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Prayers That Activate Angels | Release Angels on Assignment Again
Psalm 103:20 tells us angels hearken to the voice of God's Word. In this CD, Jennifer offers short teaches about various angelic operations and how you can activate angels on assignment to help you through 31 Spirit-led decrees and prayers. Pray with Jennifer and release angels on assignment to war, communicate, guide, protect and more. See more at angelsprophecy.com
Prayers Against Python Principalities & Serpent Warfare | Jennifer LeClaire Breaks Python Witchcraft
In this prayer session, Jennifer releases powerful prayers against python principalities and serpent warfare. Break Python's witchcraft Take a whole class on this at: https://schoolofthespirit.tv/courses/prayers-that-paralyze-the-python-spirit/ Or get the book at: https://jenniferleclaire.org/shop/defeating-water-spirits-paperback/ Find Jennifer online at http://www.jenniferlclaire.org. Jennifer's prophetic church is in Fort Lauderdale. Find it online at http://www.awakeninghouseofprayer.com
Two Spirits That Block Your Financial Breakthrough
In this video, Jennifer exposes two spirits and mentalities that hinder your financial breakthrough. You may have never thought of it this way before. You can find Jennifer online at http://www.jenniferleclaire.org. You can find a long teaching on this here: https://ahop.tv/courses/defeating-the-spirit-of-poverty-lack/
Kim Clement Prophesies the Fall of the Jezebel Spirit
The late prophet Kim Clement prophesies the fall of the Jezebel spirit and more. Listen closely to this entire prophetic word and weigh in. Check out Jennifer's resources on Jezebel at http://www.jenniferleclaire.org/
7 Prophetic Warnings Lester Sumrall Gave Over America That Ring True
Lester Sumrall went home to be with the Lord in 1996, but his legacy continues—and his prophetic words are alive. In 1987, video capture Sumrall, whose spiritual father was Smith Wigglesworth, sharing seven prophetic insights God revealed to his heart. I wish they weren’t accurate. Visit Jennifer online at www.jeniferleclaire.org.
How to Recognize a Spirit of Python Attack | Periscope Chat | @PropheticBooks
In this Periscope chat, Jennifer LeClaire discusses the spirit of python. For more on this topic, visit Jennifer's website at www.jenniferleclaire.org.
3 Ways to Discern A Calling to the Office of the Prophet
The number one most frequently asked question I get when I teach on the prophetic is this: Am I a prophet? How do I tell? In this video, I share three ways to discern a calling to the office of the prophet on your life. Want more? Check out my School of the Prophetic at http://www.schoolofthespirit.tv. Ignite network members (http://www.ignitenow.org) get a 15% discount on all schools. You must register first and then ask for the code before enrolling in the school.
Exploring Kathryn Kuhlman's Miraculous Life and Untimely Death
Kathryn Kuhlman traveled extensively around the United States and in many other countries holding "healing crusades" between the 1940s and 1970s. She was one of the most well known healing ministers in the world. Kuhlman had a weekly TV program in the 1960s and 1970s called I Believe In Miracles that was aired nationally. She also had a 30-minute nationwide radio ministry of teaching from the Bible and, frequently, would feature excerpts from her healing services (both music and message).The foundation was established in 1954, and its Canadian branch in 1970. Towards her latter years she was supportive of the nascent Jesus movement, a spread of interest in Jesus among young teens formerly associated with drugs and the counter-culture.
7 Ways to Make the Devil Flee 7 Ways | Spiritual Warfare | Armor of God | Resist the Devil
When you are living in covenant with God, you can stand on the blessings of Deuteronomy 28. One of them deals specifically with spiritual warfare: "The Lord will cause your enemies who rise against you to be defeated before your face; they shall come out against you one way and flee before you seven ways" (Deuteronomy 28:7). How do we walk in this? Prophetic author Jennifer LeClaire shares 7 ways to make the devil flee 7 ways. Be sure to visit Jennifer online to read the article associated with this video at http://www.jenniferleclaire.org/articles/7-ways-to-make-the-devil-flee-7-ways.
Spiritual Warfare: When Jezebel's Witchcraft Keeps You Up at Night
Every year about this time there's an onslaught of witchcraft attacks against me—and many people I know. This year the enemy used a different tactic. Since the spiritual forces of darkness could not slow me down by day, the attacks are coming at night. I expose this spirit and show you how to overcome it in this video. You can learn more in my book, The Spiritual Warrior's Guide to Defeating Jezebel.
James Goll Unlocks Secrets to Seer Realm Elevation
In this Awakening TV broadcast, James Goll shares with Jennifer LeClaire how he came into the seer realm. He describes sovereign gifts and step by step elevation. This gets deep! You can find more exclusive content at http://www.awakeningtv.com. You can take Jennifer's School of the Seers at http://www.schoolofthespirit.tv. Y
The Religious Spirit Manifests in Many Ways But Has One Thing in Common | Spirit of Religion
Religious spirits are nefariously nasty. The spirit of religion works to murder reputations, pervert the revelation of who we are in Christ, put us in bondage to legalism and much more. But I've discovered in recent years that all religious spirits aren't created equal. Yet the do have one thing in common.
One Surefire Way to Lose in Spiritual Warfare
Fulfilling your prophetic promise means engaging in a battle to dispossess all the so-called "ites" from the land. But if you make this one mistake you could lose before you even get to the battle line.
Real-Life Demonstration of Deliverance From a Python Spirit Attack
Check out this real-life unstaged demonstration of breaking someone free from a Python spirit attack. This is dramatic and God wins! You can discern defeat the Rahab spirit with the revelation in The Spiritual Warrior's Guide to Defeating Water Spirits. I teach more about Python and other marine demons in The Spiritual Warrior's Guide to Defeating Water Spirits. You can get a this on Amazon at https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/076844294X?pf_rd_p=faa1d3e1-fadf-4279-ac2d-3096206e4690&pf_rd_r=A8DSCZW6FQFVR1RW96CN You can download a free chapter at: https://jenniferleclaire.org/shop/defeating-water-spirits-paperback/
Jezebel's Revenge: The Spirit of Athaliah Rising!
YOU CAN’T GO AFTER JEZEBEL WITHOUT EXPERIENCING ATHALIAH’S REVENGE In this intensive, you’ll learn: Who Athalia really is How Athalia operates in the spirit Discerning when Athalia is attacking you The key to annihilating Athaliah Register here for early bird pricing and bonuses: https://schoolofthespirit.tv/jezebels-revenge-the-spirit-of-athaliah-rising-and-attacking/ Watch online or come to South Florida for this training.
(More than) 4 Reasons God Hides Prophets in Caves | Season of Hiddenness
I was reading 1 Kings 17:1-4 when the Lord showed me five reasons He hides prophets in caves. Check out this teaching video and get inspired if you are in a season of hiddenness. You can learn more about the prophetic at http://www.ignitenow.org or http://www.schoolofthespirit.tv.
How the Spirit of Athaliah Takes Revenge for Mother Jezebel
The spirit of Athaliah takes revenge for Jezebel. I fought this demon for over a year. You need to be aware of it. To learn more, visit https://schoolofthespirit.tv/jezebels-revenge-the-spirit-of-athaliah-rising-and-attacking/ You can find my church online at http://www.awakeninghouseofprayer.com. You can find my website at http://www.jenniferleclaire.org.
#Authorized: Jennifer LeClaire's Prophetic Word for June 2017
Visit jenniferleclaire.org for more!
Flow in a More Powerful Prophetic Anointing | Jennifer LeClaire
Learn how to flow in a more powerful propehetic anointing!
9 Clear Signs You are a Prophetic Intercessor
Are you a prophetic intercessor? There are sure signs that you are a bit different than other intercessors and prayer warriors. If you are operating in several of these nine ways, it's a sign that . you are moving in the realm of prophetic intercession. Get some education, inspiration and equipping in this short video and receive this strategic prayer by faith that will help you walk in your calling. if you want to connect with other prophetic intercessors, consider joining me in the Ignite network. You can find out more information about Ignite at http://www.ignitenow.org. If you want more teaching along these lines, check out my book, Waging Prophetic Warfare in my store here: https://goo.gl/qu6Fxn
Breaking Toxic Soul Ties and Alignments | Prophetic Vision of People Wrapped in 'Past'
In this teaching, Jennifer teaches how soul ties form, how they turn toxic and how to break them. You can find Jennifer's ministry online at www.jenniferleclaire.org or sow into the ministry at Paypal.me/jenniferleclaire
5779: A Year of Giving Birth and Serpent Warfare
Watch this video presentation of Jennifer's insights into the Hebrew year 5779. You can get an entire Kindle ebook on that expounds on all the points here: https://smile.amazon.com/5779-Prophetic-Perspectives-Serpent-Warfare-ebook/dp/B07HCHZD6V/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1538141074&sr=8-1&keywords=5779+jennifer+leclaire If you want to go deeper on serpent warfare, pick up my new book, The Spiritual Warrior's Guide to Defeating Water Spirits. You can get it from my website: https://jenniferleclaire.org/shop/defeating-water-spirits-paperback/ You can also get it on Amazon.com.
Prophecy: Supernatural Confirmations for Supernatural Births
If you’ve been living holy, but seeing no fruit—if you’ve been putting first the Kingdom of God but you’ve been barren in your life, business, family or ministry—God is about to bring a supernatural confirmation of a supernatural birthing in your life. You can sow at www.jenniferleclaire.org/give, Cashapp $jenniferleclaire Paypal.me/jenniferleclaire ... Find my South Florida church at www.awakeninghouseofprayer.com. Get equipped at www.schoolofthespirit.tv.
3 Ways to Recognize "Christian" Warlocks Masquerading as Prophets
In this video, Jennifer reveals three ways to recognize warlocks masquerading as prophets, according to the Bible. There's so much talk about witches. But warlocks are wreaking havoc in the earth as well. You can get equipped at http://www.schoolofthespirit.tv. You can find Jennifer online at http://ww.jenniferleclaire.org. You can sow into the ministry at http://www.jenniferleclaire.org/give.
November 2017 Prophecy: What Do You See? | Jennifer LeClaire
What do you see? God is asking us to look through the eyes of faith this month. It's vital what we see and how we see. Listen in to Jennifer release this prophetic word and teaching. You can find Jennifer's ministry online at www.jenniferleclaire.org or sow into the ministry at Paypal.me/jenniferleclaire
Calling All Seers! God Wants to Release You at New Levels of Authority!
Seers are often misunderstood and rejected because the gift is sometimes harder to express and interpret than other prophetic operations. But God wants to heal you and raise you up. During this impromptu broadcast, I said some things prophetically I've never said before. At the end, a strong anointing came over me to raise up seers. This was powerful! Join me at www.ignitenow.org. You can sow into the ministry at Paypal.me/jenniferleclaire. Email my office to get on a list for the School of Seers at [email protected]
Prophecy: Releasing the Angels of Abundant Harvest Into Your Life
Releasing before the first of the year! Exact date will be announced soon. God gave me a profound prophetic word about the angels of abundant harvest and I’ve raced to get this book into your hands so you can hear the word of the Lord and apply biblical principles that will position you to reap the overflow in this season. Visit http://www.angelsprophecy.com
3 Truths You Need to Understand About Seeing in the Spirit Realm | Seer Anointing
You don't have to be a seer to see in the spirit. In this practical prophetic teaching video, Jennifer shares three truths every believer needs to know about seeing in the spirit. If you're curious about the seer realm, you'll want to dive in and watch this video more than once. If you want to learn more about the seer anointing, you can register for Jennifer's School of the Seers here: https://schoolofthespirit.tv/courses/school-of-the-seers/ You can also watch this free webinar here: https://schoolofthespirit.tv/courses/activating-the-seer-anointing/
Dealing With Church Hurt God's Way | Overcoming Hurt Feelings | Dealing With Hurt Feelings
Have you been hurt in church? What are you supposed to do? How do you handle it? Leave the church? Confront the issue? Bury it? Lash out at the person who hurt you? When people are hurt by a church or church member, how can this conflict be resolved? What does this Bible say about this and how do you practically walk that out? You can read the article that goes with this video here: http://www.jenniferleclaire.org/articles/dealing-with-church-hurt-gods-way
Alexander Pagani Reveals How to Command Demons with Whispers & Gestures | Awakening Podcast Network
Deliverance ministry is still a mystery for many in the body of Christ. Alexander Pagani shares fundamental and advanced deliverance ministry concepts so you can cast out devils with confidence. Find more podcasts at http://www.awakeningpodcasts.com
Prophetic Warning: Judas Spirit Rising Rapidly in This Season
We know the enemy always comes at an opportune time (Luke 4:13). He has deemed now an opportune time to enter people’s hearts with offense, ambition and other betrayal motivators. You can read the article on www.awakeningmag.com. You can sow into this ministry at http://www.jenniferleclaire.org/give. You can get equipped at http://www.schoolofthespirit.tv.
The Making of a Seer, Part 1 | Development of the Seer Anointing
Through Scriptural study, Jennifer outlines a few of the steps in the seer's making process. This is an excellent teaching with strong scriptural insight. Want more? Join Jennifer's Company of Seers at http://www.ignitenow.org/seers. You can also join the School of the Seers at http://www.schoolofthespirit.tv.
A Word of Knowledge and Victory Prayers Over Inheritance Battles
At the Defeating Poverty & Lack event, Jennifer had a word of knowledge over inheritance battles. Let this encourage you. Pray this prayer! Find this event here: https://ahop.tv/courses/defeating-the-spirit-of-poverty-lack/ Find Jennifer's ministry online at http://www.jenniferleclaire.org. Find Awakening House of Prayer at http://www.awakeninghouseofprayer.com. Find Jennifer's church in South Florida - Awakening House of Prayer.
Prophetic Prayer: Mantles of Breaker Intercession Falling | Jennifer LeClaire SchooloftheSpirit.tv
This was from http://www.schoolofthespirit.tv ... At the end of Jennifer's first-ever mentoring in prayer and intercession broadcast, she released an unexpected prophetic prayer about mantles falling from haven on intercessors. Listen in and be encouraged. This teaching call was two hours long. If you want to learn more about prayer and receive mentoring from Jennifer, check out this group: https://schoolofthespirit.tv/mentoring-in-prayer-intercession/
Prophecy: Expect the Unexpected! Sudden God Encounters | Jennifer LeClaire
Jennifer LeClaire unpacks a prophetic word she got walking down the street in Singapore: "Expect the unexpected!" Watch Jennifer unpack this word with teaching. Visit her online at jenniferleclaire.org. You can sow into this word at PayPal.me/jenniferleclaire
How to Open Your Spiritual Eyes Wider Than Ever Before
There are many reasons why you may see in the spirit for years and suddenly stop. Here's one quick tip on how to get your eyes open--or open wider than ever before. Get equipped at http://www.schoolofthespirit.tv. Take the School of the Seers or one of our other courses.
When You Can't Hear From God | Hearing in the Spirit Realm
What do you do when you can't hear God? Listen in as Jennifer LeClaire teaches you some nuggets that will help you. This came from Jennifer's School of the Prophetic. You can find that online at http://www.schoolofthespirit.tv. You can find Jennifer's church in South Florida at http://www.awakeninghouseofprayer.com. You can find Jennifer's website at http://www.jenniferleclaire.org.
Prophetic Training - How to Hear God's Voice - Part 3
When I taught this seminar, I had just come through one of the biggest trials of my life. During that time, there were days that I wasn't sure I could take anymore. If I didn't know the Lord was on my side, I would have given up. I needed grace. I needed strength. And I needed to hear His voice clearly because to make the wrong decision had serious consequences. You can find Jennifer's ministry online at http://www.jenniferleclaire.org. You can sow into the ministry at http://www.jenniferleclaire.org/give. If you want to read more on this topic, read this book Jennifer highly recommends: https://goo.gl/gxPYPj
Breaking Word Curses Off Your Life & Family | 101 Tactics for Spiritual Warfare
Word curses, hexes, vexes, spells and witchcraft are real. Learn how to combat them in this teaching from my book, 101 Tactics for Spiritual Warfare, I offer strategies to fight word curses and the like. You can find the book here: https://jenniferleclaire.org/shop/101-tactics-spiritual-warfare-live-life-victory-overcome-enemy-break-demonic-cycles-paperback/ You can watch an entire webinar on spiritual warfare at http://www.tinyurl.com/101warfare You can find the book on Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/101-Tactics-Spiritual-Warfare-Overcome/dp/1629994952/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1528118704&sr=8-1&keywords=101+tactics+for+spiritual+warfare My School of Spiritual Warfare is here: https://schoolofthespirit.tv/product/school-of-spiritual-warfare/
Signs You Need Deliverance: The Galatians 5 Test
Do you need deliverance? It's possible. Christians can have demons. One of the ways you can discern if you need deliverance is what I call the Galatians 5 test. Join our mass deliverance service at http://www.ahop.tv or get deliverance ministry training at www.ahopu.org.
Discerning the Sneaky, Seductive Jezebel Spirit
Jennifer LeClaire, author of Jezebel's Puppets, The Spiritual Warrior's Guide to Defeating Jezebel and Satan's Deadly Trio, pulls the mask of Jezebel's ground-level warfare. Visit Jennifer online at www.jenniferleclaire.org.
Activating the Seer Anointing | Prophetic Activation | Jennifer LeClaire
In this powerful webinar, Jennifer teaches on the seer anointing, imparts and activates... and then the students demonstrate. Get more equipping here: https://schoolofthespirit.tv/courses/school-of-the-seers/
Prophecy: A Season of Disruption Will Bring an Eruption of God’s Glory
Every morning, I gather with hundreds of people to pray prophetically in our Mornings With the Holy Spirit prayer calls. This was birthed out of a week-long prayer series for my devotional by the same name over two years ago. These calls have grown increasingly prophetic in nature. So much so that I complied a CD of prophetic songs, sounds and decrees that defy impossibilities called Dream Wild from words released in those early morning devotions. Below I’m offering a transcript of one of my prayer sets. I know this will inspire and encourage you! Visit me online at http://www.jenniferleclaire.org or dreamwild.org to find more resources.
A Startling Dream About the 'Squid' Spirit
Just days ago, I had a startling dream about the squid spirit. I'm not the first one to talk about it, though many deny its existence. Get the truth in this video. Want to learn more? You can discern defeat the Rahab spirit with the revelation in The Spiritual Warrior's Guide to Defeating Water Spirits. You can get a this on Amazon at https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/076844294X?pf_rd_p=faa1d3e1-fadf-4279-ac2d-3096206e4690&pf_rd_r=A8DSCZW6FQFVR1RW96CN You can download a free chapter at: https://jenniferleclaire.org/shop/defeating-water-spirits-paperback/
Prophetic Revelation - Walking in Prophetic Ministry - Part 4
What does it mean to stand in trt of the Prophetic, outlines how to walk worthy of your vocation. Jennifer believes if we really get an understanding of what it means to stand in the office of the prophet, we'll be less likely to fall into the snares of the devil. In this video series, Jennifer LeClaire, author of The Making o a Prophet, teachings you principles of walking in prophetic ministry. You can find Jennifer's ministry online at http://www.jenniferleclaire.org. You can sow into the ministry at http://www.jenniferleclaire.org/give. If you want to more on this topic, Jennifer highly recommends prophetic training at http://www.schoolofthespirit.tv.
7 Ways to Deal With Demonized Family Members & Jezebelic Relatives
Do you dread family gatherings? Jennifer knows what it's like. She offers seven ways to deal with demonized family members and Jezebelic relatives in this candid video. You can find Jennifer’s ministry online at http://www.jenniferleclaire.org. You can sow into the ministry at http://www.jenniferleclaire.org/donate. Want to learn more about the Jezebel spirit? Check out this resource: https://goo.gl/svKrwV
Discerning Your Prophetic Expression | Don't Let Jezebel Silence Your Voice
No two prophets or prophetic people are alike. You can't put a prophetic person in a box because you can't put God in a box. What is your prophetic expression? You have one. Identifying your flow helps you function more accurately. You can't be someone God has not called you to be. By the same token, you should not try to be like any other prophetic person. God gave you a unique prophetic fingerprint and voice that needs to be released. Check out www.ignitenow.org. You can find Jennifer's ministry online at www.jenniferleclaire.org. You can sow a seed into the ministry at Paypal.me/jenniferleclaire Don't let religion muzzle you and Jezebel silence you! Watch this teaching and get inspired!
6 Keys to Building Your Faith to See in the Spirit Realm
How do you cultivate faith to see in the spirit realm? Cultivating faith to see in the spirit realm is altogether different than walking by faith and not by sight. It’s different, too, from seeing circumstances through the eyes of faith. We’re talking about building faith to see the unseen according to God’s will. Listen in to this teaching and get some revelation you need to build your faith to see. Want more training? Check out Jennifer LeClaire's School of the Seers. You don't have to be a seer to see in the spirit just like you don't have to be a prophet to prophesy. Check out this training: https://schoolofthespirit.tv/courses/school-of-the-seers/
When God Is Stretching You Beyond Your Natural Limits | Spiritual Pressure
Feel like a rubber band lately? Jennifer LeClaire offers spiritual insights into how to continue yielding to God when you feel like you're being pulled apart.
Prophecy: God is Giving Dedicated Seers X-Ray Vision
God gave me a clear prophetic word. He is giving dedicated seers X-ray vision. Let this inspire you to press into the seer realm. You can join Jennifer's School of the Seers at http://www.schoolofthespirit.tv. Join the Company of the Seers at http://www.ignitenow.org.