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Prayers Against (Or Stop) Eating in the Dream
Eating in the dream has many evil consequences and should not be ignored like most people do. It's a powerful tool or vehicle for reinforcing evil covenant, demonic bewitchment, hindrance of blessings and blockage of favor. It can weaken your prayer life, implant tumors and create sickness and disease among many other vices by evil caterers. The issue calls for prophetic deliverance to disconnect you from these intrusive demons. Call 7028841334 for deliverance or email [email protected]
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The Mystery and Power of (3 Days) Esther Fast
The 3 days dry or distilled water fast is also called the Esther fast. This is because Queen Esther and Mordecai used it to secure God's intervention, divine favor, stopped the enemy onslaught, got victory of turn around as the battle turned against the enemy of God's people. Three days straight fasting (with prayer watch) activates the mystery of righteousness and deactivates the mystery of iniquity. Mystery of righteousness is powerful divine covenant that powers blessings, breakthroughs, angelic speed, grace, favors, open heaven and open doors. At the same time it deactivate wicked demonic covenants that power curses, delay, blocks, disgrace, hindrances, and impediments to success or blessings of Calvary.
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12 Ways Demons Monitor their Witchcraft Victims
The dark kingdom work with information and monitors devices by demons or human agents. Evil spirits use different ways and means to steal, kill and destroy life and destinies of human targets. They stop, divert, delay, distort, bury, block or destroy blessings of Calvary in 12 methods:1. Remote-control or manipulation of caged human spirits. 2. Through spirit of pursuit (stubborn pursuers). 3. Evil companions. 4. Astral projected evil visitors. 5. Dream pollutants, gadgets, implants, and injections. 6. Evil satellites, cameras, scopes, phones and coders. 7. Marks and evil foreboding. 8. Spiritual identity theft of your image to manipulate life. 9. Magic mirrors, monitors in the evil altars or shrines. i10. As reptiles, scorpions, spiders, millipedes. 11. Monitor as beasts: cats, dogs, evil birds, owl etc.
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Say Your Prayers Before You Go To Bed
You need to offer prayers before you retire to sleep after the day's activities. This is brief prayer you can adopt and adapt before sleeping. You can pray it over yourself and modified for your family as well. This prayer is a way of handing your sleep and dreams to the able hand of the Holy Spirit and holy angels in your subconscious moments.
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"Those Who Don't Dream or Recall Their Dreams?"
Every human being is designed by God to dream regardless of background, race, gender, status, age or religious affiliation. The ability to dream is integrated in human physiology and the sleep process. Therefore not dreaming or recalling your dream is not good. And if it's not good; it's not God. It's the work of strange altars with witchcraft manipulations of spiritual eyes and dream memory of victims. Dreams can come from three sources: the human spirit, Holy Spirit, and evil spirits. Blanking and mind control demons manipulate dreams to truncate destinies of sleeping, vulnerable and unsuspecting people. We pray against these familiar spirits by the word, holy fire and the blood of Jesus. Model and pray this anointed prayer for yourself. Keep a dream journal to symbolize your readiness of faith and prophetic action to receive dreams from the Lord.
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Evil Padlock and Deliverance Prayers
Isaiah 22: 22 is the key Scripture alerting us that key and padlock can be help or hurt us. Evil padlock is exploited by evil spirits, occultists, spiritualists and altars to hurt others or even the prayerless, ignorant believer. The enemy through witchcraft has used evil padlocks to tie destinies, marriages, finances, blessings, children, glory, unctions, mantles, ministries, and human progress. If you tried everything and nothing works, schedule deliverance sessions (702) 8841334 or email me: [email protected] for enquiries and counseling.
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Prayers to Dissolve Your Uterine Fibroids
Pray this short, sweet and direct prayers to dissolve and resolve uterine fibroids. It attacks the root cause of the fibroid growth like evil altars powering dream pollution of eating or sexual dreams. The enemy of your soul uses dream manipulations to implant fibroids and disrupt reproductive physiology and procreation of women. Hormonal imbalances, dream food, dream sex, nightmares, menstrual bleeding, anemia, pelvic inflammatory disease can trigger fibroids through dark forces (spirit spouses).
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How to Raise Your Private or Household Altar--A Demonstration
Altar is not for the feeble-minded or freebie mentality believers. It's a serious business! Raising a holy altar of righteousness is for those who are tired of going through evil family patterns, trend and cycles without solution. If you're tired of warfare prayers, fasting, first fruits, tithing, sowing seeds, deliverance circuit, anointing oil and application of anointing oil as well as other practices. Then it's time to erect your private altar or domestic altar. This video talks about how altars are raised physically but serviced spiritually. You have to be an altar practitioner. That's what a priest or priestess should be. Now we're a royal priesthood. Kings double as priests according to the Jesus order. Priests also double as prophets because altar always speaks or can even cry out. You have to give your new altar a name. We talked about consecration, and dedication of your holy altar of righteousness to God. We described the tokens of the altar. This includes your bible, holy communion pack, anointing oil, anointing water, money for offering; names or pictures for intercession etc.
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Altars, Foundations: Why And How Demons Invade Dreams
This is an introduction to the case of unsolved mysteries of foundation and evil altars. It explains Why And How Demons Invade Your Dreams regardless of your ecclesiastical titles or entitlement. God is generational and respects the law of covenants regardless of origin or type of covenant. Evil altars or ungodly covenants explains how and why demons invade the dream to sustain bloodline ties. Access, loopholes, legal grounds, and legal rights can neutralize prayers. Cage of evil dream attacks reinforce or reenact point of contact, contamination and transmission. This is about spiritual laws, clearing debts, errors, vows, promises, transactions and sacrifices (altar power). For deliverance, divine healing, booking, life coach, and prophecies or consultation email [email protected] or call CAC Powerhouse Atlanta Church.
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12 Ways to Receive Your Deliverance From God
Deliverance is an an overarching and all important ministry. Deliverance is the children's bread and a means of spiritual tune-up. And because of the pivotal nature, God has ordained diverse ways for His children to receive deliverance. This video outlines at least 12 different ways to receive deliverance in order to walk in victory, fulfill destiny.
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Prayers to Take Holy Communion Before Your Private Altar
This is a sample prayer you can pray before your private altar of righteousness to fight any evil altar erected against your destiny. (Sample Prayer). We're using the holy communion (broken body and shed blood) as deliverance tool of defense but God's arrow of offense against enemies of progress, evil dedication, vows, ties, and evil altars or sacrifice. When everything fails blood and body dimension is key to guaranteed victory. We overcame by the blood of the lamb and the word of testimony (the word of covenant).
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Dark Covering, Evil Veil: Description and 8 Pointing Signs
Evil veil, cloak or evil covering are dark forces that cover people and truncate their destiny. The demonic covering or evil blanket can cover and overshadow the human spirit, face, life, business, beauty, good works, certificates, degree, children, marriage, health, spiritual gifts, reputation, glory and graces with spirit of heaviness. This may lead to disgrace, obscurity, misrepresentation, misplacement (loss), cobweb attacks, sidelining, no progress, stagnation, struggles, spiritual blindness, and confession.
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Dreaming Of Your Past (back home, school, job or test) And Background Powers
Retrogressive dreams are evidence that you're dealing with limiting and destiny demoting powers of your father's house. You must deal with these powers before you move forward in life and ministry to fulfill your call and do exploits. These powers work with domestic witchcraft, marine powers, and occultism in concert or conspiracy to cause delays or ruin glorious destinies. These ancestral family altars can cry out to cause people who started well to end poorly. Some of the pointer dreams are: seeing yourself in old family home, back in the countryside, back in old school with old classmates or job colleagues or old bosses back in the day. Or, seeing dead family members, progenitors or neighbors. They are responsible for slumbering spirit--sleeping sickness or excessive snoring like an old man (if a child).
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Key Concepts: Why and How Believers Get Spiritual Attacks
The reasons why the enemy attacks are: mindsets (stinking thinking), loopholes or open doorways (access or breach), legal ground and legal right.
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3 Ways to Open Your Spiritual Eyes
There're three cardinal ways to see in the spirit: 1. Turning Scriptures into pictures through biblical meditation or spiritual contemplation. 2. Praying longer and stronger in the Holy Spirit by praying in tongues. 3. You can receive prophetic vision by impartation and implantation of grace by people who are already walking in that special unction to function.
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Food Or Drinks In Dreams And The Mystery Of Altars
Food and drinks are evil tools, deposits, or contaminants which are tokens of covenant from evil altars. This is part of dream attack or pollution and manipulation complex from familiar spirits in the genealogy called evil caterers. The sole duty of these demonic feeders is to use food as a vehicle of bewitchment to re-establish or reinforce covenants (involving food, drinks or libation) enacted by past generations. The cause of the problems are demons but the source or sponsors are altars. So destroy or burn the altars through fire prayers for total deliverance. For prayers, deliverance, divine healing, booking and prophecies or consultation email [email protected] or call CAC Powerhouse Atlanta Church.
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Freedom From Moving Objects: Sensing Things Crawling In Your Body
Moving objects crawling in human body is called formication. This comes in different ways like sensing a moving entity, deposits, snakes, worms, seedlings, residues, remnants, gadgets, implantations, foreign body in the body organs, glands or systems. Deliverance is geared towards casting it out before peace can reign.
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Demonic Cobwebs And Freedom From Evil Cobweb Attacks
Spiders spin cobwebs to catch prey for food. The same thing happens in the spiritual realm with the demonic spider and cage of evil cobweb attacks. You must discern and diagnose the source or origin of these cobwebs. Destroy first the demonic spider and it's web through prophetic deliverance, prayer and fasting for at least 3 days.
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Eating in the Dream: Deliverance From Evil Altars/Dining Table
Eating in the dream is a fairly common even among believers. It's a form of dream pollution making sleeping humans unfit for God's sure blessings. This phenomenon creates all kinds of problems--ranging from weakened prayer life to implantation of foreign objects, sickness or disease. It's a form of unconscious and unsuspecting demonic poisoning through dreams. While men slept, the enemy came and sow tares and went his way. Every plant our father God has not planted must be uprooted; hence the importance of neutralizing and flushing out any food in the dream by drinking the blood of Jesus Christ. Because food is a powerful tool for bewitchment, many classes of demons or evil forces are participants in feeding unsuspecting, sleeping humans. These demons are called evil or night caterers, demonic chefs, evil cooks are crooks, and evil feeders. FOR MORE INFORMATION email: [email protected] or better still 702 8841334
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Open My Eyes, Lord--Prayer of Prophetic Vision Activation
Lord, open my eyes even as Elisha prayed the prayer of prophetic activation. Following the simple prayer, God opened his servant's eyes to see into the spirit realm beyond the veil. Lord, thank you for your mercy and higher dimension of your grace and greater anointing as you pop the eyes of my spirit open. Bless me with prophetic vision, seer anointing, and miracle of open eyes. Thank you for revelation gift of word of knowledge, word of wisdom and discernment of spirits. By the blood of Jesus and fire of the Holy Spirit, Lord knock every spiritual veil, scales, covering or blinders programmed by the enemy. I destroy evil altar of ancestral strongman, familiar spirits, witchcraft and marine altars blocking my spiritual eyes.
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Monitoring Spirits, Evil Eye, Magic Mirror and Evil Police
Monitoring spirits, magic mirror and evil policing agents are some of the various ways familiar spirits keep people in their witchcraft net or network. The enemy of progress cannot work without information, database, signals or military intelligence. Their monitoring gadgets include evil agents, forces, birds, dream manipulation, deposits, remote control, cords, cameras, satellites, decoders, veils, computers, peri-scopes, telescope, creatures, programs and projections. They use them as point of contact and transmission of information in order to keep people in bondage, yoked, limitation, struggles, defeat and death. The enemy always come to kill steal and destroy. Truth is parallel and spiritual laws work as two-edged sword either for good or for bad (evil).
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John Ramirez Testimony: Combat Witchcraft and Satanism. Watch!
This is a powerful testimony clip of John Ramirez who is a former high priest of Satan and ex-satan's general in the kingdom of darkness. It gives a glimpse of how to combat heavy-duty demons and demonic principalities causing mayhem among the Christians.
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Combat Near Success Syndrome (with Short Prayers)
This syndrome or phenomenon of begin again has different names or synonyms: almost there syndrome; near success syndrome; failure at the edge of breakthroughs or the spirit of Pisgah.
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Fasting is total or partial abstinence from food and or water. It goes with prayer, consecration, communion as you crucify the flesh and walk in the spirit. Fasting can be corporate (group or proclaimed fast) or individualized or private fasting. Under these two umbrellas are the three classical types of biblical fast: 1. Absolute or dry fast. 2. Distilled water or liquid fast and 3. Partial or Daniel's fast. Fast by starting small and working with your body as far as your physiology can allow. Fasting give firepower to your prayer program--generating more grace, divine intervention and breaking the yoke of delay.
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Exposing to Dispose FaceBook and Social Media Demons--Be Safe than Sorry! Part 1
Be warned about little dirty secrets of Facebook and other Social Media demonic strategies to destroy the destiny of young people. Adults are not exempted, either. The enemy of human soul is also the destroyer of plans and purpose of God for young lives--and indeed adults including preachers. Just like there are preponderance of social media platforms, the enemy has preponderance of plans to destroy destinies. People now spend more time on social media--especially Facebook than studies, prayer, homework, money making or doing the right thing. Social Media is addictive and satan knows how to use vulnerability of human weaknesses to lure, seduce and destroy lives or destinies. Don't accept Facebook friendships from people you don't know or pictures that look spurious or suspicious. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. It's better to be safe than to be sorry.
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Understanding EVIL ARROWS And Back-to-Sender Prayers (Part 1).
Arrows are demonic weapon of mass destruction launched from a strand altar to steal (loss), decimate, scatter, shatter and batter the victim. Arrows come in form of invisible projections, pestilence, missiles, onslaught, attacks, gadgets and devices of satan. Evil arrows are sent by satan to steal, kill and destroy. They are very subtle and come in different ways, forms, shape, designs and fashions. They are programmed and projected from evil altars which are launching pads for demonic onslaught or attacks. Most evil arrows come through dream during sleep including eating in the dream and all kinds of dream manipulations to abort, truncate destiny by suffocating God's plan and purpose for that life. Some arrows cause degradation, retrogression, destruction and death after it finishes it's assignment. Arrows or pestilence come in form of sickness, disease, cancers, poverty, confusion, divorce, depression, rejection, barrenness, failure, poverty, spiritual blindness, stroke, anger, heart attack, diabetes, madness, depression, demotion, organ failure, tumors, dream feeding, miscarriages, fatigue, blindness, loss, deafness, AIDS, crippling arthritis, loss, bondage, and gradual destruction or sudden death. In fact, most witchcraft attacks come in form of evil arrows. Arrows can be gradual or progressive, intermittent or sudden or more dramatic. It can hit the target and kill head-on. It can miss and hit the subbordinates, children, husband, wife or vulnerable assistants or pets. Otherwise it can go back to the sender or evil launching pad or altar (boomerang or goes back to sender). Intercessors, deliverers and prophetic watchmen take arrows meant for others.
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Point of Contact or Tokens from Witchcraft Altars
Witchcraft is a system and not an event or happen chance. The same applies to altars which is another system in bewitchment setup, procedure and operations. There's always network and collaboration within this evil system. Witchcraft is a spell and wise art compromising of altars (100% of cases) cauldrons (pots or calabash in 90%) and elements which are water, earth, fire, wind, and spirits (100% of cases). The evil altar is also a system with component parts or operating procedures and process called point of contact or tokens. These ensure accuracy to target, personalize and specify the craft as well as precise time sensitivity. It can serve as object of exchange. Tokens or point of contact could be the name, pictures, money, stones, effigy etc.
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"Why, How and When Evil Altars Speak or Cry Out?"
All altars are living organisms that have the power of articulate speech. Altars are portals or meeting places of humanity and spirituality where humans meet, interact, contract or transact with spirits (both good or evil) depending on the kingdom you belong. The spirit realm is voice-activated and spirits speak to make demand or express their wish based on covenants. Remember, spirits are made of wind and sounds which activate them. Kings rule by decrees. When evil altars speak, you see delays, hindrances, limitations, oppositions, curses, struggles, illness, disease, evil attacks, disgrace, tumor, barrenness, adversity, poverty, rejection, oppression or death (when they cry out blood spills). When Holy altar cries, blessing, graces, favor, speed, promotion and victory.
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Demons Love Church--A Must Watch!
Demons and church congregations are a puzzle to some church folks but well documented in the Bible and the ministry of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Jesus finished teaching and the demoniac emerged in this holy place called a synagogue (equivalent to Church congregation).
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Human (woman) Hair, Fake Hair, Your Glory and Deliverance
False hair, human hair (Indian, Peruvian, Brazilian) are used for added glamour and fake beauty by women of African descent for most part. It’s a multi-billion dollar a year business used by the marine world of Satan to steal or exchange the glory of black women. Indian hairs are given or dedicated to Hindu gods as honoraria before they are later processed packaged and sold to the public. A woman’s hair represents her glory, covering and beauty. However, fake or artificial hairs represent false glory. Glory is the entity that gives you a positive aura or spiritual virtue. Once your personal glory is polluted, infiltrated, exchanged, covered or truncated, nothing will seem to work in your life. Some of these deities, strange gods or idols can come to visit in the dream because of the law of ownership, covenant and dedication. You have hairs dedicated to them—giving them legal right to neutralize your prayers and mess with your original glory through dreams. On the other hand, anytime you dream of somebody or unseen hand messing with or shaving your hair, know that your virtue or glory is under contention. The same goes with cutting, barbing, pulling, touching or pouring dirty stuff on your hair in the dream. It means your glory is under the enemy attacks. You must go into warfare to restore your glory, virtue and greatness. First in the spirit before progress is made in the physical. As for the fake hairs, you must get rid of them because they serve as tools of evil covenant and demonic dedication. Then go for deliverance by sacrifice to restore your original glory and greatness.
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Dreams Depicting Witchcraft Attacks
Witchcraft is a product of human wickedness. It's rooted in the fallen nature of man. It's sometimes called wisecraft because it employs dark demonic wisdoms. It's a diabolical game of secrecy that can be identified or diagonized through dreams--the gateway or window to the supernatural. Dreams are your crude spiritual monitors and can tell you what's happening in your life journey. Witchcraft dreams call for spiritual warfare, prayer, fasting and destroying evil altars sponsoring the attracts. The attacks are by witchcraft spirit, familiar spirits, occultist arrows, spells, forces and witchcraft projections. Here are some examples of witchcraft dreams: seeing snakes or being bitten by snakes, gun shots or guns being pointed at you or gunshot fired at you; being attacked or chased around by people you may or may not know; Dream paralysis, seeing creatures like roaches, spider, houseflies, millipede, centipede or other insects; evil or black birds, owl or vultures; rats or mice grabbing or eating your purse; someone fighting or blocking you; moving around blindfolded; seeing yourself in strange places; carrying burden or evil loads; sexual attacks or attacks during pregnancy or lactation; being pulled down or stationary or immobilized in the dream; naked publicly in the dream; waking up with marks, cuts or incision on your body--just to name a few.
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Developing Sharp Seeing Eyes and Hearing Ears
Every sense organ you have in the natural has a more powerful equivalent in the spiritual realm which shapes destiny. You must learn to develop or sharpen your spiritual senses (seeing and hearing) to excel in life which is ruled or over-ruled by the invisible world of spirits. We have 3 set of eyes as well as ears that shape our world or world-view. For the eyes they are: physical or biological eyes, mental eyes (mind's eyes), and spiritual eyes. For the ears, they are: external ears, middle ears and inner or spiritual ears. Developing and sharpening these two senses will take prayer, confessing the word of God, meditation, soaking in worship, and activation by impartation by prophets who are already working in that grace.
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The Mystery And Ministry Of Holy Communion In Deliverance
Deliverance (like salvation) boils down to the broken body and the spotless blood of Jesus Christ. The Holy Communion is so sacred and powerful because it takes us back to Calvary. Daily administering Holy Communion brings healing miracle, total deliverance, altar deliverance by sacrifice; break the curse of barrenness, sickness, glory and accelerated blessings.
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The Mystery of Altars to Alter Destiny
In this short teaching, I briefly explain the mystery of evil altars to altar destiny and one's direction in life. Unresolved mysteries of foundation or background forces power ancestral limitation which is controlled by powers behind evil altars of witchcraft. Blessed do not exist on top of a curse which must be removed before the blessings of Calvary flows easily, quickly and automatically. You must dismantle, destroy the system of strange altars and all their components and raise a new altar of righteousness with sacrifice to speak for your victory. That why it's called the battle of altars (altar versus altar). This is why it's called deliverance by sacrifice.
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Combating Joblessness and The Curse of Unemployment
Unemployment is a curse and joblessness is an evil spirit contrary to mundane beliefs. Every grown and able-bodied person should have a means of livelihood or income stream. We are designed to make a living with the life God gave us. Unfortunately it's the plan of the enemy to keep people empty by drying, hindering, scattering or stagnating their income stream. God is supposed to be our true and only source and inexhaustible supply. Other channels of making a living should be mere avenues or natural streams of income. Every income stream have an origin or a source. The enemy wants to cut people off their true source and make them focus on channels which is temporary. This is also the diabolical plan of the enemy of prosperity (insufficiency, lack, unemployment, joblessness and poverty). The Lord wants us to walk in supernatural abundance with him as the source who opens up multiple income streams. This video is to combat the evil spirit of joblessness and break the curse of unemployment.
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More on 3 Ways To Open Your Spirit Eyes
There're three cardinal ways to see in the spirit: 1. Turning Scriptures into pictures through biblical meditation or spiritual contemplation. 2. Praying longer and stronger in the Holy Spirit by praying in tongues. 3. You can receive prophetic vision by impartation and implantation of grace by people who are already walking in that special unction to function.
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Deliverance by Sacrifice (Altar Versus Altar) by Dr. Uzo
The battle to fulfill your God-ordained destiny boils down to the battle of altars of light and evil altars. The power of any raised altar is the strength of the sacrifice given to the altar in worship because altar speaks especially if blood sacrifice is involved. It goes back to the ultimate sacrifice of the blood of Jesus Christ speaking better things than the blood of Abel. You stand on this platform with your painful sacrifice to silence any evil altar of wickedness speaking against your glorious destiny. This is done after prophetic deliverance and dismantling old altar or evil altar. You set up a new altar of light to ensure accelerated success. Remember that altar could be a dedicated or consecrated place or deity accepting worship. It's a battle of supreme altar and inferior or evil altar. Altar is also a place of sacrifice, offering, request, covenant, meeting, dining table, decision, worship, dedication, contact, communication, presentation, initiation, blessing or curses.
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Financial Deliverance (Short Talk and Prayers)
Popcorn teaching (with brief prayers) on biblical sound Economics, kingdom wealth, financial prosperity and financial deliverance. Repetition of this financial abundance prayer rewires your mind for God-kind of balanced prosperity. Repeated daily, timing of results may vary with individuals
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Dreaming of seeing or Encountering Dogs
Dogs in the dream is not good. It's a symbol of sexual demons, impurity, sexual immorality, perversion, nudity, disgrace and denigration. Dogs may be your friend, pet or family member in the natural. However, seeing dogs in the dream is a different animal all together. Spirit of dog can be inherited considering that 50% of children are born through teenage pregnancy, fornication and adultery. Dogs have no restrain; can eat its vomitus or trash; have sex anywhere and anyhow; and can bark as a weapon of intimidation. You have the spirit of dog if you sleep around, lust, masturbate; have wet dreams, engage in sexual promiscuity or have children outside wedlock. This spirit can be inherited in the bloodline. You need serious deliverance.
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Deliverance/Divorce From Spirit Spouses (Spirit Husband, Spirit Wife).
Brief introduction to the common background bondage or generation issue of spirit spouses; the dream spouses of spirit husband and spirit wife. Otherwise called spiritual prostitutes of incubus and succubus spirits. This deliverance video introduces 5 out of 27 different types of spirit spouses.
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Naked in the Dream: Interpretation And Implication
Being naked in the dream can mean 6. things: 1. Demons are stripping you and contending with your glory and greatness. 2. Disgrace and embarrassment, 3. Poverty or financing meltdown, 4. Programming arrow or spirit of madness especially if associated with hearing voices, 5. Spirit of lust especially if the nakedness is from the waiste down, 6. Swimming naked or taking shower means marine dedication and trouble that will create disgrace or ridicule. For Prayers, appointments, life coach, bookings, deliverance, divine healing and prophecies or consultation email Atlanta Church.
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What's Witchcraft Coven?
Understanding the meaning, make and diabolical functions of witchcraft covens. Coven is both a place and the meeting or gathering of witches, wizards, enchanters or necromancers.
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Your Self-Image and Breakthrough Achievement Part1.
Self-Image spiritology is central to all improvements and achievements in your life. Most deliverance follow up is for alignment to conform us to the image of Jesus Christ. We must develop the mind of Christ, a sound mind that lined up with divine portrait or blueprint.
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Altar Deliverance by Dr. Uzo
Ultimately the battle to fulfill destiny boils down to the battle of good altars of light and evil altars of darkness. The power of the altar is the strength of the sacrifice at the altar because altar speaks especially the blood sacrifice. It goes back to the ultimate sacrifice of the blood of Jesus Christ speaking better things than the blood of Abel. You stand on this platform with your painful sacrifice to silence any evil altar of wickedness speaking against your glorious destiny. This is done after prophetic deliverance and dismantling old altar or evil altar. You set up a new altar of light to ensure accelerated success. Remember that altar could be a dedicated or consecrated place or deity accepting worship. It's a battle of supreme altar and inferior or evil altar. Altar is also a place of sacrifice, offering, request, covenant, meeting, dining table, decision, worship, dedication, contact, communication, presentation, initiation, blessing or curses.
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Expose, Oppose, Depose to Dispose Familiar Spirits (Intro and Prayers).
Familiar Spirits or familiars are evil spirits that run in families and are assigned to each family member belonging to the same pedigree. They are erroneously called household servants; they are in reality household savages. They are the errand boys or field workers of the satanic kingdom. They occupy the base of the demonic pyramid along with witchcraft spirits, imps, fairies, sirens, and elemental spirits. They are opposite, counterfeit, masquerade, fake, false or another (in place of) the real Holy Spirit. They cause all forms of confusion, perversion, distortion, confusion, manipulation, pollution, perversion and destruction. There's no good evil spirit contrary to some native beliefs. They monitor people, gather information, and forward it to higher ranking demons. Some of the activities include working as monitoring spirits of pursuit, hunting people, houses, trees and animals. They can masquerade other spirits and people (dead or alive). Familiar spirits are spirits of divination or false prophesies, dream manipulations, dream programming, false raptures, spiritual identity theft, spiritual recorders, apparitions, missing objects, spirit spouses, necromancy, divination, psychics, reincarnation, bloodline diseases, family patterns, birth marks, miscarriages, generational curses, night visitors, evil omens, cobweb spirits, monitoring spirits, demonic arrows, false miracles, cancers and marital squabbles. Witches, warlocks, psychics, herbalists, invisible playmate or soul mates, Ouiji boards, demonic video games, shamans, false religions and their prophets use familiar spirits. This video is and introduction to familiars and popcorn prayers for my audience.
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Seeing Evil Birds or Flies as Evil Omen of Witchcraft
Evil birds come in different strange ways and fashions as projections from witchcraft altars of wickedness. They can be projected inside or around the house. Sometimes they stalk the targeted victim on their way or while driving. The evil birds or flies may include vultures, bat, raven, owl, crows, pigeons, ducks, different kinds or swarm of dark birds you cannot classify. Evil flies may include evil roaches, house flies or swarm of bees. They symbolize evil omen and it's a premonition or sign of impending danger. The devil only comes to steal, kill and destroy. Fight them off with fasting, prayer, the word of God, fire of the Holy Spirit and the name of Jesus While standing on your spiritual authority and dominion mandate.
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Attacking Witchcraft and Dark Forces by Imprecation Prayers--Part 1
We Fire back prayers into the enemy camp that has frustrated, complicated and disgraced your life even without your knowing. Prayer of Imprecation is prayer to counter-attack the enemy. The best way to defend is to attack, bombard and destroy the enemy stronghold or chokehold.
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