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Mobile Application Development Training Crash Course From Tonex
TONEX as a pioneer in security industry for over 15 years is presently declaring the Mobile Application Development training which encourages you to comprehend the trend setting innovation behind the mobile application development in a basic way. Mobile Application Development training shows you the nuts and bolts of application outline for mobile systems and gives you adequate information to plan applications for : Android iOS Windows mobile systems Audience: Course designed for: Mobile app developers and software engineers Business analysts, functional managers, project managers System administrators, engineers Vendors who will develop mobile apps Investors and contractors in mobile app industry Price: $3,999.00 Length: 4 Days Training objectives: Get a profound understanding of the ideas and philosophy behind the mobile app development. Have a thorough understanding of the motivation, requirements, functionality, possibilities, and limitations mobile app development and design Obtain a detailed knowledge of programming languages used in mobile app development such as Java, HTML and C# Have a perfect understanding of iOS architecture, android system architecture and Windows mobile system life cycle Have a complete understanding of user interface (UI) design for mobile systems Learn how to build apps, what the main steps are, what are the challenges we may face with and how to tackle the challenges Course Outline: Background of Mobile Application Development Introduction to Mobile Platforms Mobile Application Development Tools and Cost Mobile Application Development Software Mobile Application Development Builder Mobile Application Development Using HTML and Java Mobile Application Development Using C# Mobile Application Development Using Objective C and Swift iOS Architecture and Software Development Kit (SDK) Android Mobile Application Development iOS Mobile Application Development (Research in Motion) RIM Application Development Windows Mobile Application Development By taking the Mobile Application Development training, you will understand the main platforms for mobile devices, best tools for mobile application development, cost of mobile application development, native mobile app development platforms, web toolkits, wrapper tools and middleware. Call us today at +1-972-665-9786. Learn more about this course audience, objectives, outlines, pricing. Visit our website link below. Mobile Application Development Training Crash Course https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/mobile-application-development-training-crash-course/
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Proposal Engineering 101 | Tonex.Com
Proposal engineering 101 training course will show you how to compose effective proposals in the engineering fields. This course will give a prologue to the strategies and devices used to create effective proposals. Training Objectives: Attract the reader’s attention to read their proposal Prepare right material for the proposal Explain why a good CV can impact the proposal’s valuators Differentiate a good proposal from a bad one Beat the competition Handle a client who does not know exactly what they want Make the technical material easy to read by non-technical audience Choose what type of graphics should be included in the proposal Get a good feedback Overcome the weakness points in their proposals Read the RFP and ask right questions Identify and understand different types of proposals Follow the proposal writing process Understand how to use the client’s jargon Choose which materials should be included in the proposal and which not Follow up on the proposal Course Outline: Overview Of Engineering Proposal Writing Understanding The Proposal Internal vs. External Proposals How To Respond To An RFP Tailoring The Proposal Based On Your Audience Elements Of Proposal Proposal Contents and Narrative Statement of Need Project Description Budgeting And Costs Organization Information Executive Summary Appendices And Supporting Materials Packaging The Proposal and Writing Tips Readability Check and General Hints Proofreading And Editing Post Proposal Writing Audience: Course designed for : Consulting engineers who write proposals to clients Academic engineers looking for funding for their research Young engineer entrepreneurs looking for capital to launch their projects During the proposal engineering 101 training course, we will push you to initially figure out how to compose an engineering proposal when all is said in done and afterward show you how to tailor it dependent on your requirements. Call us today at +1-972-665-9786. Learn more about this course audience, objectives, outlines, seminars, pricing , any other information. Visit our website link below. Proposal engineering 101 https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/proposal-engineering-101/
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Strategic Planning and Management Training
Strategic planning and management training gives you the ideas and theories behind strategic planning, and additionally the strategies, systems, and apparatuses required to create and execute a fruitful strategic arrangement. Strategic planning and management training shows you a mix of strategies and new dreams and methods of insight from different scope of existing strategic reasoning. You will get various perspectives of management style, which encourages you build up your one of a kind style of management. Strategic planning and management training improves your capacity to make short-and long haul results for your business office or market. Audience: 3-day course designed for: Directors and senior executives Strategic leaders Members of boards Quality managers Senior and mid-level managers Program managers Supervisors Team leaders Financial officers General managers Price: $2,450.00 Length: 3 Days Why Choose TONEX for Strategic Planning and Management Training? Our instructors are experienced in both academia and industry Our training is combined of lectures and hands-on activities Hands-on activities include practical exercises, individual/group activities, and hands-on workshops Training objectives: Determine strategic planning problems Develop a competitive strategic plan Understand the marketplace Distinguish main analytical and theoretical methods associated with strategic planning Bring into line their corporation with their planning goals by incorporating strategy, goals, metrics, and execution Determine developing strategic models and produce ideas on how they can be used to their corporation Integrate customer demands into their strategic planning Distinguish how the activities of customers, competitors, and their own corporate identify the results in their markets Identify the best method to efficiently execute their strategic planning Course outline: Overview of Strategic Planning and Management Strategic Planning Principles of Strategic Planning Analyzing the Environment Strategic Concerns in Competitive Environment Executing the Strategic Plan Strategic Planning Association with Other Management Systems Who is Involved In The Strategic Planning Process? Strategic Plan Elements Timetabling TONEX Group Activities Sample: Act of 1993 Submission Call Us Today: +1-972-665-9786 Strategic Planning and Management Training https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/strategic-planning-management-training/
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Women Entrepreneurship Training
Women Entrepreneurship Training is important for women who want to be a leader. This course will cover the principle ideas and structures of women's entrepreneurship from a sex perspective, and different components and arrangements influencing the entrepreneurship procedure. Women Entrepreneurship Training course will help you identify several elements impacting the gender gap in entrepreneurship, and which methods and strategies can help you overcome such gap. Women Entrepreneurship Training course focuses on improving the economic opportunities for women starting, formalizing, or expanding their businesses. Audience: 2-day course designed for: The female professional who are interested in startups or already have launched a startup Young female leaders Young female founders Policy makers in national or local government institutions Policy implementing agencies Chambers of commerce Business associations NGOs Higher education institutions Those who run incubators Price: $1,699.00 Length: 2 Days Why Do You Need Women Entrepreneurship Training? This hands-on, interactive seminar will give you a chance to meet with other female entrepreneurs who are going the same path as you are This training helps you understand the potential gender barriers in entrepreneurship You will get individual coaching to develop your own business model based on your view, mission, goals, and culture Learn About: Women’s entrepreneurship from a gender point of view Various kinds of women entrepreneurship promotion (WEP) and that how they can affect women businesses Creative practices and applying technology for WEP Governmental policies in-place for women entrepreneurs Entrepreneurship as an effective tool to empower women’s economic Developing, observing, and assessing WEP leads Searching for business opportunities The strategic view and elements of risk The target market The competition Marketing plan and sales strategies Operations Management team Development, milestones, and the exit plan The financials Learn more about course objectives, outlines etc. Women Entrepreneurship Training https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/women-entrepreneurship-training/
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UAF (Unified Architecture Framework) Seminar From Tonex
Unified Architecture Framework has become a very popular upgrade with both the Department of Defense (DoD) as well as commercial organizations. That’s because UAF has standardized a set of Human Views (called Personnel Views in UAF) into its system of systems framework, allowing the human aspects to be considered in conjunctions with the rest of the architecture. Who Should Attend: Enterprise architects, software engineers, project managers, program managers and data and information modelers will especially benefit from this class. Related Courses: —Unified Architecture Framework (UAF) Migration Training, a 2-day hands-on training course covering migration aspects of UAF, DoDAF 2.02, NAF 3.0 and UPDM 2.0. —Hands-On Project Based Unified Architecture Framework (UAF) Crash Course, a 3-day that features practical hands-on learning experiences as well as fundamentals. OMG Unified Architecture Framework (UAF) Training Course. Call us today at +1-972-665-9786. Learn more about course audience, objectives, outlines, pricing. Visit our website link below. UAF Seminars https://www.tonex.com/unified-architectural-framework-uaf-seminar/
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Mobile App Development Certificate Training From Tonex
Mobile App Development Certificate Training by TONEX is a far reaching course intended for experts and novices in mobile app development industry to create phenomenal mobile apps for iOS, Windows, and Android frameworks. Mobile App Development Certificate builds up the aptitudes required to make applications for the significant mobile gadgets basic in the mobile business, for example, Apple iPhones, Google Android, and Windows Phones and tablets. You will figure out how to conquer mobile development difficulties, impediments, and how to utilize stage structures in mobile app design with a ton of hands on trainings and down to earth precedents. Audience: Mobile app developers and software engineers Project managers and business analysts working with mobile application development Team members or stakeholders involved in mobile application design and development Business analysts, functional managers, project managers, developers and testers System administrators, engineers who want to learn mobile app development Vendors who will develop mobile apps Investors and contractors who plan to make investments in mobile app industry. Training Objectives: Differentiate different mobile platforms and understand their architecture Explain Software Development Kit (SDK) role in mobile app development Deliver intuitive, robust mobile applications and integrate them with enterprise systems Write professional and optimized codes with Java for mobile app Design UI for Android Systems Develop mobile apps for iOS with Swift and Objective-C programming Design UI for iOS Write optimized app for windows mobile systems Write detailed codes with HTML5 programming language and understand the basics Design a mobile app for windows phones Debug programming issues related to windows phones Apply object oriented programming skills to create mobile apps Obtain necessary skills to ensure mobile application is efficiently utilizing data from external sources Gain insight into new trends and features in mobile systems Course Outline: Mobile App Development Introduction Interface Usability Information Technology Ethics Object Oriented Programming Basics of Java Programming for Mobile Systems Basics of HTML5 and CSS3 for Mobile Programming Basics of Swift and Objective-C for iOS Android Application Development Android Software Development Kit (SDK) iOS Application Development 3D Application Development Hands On, Workshops, and Group Activities, Sample Workshops and Labs for Mobile App Development Certificate also available. Call us today at +1-972-665-9786. Learn more about course audience, objectives, outlines, pricing. Visit our website link below. Mobile App Development Certificate Training https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/mobile-app-development-certificate-training/
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NERC System Operator Certification Training | Tonex.Com
NERC System Operator Certification Training is a NARC-oriented System Operation Certification training preparation training course. System Operator Certification Training discusses operational tasks, reliability of bulk power system during normal and emergency operations. Audience: Course designed for : IT cybersecurity ICS and SCADA cybersecurity EMS cybersecurity Field and security operations Incident response Project managers Price: $2,999.00 Course Number: 1032 Length: 4 Days Explore NERC Practice Tests for system operator exam including: Transmission Operator Balancing & Interchange Operator Balancing, Interchange & Transmission Operator Reliability Authority Operator Learn about exam topics: Bulk power generation, transmission and distribution principles Bulk power system operation Reliability of the bulk power systems Balancing, Interchange, and Transmission Power Generation, Transmission and Interchange System Protection and Control Course Agenda: NERC Power System Operations Principals Voltage and Reactive Power Control Ways of Improving Voltage Stability And Control Reactive Power in Operations Fundamentals of Power system Angle and Voltage Stability Maintenance and Backup for Operational Tools Fault and Protection Basics and Terminology Protection Methods and Techniques System Restoration after Blackout Restoration Process Procedures Transmission Restoration Generation Restoration System Restoration Plan Guidelines Power System Control Center Operations and Management Call us today at +1-972-665-9786. Learn more about this course audience, objectives, outlines, pricing. Visit our website link below. NERC System Operator Certification Training https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/nerc-system-operator-certification-training/
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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Tonex Training - Part 1
Corporate Social Responsibility Training covers the principals and techniques for corporate social responsibility (CSR), and in addition the accepted procedures and viable methodologies required to achieve a reasonable business. We will show you different highlights of CSR with the objective of making it reasonable in different strategic and practical conditions in developing markets. You will likewise be acquainted with best practice, feasible basic leadership techniques, and diagnostic devices connected by fruitful establishments everywhere throughout the world. Corporate Social Responsibility Training enable you to enhance your aptitudes related with CSR. This hands-on training will change over the unadulterated hypothetical ideas of CSR to pragmatic applications that you could apply in both private and legislative associations. Audience: Corporate Social Responsibility Training is a 2-day course designed for: CEO and Executives Directors Vice presidents Chief sustainability officers CSR committee personnel Private corporate staff Public and governmental organization staff NGOs All professionals who are involved in to CSR. Training Objectives: Accurately analyze their current CSR and sustainability strengths and plan an action plan for accomplishing bigger motivation and impact Develop a general CSR strategy while securing a vast range of actions with independent purposes Prioritize investments that enhance their organization’s skills to deliver shared social and business benefit Build a strong situation for their CSR policies and report efficiently on social, environmental, and business impact Enhance organization of CSR strengths within the corporate Initiate positive, efficient correlations with internal and external stakeholders Comprehend CSR – the background, evaluations and strategic propositions Realize the drivers for CSR Comprehend the value of key performance indicators (KPIs) Recognize their key CSR stakeholders and plan strategies for effectively cooperating with them Comprehend and discuss the third party and industry exclusive benchmarks Establish an outline CSR report Develop a program to provide a CSR strategy . Course Outline: Overview of Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility Principals Corporate Social Responsibility Implementation The Impact of Stakeholders’ Involvement Sustainability Concerns and Issues Performance Evaluation CSR and Ethics Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy TONEX Case Study Sample: Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola CSR strategies Coca-Cola issues and conflicts Coca-Cola CSR strategies after the conflicts were resolved Coca-Cola CSR principals Coca-Cola CSR successful and failed policies Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Training https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/corporate-social-responsibility-training/
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SOW (Statement of Work) Training - Tonex.Com
SOW writing training gives you ideas, devices, methodologies, and design of Statement of Work (SOW). Statement of Work is the premise of the relationship among buyers and sellers. Participants of this intensive, hands-on seminar will exercise to write each section of the SOW. Participants will also examine SOWs from a contractor’s view, the questions a contractor might have upon reading the SOW, and the inconsistencies that cause confusion. You will learn best practices for making sure your SOWs communicate to your intended readers in order to accomplish the best value for your acquisitions. Learn About: Acquisition Planning Market Research Performance Documents Developing Statements of Work Importance of Language Developing Evaluation Factors Quality Assurance Surveillance Plans Performance Incentives The value of SOW The application of SOW SOW construction Writing SOW Contract SOW vs a project SOW Developing your own SOW style SOW writing training is a hands-on course including group activities, templates, and hands-on workshop. Audience: Federal employees Contractors PMP-certified project managers IT project managers Project coordinators Project analysts Project leaders Senior project managers Team leaders Product managers Program managers Project sponsors Project team members All individuals who need to write a SOW Training Objectives: Recognize the usual mistakes of incorrect, confusing or misconstructed narratives Use simple approaches and “best practice” methods that will secure high quality in their SOW documents Identify what a “breach of contract” requires Help others to evaluate SOWs for quality, clarity and unity Use data on how the courts historically understand arguments in contract language based on long-standing rules Identify the actual requirements Choose a proper SOW type that fulfills the government requirements Explain all features of the work to be performed in a way that will be comprehended Write a clear SOW that will lead to responsive, competitive proposals Assess the effect of a SOW on accomplishing best value across the acquisition process Course Outline: Overview of SOW Writing The SOW Background Describing the Work Generating the Narrative Signed SOW Modifications Developing the SOW Dealing with Your SOW TONEX Case Study and Templates Samples Call us today at +1-972-665-9786. Learn more about this course audience, objectives, outlines, pricing. Visit our website link below. Statement of Work Training https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/sow-writing-training/
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Cyber Security Applied to Embedded Systems
Cyber Security Applied to Embedded Systems Training is a 2-day training talks about basics of embedded systems and uses of Cyber Security to show exceptional vulnerabilities that are usually misused. find out about strategies and methods considering cyber security measures in the whole framework life cycle and obtaining. Secure Embedded Systems incorporate numerous methodology, strategies and procedures to flawlessly coordinate cyber security inside embedded framework programming. Takeaways from this course include: Examining how to cybersecurity fit in the embedded systems Fundamentals of Cybersecurity Fundamentals of Embedded Systems Fundamentals of embedded system product design cycle, project management, design for production, V&V and O&M Embedded Systems Security Requirements Fundamentals of hardware and firmware analysis and design in embedded design Vulnerabilities in embedded systems Embedded hardware and firmware analysis to detect vulnerabilities Foundation knowledge of cyber security threats, risks, mitigation strategies applied to embedded systems Exploitable vulnerabilities in embedded systems and techniques and strategies for systems engineering embedded systems Communication protocols, wired and wireless networks, information and network attacks and their impact on embedded devices Risk assessment techniques and methodologies and using defensive tools for mitigating risk and vulnerabilities Course Topics: Cybersecurity 101 Introduction to Embedded Systems Embedded System Vulnerability Analysis Exploiting Real Time Operating Systems Securing Embedded Systems Interfaces and Protocols Cybersecurity Attacks and Best Mitigation Practices for Embedded Systems Case Study and Workshop This course will likewise train understudies how to examine, turn around, investigate, and abuse embedded RTOS firmware. Hands-on involvement with an assortment of true gadgets, RTOS's, and designs furnish understudies with the down to earth information and aptitudes important to be capable in RTOS defenselessness examination and misuse. We will examine chance evaluation philosophies, disappointment examination and utilizing protective tools to moderate cyber hazard and vulnerabilities. Cyber Security Applied to Embedded Systems https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/cyber-security-applied-embedded-systems/
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Controller Area Network (CAN) Training
Controller Area Network (CAN) training covers the ISO 11898 standard of decision for car makers and Vehicle Applications. Affirmed for use as an ISO and EPA indicative network, its use keeps on developing. Controller Area Network (CAN) training covers the hypothesis, task and utilization of the CAN convention, and its applications in the car and different businesses. CAN is the most broadly utilized car transport engineering. The Controller Area Network (CAN) transport is the command the car business and the CAN controllers are sold as on-chip peripherals in microcontrollers. Controller Area Network (CAN) physical layer is made out of a wound match multidrop link as determined with a length extending from 1,000m at 40Kbps to 40m at 1Mbp. Learn about: Principles of Controller Area Network (CAN) Technical introduction to serial bus systems Controller Area Network (CAN) implementation in Embedded Systems CAN protocol and other standards such as J2284, J2411, and J1939 CAN physical and data link layers in some details J1939/71 Recommended Practice for Vehicle Application Layer CAN application layers standards, regulations, and implementation requirements The SAE standards, J1939 Automotive Engineering Recommended Practice for a Serial Control and Communications Vehicle Network CAN architecture and protocols CAN controller programming and CAN physical and data link layers CAN (Controller Area Network) characteristics of the physical layer (High-/Low-Speed-CAN) Bus access methods, framing, bit timing, bit stuffing Automotive Networks and CAN Bus topology Principals of CSMA/CD and CSMA/CA CAN Differential Signaling and CAN applications examples Distributed and embedded systems in the Automotive domains CAN Bus Use in Automotive and Agriculture Controller Area Network (CAN) Bus J1939 Data Acquisition Methods Course Agenda: Overview of Automotive Buses CAN Architecture Layered ISO Standard Architecture Basic Bus Communication Requirements Characteristics of the CAN Protocol CAN Lower-layer standards Audience: 2-day course designed for : Design engineers Verification and valuation engineers Test engineers Programmers Technicians Embedded hardware and software engineers Automotive embedded systems technicians Field engineers Project managers Price: $1,899.00 Length: 2 Days Visit tonex website links below and learn more. Controller Area Network (CAN) Training https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/controller-area-network-can-training/
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Offshore Wind Farm Training Course | Tonex.Com
The offshore wind farm training course will assist you with understanding the mechanical improvements of offshore windfarms, distinctive sorts of wind turbines actualized for offshore undertakings, control of offshore wind farms, assurance and dependability evaluation of offshore wind innovations. Call us today at +1-972-665-9786. Learn more about this course audience, objectives, outlines, seminars, pricing , any other information. Visit our website link below. Offshore Wind Farm Training Course https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/offshore-wind-farm-training/
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5G Wireless Training & Technical Fundamentals
5G Wireless Training by TONEX, A 3-day Technology Training Course 5G wireless training (5th generation wireless systems or mobile networks) covers next major phase of wireless and mobile telecommunications standards beyond the current 4G/IMT-Advanced standards. 5G wireless training introduces most dominant technologies and architectures in near future which make 5G technology. 5G networks are expected to roll out broadly after 2020. Compared with 4G/LTE cellular systems, 5G wireless communication systems (5G) are expected to provide higher spectral and energy efficiency and area throughput growth. Learn the key 5G wireless communication networks cellular architecture and key technologies for 5G communication networks. # 5G Training Learning Objectives Upon completion of this course, the attendees are able to: 1.Describe what 5G is 2.List the 5G wireless features and their benefits (5G wireless communication networks) 3.Describe key 5G technology drivers and enablers of 5G 4.List 5G technology candidates in RAN/radio, transport, core networks, interoperability and services 5.List 5G Wireless Use Cases 6.List User-Driven 5G Requirements 7.Describe ITU 5G standards (IMT2020) along with NGMN alliance and 3GPP 8.Describe 3GPP LTE/LTE-A evolution towards 5G 9.Walk through current and future deployment of 5G scenarios 10.Co-Existence of LTE End-to-End Ecosystem with 5G 11.List similarities and differences between 5G Radio Access and LTE Visit Tonex.com to learn more about 5G wireless training and courses, seminars https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/5g-wireless-training/
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Power Systems Certificate
Power systems certificate is designed by highly educated instructors at TONEX in order to provide a specialized training in power system area. The certificate consists of four technical power system areas which is designed for engineers and students seeking to improve their power system knowledge and position themselves for their job responsibilities and promotions. Our industry and faculty experts at TONEX will help you to understand the fundamental concepts of power system in order to tackle the real-world challenges. The power system certificate consists of major topics: Power systems modeling and analysis Power quality and design Power systems standards Advanced power systems (Micro and Smart grids) Power system control ( linear and advanced) Audience: All engineers who wants to learn, design, or operate the power systems Power traders to understand the power systems. Independent system operator personnel. Faculty members from academic institutes who want to teach the power system courses. Investors and contractors who plan to make investments in power industry. Professionals in other energy industries. Objectives: Understand the basic power system components with their functionality Design the power system components based on customers demand Differentiate the modern power system with advancement of power electronics with traditional power systems Model generators, transformers, transmission lines and loads Conduct the stability analysis for different components of the power systems Design the grounding system in power systems Design the distribution systems Understand the different types of faults in power systems and fault analysis Describe the fundamentals of protection and relaying in power systems Understand the modern power system components and smart/micro grids Explain the communication technology used in micro/smart grids Understand the different control levels in micro/smart grids Differentiate the modern and traditional control in power systems Explain the advanced control and optimizations implemented in micro/smart grids Analyze the stability in modern power systems Implement the control/analysis in real world projects Training Outline: Basic Concepts Main Components of Power Systems Transformer Modeling Transmission Line Parameters and Performance Power System Models Power Flow Analysis Fault Analysis Symmetrical Components and Unbalanced Operation State Estimation Contingency Analysis Call us today at +1-972-665-9786. Learn more about course audience, objectives, outlines, pricing. Visit our website links below. Power Systems Certificate https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/power-systems-certificate/
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NERC CIP Training - 5 Days Course
NERC CIP Training Bootcamp, North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) preparing Bootcamp is a compressed lesson style preparing program planned and crated to address the issues of the electric with respect to CIP consistence: Cyber Security for NERC CIP Versions 5 and 6 Compliance. Security pros, CIP Senior Manager, examiners, fashioner engineers, framework administrators, executives of CIP consistence, VPs of activities. NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) preparing Bootcamp is a 5-day intensive lesson enables participants with information and abilities covering adaptation 5/6 norms. NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection preparing Bootcamp tends to the part of FERC, NERC and the Regional Entities. Learn approaches for recognizing and sorting BES Cyber Systems and prerequisites tio actualize and go along the benchmarks including techniques for the form 5/6 necessities. TONEX is the industry leader in Cyber Security and NERC CIP. Our courses are planned, designed and developed by NERC CIP experts in CIP implementation and audits. #Who Should Attend: CIP Compliance, IT cybersecurity, ICS and SCAD cybersecurity, EMS cybersecurity, Field and security operations, Incident response, Project managers, CIP Auditors , Any other staff from electrical utilities who are maintaining cyber security standards across their enterprise and substations, Generation, transmission and distribution staff working to meet NERC CIP standards Learn more about Program Learning Objectives, Program Coverage and Highlights of Enforcement. Visit Tonex Training Website https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/nerc-cip-training-bootcamp-crash-course/
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ICS Industrial Control System Cybersecurity Training
ICS Cybersecurity training is designed for security professionals and control system engineers in order provide them with advanced cybersecurity skills and knowledge in order to protect the Industrial Control System (ICS) and keep their industrial operation environment secure against cyber threats. TONEX as a leader in security industry for more than 15 years is now announcing the ICS Cybersecurity training which helps you to protect your ICS based on special publication of National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) for control systems based on Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Distributed Control System (DCS) or the other control system configurations. Audience: Course designed for: Control engineers, integrators and architects System administrators, engineers who secure ICS Information Technology (IT) professionals who administer, patch or secure ICS Security Consultants who perform security assessment and penetration testing of ICS Managers who are responsible for ICS Senior managers want to understand or apply ICS cybersecurity program Researchers and analysts working on ICS security More... Training Objectives: Understand fundamentals of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Recognize the security architecture for ICS Identify different kinds of vulnerabilities in ICS network, remote devices, software, Learn about active defense and incident response for ICS Learn the essentials for NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Understand policies and procedures for NERC critical infrastructure protection (CIP) List strategies for NERC CIP version 5/6 Apply risk management techniques to ICS Describe ICS Active Defense and Incident Response Describe techniques for defending against the new ICS threat matrix Assess and audit risks for ICS Apply IEC standard to network and system security of ICS Implement the ICS security program step by step Protect the ICS network from vulnerabilities Understand different types of servers in ICS and protect them against attacks Apply security standards to SCADA systems based on NIST SP 800-82 Detect different types of attacks to SCADA systems Tackle all the security challenges related to ICS cybersecurity Training outlines: Fundamentals of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Common ICS Vulnerabilities ICS Threat Intelligence NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Risk Management and Risk Assessment ICS Auditing and Assessment IEC 62443: Network and System Security for ICS Implementation of ICS Security Program Development ICS Incident Response Network Protection for ICS ICS Server Protection SCADA Security Policies and Standards Detection of Cyber Attacks on SCADA Systems Request more information. Call us today at +1 972 665 9786. Visit our course links below. ICS Cybersecurity Training https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/ics-cybersecurity-training/
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Strategic Change Management Training
Strategic Change Management Training Course covers principals, strategies, and approaches required to effective change management. In this regularly changing universe of business, nothing continues as before for quite a while, and this really is the best open door for those pioneers who know how to get ready for and oversee change. They know how to underwrite today to make benefit tomorrow. Why Do You Need Change Management Training? To develop the organization’s ability to effectively face change, improving agility. Enhance the likelihood of successful business change/transformation – supporting strategic direction To mitigate the risks related to failed initiatives To support change initiatives with well-known, process-driven approaches in order to build a united strategy to change To create and secure employee loyalty, aligning with organizational goals in the times of change To develop and sustain the involvement of internal and external stakeholders with new plans To effectively manage change communications with internal and external communities so that change is well received and supported To enhance evaluation of change influence, combined change planning and effective implanting of change into the life of the organization TONEX Training Format: The training is designed to be fun and interactive. It includes lectures, individuals and small group activities, and hands-on workshops. Audience: Strategic Change Management Training is a 2-day course designed for: Mid-level, senior managers Senior leaders Strategic leaders Vice presidents Executive directors Directors Division managers Training objectives: Apply a change process Employ tools and methods to support a change plan Explain and model the responsibility of a facilitator of change Help clients to evaluate, design, and apply a change intervention Create sponsorship, ownership, and involvement in change efforts Analyze change results Determine and evaluate opportunities for change and creativity in service, supply chain, product, communication or organizational strategy Establish change plans and generate metrics for measuring their effectiveness or failure Determine and describe the burdens to change and devise strategies for addressing those obstacles Derive a conceptual structure for comprehending organizations and the markets that they are involved in, Understand strategic agility and why it’s important for today’s corporates. Determine the capabilities required to lead with agility and resilience Apply the leadership self-assessment Develop the best team with skills to interact and implement strategy as it evolves Build a culture that inspires action and resourcefulness Involve in a constant “outside the box” search for novel ideas Create and sustain a performance record with balanced key metrics, including company, team and customer measures Course outline: Overview Various Types of Change and Their Drivers The Change Process Change Associated with People Undertaking Change Leads Decision Making and Motivation Understanding Performing Teams Organizational Leadership Process & Structures In Organizations How to Benefit from Individual Differences Evaluating Employee Performance Effective Leadership and Creative Problem Solving How to Manage Job Satisfaction and Stress Work Design Viewpoints Culture, Change and Organizational Values Understanding Change Management Implementing Organizational Changes TONEX Hands-On Workshop Strategic Change Management Training https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/strategic-change-management-training/
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Product Management Bootcamp Training
Product management bootcamp training instructs you how to utilize more keen, advertise arranged procedures in your new product advancement ventures and the everyday exercises. Product management bootcamp training covers how to effectively oversee products over the entire Product Lifecycle. This hands-on training covers business case, advertise requests, product highlights, showcase technique, product commencement, beta program, and end of life designs related with product management. Moreover, Product management bootcamp training provides you information and knowledge in various perspectives of product management such as design thinking, customer-oriented design, competitive strategy, business model development, influence without authority, team management, pricing, and customer insights. Audience: Product Managers Directors and Vice Presidents of Product Management Project Managers Program Managers Engineers involved with Product Management General Managers involved with product portfolios and corporate strategy Price: $3,900.00 Length: 4 Days How Can You Benefit From Product Management Bootcamp? More beneficial, market-oriented products and services Pleased customers Reduced product failure by eliminating instinctive Product Management decisions A reliable and powerful technique throughout product teams and their stakeholders who construct, advertise, sell, and support products Incorporate distinct groups of people in marketing, IT, sales and other departments into one united team Why Choose TONEX for Your Product Management Bootcamp? TONEX instructors have great experience in both academia and industry. They know your needs and know how to deliver a training fits those needs Training material is fun, comprehensive, and dynamic Training is a combination of theory and practice You will learn all the theory necessary via interactive lectures You will experience what you are taught via individual/group activities and hands-on workshops The case studies and examples are chosen from real-world examples and projects Visit Tonex link below for more information https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/product-management-bootcamp-training/
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DAS ( Distributed Antenna System) Training | Tonex.Com
DAS (Distributed Antenna System) Training course covers the concepts behind network of spatially separated antenna nodes connected to a common source via transport medium that provides wireless service within a geographic area or structure. A distributed antenna system (DAS) is a shared-infrastructure or neutral host model for expanding a wireless network footprint such as WiFi, GSM, CDMA/1x-EVDO, UMTS, and LTE by adding coverage and capacity in hard to reach areas. It increases the wireless quality with minimum capital investment. TONEX course covers both indoor and outdoor DAS solutions for the private and public sector including: Densely populated urban areas Tunnels Colleges and universities Hotels, resorts, and convention centers Venues: stadiums, convention centers and theme parks Hospitals and medical centers DAS training course explored with various key challenges in diverse scenarios, including architecture, capacity, connectivity, scalability, medium access control, scheduling, security, dynamic channel assignment and cross-layer optimization. Audience Course designed for : Engineers Analysts Engineering Managers DAS Technicians DAS Project Planners Price: $2,999.00 Course Number: 5229 Length: 3 Days Course Outline: Introduction to Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) Basic concept of a DAS Elements of Cooperative Communications DAS Technologies, Frequencies, Planning, DESIGN, and Deployments DAS Components DAS Network Topologies Antenna types in DAS configurations Main Antenna Systems In Building-Das Infrastructure components Outdoors-Das Infrastructure components IN-BUILDING DAS Network Design Options and Considerations DAS System Engineering Installation, configuration, commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting of a DAS TONEX provides DAS Training or Distributed Antenna System Training, Seminars and Education Worldwide. Join DAS Upcoming seminar: When: January 14, 2019, 10:00 am - January 16, 2019, 5:00 pm Where: Nashville, TN, USA Call us today at +1-972-665-9786. Learn more about this course audience, objectives, outlines, pricing. Visit our website link below. DAS Training – Distributed Antenna System https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/das-training/
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Antenna Engineering Training Boot Camp | Tonex.Com
Antenna Engineering is a course under Radio Frequency #RF . #AntennaEngineering Training covers the theory and practice of antenna engineering, communications, radar, commercial and military applications. Learn how to system engineer, design and build different practical antenna types. Antenna applications and properties including EM, spectrum of frequencies covering HF, VHF, UHF and microwave, radar and space antennas anything from 50 kHz to 300 GHz. Learn about antenna concepts and definitions including: Antenna Basics: Radiation, gain, directivity, efficiency, effective area, pattern, impedance, VZWR, Return Loss, antenna noise temperature and polarization Antenna Arrays Antenna Computer Modeling Antenna Design and Simulation Antenna Gain and Polarization Antenna Materials and Lens Antennas Antenna Measurement Techniques Axial Mode Helical Antennas Antenna Components, Construction and Cost Design the antenna to match the system criteria Dipole and Monopole Antennas EMC/EMI Far-Field Anechoic Chamber Compact and Near-Field Antenna Measurements Friis Transmission Equation Horn Antennas Log-Periodic Dipole Arrays Loop Antennas Low Noise Antennas Microstrip Antennas Modeling and Simulation of Antennas Near-Field Antenna Measurement Techniques Phased Array Antennas and Adaptive Techniques Phased Array Antennas for Radar and Communications Phased Array Technology Phased Array Theory Planar antennas Portable (Small) Antennas Radar Antennas Reflector Antennas SAR simulation Slot Antennas Spiral Antennas Vehicle Mounted Antennas VHF and UHF Antennas Yagi-Uda Antennas Audience: Course designed for : RF engineers Scientists Software engineers Testing engineers Analysts Engineering managers Antenna technicians Field measurement technicians Project planners. Price: $3,999.00 Course Number: 5023 Length: 4 Days Course Content: Introduction to Antennas Basic Antenna Concepts Antenna Theory: Analysis and Design Fundamental Parameters of Antennas Arrays: Linear, Planar, and Circular Call us today at +1-972-665-9786. Learn more about this course audience, objectives, outlines, pricing. Visit our website link below. Antenna Engineering Training Boot Camp https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/antenna-engineering/
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Engineering Project Management Training : Tonex Training
Engineering project management training causes you deal with your project and upgrade your project results, and it empowers you to deal with your few different assignments in the meantime. Engineering project management training enables you to perceive the aptitudes you requirement for the project management, including the ones you as of now have and need to enhance and those you have to create. You will figure out how to execute the well ordered procedure to plan, actualize and evaluate each project; make approaches for making other individuals skilled and communicating with them on their advance; and how to explore a project around deficiency of assets, wrong heading, and office techniques. Audience: 3-day course designed for: Project managers Project engineers Facility engineers Operations engineers Team leaders and managers who are involved in planning, managing, or participating in multidisciplinary projects Price: $2,450.00 Length: 3 Days Learn About: Six phases of a project development process Main project management features associated with engineering projects Leadership and management Types of project Contracting Implementation planning HSE management Risk management Work breakdown structure Planning and scheduling Progress evaluation methods Cost evaluation Earned value Change management Appraisals and approvals Training Objectives: Describe all phases of project and implement them skillfully Create scopes of work and implementation plans Apply control methods and earned value analysis Create checklists to guarantee project deliverables for each stage Improve their project management skills Apply proper skills according to each project Lead projects through technical appraisal and maintain management approvals Create sustainable, repeatable knowledge management for projects Identify the minimum crucial components of a Robust Project Plan Accurately analyze and distinguish between Statement of Requirement, Statement of Work and Work Breakdown structures Use proper timeline techniques of Milestone, Gantt, Network (PERT) and Critical Path according to the project Apply various forms of meeting and conflict resolution policies, express an efficient meeting outline and action checklist, and perform a real Design Review Evaluate and manage risks via advanced techniques Course Outline: Overview of Engineering Project Management, Project Management Procedures, Value Management (VM), Project Evaluation and Risk Management, Project Management and Quality, Economics of Project, How to Estimate Costs and more. Engineering project management training https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/engineering-project-management-training/
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SharePoint SharePoint for Project Management Training
SharePoint for Project Management Training explores managers, project managers, and group pioneers through this present reality procedure of applying SharePoint to drive projects. Upgrade productivity and advance the likelihood of progress as you figure out how to develop a modified Project Management Information System (PMIS). Learn About: Key project management techniques by empowering SharePoint as a PMIS Follow a scenario that demonstrates the conditions & processes of an effective SharePoint PMIS Properly describe access permissions for project stakeholders and team members Unify project documents and continue tracking the document history with version control Automate project reporting mechanisms and create on-demand status documents Monitor project schedules, control changes, and manage project risks Incorporate project management tools such as Excel, Microsoft Project, PowerPoint, and Outlook TONEX SharePoint for Project Management Training delivers training in both theoretical and practical aspects. You will get to practice what you learn via several labs, group activities, and hands-on workshops. Call us today at +1-972-665-9786. Learn more about this course audience, objectives, outlines, pricing. Visit our website link below. SharePoint for Project Management Training https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/sharepoint-for-project-management-training/
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Link 16 Training , Courses , Tactical Data Link Training
Link 16 Training by TONEX TONEX is an internationally recognized training company that delivers customized Link 16 training solutions to DoD, NATO and defense contractors. By choosing Tonex for your Link 16 training courses, you can expect that all the information learned in class is accurate, relevant and up to date. Our Link 16 courses are designed by Link 16 experts in the field, and this allows our workshops to excel in certain topics that only professionals in the field would understand. We also continually update our reading materials, teaching techniques and course offerings to reflect the latest trends in technology. Instead of following the trends, we stay ahead of them to be a frontrunner in the industry. Our Link 16 training courses follow a specific format that includes the overview, the body of the class and the conclusion, which wraps up with Tonex and industry certifications. Our Link 16 training courses are flexible enough that they can be modified to fit the needs of your business so that your employees can focus on the core values of your organization. Browse our catalog of workshops or contact a Tonex representative to find the best boot camps to advance your career. Link 16 Training crash course, Bootcamp style starts with an introduction to Tactical Data Links and covers concepts behind Network Centric Operations (NCO), Link 16 planning, network design, network management, operations and maintenance, and troubleshooting are discussed. Who Should Attend Operators, Engineers, Designers, Architect, Software and Hardware Developers, Project Managers, Product Managers, Sales and Support and anyone else who is interested to understand concepts behind Link 16 / JTIDS / MIDS. Learning Objectives Upon completing of this course, the student will: Discuss Tactical Digital Information Link (TADIL) Understand the key concepts behind Link 16 / JTIDS / MIDS List LINK 16/ JTIDS / MIDS Principals and Features Explore Link 16 / JTIDS / MIDS architecture Discuss Link 16 system characteristics Explore network architecture, services, elements, protocols to support services Identify the role of key network nodes, interfaces, protocols, control and related protocols Discuss TDMA and CDMA and access mode Describe Network Participation Groups (NGP) and J-Series Messages Discuss various Link 16 terminals and message packing and pulses Understand similarities and differences between Link 16 Networks and Nets Describe Link 16 Network Access Modes, Network Time, Network Time Reference (NTR) and Terminal Synchronization Understand Link 16 Network Roles, Relays and Pulse Deconfliction Calculate Link 16 capacity and Time Slot Duty Factor (TSDF) Discuss Communications Security and Link 16 Cyber Security Describe Link 16 MSEC/TSEC methods Discuss JTIDS / MIDS Network Planning and Design Discuss JTIDS / MIDS Management, Operation and Troubleshooting and Monitoring Understand the role of Joint Range Extension Applications Protocol (JREAP) Discuss Link 16 Network Enable Weapons Discuss Link 16 troubleshooting techniques and procedures Course Outline Overview of Tactical Digital Information Link (TADIL) What is TADIL? TADIL Capabilities Basic principles and purpose Platforms and Development Joint Tactical Information Distribution System (JTIDS) Surveillance Control Data Link (SCDL) Ground Station Modules (GSMs) Joint Tactical Data Link Management Plan (JTDLMP) Tactical data link for command, control, and intelligence TADIL A/B [Link-11] Link 16 as the prime data link for U.S. and NATO forces TADIL C [Link-4A] Conventional Link Eleven Waveform (CLEW) Single Tone Link Eleven Waveform (SLEW) Link 22 to replace Link 11 and to complement Link 16 Secure digital radio link in HF and UHF band Request more information. Learn more about Overview of TADIL J (Link-16)/JTIDS/MIDS Overview of Link 16 System Architecture, Protocols and Components Purpose of Tactical Digital Information and Link 16 Systems Principles and Features of Link 16 Systems and Terminals LINK 16 Network Management Operational Scenarios LINK-16 Capabilities Joint Range Extension Applications Protocol (JREAP) Satellite TADILS Link 16 Network Enabled Weapon (NEW) Structured Link 16 Troubleshooting Approaches Link 16 Troubleshooting Procedures TONEX Link 16 Verification and Validation (V&V) Plans and Procedures https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/link-16-training/
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Power Grid Systems Operation Training | Tonex.Com
Power Grid Operation training course establishes the essential frameworks of generation plants (or generators), their control, ideas of monetary dispatch, and power stream investigation. This course gives you adequate information about generator elements, and idea of solidness in power framework operation. Audience: All individuals who need to understand how the electricity is generated in power plants and how the stable operation is achieved in power systems. Faculty members from academic institutes who want to teach the power system operation course. Investors and contractors who plan to make investments in this industry. Marketing people who need to know the background of the products they sell. Technicians, operators, and maintenance personnel who are or will be working at power plants or power system generation companies. Managers, accountants, and executives of power system industry. Scientist or non-electrical engineers involved in power system operation related projects or proposals. Learn about: Real-time Grid operation Automatic Generation Control (AGC) The area control error (ACE) Operational mode Constant Net Interchange Error in interchange over the tie lines Constant Frequency Frequency deviation only Tie Line Bias Tie Line Bias plus Automatic Time Error Correction Smart Grid operation Micro Grid operation Power Grid Operation Training Objectives: Understand the generator models and control. Describe the dynamics of generators in power systems. Understand the concept of stability in power systems. Understand the operation of a generator connected to the system. Recognize the voltage/frequency controllers in generators. Discuss different types of loads connected to the power systems. Describe the concept of voltage stability and frequency droop. Model the dynamics of governor and automatic voltage regulator (AVR). Understand the concept of stability and operation in multi-machine power systems. Explain the step-by-step process of power flow analysis. Understand and explain different solutions for power flow equations. Understand the basics of economic dispatch. Training Outline: Power System Background Fundamentals of Electric Power Different Power System Levels Synchronous Machines (Generators) Single Machine Infinite Bus (SMIB) Concept Effect of Loads Generator Control Power Flow Analysis Economic Operation of Power Systems (economic dispatch) Monitoring and Control #PowerGrid Evolution Finally, power system operation training course will briefly introduce the economic dispatch in power system including generator cost functions considering transmission lines and generator limits. Call us today at +1-972-665-9786. Learn more about this course audience, objectives, outlines, seminars, pricing etc. Visit our website link below. Power grid operation training https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/power-grid-operation-training/
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Negotiation Training : Effective Negotiation Skills Workshop
Negotiation Training centers around taking care of the issue and shutting the hole between what the two gatherings need. Regardless of whether it's distributing assets for a venture, financing another activity or setting up an inventory network for another item or administration, or acquirement of new gear, negotiation is definitely at the core of the procedure. Negotiation training, hands-on, with hypothesis, exercise, workshop and contextual analyses and recordings, gives the participants a well ordered manual for effective negotiation. You should recognize the issue, comprehend it from alternate viewpoints, create elective arrangements and select an answer that advantages the two sides. All gatherings require each other to accomplish their objectives. Course outline: Introduction to Negotiation What Is Negotiation? Fundamental Negotiation Concepts and Process Plan and Prepare for a Negotiation Integrative Negotiations & Multi-Issue Negotiations Team Based Negotiations and Preparation Cross Functional Teams “Shadow” Negotiations: power, politics, coalition building, and agency issues Sales Negotiation Planning Tools Exercises, Workshops, case studies and Last Day Project  Practicing Win-Win Sales Negotiations Workshop 1: Profitable Win-Win Negotiation Plan Workshop 2: Thinking Beyond "Win-Win“ Audience:  course designed for: Buyers Account executives Contract negotiators Sales professionals Sales managers and anyone involved in selling and buying negotiation processes and would benefit from this negotiation training. Price: $1,699.00 length: 2 days Learn more. Negotiation Training, Effective Negotiation Skills Workshop https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/negotiation-training/
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Machine Learning Training  From Tonex Training Experts
Machine Learning is a popular field of software engineering that utilizations factual methods to enable PC frameworks to "learn" (i.e., dynamically enhance execution on a particular errand) with information, without being expressly modified. Machine Learning has received much attention of late, and for good reason. With the rise in Big Data, machine learning has become a key technique for solving problems in areas such as: Computational finance : For credit scoring and algorithmic trading Image processing and computer vision : For face recognition, motion detection and object detection Computational biology: For tumor detection, drug discovery and DNA sequencing Energy production: For price and load forecasting Automotive, aerospace and manufacturing : For predictive maintenance Natural language processing: For voice recognition applications Businesses and organizations working with large amounts of data recognize the benefits of Machine Learning technology. By gaining insights from Big Data (often in real time), industries work more efficiently and can gain advantages over their competition. Some of the organizations focusing on Machine Learning include: Financial services Government Health care Marketing and sales Oil and Gas Transportation Some of the topics covered include: The Basics of Machine Learning Machine Learning Techniques, Tools and Algorithms Data and Data Science Review of Terminology and Principles Applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning Popular Machine Learning Methods Introduction to Deep Learning Applying Machine Learning Principles of Neural Networks Learn how Machine Learning can automatically process and analyze huge volumes of complex data. Machine learning powers innovative automated technologies such as recommendation engines, facial recognition, financial losses from stock market and bonds, fraud protection, self-driving autonomous cars, robotics, industrial automation and future applications. Request more information. Call us +1-972-665-9786 Visit our links below #MachineLearning Training https://www.tonex.com/machine-learning-training/
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Systems Thinking Training Course
Systems thinking training course covers the hypothesis, discerning, instruments, and procedures related with systems thinking. Systems thinking enables you to comprehend the relationship and associations between a framework's parts, rather than taking a gander at the individual segments one by one. Why Do You Need #SystemsThinking Training? Plot your company’s business system Identify the complicated root causes of business difficulties Spot the problems that cannot be solved by only process and technology changes Analyze the effect of recommended improvement solutions Derive more efficient organizational progresses Realize the “hidden” causes of organizational resistance to change Deliver better direction and metrics for process redesign creativities What Will You Learn? Below are the major topics are covered in this training: Overview Systems Methods and Techniques Application of Systems Methods Creativity and Systems Hard Systems Thinking System Dynamics: The Fifth Discipline Complexity Theory Strategic Assumption Surfacing and Testing Interactive Planning Soft Systems Methodology Critical Systems Heuristic Team Syntegrity Postmodern Systems Thinking Total Systems Intervention Critical Systems Practice Hands-On Activities TONEX Systems Thinking Training Sample Workshop Training Objectives: Upon the completion of systems thinking training, the attendees are able to: Determine repeating patterns, or models, in systems — according to the behavior of the system over time Plot the components in a system and the streams between those components Determine causes and effects within a system Involve stakeholders in cooperative action to impact the results of a system Explain systems thinking Improve their comprehending of complicated and changing organizational problems Derive their abilities to model and examine business postulations, problems and decisions Plot the cause-and-effect relationship of issues and decisions associated with them Comprehend the principles of systems thinking and how it can be used to generate a new system through the suitable combination of people, process and tools Think about problems and chances in a new and exciting way Apply a number of systems tools and approaches to assess complicated situations and to address problems and opportunities Learn more about course outline, Hands-On Activities, #TONEX Systems Thinking Training Sample #Workshop. Systems Thinking Training Course https://www.tonex.com/systems-thinking-training-course/
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Electricity Distribution Network Design Training & Courses
Electricity Distribution Network Design covers general parts of transmission and age the arranging and design of present day distribution frameworks. PC based arranging and unwavering quality is likewise vital piece of present day arranging. Electricity Distribution Network Design Training Course is totally committed to the arranging and design of current distribution frameworks including PC based arranging and unwavering quality. Different points secured are Design, development guidelines, ramifications of worldwide models, network data frameworks, rectify/safe work practices and change of distribution frameworks for senior distribution engineers. Electricity Distribution Network Design Training Topics Include: Theory and Practical Introduction to Electrical Power Systems General Principles of Planning Distribution System Planning & Design for Engineers and Technicians Distribution Network Planning and Design Introduction to Methodologies and Strategies of Power System Distribution Systems Basic Concepts of Power Distribution Network Design for Transmission Systems Introduction to Distribution Systems and Power Circuit Analysis Introduction to Distribution Transformers, Grounding and Protection Concepts behind single-phase /, and -phase systems that include / delta, / open delta, Y/, and Y & more Objectives : Understand basics concepts of electrical power system distribution planning and design Understand Power Distribution System Economics Understand General Principles of Planning List Distribution System Planning & Design for Engineers and Technicians Identify Distribution Network Planning and Design Process Steps Comprehend Methodologies and Strategies of Power System Distribution Systems Understand Distribution Transformers, Grounding and Protection List Basic Concepts of Distribution Surge Protection List Basic Concepts of Switching Rates List Basic Concepts of System Losses List Basic Concepts of Distribution Planning and Reliability Assessment Comprehend Advanced Concepts of Planning, Design, Engineering, Calculating, Evaluating and Optimizing Network Plans Course Outline: Power Systems General Background Electricity Distribution Network Design Considerations What is a Distribution Network? Structure and Characteristics of Distribution Network Electricity Distribution Network Design and Planning Call us today at +1-972-665-9786. Learn more about course audience, objectives, outlines, pricing. Visit our website links below. Electricity Distribution Network Design Training & Courses https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/electricity-distribution-network-design/
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Renewable Energy Training Program and Certificate 2018
Renewable Energy Certificate, a 4-day Renewable Energy Training Program, provides a specialized education in renewable energy system planning, analysis, modeling, design, control, management and operation. Industry experts and TONEX faculty will help participants learn renewable energy fundamental concepts and principles, design and implementation, and operations and maintenance working with real-world challenges. #Who Should Attend: Those with a broad interest in developing renewable energy technologies and wish to gain the fundamental understanding of the technologies available. This includes energy and facility managers, engineers, program and project managers, financial, consultants, local government planners and those working in an entirely different sector considering a change in career path. #Learning Objectives: Upon completion of the offshore wind farm training course, the attendees will: 1.Learn About the History and Background of Renewable Energy 2.Describe Renewable Industry Markets 3.Describe Impact of Renewables in Electric Utilities 4.Learn the Fundamentals of Global Renewable Energy Business, Market, Operation and Technology 5.List Different Types of Renewable Energy, Microgrid, And Energy Storage 6.Describe Solar, Wind and Hybrid Resources for Renewable Energies 7.Learn About Solar Cells and Photovoltaic Solar Energy 8.Compare Wind Turbines in Onshore and Offshore Wind Farms 9.Describe the Operation of Offshore Wind Farms 10.Understand the Different Types of Transmission Systems for Renewable Energy The class consists of pedagogical elements that are interwoven to maximize the use of individual, group and class time. These elements are lectures, in-class activities, teamwork, group assignments and mock assessments to demonstrate your knowledge in renewables. Learn more about this Renewable Energy Training Program and Certification on Tonex.com https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/renewable-energy-certificate-renewable-energy-training-program/
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Two pieces casual women maxi dresses
Two Pieces Casual Women Maxi Dresses Short Sleeve Top Long Pattern Floral Dress Plus Size Vestidos. #Product Description 1.Gender: Women 2.Silhouette: Straight 3.Sleeve Length(cm): Short 4.Style: Casual 5.Model Number: RQM405-0 6.Waistline: Empire 7.Material: Polyester, Spandex 8.Sleeve Style: Regular 9.Season: Autumn 10.Dresses Length: Floor-Length 11.Decoration: None 12.Neckline: O-Neck 13.Pattern Type: Print 14.Brand Name: JRRY #Size : S M L XL XXL XXXL 4XL 5XL 6XL #Color: Blue, Green, Army Green, Purple, Lavender, Red, Multi, Burgundy #Feature: New Two Pieces Casual Women Maxi Dresses #Weight: 0.48KG #Color Style: Natural Color Buy Two Pieces Casual Women Maxi Dresses Short Sleeve Top Long Pattern Floral Dress Plus Size Vestidos for $41.54 only. Buy this dress on SNB store https://www.thesnbshop.com/product/two-pieces-casual-women-maxi-dresses-short-sleeve-black-top-long-pattern-floral-dress-plus-size-6xl-vestidos/
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Systems Engineering Project Management Training
The Systems Engineering Project Management Training course is intended for project specialists and systems engineers keen on taking in the essentials of systems engineering and project management. Systems Engineering and Project Management Training course assesses choices for crossing over the holes between Program/Project Management and Systems Engineering practices and structures. This two-day Systems Engineering and Project Management Training course is expected to upgrade learning and abilities in applying PM and SE forms, strategies, structures and practices over the project life cycle. The course centers around characterizing, arranging and actualizing framework projects and gives understanding to driving and overseeing project and specialized groups. TONEX’s Project Management and Systems Engineering Competency Framework is introduced including: Project Conceptualization Resource Management Project Implementation Project Closeout Program Control and Evaluation System Analysis and Design System/Product Realization Technical Management Strategies Technical Management Processes Technical Processes for designing systems Technical Processes for product realization. Training objectives: Describe guidance on project management and systems engineering processes and techniques Differentiate between technology and management aspects of systems engineering Explain the impact of project management and systems engineering challenges and decisions Apply systems engineering processes and system thinking concepts to specific system problems Evaluate the similarities, relationships, differences and interfaces between system and project elements Apply Lean & Agile Systems Engineering Apply leadership principles to project management and systems engineering tasks Differentiate approaches to PM and SE based on project scope Organize, plan, execute and adapt an integrated project plan, systems engineering management plan (SEMP) and other tools to balance cost, schedule, performance and risk across the lifecycle Manage the integration project management and systems engineering Direct the identification of system functional boundaries Manage Competencies, Innovation and Technical Areas Acquisition Strategies and Management Communication and Decision Making Learn more about course outline, pricing, etc. Systems Engineering Project Management Training https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/systems-engineering-project-management-training/
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Power System Engineering Training
The Power System Engineering training course will help you to understand the basic concepts of power system engineering and how to start a successful career in power engineering. Furthermore, you will learn the fundamentals of electrical systems, transient and steady state analysis, main components of power systems, electrical machines, high voltage direct current system, active/reactive power control in power systems and power system operation. Who should attend the TONEX’s Power Systems Engineering training and seminars? Power System Engineers Electric Power Utility Engineers Technicians Test Engineers Protection and Control Engineers Engineers Seeking PDH Learn about: Power system planning and advanced applications Power systems design Power engineering System safety engineering Power Markets, Energy Economics and Strategic Planning Emerging Generation Technologies Dynamic/static loads Synchronous/induction motors Synchronous/induction generators Solar generation Wind generation Energy storage units Power factor concept High voltage direct current system (HVDC) Multi-terminal HVDC system Converter circuits Concept of harmonics and filters Active power and frequency control Primary droop control Reactive power and voltage control Static VAR compensation Synchronous condensers Synchronous Machine Fundamentals Power System Dynamics Distribution Systems Planning and Engineering Substation/Distribution Automation Smart Grid Fundamentals of Renewable Energy Systems Distributed Energy Resources, Microgrids Grid Resiliency, Energy Storage and Electric Vehicles Training Outline: Why Power System Engineering? Basic Power Systems Engineering Principals Generation, Transmission and Distribution System Planning Fundamentals of Electric Circuits Transient and Steady State Analysis Power System Components Electrical Machines High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Transmission Control of Active and Reactive Power Power System Operation Power System Engineering Applied Call us today at +1-972-665-9786. Learn more about this course audience, objectives, outlines, seminars, pricing etc. Visit our website link below. Power system engineering training https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/power-system-engineering-training/
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ICS (Industrial Control System) Cybersecurity Training
ICS Cybersecurity training is intended for security professionals and control system designs in order to give them propelled cybersecurity aptitudes and learning in order to ensure the Industrial Control System (ICS) and keep their mechanical task condition secure against digital dangers. Audience: Control engineers, integrators and architects System administrators, engineers Information Technology (IT) professionals Security Consultants Managers who are responsible for ICS Researchers and analysts working on ICS security Vendors, Executives and managers Information technology professionals, security engineers, security analysts, policy analysts Investors and contractors Technicians, operators, and maintenance personnel Price: $3,999.00 Length: 4 Days Training Objectives: Understand fundamentals of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Recognize the security architecture for ICS Identify different kinds of vulnerabilities in ICS network, remote devices, software, or control servers Learn about active defense and incident response for ICS Learn the essentials for NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Understand policies and procedures for NERC critical infrastructure protection (CIP) List strategies for NERC CIP version 5/6 Apply risk management techniques to ICS Describe ICS Active Defense and Incident Response Describe techniques for defending against the new ICS threat matrix Assess and audit risks for ICS Apply IEC standard to network and system security of ICS Implement the ICS security program step by step Protect the ICS network from vulnerabilities Understand different types of servers in ICS and protect them against attacks Apply security standards to SCADA systems based on NIST SP 800-82 Detect different types of attacks to SCADA systems Tackle all the security challenges related to ICS cybersecurity Training Outline: ICS Cybersecurity training course consists of the following lessons, which can be revised and tailored to the client’s need: Fundamentals of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) ICS Security Architecture Common ICS Vulnerabilities ICS Threat Intelligence NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Risk Management and Risk Assessment ICS Auditing and Assessment IEC 62443: Network and System Security for ICS Implementation of ICS Security Program Development ICS Incident Response Network Protection for ICS ICS Server Protection SCADA Security Policies and Standards Detection of Cyber Attacks on SCADA Systems Our instructors at Tonex will assist you with mastering every one of the ICS Cybersecurity plan strategies by presenting the hazard administration framework, chance evaluation methods, episode reaction, constant monitoring, SCADA security change, and network security approaches for ICS. ICS Cyber security Training https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/ics-cybersecurity-training/
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MIL 1553 Training, MIL STD 1553 Training
MIL-1553 Training Course Description, Why choose TONEX for your MIL-1553 (MIL-STD-1553) Training? MIL-1553 training course by TONEX covers key MIL-STD-1553 principles, features, protocol architecture, functional characteristics, technical components, design, operations, products, testing, cyber security and trends. Learn about MIL-STD-1553, the high reliable and high available communications standard used by NASA, DoD including: Air Force, Navy, Army, and Marine. Learn about : Understand how MIL-STD-1553 bus works and its applications in military avionics Physical properties of the MIL-STD-1553 bus MIL-STD-1553 mechanical, electrical, and functional characteristics as a serial data bus Keys design process steps of a MIL-STD-1553 system MIL-STD-1553 protocols and data architecture MIL-STD-1553 system overview and overview of architectural components such as: Bus Controller (BC), Remote Terminal (RT) and Bus Monitor (BM) MIL-STD-1553 development toolkit MIL-STD-1553 implementation, testing, verification and validation MIL-STD-1553 cyber security Learning Objectives: Understand MIL-STD-1553 protocol, architecture and functional characteristics Explain the architecture of MIL-STD-1553 Sketch the logical and physical architecture of MIL-STD-1553 Describe MIL-STD-1553 mechanical, electrical and functional characteristics Explain technical components, design, operations and, testing aspects of MIL-STD-1553 Explore Describe the key cyber security concepts in MIl-STD-1553 List the requirements and capabilities of MIL-STD-1553 security Explore vulnerabilities and weaknesses of MIL-STD-1553 applied to aircrafts and weapons Audience: Managers, applications developers, integrators, sales and marketing professionals involved in managing, marketing, selling, developing, testing or integrating MIL-STD-1553 applications and systems. Course Content: Introduction to MIL-STD-1553 MIL-STD-1553 Data bus Overview MIL-STD-1553 Hardware Platforms MIL-STD-1553 Protocol Connecting the Bus MIL-STD-1553 System and Software Design MIL-STD-1553 Testing Procedures MIL-STD-1553 Data bus Specification Interpretation Introduction to MIL-STD-1773 MIL-STD-1553 Security MIL-STD-1553 Advanced Network System Security (Updated) MIL-STD-1553, MIL-STD-1553, or AS15531 is a military standard, Digital Time Division Command/Response Multiplex Data Bus, published by DoD that defines the mechanical, electrical and functional characteristics of a serial data bus. Call us today at +1-972-665-9786. Learn more about course audience, objectives, outlines, pricing. Visit our website links below. MIL-1553 Training and MIL-STD-1553 Training https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/mil-1553-training/
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Look Ahead Schedule Training : Tonex Training
Look ahead schedule training encourages you how to effectively design your task 2,4, or a month and a half ahead. A look ahead is a point of view of your present task yet looking ahead for 2,4 or a month and a half so you channel information date + 2 weeks for a 2 weeks look ahead, or apply your advance concentration and set up it to the weeks you need and you will just spotlight on the work that must be improved the situation the following 2 or 4 or a month and a half. Audience: Look ahead schedule training is a 2-day course designed for: Project managers Project engineers Facilitators Managers and team leaders Supervisors Quality managers All professionals who are involved in conducting projects for which they need to plan the project schedule. Training Objectives: Upon the completion of look ahead scheduling training, the attendees are able to: Understand the meaning of look ahead planning Understand the essential factors to a successful schedule Apply proper methods and tools to create effective schedule 2,4, or 6 weeks ahead Evaluate a schedule as the program manager Comprehend adequate of the dynamics of scheduling to communicate knowledgably to other members of the team Determine, allocate, and tabulate resource requirements Anticipate costs and work time via specific levels and estimate types Plan for possibilities and foresee variations Forecast future project performance based on historical data Oversee changes and close out projects on time Course Outline: Overview of Look Ahead Schedule Schedule Planning Creating A Look Ahead Schedule How to Evaluate the Look Ahead Scheduling? Scheduling The Baseline How to Input A Schedule Into Microsoft Project Project Planning: Breakdown Structuring Look Ahead Scheduling Principles and Systems TONEX Case Study Sample: A Comparison between Conventional and Modern Construction Look Ahead Planning TONEX Case Study Sample: A Comparison between Conventional and Modern Construction Look Ahead Planning Traditional planning Problems with traditional planning Integrated scheduler system Integrated data for look-ahead schedules activities Call us today:+1-972-665-9786 Visit our website and learn more. Look Ahead Schedule Training https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/look-ahead-schedule-training/
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Tonex Technology and Management Training Courses and Seminars
Since 1993, Tonex has specialized in providing industry-leading training, courses, seminars, workshops, and consulting services across a wide range of topics to Fortune 500 companies, government organizations, universities and privately owned businesses from around the world. Learn more about Enterprise Architecture Training, Cybersecurity Training, DoDAF Training, Systems Engineering Training and more Visit Tonex https://www.tonex.com/
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6 weeks business mentorship course by Karen Donaldson
Easily Locate and Book Gigs That Pay… Leverage Free Speaking Gigs in to Profitable Pay Days… Create consistent 4-5 Figure Months with your Speaking Business… With International Self Leadership & Confidence Coach, Communication Coach and Speaker Karen Donaldson Speaking is more than just a way for you to connect with people, share your ideas, and build your business. Speaking is a way to double, even triple your income. No More Speaking For Free With No Return – It’s Time To Share Your Message, Impact More People and Get Paid Your Worth! Welcome to … SPEAK & GET BOOKED MORE GIGS, MORE CLIENTS, MORE REVENUE 6 Week COURSE HOW TO LEVERAGE FREE SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS INTO 4-5 FIGURE PAYDAYS & LOCATE AN ENDLESS FLOW OF PAID SPEAKING GIGS SPECIFIC TO YOUR INDUSTRY. Live Course Begins November 2, 2016
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Vee Boi Baby Stylish HipHop Artist
Emanating from the USA is Vee Boi Baby, a diversely passionate artist and song writer. Over the years, his musical style has progressed and shaped his new sensual sound. In less than five years from 2011 to 2015 Vee Boi Baby has racked up a series of nominations for his music. Guided by his influences, Michael Jackson, Howling Wolf, MC Hammer, Stevie Ray Vaughan, R. Kelly, Fred Astaire, 2Pac and Gary Clark Jr, Vee Boi Baby’s journey into the music world took shape. The luster of his new sound encrusts the very essence of his charisma and passion for music. Defined by his new lustful and sultry compelling sound Vee Boi Baby is bound to mesmerize audiences everywhere. Visit Vee Boi Baby http://www.nugalaxymusic.com/artists/ Join on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/nugalaxymusic/ Vee boi baby youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWII01CKw2dcez1nTYsb8AA Visit on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/vee-boi-baby/511089121 Play on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/1LxJBr82IiEvjGhkI4BDHZ
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Project Time and Cost Management Training
Project Time and Cost Management Training for Scientists and Engineers provides a detailed introduction to project time and cost management designed for scientists and engineers. Learn about tools and techniques for project time and cost estimations, estimating activity duration, dependencies between activities and resources. Audience: Course designed for - Managers and team members Team leaders New project managers Business users involved in IT projects. Anyone interested in learning the basics of project management, can also benefit from this course. Price: $2,999.00 Length: 4 Days Learning Objectives: Essential concepts, techniques and methodologies for practical project time and cost management for scientists and engineers Skills necessary to effectively manage the schedule and budget of any complex project Project schedule and budget status reporting Recovery techniques to get projects back on track Tools and methods to effectively define and estimate activities, sequence activities Tools and methods for schedule controls and costs Effective budget for project costs and control Procedures, methods and tools to define the critical path to enable you to develop a realistic project plan, schedule, time and cost management Skills required to effectively manage the schedule and budget of a project Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to achieve success in any project. with triple constraints: resources, schedule and budget of a project Necessary tools to successfully lead a team in the environment of constrained resources and constant pressure Tools to create and develop a robust project budget by rolling up costs Course Agenda: Projects and Project Management Project Life Cycle and Organization Project Time and Cost Management Planning and Definitions Project Time and Cost Management Tools and Techniques Product Breakdown Structures (PBS) and Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) Workshops and Case Studies Methods of Learning Call us today at +1-972-665-9786. Learn more about this course audience, objectives, outlines, pricing. Visit our website link below. Project Time and Cost Management Training https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/project-time-cost-management-training-scientists-engineers/
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Strategic Leadership Training
The #strategicleadership training course covers the basics, principals, and abilities important for key and senior administration parts. While setting real methodologies for an association would advance with time and continually change in light of various occasions, characterizing the gauge, even in a wide and general framework, can roll out a huge improvement in the result activities of the association. Through the strategic #leadership training course, you will figure out how to drive through the usage of systems as opposed to giving others a chance to take control of your choices. As a strategic pioneer, you are capable to utilize every one of the assets of your association at its best method to deliver the most outcomes. Audience: Course designed for : Senior and principal managers Middle managers who are on the track to senior Positions Executives Directors and decision makers Both public and private sectors can benefit from this training course Price: $1,699.00 Length: 2 Days Trainees will also learn: The main challenges outside the organization that could affect the performance of the organization How to deal with these challenges? What are the key strategies and tactics you need to use to accomplish the best results? Emotional intelligence in leadership Different dynamic approach by using creative and innovative methods Persuasion and influencing skills and tactics to achieve your goals The goal of the strategic leadership training course is to teach you the core components of leadership, vision, purpose, strategy, and values. Over the strategic leadership training course, we will help you discover and develop specific skills and strategies suitable and necessary for your own organization. Training objectives: Understand the theory and practice of leading a workplace Build strong partnerships and external/internal networks to foster a sustainable relationship with other organizations and companies Influence others to yield better results and achieve business goals Develop strategic thinking and planning skills to lead creativity and positive change Develop research skills to always stay updated and informed about what is related to the business Develop greater and broader awareness and competencies Develop better skills of monitoring, supporting, and performance Establish norms and regulations Use the resources in the most effective way Take more reasonable risks Share knowledge Learn more about course outline, pricing etc. Call us today: +1-972-665-9786 Strategic Leadership Training https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/strategic-leadership-training/
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MoreScroll - Shop for fashion, beauty and home accessories
MoreScroll is an online shop for fashion and beauty items, accessories for men and women, home accessories and more. Quality products and faster shipping. Browse fashion/beauty, for men, for women, eyewear accessories , home accessories and more collections. Visit MoreScroll Shop https://www.morescroll.com/
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Cyber Security Training , Courses, Seminar 2018 - Tonex Exclusive
Cyber Security Training by Tonex. Are you safe online ? Is your organization database safe from hackers ? Don't you think your employees require cyber security training ? Tonex.com has solution for you. Cybersecurity training, IT Security Management Training, and Network Security Courses Seminars, In order for employees to stay current in their field of expertise, business and government organizations arrange for Cyber Security training and seminars, educational courses and training sessions that pertain to their specific niche in the industry. Tonex provides these types of specialized seminars, including telecom technology training courses for those in the telecommunications field. Our Cyber security training courses and seminars are continuously updated so that they reflect the latest industry trends, and they are also created by specialists in the industry who are familiar with the market climate. TONEX offers a variety of technical courses, seminars, workshops and hands on for employees in order to tackle the challenges in their field of expertise, improve their organizations and promote themselves in their careers. Our course developers are actively rearranging and updating the course material based on advancement in technology, latest industry trends and customer demand. We provide specialized seminars in cybersecurity for professionals in cybersecurity area. Our professional instructors from industry and academia are familiar with the market climate and will teach you from the basics to advanced material in a short schedule. A key component of our successful training is to involve students in the topic by bringing hands on experiences, class discussions and homework assignment during the lectures. Learn more about this course. Join this cyber security courses https://www.tonex.com/cybersecurity-training/
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Engineering Creativity Workshop
Engineering creativity workshop causes you investigate different components that improve and anticipate creativity in individuals, groups, and associations, in the field of engineering. We will focus on a different variable related with creativity, including confining issues, testing suppositions, and inventive groups. TONEX Engineering Creativity Workshop Format Engineering creativity workshop is greatly experiential, which needs each participant to contribute in the activities and workshops actively. The workshop is consisted of lectures, group activities, case studies, and hands-on seminars. To nurture collaboration between the participants, we will craft small groups for each activity. Each activity will be done with a different group, so participants get a chance to collaborate with a vast range of individuals. Audience Engineering creativity workshop is a 3-day course designed for: Junior and senior engineers Project engineers Project managers Senior executives All professionals who are involved with engineering projects that require creativity skills Training Objectives Upon the completion of engineering creativity workshop, the attendees are able to: Comprehend the value of creative thinking inside the structure of engineering fields Comprehend the value of culture and team dynamics in creative problem solving Apply requirements to define the real problem Identify mental blocks and eliminate them by ‘blockbusting’ approaches Value a range of creative processes for determining solutions to the real problem Comprehend the process of executing a solution effectively Analyze a solution against the criteria of effectiveness, safety and ethics Course Outline: Overview of Engineering Creativity Theories of Creative Processes Creativity and Engineering Design The Concept of Creativity and Innovation In Engineering Engineering Creativity in the Economy Engineering Design of Creativity Creativity Methods Creative Design Requirements Creative Design SIT Method The Creativity Components Creativity and Organizations TONEX Case-Study Sample: Creativity in Construction Engineering Design https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/engineering-creativity-workshop/
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Enterprise Architecture (EA) Training | Tonex.Com
Enterprise Architecture training guides you with the development of architecture development reference architecture and needed architectural information that can be provided in advance to an enterprise to enable consistent architectural best practices. What is TONEX Enterprise Architecture Training Boot Camp? TONEX Enterprise Architecture Training is an intensive learning experiences that cover the essential elements of Enterprise Architecture. Enterprise Architecture Training boot camp includes: Experienced instructors including senior business and technology leaders, current Enterprise Architect, and CTOs. Real life Enterprise Architecture initiatives, examples and practices. Small class size. Personalized instructor mentoring. Pre-training discussions Ongoing post-training support via e-mail, phone and WebEx Enterprise Architecture Training Objectives: Understand the basic concepts of Enterprise Architecture (EA) Identify the added value of EA Explore why and how to build an EA Understand challenges of implementing EA, including the technical and organizational issues Identify the elements of an EA implementation plan Articulate strategy is gradually implemented architecturally in systems, vendor selection strategies, processes and in organization structures supporting the systems List Architectural processes, Architecting governance and Architectural patterns Traits and auxiliary competencies needed by architects particular technologies and their use Develop an EA working plan Determine specific architectures necessary for your organization Identify the steps to improve enterprise architecture practices Develop a good understanding of Architecture, Architect ring and Enterprise Architecture in terms of definition, challenges and competitive benefits More effectively understand the need for Enterprise Architecture cross-functional activities More effectively realize the value of TOGAF, 4+1, TM Forum in developing specific strategies and measuring their impact and more. Course Agenda: Introduction to Architecture and Architects What is Enterprise Architecture (EA)? Concepts behind Enterprise Architecture (EA) Basic Architecture Information Architecture Integration Architecture Current State and Future Directions of the IT Industry EA Components EA Implementation Plan Examples A Comparison of the Top Enterprise-Architecture Methodologies 4+1 View Model Case Studies, #TONEX #EnterpriseArchitecture (EA) Exercises and EA (Enterprise Architecture) Boot Camp Workshops available for this training. Call us today at +1-972-665-9786. Learn more about this course audience, objectives, outlines, seminars, pricing , any other information. Visit our website link below. Enterprise Architecture Training https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/enterprise-architecture-training/
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Introduction to SoS Operational Test and DoDAF | Tonex.Com
Introduction to #SoSOperational Test and DoDAF training covers Operational Test (OT) and Evaluation processes applied to System of systems engineering and integration using #DoDAF viewpoints. Call us today at +1-972-665-9786. Learn more about this course audience, objectives, outlines, seminars, pricing , any other information. Visit our website link below. Introduction to SoS Operational Test and DoDAF https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/introduction-sos-operational-test-dodaf/
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RF Radio Frequency Theory Technical Training | Tonex.Com
RF Theory Technical Training focuses a wide range of #radiofrequency and microwave topics including RF physical phenomena, EM, transmission lines, passive and active circuits, antennas, RF wave propagation, modulation and coding, and RF performance. Learn about: RF theory Modulation and coding Antenna theory RF components RF transmitters and receivers RF analytical tools RF impairments and RF performance parameters RF system calculations and link budget RF component design Transmission lines Mismatches and reflection Impedance matching and the Smith Chart S-parameters Call #Tonex today at +1-972-665-9786. Learn more about this course audience, objectives, outlines, seminars, pricing , any other information. Visit our website link below. #RF theory technical training https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/rf-theory-technical-training/ Made with #Clipchamp
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The Internet of Things Training IoT Training
The Internet of Things Training Course, IoT Training covers What the IoT is about, innovation patterns, organizations and joining. Figure out how to function with Building Connected Devices. IoT Training Course participants will find out about the elements of the IoT markets, innovation, patterns, arranging, outline and the meeting of stages and administrations, with an exceptional spotlight on the item plan, design and execution. This is a central IoT course covering the innovations behind the Internet of Things and associated gadgets. IoT Training By Tonex: Tonex covers all the IoT bases with several different courses including the 2-day Internet of Things Training course that covers a wide variety of topics such as: Concepts and definitions of the Internet of Things Applications IoT standards Requirements IoT enabling technologies IoT architecture Security Cloud computing and the Internet of Things IoT platforms Course Content : What is the Internet of Things (IoT)? Overview of IoT Connectivity Methods and Technologies Evaluation of IoT It is predicted that 50 to 100 billion things will be electronically connected by the year 2020. This Internet of Things (IoT) will fuel technology innovation by creating the means for machines to communicate many different types of information with one another. With all objects in the world connected, lives will be transformed. But the success of IoT depends strongly on standardization, which provides interoperability, compatibility, reliability, and effective operations on a global scale. Recognizing the value of IoT to industry and the benefits this technology innovation brings to the public, the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) has a number of standards, projects and events that are directly related to creating the environment needed for a vibrant IoT. Why Choose Tonex? Presenting highly customized learning solutions is what we do. For over 30 years Tonex has worked with organizations in improving their understanding and capabilities in topics often with new development, design, optimization, regulations and compliances that, frankly, can be difficult to comprehend. Ratings tabulated from student feedback post-course evaluations show an amazing 98 percent satisfaction score. Reasonably priced classes taught by the best trainers is the reason all kinds of organizations from Fortune 500 companies to government’s most important agencies return for updates in courses and hands-on workshops For more information, questions, comments, Contact us. Internet of Things ( IoT ) Training https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/the_internet_of_things_training/
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Antenna Engineering Training , Theory, Analysis and Design | Tonex.Com
Antenna Training Course by TONEX covers all aspects of Engineering, Theory, Analysis and Design covers all the necessary topics related to antenna theory and antenna array theory. Learn about a wide variety of antenna concepts and propagation topics. Antenna Training Course is both a theory course and a hands-on course where all the attendees will make their own antennas (TONEX will provide all the material and equipments for testing). Attendees will learn about the basic RF and antenna theory, propagation, antenna design technical considerations, antenna types and RF safety fundamentals. In Antenna Training Course, the students will learn how to apply the leaned topics in practice. Antenna Training Course discusses electromagnetic radiation and antenna characteristics such as impedance, VSWR, radiation pattern, polarization, gain, and efficiency. Call us today at +1-972-665-9786. Learn more about this course audience, objectives, outlines, pricing. Visit our website link below. https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/antenna-training-engineering/
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Executive Development Training Bootcamp
Executive Development Training Bootcamp causes you turn into a compelling reasonable level executive pioneer in your company. #ExecutiveDevelopment Training Bootcamp furnishes you with all the information, techniques, procedures, and abilities you have to learn and create keeping in mind the end goal to flourish in the consistently changing all inclusive universe of business. Executive Development Training Bootcamp conveys high-potential executive pioneers the hypothetical structures to set up rules, settle on powerful choices, and lead effectively as an exceptional general senior pioneer. You will get a solid cognizance of critical units and how they impart inside an association, building basic abilities required to lead multidisciplinary groups. Which Industries Can Benefit From This Bootcamp? This bootcamp is provides a general training for senior leaders an executive in various industries, including but not limited to manufacturing, services, finance, transportation, healthcare, not-for-profit, and government. Bootcamp Format : This training course is designed to have two modules. During the first part, the theoretical material is delivered through interactive presentations and lectures. Then, in the second module, participants will get to practice what they learned through practical exercise, group activities, and hands-on workshops. The case studies and projects are chosen among the real-world scenarios. Audience: Executive Development Training Bootcamp is a 4-day course designed for: Executives, Leaders, Strategic leaders, Senior managers, Board directors, Mid-level managers, Business owners who are involved in designing the strategic outlines and making the critical decisions Training Objectives: Upon the completion of executive development training bootcamp, the attendees are able to: Comprehend the mentality of ruling and the decision-making procedure, structures that promote wise, successful decision-making, and methods and approaches to impact and lead the people involved in the process of decision-making in the corporation. Create approaches to communicate with personnel so well that gain a deep comprehension of the affiliations between individuals behavior and their organizational performances, along with an knowledge of the influence their manner have on others. Understand how to evaluate and make sense of financial data Discuss the correlation between finance and corporation approaches to integrate financial information in the process of decision-making Learn more about objectives, course outline, pricing etc. Executive Development Training Bootcamp https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/executive-development-training-bootcamp/
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Patent Law for Engineers
#Patentlaw for #engineers training covers what you have to think about protected innovation law in the field of building. All engineers ought to know about patent law, the unavoidably based main that alludes to the procedure by means of which an innovation is shielded by the law from rupture and uncalled for rivalry. Patent law for engineers training will cover patent applications, research, and indictment, alongside the law of break and PC programming and equipment applications, secured by copyright and equipment separately. You will likewise find out about different parts of patents and the thoughts patented, and also gadgets, forms, blends, generation, materials, and techniques for performing business and research. We will furnish you with utility, outline, and plant patents also. Learn About: Patent law Inventorship fundamentals Invention documentation Types of patents Patent searching Patentability requirements US patent application filing procedures Patent application How to read a patent Patent application preparation Patent prosecution Audience : Who should attend all engineers, scientists, and managers who Already have or are planning to present any forms of invention or idea that required copyright or patent attainment. Price: $1,699.00 Length: 2 Days Patent Law for Engineers Training by #Tonex https://www.tonex.com/training-courses/patent-law-for-engineers-training/
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