years Luca Senatore has helped lead Genie Goals grow from being an agency with one small client, to one named by Google as the most innovative agency in EMEA for Google Shopping, and in the top three for Paid Search and Growing Businesses Online. In this talk Luca will share some of the secrets that propelled Genie Goals to this success, focusing on two topics close to his heart: paid social and paid search. He will illustrate top strategies and dos and dont's that will help any retailer navigate the hugely competitive digital marketing landscape.
Conversant: The Power of Personalisation - IRX 2017
Elliott Clayton, Vice President - Media UK True personalisation is solution to a host of digital advertising issues, not least the woeful state of cross-channel and cross-device attribution. In fact, recent research shows that 75% of businesses say personalised communication is essential to their future. Yet only 12% are truly equipped for it. This talk will discuss how brands can activate data for personalisation today, maintaining an ongoing connection across channels and devices.
IRX 2018 - Andrian Balkin, Storiqa - The world's first blockchain-based marketplace
How Is Blockchain Implementation Changing E-Commerce Marketplaces? - Understanding the problems between buyers and sellers in e-commerce marketplaces - Assessing how blockchain can be an innovative solution - Evaluating the use of tokens in e-commerce marketplaces
Sainsbury's: Fleet Management to Optimise Home Delivery and Customer Satisfaction - EDX 2017
Philip Cane , Delivery Operations Manager - Sainsbury's Accountable for supporting the safe, legal and efficient operation of the Sainsbury's Online home delivery fleet of c. 2,250 light commercial vehicles & supplying driver training and risk management to ensure best in class service & safe deliveries for c. 6,500 drivers. Hear first-hand how processes and procedures are aligned with driving increased customer satisfaction, cost-savings and business growth.
IRX 2018 - Julia Henry, ParcelLab - How to build a post-checkout experience like Amazon does?
Why are retailers throwing away their customer contact to DPD or Royal Mail? We will show how retailers regain control over their customer experience post-checkout. Rather than handing over the customer engagement to the logistics carriers, we will demonstrate how to retain those touchpoints thereby closing the post-checkout gap in the customer journey and shopping experience. Examples of communication automation for a consistent brand experience, proactive customer care and cross-selling will be demonstrated.
John Lewis: 10 Things We’ve Learnt About Mobile Shopping - IRX 2017
Tom Rooney, Mobile Product Manager - John Lewis Step into the retail universe of one of the UK’s most loved retailers. Tom Rooney will discuss the modern shopper; what's changed, what hasn't, and what John Lewis is doing about it.
IRC 2018 –David Lloyd, Alibaba, Keynote Presentation: Rethinking The Role Of The Store
Rethinking The Role Of The Store Lessons from China How retailers can bring the online experience offline How to create a truly customer centric approach The role of data in retail How to make data meaningful The future of the physical store What’s next for the UK retail sector? David Lloyd, Managing Director, UK & Nordics, Alibaba Group
Ingenico ePayments: Four Corners of Global Payments - IRX 2017
Gertjan Dewaele, Innovation Lead, Ingenico ePayments All four corners of the world represent exciting opportunities for online businesses with cross-border strategies or ambitions. However, merchants must be equipped to harness the vast array of non-cash payments offered around the globe and ensure that they are targeting their consumers with the right payment options for desktop and mobile devices. Find out where the opportunities lie in this insightful presentation
Boots: Can Retailers Meet Today's Customer Expectations of Omnichannel Retailing - IRX 2017
Robin Phillips, Former Omnichannel Director - Boots In this session Robin will shed light on a few of the more topical issues in omnicahnnel retailing today: what do you think is holding retailers back in delivering a true omni experience, what can bricks and mortar players do to take on the pure players especially as the latter enter the high street, are internal siloes a key barrier in aligning organisations around delivering an omni experience and how is personalisation changing expectations around loyalty?
IRX 2018 - Markus Stripf, Spoon Guru - Tackling personalised and optimised search
How Will Search Innovation Be Optimised And Personalised In The Future To Reflect Changing Consumer Needs? - The impact of AI on hyper personalisation and tailored consumer choice - What omnichannel could really look like for the modern, multi-preference customer - How smart retail tech can simplify shopping processes, improve customer engagement, drive sales and strengthen brand loyalty
Kount: What Are Fraudsters Up To and How To Stop Them - IRX 2017
Brooke Pietsch, Lead Sales - EMEA - Kount Fraudsters are always changing their tactics, networking with new criminals, spreading across the globe and developing new tools to steal from online merchants. We’ll look at what fraudsters are up to and how you can detect, deter and prevent fraud from hurting your business.
Alibaba Group: Marketplaces as a Gateway to the East - IRX 2017
David Lloyd, Business Development Director - Alibaba Group China ranks first in the world for Internet users and boasts an online retail market size of approximately 2 trillion. Social media, video and mobile Internet are also developing at breakneck speed. What do you need to know about how to profitably engage with and penetrate this highly competitive region to win success?
mySupermarket: How Brands can Optimise their Online Presence on Retailer Sites - IRX 2017
Mandy Critchley, VP Sales UK - mySupermarket Limited In this session Mandy will walk you through the following: the importance of understanding the shopper journey, how to harnessing the power of 'Favourties'. How to best get to grips with the consumer decision hierarchy through the shelf shopper and how to optimise search results within retailer sites.
EDX 2018 - Dave Crellin, Sainsbury's - What will operational excellence look like in 2020?
Evaluating What Operational Excellence Will Look Like In 2020 And What You Should Do Now To Prepare - Evaluating how warehouse management will develop over the next two years - Assessing which new operational strategies retailers will be using by 2020 for peak delivery periods - Predicting how returns strategies will change over the next two years - Assessing which new supply chain innovations are likely to become commonplace by 2020 - Understanding the impact of the cloud in retailers’ infrastructure decisions by 2020 - Evaluating what retailers can do today to prepare for the operational landscape of 2020 delivery
IRX 2018 - Gurpreet Sidhu, Cross Border VAT - Automated VAT Calculations and Filings
VAT Compliance is essential to run a successful growing business, however educating yourself on VAT and staying compliant within the EU is no easy business. - A quick overview of VAT basics - How to keep your online multi channel business lean and efficient when it comes to EU VAT Compliance - Cross Border VAT Software to save you both time and money - Automated EU Distance Selling Threshold Monitoring - Affordable EU VAT Registrations and Filing Services - Intrastat, EC Sales Lists and Sequential Invoicing Reports Make life simpler, attend this session for some valuable free information
IRX 2018 - Russ Carroll, Klarna - Maximise Mobile Conversion: Turn Sitting Rooms Into Fitting Rooms
- Create a better mobile commerce experience - Drive convenience & eliminate a major online shopper pain points - Let shoppers try goods first and pay later - Boost shopper purchase power right when they need it, at the point of sale - Increase repeat usage and spontaneous purchase - Bridge the online-offline gap
IRC 2018 – The Future Of Fashtech: Exploring Attitudes To Fashion-Focused Retail Technology
The Future Of Fashtech: Exploring Attitudes To Fashion-Focused Retail Technology • Assessing which new technology initiatives will really inspire fashion shoppers • Evaluating what consumers actually want from new technologies and if retailers should prioritise around this • Assessing how fashion retailers can ensure they are investing in the right technologies for their customers Laurel Wolfe, Marketing Director, Klarna
Worldpay: The Future of Ecommerce - IRX 2017
Daren Pickering, Innovation Architect - Worldpay The online shopping journey today is increasingly dynamic, fluid, and cross-channel. So how will this shift in expectations and technology impact eCommerce in the future? What will the next major trends for online selling be, and what are the technological advances that enable them? What will the role of payments be in a world driven by instant gratification? We’ll take a look at a few of the factors that will shape the Ecommerce environment in the future, including the Internet of Things, biometrics, and consumer drivers.
mytheresa.com: Going Global with Luxury Fashion Etail - IRX 2017
Michael Kliger, President - mytheresa.com Mytheresa.com was set up 10 years ago in the backroom of the famous THERESA store in Munich. Since then, it has experienced fantastic growth and today has websites in German, English, French, Italian, Arabic and Mandarin. Hear how Mytheresa is approaching their operations solely on a cross-border basis working hard to adjust language, payments, social, delivery and many other aspects of the local lifestyles of their customers.
Tesco: Tales from a Big Brand Retailer - IRX 2017
Rafael Orta, Director of Online Business Services - Tesco In this session gain insight into how Tesco is running their own marketplace and how online sellers are cashing in on opportunities to partner with this big brand retailer!
EDX 2018 - Daniel Ennor, GFS - Putting Delivery At The Heart Of Your Growth Strategy
Dan Ennor, Commercial Director from GFS unlocks the secrets to how delivery can be used to drive conversion, customer loyalty & business growth whilst maintaining operational efficiencies
Barclaycard: Making Sense of Omnichannel - IRX 2017
Nicole Olbe, Director, Gateway Sales - Barclaycard Exploring what omni-channel really means for merchants, Nicole Olbe, Payment Gateway Sales Director at Barclaycard will explore the numerous points of interactions consumers have with merchants and the challenges merchants face in offering a great, quick and simple payment experience for their customers. What do merchants need to have in place to meet the growing needs of their customers to interact across a host of payment channels?
IRX 2018 - Mandeep Singh, Trouva - How SME's can grow internationally through marketplaces
Understanding How SMEs Can Drive And Sustain Real International Growth Through A Successful Marketplace Strategy - Understanding how to evaluate which marketplaces will be best for your business - Building a world-class marketplace strategy on a cost effective and simplified basis - Using marketplaces to reach into new international markets - Assessing the best ways of controlling your data, brand reputation, pricing and inventory replenishment when trading internationally - Ensuring marketplace customer support matches that customer support levels from your own website - Moving your marketplace strategy to the next level to ensure it is fully optimized - Preparing your marketplace strategy for the Brexit challenge
Graze: How has Technology Disrupted the Online Food Market - IRX 2017
Anthony Fletcher, CEO - Graze.com Innovation and new technologies pose a great challenge to retailers old and new! To keep pace, progressive retailers need to find new ways of really listening to what customers want. In this context, disruption is key if companies want to adapt and prosper in an increasingly competitive market. Digital Trailblazer: Healthy Snacks Disrupted - from online subscriptions to 3,500+ US stores
EDX 2018 - Sahil Sachdev, Quiqup - How tech-enabled logistics can transform retail delivery?
Personal Logistics: What Role Can A Tech-Enabled Logistics Business Play In The Average Person's Life? - What is Quiqup? How did it start and what does it do? - What is Quiqup’s consumer app? How has it changed from when it first started and where is it going? - How does the app have a role to play in the B2B side of the business? - How does the business manage a number of different offers and speak to a number of different audiences?
IRX 2018 - Bruce MacInnes, BrandAlley - Why customer-centric eCommerce is essential
Understanding Why Customer Centricity Is Crucial For Today’s Ecommerce Players - Evaluating what customer-centricity really means to the online retailer and why it is growing in importance - Understanding the essential new skills that are now required for a more customer-centric business - Moving from a marketing focus to putting a customer-centricity strategy at the heart of your company culture - Ensuring a more seamless experience through a single view of the your customer
IRX 2018 - Pratap Gautam, Visa - PSD2 and SCA: Visa’s Roadmap using 3DS 2.0
With the introduction of PSD2, the European Union will foster an emergence of new payment players and new ways for consumers to pay. As this occurs, a need to safeguard consumers from fraud is paramount through strong customer authentication (SCA). This presentation will cover an overview of PSD2’s SCA within card payments and introduce the audience to Visa’s roadmap to support SCA through the implementation of EMVCo’s 3DS 2.0 authentication protocol.
IRX 2018 - Paul Wilkinson, Tesco Labs - Voice-Activated Shopping And Search
Voice-Activated Shopping And Search: Getting Beyond The Hype - Evaluating the real impact of voice search on the shopping landscape - Assessing how Google Home and Amazon Echo are changing the shopping game through voice activation - Understanding how online retailers should develop their websites to capitalise on voice technology and what partners they need - Ensuring voice technology is actually streamlining the customer journey and not creating a barrier - Appreciating what has been achieved to date and where this is headed
mGage: Top 5 Mobile Innovations You Should Know About - IRX 2017
Michael Braybrook, Director of Enterprise Solutions - mGage Michael will be sharing his expertise in working with retail brands to improve their mobile marketing strategies and what are the next big things in mobile Retail.
Google: The Value of Digital Point of Sale Merchandising - IRX 2017
Henry Eccles, Head of UK Commerce, Global Partnerships - Google For too long brands have had no real ability to target digital shoppers at the point of purchase. Hear how Tesco, using programmatic ad technology are positively transforming and personalising the shopping experience for users and at the same time are enabling manufacturer brands to target and report on the ROI of campaigns delivered to users at the digital point of purchase.
EDX 2018 - Julien Callede, Made.com - Approaching two-person international delivery
How To Approach Two-Person International Delivery When You Are Expanding Quickly - Introduction to Made.com and their delivery strategy - What considerations does delivering large items bring to a delivery strategy? - Which key pitfalls should retailers be aware of when delivering internationally? - What does an effective international returns policy look like with two-person delivery items? - How do delivery customer expectations differ in different countries? - How can you best manage relationships with international 3PLs for to help you expand quickly? - Which key warehousing and logistics considerations will help you satisfy the international customer?
Monetate & Office Depot: The Impact of Machine Learning on Personalisation - IRX 2017
David Brussin, Founder, Chair & Chief Product Officer, Monetate Kristy Opbroek, Director eCommerce & Campaign Operations, Office Depot Machine learning and artificial intelligence are being widely talked about in eCommerce circles these days. But what does this really mean to consumer-facing brands? The answers may surprise you! Join in to hear more about machine learning’s impact on personalisation and take away ideas to consider for your own strategy.
IRX 2018 - Christoffer Rutgersson - Connecting To The Future Of UX Expectations Across The Globe
- Offering an enticing and positive customer experience when expanding into new markets - Connecting with target demographics effectively to capture a greater share of international sales - Creating a consistent and flexible customer experience through a seamless international payment strategy - Focusing on a seamless UX across devices to transcend cultural and geographic borders - Understanding which localisation factors you need to consider to make your payment experience as frictionless as possible for your customers
EDX 2018 - Caroline Hazelhurst, Deliveroo - Disrupting the delivery sector
What Can The eCommerce Sector Learn From An Innovative Delivery Disruptor? - The world of work and how people want to work is changing - On-demand apps can help grow traditional sectors rather than rival them - Delivery is motored by technology - how machine learning means quicker delivery times
SLI Systems: Driving Revenue with Your Customers Search Data - IRX 2017
Chris Edge, Director of Customer Success - SLI Systems As direct queries from your customers, site search data can provide the richest, most valuable data on your site to make minor adjustments that can reap large rewards. In this presentation we look at how to interpret this data and actionable insights you can make to drive additional revenue.
EDX 2018 - Panel featuring Narvar, Enclothed, Lovehoney, Ocado - Getting returns  right
Ensuring Your Returns Policy Supports Sales Whilst Avoiding Disruption To Your Business - Which returns policies are the most effective for retailers in 2018? - How can you overcome the barrier returns creates for sales whilst minimizing the impact on the bottom line? - How can you best turn returns into an opportunity to differentiate for your business? - What steps can you take to make the returns process easier for your customer and for your business? - How can you best communicate your returns options to your customers? - What key operational pitfalls should you watch out for when dealing with returns from another country? - How should you approach shipping with one carrier and returning with another? - When is charging for returns and acceptable policy? - Which technologies offer the most value in an effective returns strategy? - What should a returns strategy look like for large items?

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