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[MV] 2PM Junho & Wooyoung - Move On
Note: THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL VIDEO! I put the official audio file on the fancam vid jangwooyoung.net & leejunho.net put together! THE FANCAMS ARE NOT MINE! they are from jangwooyoung.net & leejunho.net! THE AUDIO IS NOT MINE! BELONGS TO JYPE AND LEE JUNHO WHO WROTE THE SONG!
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LEDApple - CODA - 01 Intro
AUDIO IS NOT MINE! LEDApple from the mini album CODA 01 Intro I love this intro!
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181017 LYS in Berlin - Ending Ment
The translator sadly translated into german, so if anyone wants to translate from korean to english (I'm german, but I think translating from a german translation to english will only make it worse and more of what they actually said will get lost) feel free to do so!
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Time Is Up - 01 Intro
AUDIO IS NOT MINE! LEDApple from the Time Is Up mini album 01 Intro
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[140503] B.A.P LOE 2014 Germany - "Café break" (Yongguk & Daehyun focus)
I'm sorry for the quality of the video, but I am a small girl and it was difficult holding the camera still while being pushed around. The focus is not always on point, because of all the hands in front of me. For the first videos, the bass was a bit too loud so the sound is not the best. But enjoy nontheless :) [NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT] [DO NOT REUPLOAD]
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181017 LYS in Berlin, RM - Trivia: Love
Fancam of Love Yourself Concert in Berlin Sorry for the first few seconds. I initially filmed in horizontal mode and flipped my phone while filming and for some reason the whole video was sideways, so I had to flip the video. And sorry for me singing along and doing fanchants 😂
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181017 LYS in Berlin - 뱁새 (Baepsae) fancam
sadly is a little unfocused
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