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Religious ceremony for cave boys who woke at home for first time in weeks
Thailand's rescued cave boys woke up in their own homes for the first time in more than three weeks yesterday, with many rising at dawn to take part in a religious ceremony. The 12 boys, aged 11 to 16, and their 25-year-old coach were discharged from a hospital in the northern province of Chiang Rai on Wednesday and later made their first public appearance. During a national TV broadcast they smiled, joked and showed solidarity with one another, as they shared details of their traumatic experience inside the flooded Tham Luang cave complex. Many of the boys hail from the sleepy district of Mae Sai, near the border with Myanmar. Some were greeted with hugs, tears and smiles from waiting relatives and friends when they returned home on Wednesday. Others were blessed with water as they entered their homes. Yesterday, some of the boys and their relatives took part in religious ceremonies at Mae Sai's Wat Pha That Doi Wao temple - an ancient temple with scenic views of the surrounding countryside. Reporters were not allowed close to the boys and their families at the temple to give them privacy. The last of the group of 13 were brought out of the cave last Tuesday, ending a gruelling 18-day ordeal that claimed the life of Samarn Kunan, a volunteer diver and former Thai navy Seal who came to help with the rescue mission. He died on July 6 after losing consciousness during a mission to place oxygen tanks deep inside the cave, just two days before the first boys were brought to safety. During their TV news conference the boys said when they entered the cave on June 23 they had planned to only be inside for about an hour after soccer practice. But a rainy season downpour flooded the tunnels, trapping them. The boys had no food and survived only on water. They took turns digging at the cave walls, hoping to find a way out. "We drank water from stalactites. On the first day we were OK, but after two days we started feeling tired," said Pornchai Kamluang (16), adding that their coach, Ekapol Chanthawong, told them to stay still when possible to preserve energy. "This experience made me stronger and taught me not to give up," said the team's youngest member, who goes by the name Titan.
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Heartbreaking moment teenage girl hugs her boyfriend
Heartbreaking moment teenage girl hugs her boyfriend before his life support is turned off five days after he was swept out to sea on family trip during heatwave A teenage girl lies with her head on the chest of her sweetheart - just moments before his life support was turned off. The heartbreaking photo captures the poignant moment Stephanie Ray, 15, bid farewell to her boyfriend Blake Ward, 16, who was tragically swept out to sea last week. Blake was one of three teenagers rescued from the sea in Tywyn, Gwynedd in north west Wales after being swept away from the shore while on a family trip. It is thought the boy from Dudley went for a swim to cool down in the heat before being swept out by currents. He was flown to Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool where he was placed on life support. Two helicopters, three lifeboats, two coastguard teams, paramedics and police were called to the seafront on Tuesday to reports of boys in the water, reports the Mirror. But on Saturday morning doctors and next of kin decided to switch off the equipment, ending his life. Before this, however, Stephanie was photographed sharing a final moment of intimacy with the much-loved boy. She was at his side every second from when he was pulled from the water until the moment doctors let him go. In her final goodbye she climbed into his hospital bed and placed one of Blake's arm around her. The condition of the other two boys remains unknown. Taking to Facebook that day, Becky wrote: 'Blake, our beautiful, brave, kind-hearted, clever boy sadly passed away at 7.03 this morning.' Stephanie and Blake's friends and family are raising money to pay for the boy's wake. Their GoFundMe page has raised an astonishing £1,200 so far. The teen posted the moving picture on her Facebook page with a heartfelt message. 'Today has been the hardest day for me and it will be a day I will never be able to forget,' she wrote. 'As some of you may know Blake was involved in a terrible accident on Tuesday.
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How Meghan Markle Should Deal With Her Family, According To Therapists
How Meghan Markle Should Deal With Her Family, According To Therapists Maybe you want to watch Prince Harry & Chelsy Davy Broke up After Kate Middleton & Prince William's 2011 Wedding https://youtu.be/-16SrRr3onc Janis Joplin's tragic real life story https://youtu.be/A_hgs2vPJF8 The creepy truth about Warren Jeffs https://youtu.be/YlWuvrYbuTc Can the Botched Doctors Give RuPaul's Drag Race's Detox the Abs of His Dreams https://youtu.be/-L_kaBZ3x-s
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Johnny Depp Looks Ill As Pale & Skinny Pics Have Fans Worried
Johnny Depp looks remarkably different from the Hollywood hunk we know and love. See the photos that have shocked his fans. Johnny Depp fans have been left worried after photos of the 54-year-old actor looking pale and thin have surfaced on Facebook and Instagram. The Pirates of the Caribbean star looked virtually unrecognizable in photos posing with Russian fans at the Four Seasons Hotel in St. Petersburg, according to the Daily Mail, which obtained some of the pics.
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'그녀로 말할 것 같으면' 김재원, ♥남상미에 프러포즈  조현재 권선징악 종합
'그녀로 말할 것 같으면' 김재원, ♥남상미에 프러포즈 조현재 권선징악 종합 너 아마보고 싶어. 이웃집 개가 자꾸 와서 '똥' 싸고 도망가자 집주인이 한 '엽기'적인 행동 https://youtu.be/7eYraK9VpxA '연습만이 살길이다'를 실천했더니 나온 https://youtu.be/EH8zUyEl0vc 'TV는 사랑을 싣고' 박수홍, 20년만에 절친과 재회 미안해 https://youtu.be/RhGoOERKze4 안전 문제로 공연 중단되자 관객에 미안해 눈물 흘리는 홍진영 https://youtu.be/haPMbb4Y7Ik 박해미 측 '오!캐롤' 10월3일 복귀, 남편 사고 끝까지 책임질 것 https://youtu.be/hdk0lXgBtKc
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5 Reasons Why Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger Could Make a Great Couple
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And when Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger are photographed in the same frame, the Internet is going to start talking. Earlier today, photos surfaced of the Jurassic World star hanging out with the best-selling author and famous daughter of Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the pics, the pair was spotted having a picnic near Santa Barbara, Calif. And while it could just be two friends having some lunch in the sunshine, some are starting to wonder if something more is going on. While the duo is staying quiet on this Father's Day outing, it did get us thinking why these two could work as a couple. Don't believe us? Keep reading and you may just be persuaded. Hollywood Spotlight: For some A-list stars, finding someone who understands an unpredictable work schedule, paparazzi and nonstop attention is hard to find. But for Chris and Katherine, they both understand what it's like to have their lives put under the microscope. The Jurassic World star recently experienced a public divorce with Anna Faris. As for Katherine, she knows the public's interest in a celebrity couple. Just look at the attention her brother Patrick Schwarzenegger and Miley Cyrus received when they dated.
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Taissa Farmiga, Emma Roberts returning for AHS season 8
Two American Horror Story favorites are circling back for another cycle of the horror anthology show. Following the announcement that the upcoming eighth season of American Horror Story will be a crossover of the first season (subtitled Murder House) and the third season (Coven), series creator Murphy confirmed that Taissa Farmiga and Emma Roberts will return to reprise their respective roles as Zoe Benson and Madison Montgomery.  The news came via Twitter, where an American Horror Story fan asked Murphy if Farmiga would be a part of season 8. Murphy responded in a tweet that has since been deleted (but was screenshotted by Deadline) that "all witches are being asked back."  Roberts later took to her Instagram account to address her involvement in the witchy eighth season of American Horror Story. She posted a video of herself wearing a black dress with a white collar, similar to what she would have worn walking alongside her fellow enchantresses in Coven, and saying, "Surprise b****, bet you thought you'd seen the last of me." Her remark in the clip, which she partially captioned #ahs8, is a reference to her character Madison's quip in the eighth episode of Coven, during which she confronts Jessica Lange's ailing Fiona and reveals that she was resurrected from the dead.
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배우 정려원 국적, 한국인이 아니었어
배우 정려원 국적, 한국인이 아니었어
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Curracloe Beach fire Hundreds of holidaymakers evacuated as massive blaze breaks out in dunes
Hundreds of holidaymakers have been rushed to safety after a massive fire broke out in dunes at a beach in Ireland. Plumes of smoke billowed into the sky as bare-footed beachgoers carrying bodyboards and buckets and spades fled from Curracloe Beach. Nearby holiday homes were evacuated and drivers were urged to move their vehicles as the fire crept up the dunes and towards the resort's packed-out car park. Fire fighters desperately tried to beat down the flames as they spread across the dry grass. Wexford Fire Service rushed to the area in County Wexford shortly after 11am and began trying to alert car owners to move their vehicles to a safer environment. Footage shared by Pat Ennis shows fire fighters beating the blaze beside a huge swathe of scorched earth. The terrifying blaze can heard crackling in the background as it showed no signs of slowing down in the 24C heat.
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Rapper Kurupt Just Divorced His Wife After Learning She Has Terminal Cancer
Well, THIS will piss you off more than possibly anything else you read this week…looks like Kurupt and his wife are in the process of getting A REAL MESSY – like LEGENDARY level of messy – divorce and he’s been giving her the cold shoulder…not helping with ANY bills and barely even TALKING to her! But the real shocker is almost too sad to share… Kurupt’s wife, who goes by the stage name Gail Gotti, was diagnosed with TERMINAL CANCER this past year. And the way she tells it THE TIMELINE ON THEIR DIVORCE PROCEEDINGS TELLS ALL. She is claiming that Kurupt initiated the divorce ALMOST IMMEDIATELY after her terminal diagnosis… I’m sorry; WHAT?!?!? Though almost too appalling and heartbreaking to believe, Gotti has the facts to back it up and is even taking him to court over it. Yep, not only is she filing to get him to pay a significant amount of spousal support that it is alleged he rightfully owes her – he has refused to offer her any financial support at all! And with this recent terminal cancer diagnosis, we can only imagine how sky-high her medical bills already are…and they’ll only get higher. And here’s the rub: when Gotti reached out to Kurupt to ask for some assistance with paying these huge hospital bills after he had seemingly deserted her, he responded by telling her to “go get a regular job” or “get a boyfriend to help…pay for my treatments.”
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Love Island fans convinced they've got proof Hayley Hughes was faking stupidity as unseen footage fr
LOVE Island fans are convinced they've got proof Hayley Hughes was faking stupidity after unseen footage from the villa aired. The 21-year-old had stunned ITV2 viewers this week by revealing she did not know what Brexit was and asked fellow contestants: “Does that mean we won’t have any trees?” - but last night her stupidity was taken to a whole new level. Viewers are now convinced that Hayley - who left school to become an actress - had been playing a "dumb act" after an unseen clip of her aired during Love Island's Weekly Hot List. In the footage, Hayley was shown talking to the rest of the girls when she asked what the difference was between a continent and a country was. As Samira and the others tried to explain, Hayley asked whether Liverpool was a country. She then revealed she though that Spain was part of the UK. But viewers weren't buying it anymore and thought no one could be THAT stupid, with one tweeting: "Looking at Hayley's Instagram post from today thanking her supporters, it was ! a. written by someone else or b. she was faking being stupid, I am swaying towards b. as some people will do anything to get them self noticed #loveisland #zlisterwannabe"
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'TV는 사랑을 싣고' 박수홍, 20년만에 절친과 재회  미안해
'TV는 사랑을 싣고' 박수홍, 20년만에 절친과 재회 미안해
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Corey Sligh, Ex Young and the Restless Star, Convicted of Child Molestation
Corey Sligh, an actor who formerly worked as an extra on soap operas such as The Young and the Restless, All My Children and Days of Our Lives, has been found guilty of molesting a young girl in Georgia. According to local news outlet The Cherokee Tribune, the 30-year old was found guilty on June 28 of inappropriately and illegally touching a child younger than 10 years old. The actor and model is also awaiting trial on similar case in Florida. Bill Bishop, chief assistant state attorney for Okaloosa County in Florida, says Singh faces one count of lewd and lascivious molestation, which carries a sentence of 25 years to life in prison if convicted. For the current conviction, however, Sligh faces five to 20 years behind bars. No sentencing date has been set for him just yet. Sligh was arrested in his hometown of Canton, Georgia in November of 2016. At the time, he was charged with the two counts after the parents of a young girl reported to authorities that the actor allegedly touched their daughter and forced her to touch him inappropriately. The alleged incident took place in March of that same year and was reported to the police in September. It is unclear just how many times Sligh allegedly molested his victim in Georgia. "Corey Sligh maintains his innocence," his lawyer told E! News, adding: "The jury found him not guilty on Count 1. The jury compromised to guilty on Count 2 after deliberating for days and requesting to be hung and released from service."
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Mel B heading to rehab to tackle her booze and sex addictions
Mel B heading to rehab to tackle her booze and sex addictions Maybe you want to watch How Meghan Markle Should Deal With Her Family, According To Therapists https://youtu.be/6ZsvRmHH8Pc Court hears 911 call from ‘House of Horrors’ in hearing for David and Louise Turpin https://youtu.be/8a5WpFB6oPQ Cardi B Steals Jerry Seinfeld's Shine in Zach Galifianakis' Between Two Ferns https://youtu.be/44y98EO3s3k Can the Botched Doctors Give RuPaul's Drag Race's Detox the Abs of His Dreams https://youtu.be/-L_kaBZ3x-s Celebrity Big Brother: ‘Human Ken Doll’ Rodrigo Alves is reprimanded after SHOCKING N word slur https://youtu.be/05aprsWfapM Prince Harry and Meghan spotted at friend's wedding https://youtu.be/dOdJjlntUTc Jimi Hendrix's tragic real life story https://youtu.be/qLS-TdEkajE The tragic, real life story of Johnny Cash https://youtu.be/9PZLCWEHFcs Prince Harry & Chelsy Davy Broke up After Kate Middleton & Prince William's 2011 Wedding https://youtu.be/-16SrRr3onc Janis Joplin's tragic real life story https://youtu.be/A_hgs2vPJF8 The creepy truth about Warren Jeffs https://youtu.be/YlWuvrYbuTc The untold truth of Kat Von D https://youtu.be/JOEWo3F1BPk The downfall of Tyra Banks https://youtu.be/GHAhB3fXg7c Hollywood won't cast these comedians anymore https://youtu.be/a5gcYVLE2yU
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German media turns on Joachim Low's World Cup champions after Mexico defeat
Germany woke to gloomy headlines of "chaos" and "humiliation" on Monday after the defending World Cup champions fell 1-0 to Mexico in a shock opening defeat in Russia. Long used to the dominance of their national team, Germans are digesting their team's first defeat in a World Cup opening match in 36 years and wondering what will come next. "Defensive chaos at the world champions," splashed the country's best-selling newspaper Bild across its sports section. "Now it is about survival at the World Cup." Berlin's Morgenpost wrote, "Germany have lost their way." The Germans, World Cup winners in Brazil four years ago, were one of the pre-tournament favourites but the defeat means there will be no room for error when they face Sweden and South Korea in their remaining Group F games. The four-time winners have reached at least the semi-finals at every World Cup since 2002. "(Joachim) Low does not want to change his plan," wrote the Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper. "Now Germany is under pressure."
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Storm Chasers Star Joel Taylor's Cause of Death Revealed
Storm Chasers Star Joel Taylor's Cause of Death Revealed The cause of death of Storm Chasers star Joel Taylor was revealed this morning five months after his passing. TMZ reports thatTaylor died from MDMA poisoning after taking ecstasy on a cruise ship, citing toxicology reports released by The Bureau of Forensic Sciences of Puerto Rico. In addition to ecstasy, traces of ketamine were found in his body. Taylor was found unresponsive in his cabin aboard the Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas cruise hours after ingesting the substances. He was soon pronounced dead by local authorities. The news was announced in January by his Storm Chasers co-star Reed Timmer on Twitter. "RIP my best friend and storm chasing partner, Joel Taylor. I am shocked and absolutely devastated by the loss of my incredible, caring friend," Timmer wrote. "We chased so many intense storms, and I wish we could have just one more storm chase. I'll miss you forever, Joel. We lost a legend." Taylor studied meteorology at the University of Oklahoma before starring on his Discovery Channel show, where he and his co-star chased storms in Oklahoma's Tornado Alley. At the time of his death, Taylor was 38 years old. The Discovery Channel star was laid to rest following a funeral at the First Baptist Church in Elk City, Oklahoma in January. In lieu of flowers, his family has asked contributions be made to a University of Oklahoma scholarship fund set up in Taylor's name. Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to his family.
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'Teen Mom' Star Loses Custody of Child
With MTV's Teen Mom franchise always changing and adding new cast members, firing some, or even cancelling a series all together, it's definitely hard to keep up with some of the stars, especially ones who aren't on TV any longer. Between Farrah Abraham, Jenelle Evans, and Ryan Edwards, who are constantly in the headlines for their major mess-ups, it would seem nothing could get crazier than them. But honestly, there's countless stars involved in Teen Mom who have just as insane lives. This brings us to the latest on Teen Mom 3 star Matt McCann. In now-cancelled series, Alex Sekella was an aspiring dancer who got pregnant with boyfriend Matt while she was in high school. In the beginning of the show, Matt checked into rehab for his heroin addiction, and although he promised to clean up his life for his child, it just didn't end up working that way. After Matt was released from rehab, he relapsed and was hospitalized for a drug overdose not too long after. He and Alex ultimately went their separate ways, and the former began dating Lekota Koch. The two then had a baby, and at the time of their son, Matt Jr.'s, birth, Matt was three and a half years sober. But unfortunately, just a few weeks after Matt Jr. was born, he went back to his old ways. “I just dont want to be around when the truth comes out,” Lekota tweeted at the time, also reassuring her followers, “A lot of things have changed in the last month but im very happy with where I am(:” She eventually told the whole story. “Before you read some piece of sh!t Radar article. Lemme just say Matt and I are getting a divorce. He’s in a bad way and my son is safe,” she revealed in 2016. “Matt cheated when my son was 3 weeks old. When I found out a week later, i was on a plane not even 24 hours later. He video calls and asks about Matty daily. He’s kinda just went off the deep end. I’m happy my life is no longer tied down to his. I have a better future now," Lekota explained. "I just hope Matt gets his sh!t together one day for his kids. Matty is my greatest joy and I will always do what is best for him. Thank you.”
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검게 그을린 ‘구릿빛 피부’로 돌아와 팬들 깜짝 놀라게 한 강동원
검게 그을린 ‘구릿빛 피부’로 돌아와 팬들 깜짝 놀라게 한 강동원
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Annabelle Neilson dead at 49: Alexander McQueen's best friend who starred on Ladies of London
The party-loving ex-wife of millionaire banker Nat Rothschild, Annabelle Neilson, has died at the age of 49. The onetime model turned Ladies Of London reality star died on Thursday, with police confirming an ambulance had been called to her £3.1million ($4.1million) home in Chelsea, London. The death is not being treated as suspicious, police told DailyMail.com. Annabelle was a great friend of cover girl Kate Moss and also close to the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen, after becoming his muse aged just 22. The last person to see McQueen alive, she was left devastated by his death. 'He was my brother, my boyfriend, my soulmate. Most of the time people called me Mrs McQueen. Quite often we were sharing a bed,' she told the Daily Mail in 2015. 'The truth is I was happier with Lee than with anyone else. He asked me to marry him towards the end and I said no. I wish now that I had said yes.'
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Backlash from fans after decision to build homes instead of 12,000 seater soccer stadium
The decision to build 500 homes on a site in Inchicore, Dublin, as opposed to a stadium development by a League of Ireland football club has been met with a backlash from sections of the community. A proposal by St Patrick's Athletic to build a state-of-the-art 12,000-seater stadium that would incorporate a town centre at St Michael's Estate was quashed in favour of building homes on the site instead. St Pat's had intended offering their current ground, Richmond Park, to the council for housing instead. Yesterday, the Irish Independent revealed that the Department of Housing had decided against this and will opt for a majority cost-rental scheme in their regeneration of St Michael's Estate. The plan will see the lands and homes remain in council ownership. Despite it being the favoured option of the department, Dublin City Council and the St Michael's regeneration team, there has been some backlash to the decision. St Pat's president Tom O'Mahony told the Irish Independent the club were still waiting for an announcement from the Government and Dublin City Council (DCC) on the issue. "We will be very disappointed if our proposal is being disregarded," Mr O'Mahony said. "It [Inchicore] needs houses, but not only houses. It needs regeneration and that is what our plan is offering." There are fears the proposal chosen by the department will not offer enough amenities to an area that is in desperate need of regeneration. In posts online, St Pat's director of football Ger O'Brien pointed to a number of problems. "Regardless of a stadium or not, to lump more houses into an area that has nothing in it is another nightmare waiting to happen," he said. "No bank in Inchicore, one bank link in the whole village, one playground for kids. Pubs, off-licences, bookies, fast food is what Inchicore has to offer." Local resident Paul Maguire said that even without the stadium, the Pat's proposal was the best idea. He said there needed to be serious investment in amenities for people living in the area.
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뮤직Y 방탄소년단, 英가디언 인터뷰  인기는 롤러코스터 같죠
뮤직Y 방탄소년단, 英가디언 인터뷰 인기는 롤러코스터 같죠
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Nancy Sinatra Snr What is the first wife of Frank Sinatra worth
NANCY SINATRA SENIOR, also known as Nancy Barbato, has died aged 101. First wife of Frank Sinatra and mother to Nancy Sinatra, how much was she worth? Nancy Sinatra Snr, the first wife of Frank Sinatra, has died aged 101. Her daughter, Nancy Sinatra Jnr, 78, tweeted yesterday: “My mother passed away peacefully tonight at the age of 101. “She was a blessing and the light of my life. Godspeed, Momma. Thank you for everything.” Nancy Sinatra Jnr is well known for her song "These Boots Were Made for Walkin’." How much was her well-known mother worth? While her full earnings remain unclear, the singer received a lump sump from Frank Sinatra upon this death in 1998. She was given $250,000 (£188,000) despite the pair divorcing in 1951, although they reportedly remained close. As childhood sweethearts, they had married in 1939 but split after years of his affairs including with actress Ava Gardner who would become his second wife. After the divorce, she was also given a percentage of her husband's earnings and income. Nancy also looked after their three children, Nancy, Frank Jnr and Tina, with Frank Jnr dying in 2016. She never remarried and lived in Beverly Hills, California, for the remainder of her life and did charity work, according to the New York Times. Nancy Snr also outlived Frank’s fourth wife Barbara who died aged 90 last year. Nancy Sinatra Junior, however, is reportedly worth $50 million (£37 million), according to celebritynetworth.com. Much of this was from her successful singing career which took off in the 1960s.
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“아내가 배신했다” ‘이혼 선언’한 왕진진이 밝힌 충격 발언
“아내가 배신했다” ‘이혼 선언’한 왕진진이 밝힌 충격 발언
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She faked a rejection letter from her ex boyfriend's dream school  Now she has to pay him $265,000
Eric Abramovitz's hard work had paid off: The accomplished clarinet player had been accepted to his dream school. But he never got to hear the good news. That's because when his acceptance email arrived in 2014, Abramovitz's then-girlfriend, Jennifer Lee, deleted it and sent him a fake rejection email from the school. It was a $265,000 mistake. "It was really devastating to feel that incredible betrayal," Abramovitz told CNN. "It made me think of our whole relationship and it made me feel like everything might have been a lie." Where it began A college sophomore studying music at McGill University at the time, Abramovitz had applied to a two-year, full-scholarship program to finish his bachelor's degree at Colburn Conservatory of Music in Los Angeles. Itching to study with a renowned clarinet teacher, Abramovitz spent many late nights in practice rooms to prepare for his audition, which he thought went well. The full scholarship -- which includes tuition, room and board -- is worth about $50,000 a year and Abramovitz said graduating from Colburn would have set him up for a high-paying symphony career. When he was rejected, Abramovitz said he was crushed. "It was a disappointing feeling," Abramovitz said. "I had such high hopes."
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낸시랭 “동영상 유출 협박” 폭로에 왕진진 “재판부 제출 의미”
낸시랭 “동영상 유출 협박” 폭로에 왕진진 “재판부 제출 의미”
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Michael Jackson’s father Joe age 88 ‘is dying' reveals song Jermaine
JOE JACKSON, the father of the late Michael Jackson, has been unwell for a number of months and previously barred his family from seeing him after they learned he had taken ill, claimed son Jermaine. Joe Jackson is suffering from an undisclosed terminal illness and has recently taken a turn for the worse, revealed his son Jermaine. The 88-year-old music manager, who is the father of the late Michael Jackson, is believed to have been ill for a number of months. However, his family claim they knew nothing about his sickness and said they were barred from seeing the patriarch for four days after they discovered he was unwell. It is said his wife Katherine and daughter Rebbie and Joh’Vinne along with granddaughter Yashi Brown visited Joe in Las Vegas, Nevada on Tuesday. Prior to their visit the Jackson family struggled to gain medical information and access to Joe. Confirming the sad news about his father’s ill health, Jermaine told the Mail: “No one knew what was going on. “We shouldn't have to beg, plead, and argue to see our own father, especially at a time like this. We have been hurting. “We were not being told where he was and couldn't get the full picture, even from the doctor. My mother was worried sick.”
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Dollar stores sell the most bizarre things
"I'll buy that for a dollar!" exclaimed Bixby Snyder, host of the RoboCop universe's beloved It's Not My Problem television show. And perhaps not understanding the nature of satire or idiomatic catch phrases, the Dollar Store looked him in the eyes and said, "Would you?" Dollar stores are a time-honored tradition in the United States, and they do gangbusters business. Heck, in 2017, Dollar Tree was listed as on of the country's 25 most successful retailers. So why do we give them short shrift? Because their products are cuckoo bananas, that's why. Yes, the dollar stores have long been a veritable Island of Misfit Toys for everything from kitchen utensils to prophylactics. But when was the last time you took an afternoon to really soak in the weird, glorious musk of what your local Dollar Tree had to offer? Never? You're a stable person with a job? Alright, don't get mouthy. We did some legwork for you. Check it out. This stuff is odd.
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Bloopers that cost filmmakers a ton of money
Seven Brad Pitt suffered a nasty injury on the set of Seven. He played a police detective, and during one scene that called for him to chase his suspect in the rain, he slipped and smashed his hand into a windshield, severing a tendon. Director David Fincher mentions on the film's DVD commentary that Pitt showed him his wound, which was so severe he could see the white of the bone.  Making the best of a bad situation, Fincher managed to incorporate Pitt's injury into the story of Seven by having the script rewritten to have Mills suffer an injury in the line of duty. It added time and expense to the production schedule, but it was probably cheaper to explain why one of the film's main characters was suddenly wearing a cast than it would have been to delay shooting long enough for Pitt to recover.  Still, it didn't solve the problem completely: like most movies, Seven was shot out of sequence, so any scene filmed after Pitt's injury required the actor to hold his bad hand in his pocket or behind his back. Quantum of Solace Daniel Craig's second James Bond film, 2008's Quantum of Solace, left the star with a couple of unwanted souvenirs from time on the set: injury and pain. While filming a fight scene, a stuntman went in for a kick close to Craig's face and accidentally landed the blow. Filming had to stop so Craig could seek out medical treatment, which included eight stitches for his wounds. He was also left with a black eye, which just isn't something a debonair super-spy is supposed to sport. In post-production, editors had to use digital effects technology to painstakingly remove the big circle of discoloration around Craig's eye.
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초강력 태풍 '짜미' 日 강타  하늘땅 교통 마비·최소 72명 부상종합
초강력 태풍 '짜미' 日 강타 하늘땅 교통 마비·최소 72명 부상종합
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이병헌 협박녀 글램 다희 근황 공개에도 싸늘한 시선
이병헌 협박녀 글램 다희 근황 공개에도 싸늘한 시선 너 아마보고 싶어. 이웃집 개가 자꾸 와서 '똥' 싸고 도망가자 집주인이 한 '엽기'적인 행동 https://youtu.be/7eYraK9VpxA '연습만이 살길이다'를 실천했더니 나온 https://youtu.be/EH8zUyEl0vc
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CBB : Inside Roxanne Pallett and Ryan Thomas' secret ten year feud
Celebrity Big Brother: Inside Roxanne Pallett and Ryan Thomas' secret ten-year feud... as they clash in the house over THAT 'punch' row Roxanne, 35, has been feuding with Ryan, 34, since he asked her not to wear a dress to the 2008 Soap Awards because his co-star was wearing a similar gown The Emmerdale starlet is also said to hold a grudge due to Ryan's friendship with her ex-boyfriend Richard Fleeshman Roxanne accused Ryan of being a 'woman beater' after he playfully punched her on Thursday's episode of Celebrity Big Brother
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Hollywood's Most Bankable Stars The 50 Highest Grossing Actors of All Time
“Hollywood is a place where they'll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul,” Marilyn Monroe famously quipped in her autobiography, My Life. While the price of a soul in today’s Hollywood remains unverified, the rewards attached to acting earn its biggest stars much more than $1,000. Between 1999 and 2003, Keanu Reeves received $262 million for the Matrix trilogy. For the Mission Impossible series, from 1996 until the present day, Tom Cruise has pocketed a tidy $290 million—and counting. In 1999, Bruce Willis received what remains the biggest sum for a single movie ever: an estimated $120 million for his role as Malcolm Crowe in The Sixth Sense. In Hollywood’s corporate calculations, the truth is that these actors are often paid not so much for kissing nor to buy their souls, nor, in many cases, for their acting. What producers really seek is a celebrity name: for Hollywood’s biggest stars, their name alone is enough to make a movie a box-office hit.
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Colton Haynes and Jeff Leatham Reunite Two Months After Split
Are Colton Haynes and Jeff Leatham getting back together? The couple, who called it quits after just six months of marriage in May, was just photographed at the airport together in Los Angeles on Wednesday, sparking rumors of a reconciliation. "Colton and Jeff got off a flight together at LAX. They were returning from Vancouver where they celebrated Colton's birthday over the weekend," a source tells E! News of the sighting. "Colton is filming Arrow and Jeff was visiting him. It definitely seemed like they had reunited at least for the weekend." The insider adds that Haynes and Leatham were walking together through the terminal, but seemed to want to avoid paparazzi attention when they spotted photographers. "Friends say Colton has been struggling greatly with grief since this loss of his mother earlier this year, however Jeff and Colton have remained in touch off and on since their split," another source tells E! News. "Friends say Colton's mother's surprising death put the couple's marriage in turmoil just months after the marriage, leading to Colton to end things." The insider also shares that Haynes' pals believe he "impulsively ended things with Jeff too soon as a result of his grief and is now considering reconciling." Shortly after split rumors surfaced this spring, a source confirmed to E! News that the Arrow actor filed for divorce from the floral designer. At the time, a source gave E! News some insight into the couple's relationship. "Through their relationship," the insider said Jeff "pulled Colton away from his friends and Colton really started to lose himself." A month after the couple made their relationship Instagram official, Leatham proposed to Haynes in Los Cabos, Mexico in March 2017 with the help of friends such as Melanie Griffith, Serena Williams and Cher, who all spoke to them via a pre-taped video message. In May 2017, Haynes proposed back to Leatham, who later shared a selfie of the two wearing matching rings while embracing by a pool. Guests at the couple's wedding included Sofia Vergara, Joe Manganiello, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Justin Mikita and Billie Lourd.
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Beyoncé Shares a Sweet Photo of Twins Rumi and Sir on Their Family Vacation in Europe
Beyoncé has pulled back the curtain on her family life a bit more by sharing a sweet photo of her twins. The “Love on Top” singer, 36, shared the photo of herself holding her 13-month-old twins Rumi and Sir in her lap during a family trip to Europe on her website Wednesday. In the photo, Beyoncé looks off to the side as she smiles, while her daughter Rumi follows her gaze and giggles. Her son, Sir, appears a bit more serious as he glances down in deep thought. In a second photo, her husband JAY-Z is pictured on the deck of their yacht holding onto Rumi’s hand. The tot adorably was dressed in a little white tank top and a yellow ruffled skirt. Beyoncé also posed with the couple’s 6-year-old daughter Blue Ivy in a cute photo in which they wore similar pink dresses. This is not the first time a photo of the twins has made it onto the Internet: grandma Tina Knowles Lawson previously shared a photo of her grandchildren last month, and the “Halo” singer famously shared a stunning maternity portrait of the three of them one month after their births in July 2017. The couple is famously private when it comes to their children, but in January, JAY-Z couldn’t help but gush about the newest additions to the Carter crew. “We are in a beautiful time now because they are seven months and they can’t move,” the 48-year-old rapper joked in an interview with CNN’s Van Jones. “They can just coo … they just coo and you don’t have to, ‘Wait, wait, wait, wait.’ ” Want all the latest pregnancy and birth announcements, plus celebrity mom blogs? Click here to get those and more in the PEOPLE Babies newsletter. He continued, “You know, they’re not running anywhere yet. We are going to enjoy these couple of months until they start running, and then it’s over.” The parents of three decided to bring their children on the road with them for their joint On the Run Tour II, which kicked off June 6 in Cardiff, U.K. “They are incredibly excited. It took a lot of work to make this happen. It’s the best choice for their family,” a source told PEOPLE of the couple.
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Pink defends herself over cancelled show 'I'm doing the best I can'
Pink defends herself over cancelled show: 'I'm doing the best I can' Singer Pink has defended herself after being seen spending time with her family on a beach, following the postponement of a concert in Sydney due to illness. The US pop star told fans she looks after her children with "everything I have whilst handling all the rest" and that she is "doing the best she can", in response to a "snarky" article. Pink, 38, had previously revealed she was unable to perform the first of a run of shows in Sydney on Friday during the Australian leg of her world tour. She shared pictures of herself on a beach with her daughter Willow, with the grab of an online news headline that read: "Pink's Sydney concert cancelled as she chills in Byron Bay." Pink wrote on Instagram: "I don't need to clear this up, but out of respect for my fans I will attempt it." She said that the tour had been scheduled "meticulously" and that she was trying to do "what was best for my children, while also putting on the best and most physically demanding and beautiful show of my life". "This break in Byron has been scheduled since 2017, as a way to get outside the hotel and the winter and have some time with my children." Pink, real name Alecia Moore, said that she has "already been sick twice" on the Australian tour, which kicked off in early July, and her two children - Willow, seven, and one-year-old son Jameson - have also been unwell. She said the first time they were unwell, she was "able to push through", and that the pictures in the article do not show visits to the doctor in Byron, several different medications and "a screaming baby in the middle of the night, every night, while mama gives him warm baths and tells her daughter everything is fine". Pink said she has "never f***ed off while disrespecting hard working people who spend money to come see me play", and that she has an "impeccable record for not cancelling" her shows. "I mother with everything I have whilst handling all the rest. The snark in this is unbelievable and makes me long for a nicer world," she said. Pink, who took aim at the "parasite paparazzi" who took the photos of her on the beach, added that the images did not show her attempting to recover while her friends cared for her children. She apologised to the "real fans" and promised that the postponed show would be rescheduled.
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Michelle Kwan sells love nest with ex Clay Pell for $3 99M
Michelle Kwan sells love nest with ex Clay Pell for $3 99M
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Ben Affleck's Playboy model girlfriend sends him poignant message of support as he heads back to reh
Ben Affleck's Playboy model girlfriend sends him poignant message of support as he heads back to rehab Ben Affleck's girlfriend has sent a touching message of support after he entered rehab for the third time. The Batman actor, 46, was urged to get help for his alcohol addiction by his ex Jennifer Garner who staged an intervention and dropped him off at a treatment centre yesterday. Meanwhile his girlfriend Shauna Sexton, 22, has tweeted her support. "Healing is lonely. Hang in there," the Playboy model tweeted. It comes just days after the glamour model recently linked to Ben discussed her love of booze in a candid interview with Playboy magazine. Ben Affleck to enter rehab for third time after ex Jennifer Garner 'stages intervention' Speaking in its May/June 2018 issue after being named Playboy's Playmate of the Month, Shauna Sexton revealed how she could drink "whiskey all day". When asked for her favourite drinks, 22-year-old Shauna - who is only just over the legal age to drink in the United States - replied: "Bourbon, for sure. "I like whiskey and soda, which makes people cringe, but I like it," she added. And Ben's estranged wife Jennifer is reportedly unhappy about him dating Shauna. How Jennifer Garner forced recovering alcoholic Ben Affleck back to rehab after his Playboy girlfriend boasted she loved whiskey “Of course she’s not pleased he’s dating a 22-year-old Playboy model,” a source told Us Weekly. “But she’s also not surprised. Jen has come to expect this from Ben. She’s not going to get involved. She can’t make decisions for him.” The 46-year-old actress, who has three children with Ben from their 12-year marriage - daughters Violet, 12, and Seraphina, nine, and son Samuel, six - reportedly begged her ex to get professional help with his addictions, spending Wednesday afternoon at his home in Pacific Palisades until he eventually left with her around 6pm yesterday evening. According to TMZ, Ben didn't need much persuading as he "knows he needs help" and was receptive to the idea of a rehab stint - his third since first seeking treatment in 2001 and again after his relapse in March 2018. Pictures taken of Jennifer driving her ex-husband away from his home to rehab showed him looking worse for wear in the back seat. His bloated and sweaty unshaven face could be seen behind Jennifer's shoulder as he slumped in the back of the car looking downcast, while Jennifer stared directly at the road, shading her face with sunglasses.
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Hollywood actor Vince Vaughn has been arrested for drink driving and resisting arrest
HOLLYWOOD star Vince Vaughn has been arrested on suspicion of drink-driving and resisting arrest in a beach town just outside of Los Angeles. Vaughn, who once dated Jennifer Aniston, was arrested for driving under the influence, according to TMZ. The incident happened around 4am (6pm AEST) on Sunday in Manhattan Beach, California, the New York Post reports. He was also reportedly detained for resisting arrest. The 48-year-old actor is best known for his roles in comedies like Dodgeball and Wedding Crashers but has landed more dramatic roles in recent years such as the drill sergeant in the Oscar-winning Hacksaw Ridge. Insiders told the gossip site that Vaughn, 48, was taken into custody at a routine checkpoint set up by local police.
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Louis Walsh net worth Judge has THIS much money in the bank as he quits The X Factor
LOUIS WALSH NET WORTH: A judge on The X Factor for 13 years, he has made a decision to leave the show, it was announced today. The Irish entertainment manager, who managed Westlife and Boyzone, has made a hefty net worth through his career. Louis Walsh, 65, is the longest running judge on The X Factor, having sat on the panel for 13 years. The Irish entertainment manager, who is close to Simon Cowell, has announced today he will leave the show. But what is his net worth? Louis quit The X Factor today – he released a statement saying he was “ready to leave” the show after over a decade. “I’ve had a fantastic 13 years on The X Factor but the show needs a change and I’m ready to leave. “I’m looking forward to another series of Ireland’s Got Talent, going back to my day job as a manager, writing my memoirs and seeing the world!” An entertainment manager from Kiltimagh, Mayo in Ireland, Louis has managed the likes of Westlife and Boyzone. Throughout his career, which spans almost five decades, Louis has also become well known as a television presenter.
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Eazy E's tragic real life story
Eazy-E's tragic real-life story Eazy-E's life was brief and eventful. Born Eric Lynn Wright in 1964, his story began on the streets of Compton and ended in 1995 in a medical center in downtown Los Angeles. In the years between, however, he amassed a small fortune through drug dealing, founded a legendary record label, and formed one of the greatest acts in hip-hop history: N.W.A. Much like many other icons of the genre, Wright's life — beneath the music videos and record deals and parties — was marked with hardship, violence, crime, and death. The eventual happy ending he might have found through his music was never to be. At the age of 30, only a decade into his career, he succumbed — not to feuding or gang crime, but to disease. Eazy-E's estate and family have been embroiled in a slew of troubles ever since his death, but even their squabbling can't touch the unassailable legacy of the "Godfather of Gangsta Rap." Born on a battlefield Compton was a dangerous place to be in the 1980s. What had once been a quiet suburb of L.A. — known, if anything, for being a sought-after place of residence for affluent Americans — soon became a home to a struggling lower class. As the middle-class demographic fled the area in the wake of the 1965 Watts riots, crime began to seep in. During the 1970s, Compton was afflicted by gang warfare (specifically between the Crips and Bloods), a burgeoning drug trade, and a police force whose approach to violent crime was draconian to say the least. By 1990, Compton's murder rate was a ridiculously high 91 homicides per 100,000 residents. This was the world that Eric Wright was born into. His father was a postal worker and his mother was employed by a local grade school. Neither their family, their home, nor their neighbors were fortunate in circumstances. So how did Eazy-E do it? Dope man or victim? After dropping out of school in 10th grade, Wright became a drug dealer, not only to provide himself with a lucrative source of income, but also to survive on the chaotic streets of Compton. Wright's future manager Jerry Heller wrote in his memoir that "no one survived on the streets without a protective mask. No one survived naked. You had to have a role. You had to be 'thug,' 'playa,' 'athlete,' 'gangsta,' or 'dope man.' Otherwise, there was only one role left to you. 'Victim.'" Not much is known of Eazy-E's time as a drug dealer. Even Heller himself, who eventually came to doubt the extent to which Wright slung dope, had trouble getting anything out of him. But the reputation he acquired from his time on the streets would last well into his career as a rapper, eventually cementing his legacy as the gritty, authentic face of N.W.A. The rise of hip-hop Before long, Wright decided to stop dealing drugs (if he'd ever actually been dealing) and start making music, possibly spurred on by the violent death of his cousin. At the time, the L.A. hip-hop scene was just beginning to take off. It had originated in the '70s with Uncle Jamm's Army and eventually the foundation of World Class Wreckin' Cru in 1983. The first West Coast rap label was launched in 1981 by Duffy Records; a few years later, Mixmaster Spade set up the Compton Posse, and gangsta rap as we know it was born. Eric Wright, however, had spent years as little more than a street-level dope dealer. With no contacts in the music world, no high school diploma, and no discernible prospects, an uphill battle was inevitable. He began, in the mid-'80s, by setting up an ad hoc studio in the garage of his parents' home and using it to make his first recordings.
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Harry Styles is back for Gucci – with a gang of baby farm animals
Harry Styles is back for Gucci – with a gang of baby farm animals
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30 years ago, Julie Cutler vanished  Father speaks of ‘painful’ mystery
WHEN Julie Cutler was 22, she was last seen leaving a hotel in the early hours after a staff function. Thirty years later, her dad is still searching for answers. A Perth father is hoping a $250,000 reward will finally give him answers about his missing daughter after decades of “pain, anguish and uncertainty”. Julie Cutler was 22 when she was last seen leaving the Parmelia Hilton Hotel, in Mill St, in the early hours of June 20, 1988 after a staff function. Her car was found two days later in the sea off Cottesloe Beach with the lights still on and keys in the engine. Ms Cutler’s father Roger says after 30 years it’s hard to even remember what his daughter was like. “The effect on my family has been disastrous,” he told reporters on Tuesday. He says he is sure someone knows something. “This is Perth. We’re a big city, but it was a big country town in those days,” Roger said. Finding out what happened to Julie was about closure and not justice, he said, adding: “I don’t see any justice here.”
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8 Sopranos Stars Who Are Legitimately Tough
The Sopranos first aired in 1999, the creator of the show had no idea just how important it would become in influencing popular culture. Even though the series came to an end in 2005, the show is still considered a crown jewel among other popular television series. There are very few shows, especially on HBO, that have been able to achieve a similar level of success to that of The Sopranos. One of its best qualities was how several aspects of the show seemed to bear many similarities to real world elements. Interestingly, not only were several of the show’s cast featured in other memorable Gangster flicks like the Godfather films and Goodfellas, many of them are known for having criminal records. Several of these crimes include carrying out acts while in the service of mob families. The Sopranos goes above and beyond to include a cast that embodies the reality of mob culture that they demonstrate in the series. However, while several of the show’s fictional characters may be legitimately tough in real life, the opposite also holds true. Some of the show’s most ruthless characters, are actually not as tough as they are shown on-screen. Here is a list featuring some of The Sopranos Stars Who Are Legitimately Tough, And Those Who Are Only Tough On Screen!
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Seth MacFarlane Agrees The Orville Marketing Was Off Base for Season 1
The Orville was a mixed bag for critics in Season 1 but found a home in the hearts of fans as they realized it wasn't live-action Family Guy in space, but rather a heartfelt attempt to bring a Star Trek kind-of show into the modern age. The initial misconceptions about the show could be pegged to the launching marketing campaign that focused hard on the sometimes crude jokes of the series rather than the multi-dimensional drama that Seth MacFarlane intended. The producer agreed during The Orville Comic-Con panel on Saturday that the first trailers for the series probably gave audiences the wrong idea. "Initially, I think the show was a little misrepresented in Season 1. It was marketed as a comedy, a hard comedy. I'm not sure why. I think there was a little bit of worry that this was so new and weird and different that it wouldn't land if it wasn't put into a box. It wasn't necessarily representative of the show," he said. "The nice thing is that the fans stuck with it and saw what we were, the tonal balance that we were riding and they embraced it." MacFarlane clarified that the marketing team for Season 2 was staying more in line with what he believes is the core ethos of the show. "The show was always intended to be what it is now. I'll start this by saying that I think the work that the marketing team at Fox did on the season is stellar. They just did a knockout job with [the Season 2] trailer," he explained. The feel of Season 2 is going to be a lot bigger in Season 1 as MacFarlane says the writing team is taking more risks in their sophomore season. "There are two huge changes -- the experiment was a success so in Season 2 the storytelling is more assertive and bold. There's some narratively bold stuff that was just amazing to make," MacFarlane teased. "What you're going to see in Season 2 is a show that's even more comfortable in its footing as far as existing in that Goldilocks zone [between sci-fi and comedy]... Every episode feels like a movie." Unfortunately it takes time to make that quality product. The Orville doesn't return until Dec. 30 on Fox.
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‘Why I didn’t shower for 30 days’
THIS new mum has revealed the reason she didn’t wash at all for a month after the birth of her son. And what happened when she had her first shower. A HIGH-flying doctor has revealed how she didn’t shower for 30 days after giving birth — and swears it helped her bond with her son. After welcoming baby Matthew into the world, Terry Loong, 40, opted for what is known as post-partum confinement, a practice common in Asian culture where a new mother does not leave the house, have visitors or bath for a month following delivery. The thinking behind it is that it helps protect both mum and baby from infections, gives the mother a chance to recover and recharge and allows the two uninterrupted bonding time. Loong, who is of Malaysian heritage and lives in North West London, said: “I remember my mum having a period of confinement when I was little. I’m the oldest of five so I saw it a lot. It is common in Asian culture. Some of my Chinese friends here in London have done it too but adapted it to what works for them, picking different parts of it.” “I don’t know many people that did it fully, like me. The biggest thing is that people couldn’t believe I hadn’t showered. “After the birth, I had blood down below and was covered in sweat. My hair was really greasy to start with and I did smell of bodily fluids, but I didn’t care — it was the most natural thing in the world.
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Demi Lovato Was a 'Total Mess for Months' Before Apparent Overdose
Demi Lovato‘s apparent overdose came as a shock to many of her fans, but those close to the singer say they noticed red flags for months. “You could tell when Demi was doing well with her sobriety because she wasn’t hanging out at clubs,” a source tells PEOPLE of Lovato’s recent activities. “She has still very much kept up her work schedule and daily life, but there have definitely been signs that she isn’t doing great with her sobriety,” the source says. A source close to the situation adds, “Things have been a total mess for months. She and her team severed ties, and they played a large part in getting her sober years ago. She hasn’t been in a good place.” Last week, the star traveled to Montana to record her upcoming album but was back in Paso Robles, California on Sunday for a performance at the California Mid-State Fair. On Tuesday, a source close to Lovato confirmed she was in “stable” condition after being hospitalized following an apparent overdose. Meanwhile, another insider shares: “Demi was never really clean and sober from all of her demons. She has been fighting depression and anxiety for quite some time — and is still in such a dark place. She was sober for a while, but not completely sober for six years.”
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Is Blac Chyna Really Pregnant
Slow your roll, people. Blac Chyna, 30, is NOT pregnant. Repeat, no bun in the oven! Chyna, according to sources close to her who spoke to TMZ, was merely bloated when she donned that skintight dress at King Cairo‘s kindergarten graduation. We’ve all been there, right? None of us are famous, though, so it’s understood that we’re all the proud parents of a burrito baby, and not the offspring of an 18-year-old rapper. It’s understandable that fans were convinced she was pregnant with baby #3, though. She and boyfriend YBN Almighty Jay have been hot and heavy since the beginning of their still-new relationship, and they’ve been plagued by both marriage and pregnancy rumors in the past. Thought Chyna does want more kids, she isn’t adding another baby to her brood anytime soon, one of the sources told TMZ. After all, daughter Dream Kardashian, whom she had with ex-fiancé Rob Kardashian, 30, is only one year old! The last time the rumor mill churned out a report that Chyna and Jay were expecting was in April, when a source told Page Six that she looked like she had a baby bump at LAX. It wasn’t a far-fetched possibility; Jay said in a March interview with No Jumper that, “I don’t wear condoms. . . I would not want to **k a bitch I did not want to get pregnant,” he said. “If Chyna got pregnant, I would keep that s–t like ‘ohh daddy love you,’ I love that ass.’” Yikes.
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'Star Wars The Last Jedi' Actress Kelly Marie Tran Leaves Social Media Following Months of Harassme
Tran is not the first 'Star Wars' actress to leave social media due to abuse. Actress Kelly Marie Tran has left social media after months of sexist and racist harassment online following her starring role in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Tran has not publicly commented on her reason for leaving, but she has completely wiped her Instagram page. The page is still visible, but her bio line is now "Afraid, but doing it anyway.” The 29-year-old actress was the target of relentless abuse at the hands of those calling themselves “fans,” who did not like her Last Jedi character, Rose.
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Lisa Armstrong throws shade at Ant McPartlin's 'new girlfriend' over breaking 'girl code'
After news surfaced that Ant has allegedly moved on from his marriage with his assistant Anne-Marie Corbett, his ex Lisa Armstrong took to Twitter to share heartbroken emojis. Her post was quickly flooded with messages of support, with one fan telling her: ‘If it’s true I would have hoped out of respect to you that he didn’t let you find out from the media…you deserve better than that!’ However, the makeup artist revealed that she hadn’t been forewarned of the alleged romance, and had read the news online like her fans. Shortly after she responded to her friend Nicola McLean who told her ‘I really feel for you’, to which Lisa replied claiming that Anne-Marie had been her friend before working for Ant. ‘Thanks babe and to think she was MY friend,’ she wrote. After telling her followers Anne-Marie had been her pal, she then took a swipe at the PA’s approach to the girl code. As another fan said ‘so much for the girl code’ to which Lisa responded: ‘Exactly.’ However, it’s not yet been confirmed that Ant is indeed in a relationship with the mother-of-two. A source told The Sun that Ant and Anne-Marie had struck up a romance after she helped ‘put him back together again’ during his drink driving charge and rehab stay. ‘Anne-Marie’s put him back together again. Everyone’s thrilled he’s found someone to love,’ they said. ‘He’s had a tough time of it, but Anne-Marie has put a smile back on his face again. She has been his rock. ‘They have been living in each other’s pockets, day in, day out. ‘Knowing someone is there for him has brought him back from the brink — she’s put him back together again.’
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Most unfortunate musician replacements in rock history
This may shock you, but most bands don't stay together in their original form forever. You see, rock musicians tend to have egos that are a touch inflated compared to us mortals, and the fact that they make their money looking cool and getting underwear thrown at them has a way of making many of them think the good times will keep rolling forever, with or without their bandmates. You may also be surprised to learn that popular rock bands are kind of like great big money printing machines, usually backed up by stodgy corporate types in suits who have a vested interest (and also an interest in vests, but that's beside the point) in making sure the Rock Bus keeps chugging along even if one or more wheels comes flying off. Like a writer who mixes metaphors willy-nilly, these bands may find themselves obliged to play musical chairs with their lineups, bringing in relatively unknown entities to replace iconic favorites and just sort of hoping fans will be cool about it. This, of course, is ridiculous. Rock fans can be just as picky, opinionated and stubborn as anyone, and there are plenty of instances of lesser-known musicians landing the dream gig of playing in legendary bands only to find that said fans have suddenly put away their lighters and are now lofting pitchforks. Failin' in Van Halen Founding member David Lee Roth may not have been the greatest vocalist on Earth, but he was the consummate showman and a perfect fit for fun-loving Southern California rockers Van Halen. Fans of the band were split down the middle when Roth — only two years removed from the monster hit album 1984 — was replaced by veteran vocalist Sammy Hagar. While Hagar's vibe was certainly different from Roth's, the band would crank out some of their biggest hits with the Red Rocker behind the mic. Of course, Van Halen's infighting and crappy interpersonal dynamics are almost as legendary as the band itself, and after a decade, Hagar had also had enough. For his replacement, Eddie and the boys turned to former Extreme lead singer Gary Cherone. The move looked good on paper, but unfortunately, albums aren't recorded on paper. Cherone made his debut on the band's 11th album, Van Halen III (hey, nobody said you had to be a math major to rock), and while he acquitted himself fairly admirably, fans found him a less-than-ideal choice. That is to say, they couldn't stand him. After three years and that lone album, Cherone departed, saying, "some of the fans will never want me or anyone else in the band." How right he was — in 2003, Hagar returned to the fold, until he remembered why he left in the first place and made way for Roth's return in 2007.
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