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The final bow : Neena Maam's last speech as Headmistress !
Neena Shrivastava retired as the headmistress and a teacher of Dnyan Pushpa Vidya Niketan School.This video is of her final speech to the teachers and students alike in an event held in her farewell on 31st December 2013
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Republic Day 2010 (Navi-mumbai)
Republic Day Parade held at Vashi,Navi-Mumbai
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CBD Belapur Street football
Local friends playing classic street football !!
Views: 2969 Tejas Deshpande
Awww . . . Dog teaches a puppy how to go down stairs.
Just a random video found on Facebook. Credits : https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=540808375937053
Views: 17775 Tejas Deshpande
Ganpati Gele Gavala Chain padena amhala
Ganapati visarjan of my home ganapati
Views: 2920 Tejas Deshpande
Darjeeling Toy Train !
The heritage toy train ride of Darjeeling !
Views: 160 Tejas Deshpande
[Hilarious] Bull tripping while chasing !
A hilarious video about a bull falling while chasing ! Really funny ! credits :https://www.facebook.com/MostPopularVideosOnFacebok?ref=ts&fref=ts
Views: 3014 Tejas Deshpande
[ACPCE] Gadekar's shuts my pc off !
All my friends had come home for taking darshan of ganpati.After darshan we were just watching a video on you tube when my friend gadkar crashes the pc due ti his antics.Just see him searching a pin for his mobile and then switching the pc off unknowingly in that process !
Views: 116 Tejas Deshpande
A super epic prank !
A super epic prank played as a promotion for a horror movie in a coffee shop.Video rights owned by the concerned company.I am just sharing this for pure fun
Views: 622 Tejas Deshpande
Indian National Anthem-Instrumental
Indian National Anthem played by the best instrumental musicians from India
Views: 102 Tejas Deshpande
Krishna River Overflowing !
A video taken near Narsinghwadi,Kolhapur of the might krishna river going over a bridge completely submerging it !
Views: 151 Tejas Deshpande
Happy Birthday Furry !
Happy birthday to Furry,my friend from Canada !
Views: 880 Tejas Deshpande
Funny Water Accidents
Funny video depicting unfortunate yet funny water accidents
Views: 416 Tejas Deshpande
Warkaris[Voyage to pandharpur]
Warkaris travel during June-July with the alandi and other various palkhis to Pandharpur home to one of lord Krishna's incarnations Vitthal.This is a video enroute taken at a place called shivri.For more details on the Wari and my experience do visit my blog for an article on the same: http://tejasforyou.blogspot.in/2012/06/alandi-pandharpur-ashadi-wari-2012.html
Views: 287 Tejas Deshpande
MSP video on "Cloud Computing Through Windows Azure"
Presenting Myself,Tejas S. Deshpande(S.E EXTC),Navi-mumbai speaking on "Cloud Computing Through Windows Azure"
Views: 97 Tejas Deshpande
The Mozilla Story
The story of Mozilla Firefox. All the Content of the video and the product belongs to Mozilla Firefox.No copyright infringement intended.
Views: 455 Tejas Deshpande
A Rainy day in CBD Belapur
Capturing the Stormy rain that fell on 28-29th of August!.
Views: 158 Tejas Deshpande
[Animal Fun] A very cute Squirrel Eating a leaf with unparalleled enthusiam
While on my visit to Sajjangad fort(Satara district,Maharashtra state,India) i saw a squirrel eating a leaf standing on the edge of a cliff as if there was no tomorrow ! Hats off for the cute nibbler
Views: 108 Tejas Deshpande
[Hilarious !!] Rakshit shows how to fall !
Me,my 2 friends had gone on a short trek to nearby hill.Rakshit was upto his antics as usual.I just managed to get one of those on camera ! Hilarious video !
Views: 97 Tejas Deshpande
Aeroplane taking off
Plane taking off from Kolkatta going toward Mumbai
Views: 224 Tejas Deshpande
Cloud Computing Concept
Video Explaning whole of "Cloud computing" concept
Views: 135 Tejas Deshpande
Cat's Antics
Just a random encounter with a cat resulting in a hilarious video..! Dedicated to my dear cat lover friend asmi...!
Views: 37 Tejas Deshpande
Arti done before begining the food distribution
All the good things are started by chanting the Lord's name and doing pooja.This puja was done by my Grandpa who has been doing it since the inception of the program.For more details on the Wari and my experience do visit my blog for an article on the same: http://tejasforyou.blogspot.in/2012/06/alandi-pandharpur-ashadi-wari-2012.html
Views: 86 Tejas Deshpande
Sunrise from top of SajjanGad Fort
Beautiful sunrise spotted by me from top of SajjanGad Fort Satara
Views: 197 Tejas Deshpande
View of Torna and surrounding regions
View from Base of Torna Fort as we were descending down from torna fort. For more details on the trek do visit my blog : http://tejasforyou.blogspot.in/2013/07/trek-to-torna.html
Views: 50 Tejas Deshpande
[Hilarious] ]What a shot !
Student getting hit by a duster due to his foolhardiness ! Must watch for all students how not to play a prank !
Views: 114 Tejas Deshpande
A lizard spotted !
A lizard encountered while hiking in CBD belapur,Maharashtra,India
Views: 50 Tejas Deshpande
Lalbaugcha Raja 2012 Darshan
Here is a clip of Lalbaugcha raja taken by me when i had gone to get blessings from the Lord
Views: 178 Tejas Deshpande
"DAGAD" fun with yash and sumedh
What to say now.Its just too hilarious!
Views: 67 Tejas Deshpande
Question answer session of "Cloud Computing".AVI
Question Answer session after my talk on "Cloud Computing"
Views: 65 Tejas Deshpande
Ganpati Visarjan 2013
The visarjan of my home ganpati
Views: 799 Tejas Deshpande
Question answer session of "Cloud Computing" 2 .AVI
Question Answer session after my talk on "Cloud Computing"
Views: 62 Tejas Deshpande
LTT Trivandrum Netravati Express running in Kerala
LTT Tiruvananthpuram Netravati Express
Views: 303 Tejas Deshpande
Cloud computing using Windows Azure
Explaining to the class what is cloud computing all about
Views: 39 Tejas Deshpande
Beautiful Waterfall in breathtaking beauty
A Beautiful Waterfall encountered during the journey from gantok(Sikkim) to valley of Lachung
Views: 39 Tejas Deshpande
Playing with Fire
My friend Dilpreet Singh nahal playing with fire :)
Views: 43 Tejas Deshpande
Green grasslands!
This video was taken by me while on Netravati Express of a beautiful grassland i encountered in Kerala
Views: 123 Tejas Deshpande
Sap TechEd 2017 , Bangalore Preview
Sap tech ed Bangalore gave a deep insight into workings of sap and it’s roadmap. This video is just meant as a trailer for the same. I do not own any of the copyrights and have shared content taken by my own camera and modification done using iMovie app.
Views: 30 Tejas Deshpande
Alandi Palkhi padukas
Every year the voyage from alandi to pandharpur is carried out by carriying footwear of Sant Dnyaneshwar.For more details on the Wari and my experience do visit my blog for an article on the same: http://tejasforyou.blogspot.in/2012/06/alandi-pandharpur-ashadi-wari-2012.html
Views: 279 Tejas Deshpande
Beautiful lake in kerala(god's own abode at its best)
One of the lakes encountered while travelling from Trivandrum Kerala to Mumbai in Netravati express
Views: 113 Tejas Deshpande
"I am Anna"
A non-verbal skit performed in college for the purpose of extempore communication skills.This play aimed at empowering the public to fight against corruption
Views: 137 Tejas Deshpande

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