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There are pull up bars, then there are pull up bars for fitness centers. This Pullup Bar for the Masses was my way of saying thanks to Integrated Fitness for helping me to lose 30 lbs. (Only 30 more to go!) I made it from 1 1/2 in. 1/8th in. wall square tubing and a piece of 1 1/2 in tubing I had laying around. This video marks the first use of my new Evolution Rage 3 metal cutting saw and a new AHP 200 amp MIG welder. I used my old Bridgeport mill with a hole saw to fish mouth the square tubing. The good thing about this piece of gym equipment is that it bolts to the wall in 18 places right into the wall studs. It's strong enough for up to four people to do pull ups. Not me, of course!
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DIY welding Cart & Table Ep. 2
This DIY welding cart goes beyond just hauling your MIG welder or TIG welder around. This DIY welding cart also does duty as a welding tablen white holding a TIG welder and a MIG welder. Made from an old heavy duty machine shop cart, this heavy duty mig/tig/welding table is designed to carry grinders, clamps, gloves, accessories and consumables while also providing a flat, stable weld table that allows for clamping. The side of the cart holds three gas bottles. And argon/CO2 bottle for the mig welder, a 100% argon bottle for the TIG welder and a 100% helium bottle for use with TIG welding aluminum when needed.
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DIY photo/video light stands Ep. 4
If you have a workshop or studio these H-style DIY photo/video light stands are vastly superior to traditional tripod light stands. I built these after I fell in my shop and one of the tripod mounted video lamps fell on top of me. These H-style photo stands roll so you don't have to pick them up to move them. They also take up less floor space and they're made from steel so they have a very low center of gravity. The telescoping portion of the stand was taken from the tripod stands I had and, I have to say, I enjoyed cutting them up tremendously. Jibb: kesslercrane.com
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Why won't my New Lotos LTP5000D Plasma cutter work? Ep. 8
Diy Plasma Cutter Fail. Actually it only sort of failed. This Lotos LTP5000D plasma cutter showed up at my door and it failed to work right out of the box. The fix was very easy...dealing with the distributor was very hard.
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DIY Water Bottle Wall Sconce Ep. 7
Building a DIY Water Bottle Wall Sconce is not something that most people would ever think of building. The project came together when I bought a large industrial link chain at auction and I had a client who had these cool looking red, translucent water bottles. The next thing I knew I was building this large industrial looking wall sconce for their office. It took a little welding, some machining and basic wiring knowledge to complete the project.
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DIY: Turn Vintage Train Lanterns into Lamps
It's easy to turn train lanterns into lamps. I used vintage bulbs and some standard lamp hardware to replace the lantern wick and kerosene tanks at the base of these old train lanterns. I made the lamp socket base from 3/16-in. steels cut into a circle using a plasma cutter, but thinner metal could be used and easily cut with tin snips.
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The wedding barn series: Part 1
The wedding barn series part 1 begins with the siding of the barn, which was built by Paine Wingate circa 1776. We restored the timber frame structure in the summer of 2016 and continue with the details such as siding, wiring, staining and getting the barn ready for my son's wedding celebration which will be held on July 2015.
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How my tractor almost killed me Ep  3
I fell eight feet through my barn floor and survived! There are many tractor deaths in the U.S. each year. Fortunately I wasn't one of them. But I did pitch forward and slammed my head and shoulder into the front end loader. I got a mild concussion and a lot of soreness but it was very small price to pay for such a horrible accident. I wasn't wearing my tractor seat belt and the tractor roll bar wasn't up. If the loader hadn't bee raised high the tractor would have flipped on top of me.
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DIY workshop fail. Fell on my butt. Saved the light
Shooting video in a workshop can be dangerous business...what with dodging cords, jibs, tripods and other stuff. I obviously failed here. Ironically, I was building a piece of gym equipment and failed to stick the landing.
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Did George Washngton's Horse Pee in My Barn?
George Washington definitely stopped here on his way from Portsmouth to Exeter. He was visiting his friend Paine Wingate who built the house and barn. Theses the first video in a series as we finish up the barn in preparation for my Son's wedding in July.
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My dog got smacked by a ladder (Disturbing)
My dog got smacked by a ladder. No one likes to see an animal hurt. Fortunately, Opie turned out to be fine. But when you see this video you'll wonder why. Opie is a farm dog. By most counts he's lucky in that he gets the run of the place. But on Easter Sunday it was windy and a ladder fell on him.
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