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Nike – Rafael Nadal – Rally
Crazy dreams take crazy effort. 18 career majors. 12 French titles. Congratulations, Rafael Nadal. #justdoit
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Nike - Dirk Nowitzki: The Maverick
21 years ago, it was crazy to think that Dirk Nowitzki, a seven-foot forward, could come over from Germany and change the game forever. He, however, did just that by revolutionizing the power forward position with his three-point shooting, proving all dreams are crazy until you make them true. #justdoit
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Nike - OBJ Don’t Stop
It's only crazy until you do it, and Odell doesn't feel like he's done anything yet. #justdoit
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Nike - Dream Further
Don’t change your dream. Change the world. #justdoit Get prepped for your summer of football: https://go.nike.com/football-central Featuring Lieke Martens, Daniëlle van de Donk, Asisat Oshoala, Amandine Henry, Grace Geyoro, Marie-Antoinette Katoto, Fran Kirby, Ji So-yun, Sara Däbritz, Andressa Alves, Wang Shuang, Crystal Dunn, Sam Kerr, Alex Scott, Danielle Levitt, Neymar Jr., Philippe Coutinho and Gerard Piqué.
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Nike - Kyrie Irving: #11
“My dad sacrificed his dream, so I could live mine.” @kyrieirving #justdoit
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My Way x Kontra K - Presented by Nike Running
Kontra K, German rapper, is in a love-hate relationship with running. He is also on a mission: to convey positive values of sport to young people leading by example.
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Nike - Just Do It: Caster Semenya
When you're born to do it—just do it. #justdoit
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LeBron and Mbappe’s Inspirational Conversation
LeBron’s More Than An Athlete international summer tour took him to Paris where he had the opportunity to meet Kylian Mbappe. The two quickly bonded over their youthful rise to stardom, and shared desires to chase greatness and inspire youth.
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Nike - LeBron James: More Than An Athlete World Tour
This summer, LeBron James showed basketball can bring the world together, making an incredible impact visiting and empowering fans in Shanghai, Paris, Berlin and New York City. #morethananathlete
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Mo: A Portrait of Speed
To celebrate the launch of the Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT%, Nike Running presents “Mo: A Portrait of Speed.” The short film records one of Britain’s most successful long-distance runners, as he trains at altitude in Ethiopia, ahead of competing in London.
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Nike - Dream Crazy
Don’t ask if your dreams are crazy. Ask if they’re crazy enough. #justdoit
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Evgenia Medvedeva: Dream Crazier
“The most important thing for me is to do everything from the heart.” Evgenia Medvedeva’s crazy dream isn’t to win a world championship. She’s done that, twice. It isn’t to make it to the Olympics. She’s brought home two medals. It isn’t even to break a world record. Because she’s already shattered one. Evgenia’s crazy dream isn’t an accolade or accomplishment. It isn't written in a record book. It’s written on her heart. #justdoit
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Nike - Shared Dream
Some dreams are too big to dream alone.
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Nike - Tiger Woods: Same Dream
Never stop chasing your crazy dream. #justdoit
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Nike – Breaking Down the Air Max 720 – “ASMR”
The new Nike Air Max 720 goes bigger than the rest with a full-length, visible Air unit that sits 6mm taller than any of its predecessors. Take a look underneath the hood as we break down the biggest Air yet. Shop the Air Max 720 now at: http://bit.ly/AMax720 #AirMax720 #JustGoBigger #AirMax #NikeSportswear
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Introducing the Finau1. For ankle support right when you need it most.
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Nike - Nulla Può Fermarci
Se non ti fermi davanti a niente, anche un sogno assurdo diventa possibile. #NullaPuòFermarci #JustDoIt https://nike.com/nullapuofermarci STOP AT NOTHING If you stop at nothing, even a crazy dream is possible. #StopAtNothing
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Nike - Maynor De Leon: My Crazy Dream
Dream bigger. #justdoit
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Nike – Alex Roca Campillo – Dream Crazier
“No one can ever say you can't do something. If I fail, I'll see that for myself. But let me try, let me fly, and I'll find out.” Ever since he was a kid, @AlexRoca91’s Crazy Dream was always there. At first, doctors said he was crazy to even walk. Now he’s training to become the first athlete with cerebral palsy to finish the 600km Titan Desert Race, one of the toughest races on the planet. #JustDoIt
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Ramla Ali: Fight For Your Dream
British boxing champion Ramla Ali is fighting to be the role model she wishes she had as a child. #justdoit
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Nike - Play Like You Own It: Extended Cut
Hack it. Break it. Reinvent it. Change your game to change the game. #Owningit
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Nike - Sam Kerr: Birthplace of Dreams
Sam Kerr Four Time Golden Boot Winner Perth Australia Introducing Birthplace of Dreams. Stream the series premiere featuring Sam Kerr on IGTV now. #justdoit
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"“My job is to make people feel better than they did before they sat in my chair.” Mark Bustos travels the world giving free haircuts to the homeless. Does he consider himself a hero? Nah. Just a person doing what he thinks everyone should be doing: caring. #allfor1 #af1"
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Introducing Nike Adapt BB
Power laces for the perfect fit. Introducing Nike Adapt BB, designed with electro adaptive reactive lacing that automatically locks you in at the press of a button. Preorder now for a limited time only on nike.com in the U.S. Arriving globally in SNKRS February 17. Learn more: http://gonike.me/NikeAdaptBB #nikeadapt #nikebasketball #nike
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Nike - Outside the Box, Ep. 2: Hanna Helsø – Norwegian Sneaker Collector
Hanna Helsø built a collection of Nike Air Max sneakers that would make any collector proud—all from her remote town in Norway. Shop Nike Air Max at: https://swoo.sh/2F8K5eD #nikesportswear #airmax #airmaxday
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Asisat Oshoala: Playing for the next generation.
This summer Asisat Oshoala will try to reach her dream, she will also inspire the next generation of girls to achieve their own. #justdoit
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Nike - Outside the Box, Ep. 1: Ian Williams – Portland Sneaker Barista
The former Nike janitor who created the 'Wet Floor' Dunk and opened a sneaker-themed coffee shop shares his story and the passion behind his collection. Shop Nike Lifestyle Shoes at: https://swoo.sh/2SYhf4d #nikesportswear #nike
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Simona Halep - Dream Crazier
"You are never too small to dream big.” Just do it. As a child, when Simona Halep told the world that she wanted to be the next great tennis player, they laughed at her. They said that she was too small. You know what Simona told us? They were right. Size matters. But it isn’t height or weight that counts. It's the size of your heart.
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PG 3 x NASA: Behind The Design
In collaboration with Paul George, Nike and NASA designers, the PG 3 x NASA explores the boundaries on his latest shoe’s traction, comfort, lockdown and lightness. Arriving in SNKRS January 26: https://swoo.sh/2Cc0Q62 #pg3 #nasa #nike
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Nike - Brooks Koepka
"I was trying to be the best. It drove me nuts when other kids were beating me. It didn't matter in other sports, but in golf it made me mad. Mad for Golf." - Brooks Koepka
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Lieke Martens: Create your own path.
"I’m really happy to be able to inspire the next generation of girls. That they now have female role models, and can see what they can achieve so that they’ll work hard and eventually follow in my footsteps.” As a child Netherlands star Lieke Martens told everyone she wanted to become a professional footballer. When they replied: “Dream on, girl” that’s exactly what she did. Don’t change your dream. Change the world. #justdoit
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My Way x Julien - Presented by Nike Running
"If the mind is ready for anything, then the body will follow". For long distance runner and 21km European record holder, Julien Wanders, running is life.
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Nike - Just Do It: Serena Williams
It’s only a crazy dream until you do it. #justdoit https://www.nike.com/us/en_us/c/tennis
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Irem Yaman: Fight For Your Dream
Turkish Taekwondo champion Irem Yaman is fighting to show the world why she’s known as ‘The Gold Hunter.’ #justdoit
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Yasemin Adar: Fight For Your Dream
Turkish World Champion wrestler Yasemin Adar is fighting to prove that she’s too powerful to ignore. #justdoit
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If you’ve seen a Brooklyn Nets game, you’ve seen Mr. Whammy. The unofficial Nets sixth man doesn’t consider himself a hero, just a fan. A fan who has fans. #allfor1 #af1
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Nike – Dream With Us
Dream with us. Having a dream won’t change the world. Sharing one will. #justdoit
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NIKE - Jason Day- Crazy Dream
Dare to journey beyond your wildest dreams. To see a champion’s future look to their past. Where humble beginnings give rise to the foundations of greatness, and a kid with a club can become the champion he always dreamed of. #Justdoit
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Nike - Sarah Reinertsen: My Crazy Dream
You don’t need two legs to dream. #justdoit
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Nike - Just Do it: Kelly Roberts
Kelly Roberts hates marathons, but she’s run eight of them. And her focus heading into her ninth: qualify for Boston. To get there, she knows it’s going to suck. She knows she might not finish. But she knows that the courage to try is the real win. And she’s not alone. Through her #SportsBraSquad movement, women around the world are running with her, to show the world what happens when you have the courage to just be. The courage to #justdoit. How will you chase your crazy dream?
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My Way x Stefanie Giesinger
Running is for her much like safe space where no one cares how she looks like or who she is. When her body almost gave up, Stefanie Giesinger found strength in sport.
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Nike - Dream Crazier
Show them what crazy dreams can do. #justdoit
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Nike - Just Do It: Timothy Weah
"Confidence is key. Once you have that, you’re unstoppable.” Timothy Weah, the 18-year-old pro soccer player from Queens, is playing at a global level. Some might say he’s already achieved his life goal, but as a New Yorker, he knows there is no limit to your dreams. His crazy dream? To take the USA to the global stage, and show the next generation of New York soccer players that anything is possible when you #justdoit.
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‘Walk With Love’ Episode 1 - Play With Love
When Gaby Serrano created her Air Max 98 at Nike: On Air in 2018, she did it with the discipline of an athlete. This is how her experience on the court helped bring ‘La Mezcla’ to life. This is Episode 1 of ‘Walk With Love’. #NikeOnAir #LaMezcla
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My Way x Steffi
Steffi Platt is one of the fastest girls in Berlin. Fast simply makes her happy.
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Overnight Success
Be an overnight success, even if it takes 10 years. #justdoit
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Circularity: Guiding the Future of Design
"One of the most powerful things design can do for Nike, athletes and, frankly, the world, is play a role in creating a better future by making better choices that holistically and thoughtfully think through the complete design. By considering everything around the design solution – how we source, how we make, how the product is used, how it's returned, how it's ultimately reimagined. As designers, we are wired to be problem solvers. We get to think about designing ideas that have the highest performance impact possible. While simultaneously having the lowest environmental footprint or impact. Learn more at nikecirculardesign.com "
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Gurls Talk Made to Play Fund: Beau
Earlier in the year, Gurls Talk & Nike issued a call for applications from women who are leading projects that use the power of sport and play for girls under 14. Beau is one of the incredible winners who knows firsthand that play equals power & wants to pass these lesson on to the next generation. Beau is studying to become a PE teacher at a school for children with learning difficulties & disabilities where she has developed Hub Fit Gurls, a project that offers a variety of sports for these girls during school time and has allowed them to set up self defense classes so they can find their own strength.
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“MILES” Joan Benoit Samuelson
40 years later, Joan Benoit Samuelson is still running after those same crazy dreams. #justdoit
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Nike - KD12: Behind the Design
Golden State forward Kevin Durant and Leo Chang, Senior Creative Director for Nike Basketball Footwear, explores the design inspiration and innovation on the latest KD12. Shop the KD12 now: https://swoo.sh/2UkmrVG #kd12 #nike
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