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how to open html file using a browser in eclipse
In this video we are going to discuss "How to launch a HTML file in a Browser using Eclipse" Once we create an HTML file, we need to make an extra configuration to run our HTML file in browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE I.e we need to add the path of ".exe" file of the Browser in the Eclipse.
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How to create .properties file in java using eclipse
How to create properties file in eclipse
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How to create ODBC Connection for Oracle, when Oracle driver is not displayed in List of Drivers
After the installation of Oracle, sometimes Oracle driver is not displayed in List of drivers. This video explains the solution "How to create ODBC connection during such times". Step1: Go to .exe file of ODBC connection depending on 32-bit or 64-bit os. Step2: Click on the file to get List of drivers for Oracle "How to create ODBC Connection for Oracle, when Oracle driver is not displayed in List of Drivers of Control Panel".It's very easy.. please subscribe if you like the video
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how to set background image in html using Eclipse
This Tutorial is to explain "how to set background image in html using Eclipse" Step1: Paste the image in the Project Location "Webcontent" of eclipse. Step2: Run the Application.
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how to set path for sdk android
how to set path for sdk android
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Launching Dynamic application using Eclipse in Browser
This video is to show you "Launching Dynamic application using Eclipse in Browser" Step1: Go to Windows. Step2: Click on "new' and add the location of Chrome application. Step3. Now go to preferences and Set "Chrome" as the default browser. Step4: Now launch the Dynamic application in eclipse using Chrome
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connect Excel with Oracle Database
In this video, we are going to teach you about "connect Excel with Oracle Database" Below are the steps followed. 1.Open Excel. 2.open "Data sources" on Excel Menu 3.Create required datasoure. 4.Give the required details(Service, Username, Password) on the utility displayed on Excel 5.Click on finish 6.Now select the table and optimize query to fetch the data from database(Here we have considered Oracle database) 7.Finish.to come back to Excel sheet 8.Now we can see the data in the Excel sheet.Manipulate the data in Excel accordingly. Please subscribe to our channel for more videos....
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Cannot Instantiate Class Exception TestNG
Cannot Instantiate Class Exception TestNG. In this video, we will analyze the exception "Cannot Instantiate Class Exception TestNG". I will show the code and problem in it and how to resolve it.
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how to format code in eclipse
how to format code in eclipse
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how to find element in appium android
how to find elements on web view of an android app running on the emulator
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How to find IP Address of PC or Computer(Using a Command Prompt)
Many times, people stuck with "How to find IP address of a computer or PC or system". It is very easy to find the IP address of your machine using the command prompt in Windows. IP address or ipv4 address is very important to find your machine uniquely in your Network. You can also know whether the remote machine is working by pinging it using its IP address. So each machine in a network can have a unique IP address. In This video, we are going to find "how to find IP address of a PC using Command Prompt" IP Address step1: open command prompt by typing cmd in search programs for Windows IP Address Step 2: Type "ipconfig" in the cmd on your PC IP Address Step 3: you can see the ipv4: IP Address of your PC For more videos go to "https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOCWlusZtfrw30jl1L7PbWA" Please subscribe to our channel.
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how to create a custom email template in outlook
You may worry to type the same email in Outlook again and again throughout the day. Why can't we create a Template which gives us "Structure of the Email"? All we need to do is to fill the details and forward. Don't you fee it saves your time? Please follow the below instructions on "how to create a custom email template in outlook" Steps to create a Template in Outlook. Step1: Click on new mail. Step2: create a structure for template and save as "Outlook Template".
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Bug Reporting tool - How to automate the documentation for Defects
Bug Reporting tool - How to automate the documentation for Defects: The code for this Bug reporting tool can be found on "http://webtechsindia.blogspot.in/2017/06/post-is-to-take-screenshot-and-writing.html" step1: I have a Bug Reporting tool written using Java Applets. step2: Once the Bug Reporting tool is run. You will be displayed with a button with name "Capture". step3: Click on the Buton "Capture", your screenshot will be Appended in an excel file automatically by our Bug Reporting tool. You can save a lot of time by using this Bug reporting tool. You don't have to switch between windows to copy the screenshot.Our code in the Bug reporting tool can do it for you. You can optimize the tool as its code is provided for you. Thanks for watching our video on Bug reporting tool. For more videos, please subscribe for more videos.
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how to record screen with vlc media player and settings for good quality
Hello all, This video is to tell you "how to record screen with vlc media player". 1.open VLC media player. 2.Click on Media. 3.Click on Convert/Save. 4.Select Capture/save from VLC media player. 5.Set Capture as Desktop. 6.Desired Framerate: 10 for better quality of VLC media player 7.Click Convert/Save. 8.Enter the destination file for VLC media player 9.Now click on Start. You can see the video is recording your Desktop.Once you stop the recording and go to the path where the file is saved, you can see the recorded video of good quality from VLC media player
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how to change desktop background when blocked
How to change the Desktop background when it's blocked by Administrator... *********This is to tell you HOW to Update The Desktop icon when blocked by Administrator***** 1.lets first try to change Desktop background. 2.You can see the background didn't change even if we select a different background. 3.Now see the magic. You can see all the pics are picked from a folder called Windows.let's go to the folder. 4.We can see some pictures in the location.We can the same pictures are available for Background change. 5. So let's place the required picture in the location C://Windows. 6.Change the name as a present Desktop icon. 7.Now try to change the Desktop background. 8. You can already see the Desktop icon changed as soon as I replaced the image. If it doesn't reflect on your Desktop, Don't FORGET to restart the Machine. **************************Thank you ..Please subscribe if you like the video*************
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how to use jdialog in java swing
how to use jdialog in java swing In this tutorial we are going to learn about "how to use jdialog in java swing" on top of all the applications running. 1.import package java.swing 2.please have a look at the piece of code at 4:03 of the video to about jdialog in java swing. Please subscribe to our channel for more videos on java
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how to find analytics on new youtube interface
how to find analytics on new youtube interface
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How to install TestNg
How to install TestNg
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open cmd Like a Pro(CMD tricks)
open cmd Like a Pro Opening a command prompt "cmd" and going to a particular location in the drive to execute ".exe" file is time taking. This Video tells you a simple trick that saves you lot of time. Rather than opening cmd and going to the location, just go to the location and type cmd in the path so that you will feel the trick. Please subscribe for more videos
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best  screen recorder for Desktop
You may be trying to figure out a best Desktop recorder along with Audio. If you are someone like me, i got the solution. Watch the video and comment your opinion.
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Tool for screenshots
Tool for Screenshots: This is to automatically save the screenshots to the Excel sheet which helps during your documentation. This is how it works. 1.Double click the Screenshot capture tool. 2.click on the button Capture. 3. The screenshot is taken and saved at the location specified.
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