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Une seule chose demeure
Une seule chose demeure Chanté par Justin Gage et monique Tute
Behind the Lens #3 Our first medium format camera long exposure landscape shoot
This video is about Our first medium format camera long exposure landscape shoot. We retraced our steps and explain how we got the photo. To order the photo go to https://www.justingagephotostudio.com/fineart/ The tripod I use is a couple years old this is the current one from the brand https://www.fnac.com/mp18774733/SLIK-PRO-700-DX-trepied/w-4?ectrans=1&gclid=Cj0KCQiAzrTUBRCnARIsAL0mqcz72Y3kJXvAFsZySZ5eqhLsM8xiiwCoiKQ6uT4onXmm2Gpa6bE_2UsaAtdaEALw_wcB&oref=7093daf7-b641-001a-4ca5-6f055e601238&Origin=CMP_GOOGLE_MP_SONS&pcrid=231843755696&plid=&ploc=9040843&ptid=pla-383221918937 The Neutral density filters I use are very basic since I don't usually do this type of photography https://www.ebay.com/itm/Complete-2-4-8-16-ND-Filter-Kit-For-Cokin-P-Square-Filter-Holder-Adapter-Hood/371538123217?hash=item568165d9d1:g:hQsAAOSwridaJ2bh
Behind the Lens fantasy STEAMPUNK cosplay PhotoSHOOT (Sweet dreams from Suckerpunch)
www.justingagephotostudio.com Behind the scenes with Vanessa a prominant Cabaret dancer here on the french riviera we show you how we got the shot from Hair and body painting to the photography itself in this steam punk themed fantasy photoshoot. we learn photography by being on set and trying things so join us behind the lens
behind the lens#5 - Backstage Sabralon studio in Cannes
Thank you for watching! And welcome Backstage to our behind the lens episode featuring our photo shoot with Alon and Melinda from SABRALON studio and fine art gallery in Cannes. As a photographer I think this was by far the most challenging assignment: doing portraits of another photographer. We are honored that SABRALON chose us to do this. We shot this in his studio, we used his lights but I brought my modifiers, To find out more about Studio Sabralon visit their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Sabralon-GalerieStudio-Photo-1696282080662913/
Carolina Guna Haute couture collection at villa oxygene 2018
Carolina Guna presented her Haute couture collection at villa oxygene 2018 during the 71st edition of the cannes film festival. This is a small video we put together when we were shooting her catalog on the french riviera
Behind the Lens with Nuriya
shoot with Nuriya https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMt3yIGzsGQb_8ZNPjXjbYw follow her on instagram https://www.instagram.com/nuriya.mc/?hl=en
Behind the scenes DIY Origami style recycled dress photo shoot with a model
Behind the scenes of www.justingagephotostudio.com shoot Model Morgane Buf bufmorgane.book.fr www.facebook.com/Bufmorganemodel Our fashion shoot with a DIY origami dress shoot with our friend and model Morgane, Alana was our MUA on set, the makeup inspiration was pulled from asian culture but with bright vibrant colors soundtrack by Ophelie Mercury https://djpod.com/opheliemercury www.facebook.com/djopheliemercury like us follow us facebook www.facebook.com/justagagephotography instagram @justagage
all creative Fashion and photography networking night
www.justingagephotostudio.com invites you to our first installment of All Creative Organized in partnership with L'Individu Photography at Akathor Pub in Nice, France Featuring designs from our studio #Models Marie Marie Pinto-Garrigos Sophie Tixie Yllana Chermaz Lorane Wolff Ina Modèl Madeleine Russek #MUA Beaux Visages by Alana Alana Gage Zuzanna Kilanowicz Laurine Dietrich #Hair #stylists Rachel's Riviera Hair Rachel May Bostock Chantal Guadalpi Director of photography: David Malbequi photo credits Malbequi-photographe #fashion #model #event #networking #riviera
Mail call #1 - unboxing  giant fine art canvas print orders what's in the mail
Mail call is a concept we had been doing by live streaming the unboxing of our deliveries on Facebook. these videos ended up being very long and had an attention span of 48 hours so we have decided to keep the concept but edit it down. we also go through why we like printing on cavas In this episode we unbox 2 of our giant canvas prints both shot in the last couple of weeks and both can be seen in our behind the lens series In the age of digital photography people often tell us it's pointless to print anymore no one cares, but our business is very much built around printing a great print of a great image will always have more impact than the digital version To see what limited edition prints we currently have availlable go to https://www.justingagephotostudio.com/fine-art-1/ You can also check out our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/justagagephotography/
Behind the Lens #4 - colorful lights Urbex model urban style photo shoot
This Video is about our colorful Urbex model urban style photo shoot. Join us behind the lens as we shoot a very colorful Urbex, Bikini/lingerie fashion Shoot. We wanted to use our studio in the middle of the remodel to get a very Urban style with bright colors and lights because these shots are often just done in Black and white. Often with a Sexy Naked model. So we really wanted to go the complete opposite direction, still have a sexy Model but actually style her Again instead of doing a tutorial, we are just inviting you behind the scenes and showing you haw we actually got the shot. As per the previous video, the styling was the starting line in this concept. We are not sponsored for the outfits we just do research and shop allot :P We will be shooting with Cindy again in the near future it was our first time working with her but will not be the last The Light set up was very basic 3 godox DE 300 Comical footage punctuation from The devil wears Prada borrowed from Fandango To see the pictures and order prints go to : To see more of our work visit our website https://www.justingagephotostudio.com Instagram, Twitter @justagage https://fb.com/justagagephotography Link to this photo on Fine art America https://fineartamerica.com/products/in-the-hood-justin-gage-canvas-print.html
behind the scenes photoshoot - recycled leather mad max styling Sainte Morgane
Another www.justingagephotostudio.com backstage video We braught the Terrific trio Back Buf Morgane our muse and model Alana our hair and Makeup artist And Justin our photographer. The setting of this image is very much out of the mad max universe but as you will see in the video, all the styling was created from recycled materials such as bustier from repurposed leather and a halo from junk plastic More than just taking pretty pictures we want to tell a story to leave people thinking about things. The theme this time was Modern day Slavery of the Artist communities. Our world LIVES in the shadow of the product of creative people. From the music, to the images down to the very packaging of the gum an artist or several is behind that. Yet their work is often not payed, their creations are pirated and knocked of by the industries and mass produced and marketed. All for that Glorious line "it will give you great exposure" People let's call it what it is Abusing these creative people is Slavery. Artists have been led to believe they must give themselves for free in the hopes of one day getting paid for their work... but let's be realistic here... No one is EVER going to pay for what they think they can get for free. ANd so the cycle continues. It's up to the artists to say NO! We have value, our time, our talent, our training, our gear, our ideas have Value.
Carolina Guna Fashion Show 2017
Spanish designer Carolina Guna presented her new collection at the 70 th Cannes film festival World peace Night, Adventure of humanity, in Honor of the Jackson Family foundation
Naomi's kitchen Teaser
recycling leggings timelapse
outfit made for upcoming shoot www.justingagephotostudio.com
Behind the scenes on our Wolf photo shoot
www.justingagephotostudio.com Behind the scenes on our Wolf photo shoot on a campaign we did against wolf poaching in the Mercantour Photography can be seen on www.collectifanimalier06.org https://www.facebook.com/lartcontrelafourrure An animal rights shoot in France for the protection of wolves that have just been taken off the Protected list
Carolina Guna 2016
Carolina Guna's fashion show 2016 at villa oxygene, Cannes
Mzungu photographer in Uganda
join the C4C.mc team in Uganda, come meet the kids, join the family.
Sabine photoshoot - ( Mike Posner Ibiza soundtrack)
Behind the scenes with photographer Sabine Dutreux https://www.facebook.com/Dutreux-sabine-1694278204220585/?pnref=story
Behind the Lens #8 Boom HEADSHOT with model Camille, wet tshirt, pool and portrait shots
black and white, studio, Urbex model urban style photo shoot, Boom HEADSHOT , model, Camille, wet tshirt, pool, portrait, shots
Behind the Lens #2 - 3 parts of our creative process Arle-queen Black and white abstract photo shoot
This video is about 3 steps in our creative process as illustrated in our Arle-queen themed Bikini model shoot Our First step is always about the styling as Justin comes from a styling, fashion and design background. The second part, like any boy scout, Preparation The third is lighting. We like to keep our lighting consistent as this allows Alana to work consistently on her makeup as she can have an idea of what a certain makeup effect will produce on camera with THAT lighting, This also is a subtle piece of Brand Identity. This shoot is intended for prints at our expos in Large formats, we wanted shots that would almost look like an abstract black and white geometric painting upon first impression the Full images can be seen on https://fineartamerica.com/products/arle-queen-cannes-justin-gage-canvas-print.html Or our private galleries www.justingagephotostudio.com/fineart This image is available for order on our licensed merchandise via these sites.
www.justingagephotostudios .com our Shoot with our friend Christina Vyas during the Cannes film Festival Like us on Facebook www.facebook.com/justagagephotography
www.justingagephotostudio.com English speaking commercial photographer on the french riviera presents EYE candy with Model Morgane Buf @justagage instagram and twitter
Laura photoshoot
Justin Channel intro
this is an introduction video for our youtube channele
Behind the Lens #1 portrait photography and makeup session of russian model Alina
This video is about our First ever behind the lens series featuring russian model Alina who got her first Portrait photography and RCMA experience with us. For more on the products we use from RCMA check out Camera Ready Cosmetics https://camerareadycosmetics.com/collections/rcma
mermaid shoot Prep
Hair styling and Makeup prep work for mermaid shoot in Nice on the French Riviera Model Ambre Aint-Clare https://www.facebook.com/AmbreSaintClareMermaidPerformer Photo by Justin A. GAGE www.justingagephotostudio.com www.facebook.com/justagagephotography M.U.A by Alana Gage. Hair by Pascal Rolland. And a special MERCI to my Friend and manager Cedric Bonnassies for his continued work and support on this project.
Carolina Guna 2018 Fashion show at Villa Oxygene
This Is the 2018 fashion show of spnish designer Carolina Guna
Mail Call #2 Unboxing spriral note book mini portfolio review sent by SAAL Digital
https://www.saal-digital.fr/ Unboxing of our notebook ordered from SAAL Digital. Nothing but great reviews and feedback on this product. It feels expensive and luxurious. It very much has that fine art quality to it. Very Happy with the texture of the premium paper (just try and count how many times I talk about the texture in this video) Mail call is a concept we had been doing by live streaming the unboxing of our deliveries on Facebook. these videos ended up being very long and had an attention span of 48 hours so we have decided to keep the concept but edit it down. In this episode of Mail call, we unbox the spiral note book from SAAL-Digital, they were Kind enough to send us a coupon to text this product out.... If you can't tell from watching the video... WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE the texture of the premium paper. The prints are clean with great detail even in the darker areas, the whites also have great detail and texture. Very happy with this mini portfolio, easy to stick in my messenger bag or camera bag and I think it's something clients could go for. Would even be happy printing a small Fine art calendar on this format. We Printed an assortment of color and black and white photography in this notebook to get a feeling on how it would translate to the paper. Very happy with the result the colorful images are vibrant and the blacks still have allot of detail To see what limited edition prints we currently have available go to https://www.justingagephotostudio.com... You can also check out our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/justagagepho... Justin GAGE PHOTO STUDIO
recycling a dress timelapse
Photographer Justin Gage from www.justingagephotostudio.com creates a unique dress by cutting up a basic jersey dress
Behind the Lens #9 Setting up "Grand Prix des Artistes" at Espace Miramar on the Croisette in Cannes
Setting up "Grand Prix des Artistes" at Espace Miramar on the Croisette in Cannes Justin Gage is once again a member of the jury Quick interview with award winning artist Dana York This installation took 13 hours
Behind the Lens #7 April fools, bloopers, epic fails and etited moments
welcome to our April fools special episode compiling some if the stuff that happened in our episodes you didn't see
Mail Call! Our makeup artist Unboxing RCMA foundations order from Camera ready cosmetics
Mail Call! Our makeup artist Unboxing RCMA foundations order from Camera ready cosmetics Among other reasons Alana will cover in future videos we do absolutly love that RCMA is Cruelty Free.
Behind the Lense Tarah
www.justingagephotostudio.com Footage from our shoot with 4th miss france beauty runner up
Hype fashions comp card shoot
Shoot for comp cards of 2 new models on the Hype team. Enjoy feel free to comment rate and pss on, Specific credits at the end. COntacts on www.hypefashions.com
Camille photoshoot
To have a description of the makeup process visit the blog http://www.justingagephotostudio.com/new-blog/2017/1/11/coconut-oil-makeup Model: Camille https://www.facebook.com/Camille-709956222495214/?fref=ts Makeup artist: Beaux Visage By Alana https://www.facebook.com/beauxvisagesbyalana/ RCMA Foundation Pure Flow Coco nut Oil A very special thank to Toma N who specifically composed the track for us! https://www.facebook.com/thomas.noel.79
Behind the Lens #6 Shoot me I'm famous Opening night at SABRALON in Cannes
Welcome behind the Lens. In this episode we take you to Cannes at Sabralon Fine art photo studio for the opening night. Alon and Melinda are Launching their " shoot me I'm Famous " Concept as well as the Street art exhibition Of Cannes street art Sabralon - Galerie/Studio Photo 14 rue des Halles, Cannes- FRANCE [email protected] http://www.sabralon.com