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Counterfeit Culture Moscow: Inside the Russian Fashion Black Market
For the second installment of Counterfeit Culture, Highsnobiety’s first-ever documentary series, we headed to Moscow to find what’s driving Russia’s thriving market for fake streetwear. Russia’s counterfeit industry stretches back decades, to when Communism isolated the country from Western products. Now, almost 30 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia’s borders are open, but a fragile economy, international sanctions and low wages has kept the country’s demand for fakes alive and well. DIRECTOR / EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Thomas Jamison PRESENTER / PRODUCER Alec Leach DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Robin Thomson ART DIRECTION Louie McPherson EDITOR Louie McPherson Robin Thomson ASSISTANT PRODUCER Kiril Astrakhantsev SECOND CAMERA Sergey Kostromin Dana Reeves ÖMANKÖ x OZIO SOUND DESIGN Joscha Baltes TRANSLATION Anni Tabagua SPECIAL THANKS TO Johan Kropp Mischa Smeljanskij Nikita Seltsov Sam Walker FOLLOW US Facebook: https://facebook.com/highsnobiety Twitter: https://twitter.com/highsnobiety Instagram: https://instagram.com/highsnobiety/ View more Highsnobiety videos here: http://hsnob.co/qh67
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Fashion Behind the Iron Curtain. The Story of Fashion industry in USSR
Those born with artistic taste and a love of all beauty were doomed if they were born in the Soviet Union. Practicality and uniformity dictated all spheres of life, including fashion. Our heroes begged to differ, becoming the vivid flecks on the Iron Curtain’s drab surface. Strange as it may sound, it was not fashionable to be fashionable in the USSR. The Soviet Union dictated that people should wear simple clothes made of cheap, rudimentary materials that would better suit the working class. But there is always someone who wants to think – and dress – outside the box. Slava Zaitsev and Leka Mironova were among those people in the USSR. Find out about the past and future of the famous Russian designer and the top Soviet model, only on RTDoc. SUBSCRIBE TO RTD Channel to get documentaries firsthand! http://bit.ly/1MgFbVy FOLLOW US RTD WEBSITE: http://RTD.rt.com/ RTD ON TWITTER: http://twitter.com/RT_DOC RTD ON FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/RTDocumentary RTD ON DAILYMOTION http://www.dailymotion.com/rt_doc RTD ON INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/rt_documentary/ RTD LIVE http://rtd.rt.com/on-air/
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What Students in PARIS are ACTUALLY wearing | ART SCHOOL
Hi! Today I’m taking you inside my French Art school to show you what students in Paris are actually wearing! Inspired by the series by Lexie Lombard, “What highschoolers are actually wearing”, filmed in LA and other cities around the USA, I decided to reincarnate the theme in Europe by showcasing the French/Parisian aesthetic. Personally, I think that the “French girl style” has been stereotyped as very minimal (thanks to French new wave cinema)—so I decided to use my unique situation as an American student in Paris to show you how Parisians really dress! My own fashion is thought of as quite “extra” in France (lots of color and 80s/90s patterns clothes hauls), and I used to think Parisians dressed chic, for sure, but with out much eccentricity…but that is until I went to art school ;) For non French people, the French can be a bit mysterious—especially in a school setting so I decided to not just film the student’s OOTDs or looks, but also interview them. The interviews are in French with English subtitles (and took me so long to do—wow) but it was worth the trouble because this way you can follow along! What you will find is a diverse group of young internationals and a very interesting lookbook—from “norm core” to Art hoe Aesthetic to French guys in thrift store dresses. Althought there are some wild cards, it’s true that there are still quite a few minimalists and simple androgyne style. It was very interesting to me to see that most students got their clothes from thrift shops (or Friperies as they call them) like Emmaus or Guerrisol (sort of like Goodwill) or fast fashion stores like Zara or H & M. . It’s also really enlightening to learn each individuals relationship to fashion and the effects of their environment on their personal identity. Here are the questions I asked: Who are you? Where do you go shopping in Paris? Where are your clothes from? Do you think it’s hard to dress like what you want in France with out getting judged? I really liked doing these interviews and will continue to interview French people around Paris and explore the place that clothing and style through personal expression has in my life. Thanks for watching & make sure to Subscribe for more content in French/English! Want more? Here is a link to other places you can find me online! MY SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: _purple_palace Follow me on depop! @purplepalace SOCIALS OF PPL IN VIDEO instagrams! @adam_bld @_purple_palace @almajelavy @lilyflume @Sarah.daria @Vincentrasclard @pchaedalle @pchaebiole @javasphr @reibrab @zekharia (if not listed they either don’t have an insta or don’t want to be listed!) ❤️❤️ MUSIC: LE TIGRE DECEPTACON, DJ QUADS, YELLOW DAYS oui je sais que c'est Montreuil et non pas Montreal (et c'est toute con car je travailler avant à Montreuil--juste une typo que je ne peux pas corriger malheureusement haha!) Blog: www.WitchyParis.com Down below are some FAQS that I get. I do accept video requests in the comments (but won't promise sh*t) and almost always reply back! FAQS What kind of camera do you use? Canon G7X What video software do you use? Final Cut pro X How often do you post? I try to post a Paris vlog at least once a week! What do you study? I study Fine art/multimedia. You can see my work here: @_purple_palace Why do you live in France? I moved to Paris to be an Au pair and then met my love (as you do in France) and then got married and built a life here :) Is Paris safe? This is such a broad question but in short--yes and no! Check out my video: Biggest French culture shock to understand what I mean... Do you speak French fluently? Yes, check out some of my videos completely in French Where do you live in France? Paris Why did you start youtube? Because I miss speaking in English and I wanted to build a community where I share a bit of my experience as an American abroad/help people? Plus it's fun AF How can I get a visa to France? it depends on what your goals are..Check out my video on how to move to France on a budget to get some ideas on visas, etc. Can we collaborate? I love the idea of collaborating and if you think our channels could vibe well and your in the Paris region please send me a mail! What arrondissement of Paris is the best? The 20th, duh ;) Where do you shop in France? Thrift stores like guerrisol are my favourite..Check out my video "Come thrifting with me in Paris" to see more. See you guys soon and stay inspired!!
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Russian Model Enjoys Fast Drive in Porsche Boxster in Minsk, Belarus
Follow her on instagram : katy4maggio
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How to Shop at a Russian Supermarket
Adina Steiman takes a stroll through the aisles of NetCost, a Russian supermarket in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Still haven’t subscribed to Epicurious on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/epiyoutubesub ABOUT EPICURIOUS Browse thousands of recipes and videos from Bon Appétit, Gourmet, and more. Find inventive cooking ideas, ingredients, and restaurant menus from the world’s largest food archive. How to Shop at a Russian Supermarket
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Russian Market, Life in Small Russian Town. Russia 2013
Typical Russian Market where you can buy clothes, underwear, footwear and accessories, all new. This type of markets used to be very popular after USSR collapsed, during Perestroika (90's). Give me a little bit your love ;) become a patron- https://www.patreon.com/JannaTravels please - SUBSCRIBE - http://youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=vacationality :D - CAMERA I used to make this video - https://kit.com/JannaTravels/minimalist-youtube-filming-gear My Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/jankaanglichanka Thank you SO MUCH everyone for LIKES, Comments and SUBSCRIPTION! My FOREX Channel: http://www.youtube.com/c/JannaFX Watch my other cool playlists: Trip to Beautiful Latvia http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoC8MiaGeBlemy5RiUEjLcHi9oDLvzbWW Trip to Amazing Spain http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL79508217E13B18EF Trip to Beautiful Portugal https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoC8MiaGeBlcAwnW8Gpva5VZku3TD4EVO Life in Wild Russia http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA585EA007CC3E58B Life in Incredible America http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL96E0D2D6C9D2574E Life in Great Britain http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL36AA70EB5E29E84A
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Russia's First Gay Married Couple Had To Run For Their Lives (HBO)
Yevgeny Voitsekhovsky and Pavel Stotsko aren't just a married gay couple — they were the first married gay couple in Russia after their January marriage was officially recognized by a government official. But their bliss was short lived, and they were quickly forced to flee the country in fear for their lives. The couple has been staying ever since in a small town in the Netherlands, where they spoke exclusively to VICE News. Although gay marriage is illegal in Russia, Voitsekhovsky and Stotsko took advantage of a loophole earlier this year after discovering the government recognizes foreign marriages. The couple wed in Denmark in January, seven years after they first started dating. On their return to Russia, they took their internal passports to a government office to be officially registered. To their surprise, registering at the municipality office went off without a hitch. “They just took our marriage certificate and stamped our passports,” Pavel Stotsko told VICE News. “At the time, the woman that did it saw that there are two men before her, but she wasn't in any way shocked. She acted by the order they have that marriage registered abroad is recognized in Russia". The trouble came afterward, when the couple went on television to talk about their status as Russia’s first married gay couple. Over the next few days, they say, they were harassed by police and had their domestic passports containing their marriage stamps confiscated and canceled. On the advice of lawyers — and with the financial support of LGBT activists — Voitsekhovsky and Stotsko fled to Amsterdam, without even saying goodbye to their family. They declared themselves as asylum seekers to police at Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport, and have been living as refugees ever since. Last week, after six months of uncertainty and adjustment to life in a place very different to Russia, they received their permanent resident cards. “We went to gay parade in Amsterdam and there we could hold hands in public for the first time in the street because we saw same sex couples — females, males — who were also walking holding hands without any problems,” said Yevgeny Voitsekhovsky. “No one was abusing them by shouting insults behind their backs. No one was threatened physically. We know that we are in a safe environment.” Subscribe to VICE News here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-News Check out VICE News for more: http://vicenews.com Follow VICE News here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vicenews Twitter: https://twitter.com/vicenews Tumblr: http://vicenews.tumblr.com/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/vicenews More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo
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The Power of Knowing Who Made Your Clothes | Kohl Crecelius | TEDxTemecula
It has been proven time and again that fast fashion is harmful to our planet and the people who are a part of the manufacturing process, but there is an even larger issue at stake. Social entrepreneur Kohl Crecelius argues that the negative consequences of fast fashion are only a symptom to an even greater humanitarian crisis we face: our own lack on humanity. Though it serves as an example of this problem, fashion and apparel are also uniquely positioned to be part of the solution for building a shared sense of humanity and better connecting our world. Kohl and his company KNOWN SUPPLY have worked for over a decade to use technology and production partnerships to celebrate the makers of the clothes they sell. Every shirt or apparel item they sell is hand-signed by the person who made it and by visiting the KNOWN SUPPLY website shoppers can learn more about the specific person who made their product. Through these one-to-one connections and an intentional approach to collaboration within the industry, KNOWN SUPPLY is modeling how fashion can be leveraged to help humanity instead of simply taking advantage of it. This is ethical fashion, not fast fashion. Kohl Crecelius has over a decade of experience as a social entrepreneur in the fashion industry. Through his work as CEO / Co-founder of KNOWN SUPPLY and Krochet Kids intl. he has worked to highlight the forgotten individuals behind the clothing we wear, as well as raise awareness to shoppers about the impacts of their purchases. Ultimately, he has a vision to humanize the fashion industry in order to make it fairer for all involved. His brands are distributed internationally through their website and retail partners. Their partner-driven approach to apparel is even helping other companies use their clothing to share this positive message of transparency and impact. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx
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Fast Elevator Prank Beautiful Russian Girl
NUEVO CANAL DE TOPVIDEOS https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVyadiAp3ifhyVKdurtOhDQ
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Counterfeit Culture | Seoul: A Look Inside Korea’s Fake Fashion World
Part II Counterfeit Culture Moscow https://youtu.be/MwJTT1D2PbE In recent years, Korea has emerged as one of the world’s fastest-growing fashion markets. Koreans are obsessed with fashion, and the country produces scores of talented designers, many of whom are now breaking out onto the global stage. Beneath the surface, though, there’s an insane market for counterfeit streetwear. Of course, you can find fake clothing all over the globe, but there’s places in Seoul that are selling convincing knock-offs of hyped brands like Raf Simons, Off-White, Balenciaga and Fear Of God. Credits EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Thomas Jamison PRODUCER / PRESENTER Alec Leach ASSITANT PRODUCER Kam Dhillon VIDEOGRAPHY Ollie Walker EDIT / DESIGN Robin Thomson Louie McPherson SOUND DESIGN Joscha Baltes FEATURING Elise Hu Young Jon Koo FOLLOW US Facebook: https://facebook.com/highsnobiety Twitter: https://twitter.com/highsnobiety Instagram: https://instagram.com/highsnobiety/ View more Highsnobiety videos here: http://hsnob.co/qh67
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Procrastination In Language Learning (Fast Russian)
Привет! Сегодня я хочу поговорить о прокрастинации и высказать 3 свои мысли касательно этого явления. Hi there! Today I want to talk about procrastination and outspeak 3 my thoughts about this phenomenon. If you found this channel useful you can support my project: https://www.paypal.me/MaxPimenov All videos sorted by level: For intermediate: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNHnL8hclQYtHzdmUM58OR8pg3e-6JAeM For beginners: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNHnL8hclQYs3AXMufx8R1dYrp7jJzXLk Slow Russian listening videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KS82DPA66FU&list=PLNHnL8hclQYuBsk3dVs9H3_fudaJbExLu
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Run w/ Russia | Fashion Showroom, Youtube Space
My Blog : www.russiamei.blogspot.com My Twitter: https://twitter.com/coralbe... My Instagram:coralbeauty980 My email: [email protected] KiK:divacutie98 Tumblr:http://beautydiva980.tumblr...
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Unnecessary Pressure | Fast Russian
Here I am talking about pressure that's not needed at all and what I think about it. I have been studying for 4 years now, and I am super happy to be done! BeFluent Class- http://befluentclass.com Shirt I'm wearing- https://www.befluentclass.com/store Support Languages- https://www.patreon.com/fedor_shirin Facebook Community- https://www.facebook.com/groups/169010980342785/?ref=bookmarks Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/befluentinrussian/ Me VK- https://www.vk.com/id16737366 Email- [email protected]
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MIRANDA KERR for H&M Spring 2014 Fashion collection
Miranda Kerr makes high street look high fashion in the new H&M campaign, for spring summer 2014. The hotly-anticipated campaign images, which have just been released, show the Australian supermodel showcasing the Swedish brand's new spring range. While the collection doesn't land in stores until mid March, Miranda has given us a sneak peek of what's to come. The 30-year-old looks like the ultimate girl next door as she models flirty off-the-shoulder blouses, crisp white shirts and figure-hugging midi skirts in the urban shoot. The collection mixes very feminine pieces with masculine tailoring, which Miranda showcases in pretty pink tops toughened up with leather-look shorts and sharp blazers. The campaign has a real California-cool style, focusing on the beauty of spring in an urban setting,' says the brand. In addition to currently fronting campaigns for ShopStyle, Clear Scalp & Hair and Swarovski, the mother-of-one is revelling in her role for the fast fashion retailer. YOUTUBE CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/fashionchannel WEB TV: http://www.fashionchannel.it/en/web-tv FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/fashionchannelmilano TWITTER: https://twitter.com/FashionChannelP PINTEREST: http://pinterest.com/fashionchannel INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/fashionchanneltv Лучшие видео и эксклюзивные моменты международных модных показов, репортажи с самых значительных недель моды во всем мире, начиная с 1982 года по настоящее время. Закулисная жизнь, секреты стилистов по макияжу и прическам, любопытные подробности о мире моды, звезды, фотосъемки, видеоролики дизайнеров и моделей, обзоры с красных ковровых дорожек и вечеринок, сплетни, все это и конечно же видео с показов всех известных дизайнеров планеты, доступные для просмотра в формате HD на канале FASHION CHANNEL RUSSIA на Youtube. FASHION CHANNEL RUSSIA постоянно предлагает для просмотра новые и интересные видео из мира моды. WEBSITE: http://www.fashionchannel.it
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FAST THOUGHTS: Despite The Ravages Of The Russian Winter, Style Prevails!
https://youtu.be/qdJbjRwOo7A DURATION: 00m59s -- FAST THOUGHTS: Poles and Russians. Swagger and fashion sense. They still have it. In spades. They still have that oh-so magic touch. You know, I miss living in Europe where everyone takes meticulous care of their personal appearance, their attire, their shoes. All that. Even in the midst of the worst of winter, Russians style it up. Hats, coats, gloves, shoes, it doesn’t matter. Eyes darting to and fro. Snow, slush, and continuously falling snowflakes won’t dissuade them in the least. Man, I’ve dearly missed this. Thanking you again for your support and time. I know how difficult it sometimes can be to sit through a long video. Any free bit of time you devote to watching my material, know for that I am profusely grateful for it. ::: PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, AND KINDLY TELL YOUR FRIENDS IF YOU LIKE WHAT YOU'VE SEEN -- for as Lionel Nation says, "...it's good for the algorithm!" I remain, Your abiding, ADM http://instagram.com/TheRealADM
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Designer Yulia Vorobieva http://www.notjustalabel.com/turbo_yulia Director Alexei Platonov https://vimeo.com/hello4s4r Camera Alexei Lukin Make up Oxana Laskina Models Maria Belova, Anastasia Chernova, Lisa Ostanina, Yulia Vorobieva, Maxim Zhkov Assistants Ivan Makarov, Alexander Shilov 5-9 декабря 2013 при поддержке Британского Совета, Московской Школы Кино и Interview Россия в Москве прошел Fashion Film Workshop - первый профессиональный воркшоп для российских дизайнеров и режиссеров, посвященный формату fashion-фильмов. 11 российских дизайнеров в течение 5 дней снимали fashion-фильмы в сотрудничестве с российскими режиссерами и съемочными командами и с кураторской поддержкой таких известных британских видео-художников как Кэтрин Фергюсон, Алекс Терви, Грейс Ладойя и Мари Шуллер (SHOWstudio.com). Премьера фильмов состоялась 18 февраля 2014 на Неделе Моды в Лондоне. 6 марта 2014 на культовом fashion-film портале SHOWstudio состоялась онлайн-премьера проекта. Подробнее: http://ukrussia2014.ru/event/russian-designers-at-international-fashion-showcase The first Fashion Film Workshop, organised jointly by British Council and Moscow Film School with media support from Interview Russia, took place in Moscow from 5th until 9th December 2013. Eleven Russian fashion designers teamed up with Russian filmmakers and eleven fashion films were created over five days. British Council have invited the curator of "Dressing The Screen: The Rise of Fashion Film" exhibition and filmmaker Kathryn Ferguson as well as three other renowned filmmakers - Grace Ladoja, Alex Turvey and Marie Shuller of SHOWstudio - to lead the workshop. The films premiered at London Fashion Week on 18th Feb 2012, followed by online premiere on www.SHOWstudio.com More info: http://ukrussia2014.ru/en/event/russian-designers-international-fashion-showcase/ #fashionfilmmoscow #dressingthescreen #russianfashionfilm #russianfashion #showstudio #ffdigest #RussianFF #UKRussiaYoC
Firmetrade: WHOLESALE CLOTHING BRANDED - Made in Italy
Since 1992 our Company is specialized in the trade of branded and Made in Italy clothing and accessories. Designer Made in Italy fast fashion and accessories for Men, Women and Children at Stock Price and Free Choice. We are designer and made in Italy clothing and accessories wholesalers, in Italy and foreign countries, with an extraordinary match among quality, trademark and price. We have been staying on the national market for many years, and we stand out for our experience, reliability and transparency. To purchase, the VAT is not required We are on international market too and we already have customers in Russia, Switzerland, Latvia, Spain, Greece, Armenia, Belarus, Denmark, Germany, Luxemburg, Canada, Serbia, Nederland, United States, Ireland, France, Great Britain, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Slovakia, Lebanon, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Canary Islands, Czech Republic, Malta, Austria and Israel. ... we expect You in Naples, one of the most beautiful town in the world! (we are very close to the airport)
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Collective Show Made in Russia | Spring Summer 2018 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive
Collective Show Made in Russia | Spring Summer 2018 by *** | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen - Exclusive Video - MBFWR/Moscow Fashion Week)
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My favorite dish – Fast Russian – English and Russian subs
Join my FREE email course – http://realrussianclub.com/subscribe Transcript: Сегодня я хочу рассказать вам про мое любимое блюдо. И, конечно, это ужасный стереотип, но я обожаю пельмени. Я действительно люблю пельмени. Я не знаю... Со сметаной, с перчиком, с чесночно-уксусным соусом... Живот заурчал... Кошмар. В общем, я готова есть пельмени каждый день. Я бы ела их постоянно. Но, конечно, это очень вредно. Потому что что такое пельмени? Пельмени – это мясо в тесте. Вроде бы, просто, но каждый день, конечно, это очень вредно. От этого толстеют, потому что обычно я наваливаю еще гору сметаны, соли, чтобы было вкусно. Хочу есть... Пельмени, ладно. Я люблю делать пельмени. Но это сложно. Даже не сложно, это долго. Это надо сделать тесто, это надо сделать фарш, потом сесть, слепить сто штук, заморозить их. Это требует времени, поэтому пельмени я ем не очень часто, но еще раз скажу – я обожаю пельмени, это моё самое любимое блюдо. 🥇Support my channel on Patreon – https://www.patreon.com/realrussianclub
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How to learn Russian fast and effective. Advices
Russian subtitles are available. Use subtitles translations for other languages :) Advise how to study Russian fast. How to develop different language skills. Secrets of effective learning Russian language. P.S. regarding lessons online send request to [email protected]
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Russia  fashion Sony a6000
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Weekly Russian Words with Katya - Clothing Actions
Get Katya's Word List for FREE http://www.russianpod101.com/russian-vocabulary-lists/clothing-actions In this lesson, you'll learn Russian clothing action words. Subscribe for more videos: http://j.mp/RussianPod101 find out more about this lesson, go to: http://www.russianpod101.com/2014/12/02/russian-words-of-the-week-with-katya-for-intermediate-learners-5-clothing-actions/ Please LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT on our videos! We really appreciate it. Thanks! Want more Russian learning videos? Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyLQnkiFTb4&list=PL_knbQpx9pBetwxup_IHr47cQsYvnQhRF - Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/RussianPod101 - Google Plus : https://plus.google.com/+RussianPod101 - Twitter : https://twitter.com/RussianPod101 - Pinterest : https://www.pinterest.com/RussianPod101/ Learn Russian with real lessons by real teachers. Get your FREE Lifetime Account at http://www.RussianPod101.com/video
Alibaba expands fast in Russia but faces import taxes
Alibaba subsidiary AliExpress is one of the most popular online shopping platforms in Russia, with an estimated 15.5 million customers each month. Online purchases on the platform represent a significant chunk of the local e-commerce market. However, a new Russian law could limit the growth of AliExpress as Moscow seeks to support domestic online retailers. Subscribe to us on YouTube: https://goo.gl/lP12gA Download our APP on Apple Store (iOS): https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cctvnews-app/id922456579?l=zh&ls=1&mt=8 Download our APP on Google Play (Android): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.imib.cctv Follow us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChinaGlobalTVNetwork/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cgtn/?hl=zh-cn Twitter: https://twitter.com/CGTNOfficial Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/CGTNOfficial/ Tumblr: http://cctvnews.tumblr.com/ Weibo: http://weibo.com/cctvnewsbeijing
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RASPUTIN - Vladimir Putin - Love The Way You Move (Funk Overload) @slocband
SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5fby9y0wBI3eLUM4WDcM38 RE-UPLOAD under permission with Slightly Left of Centre (SLC), FRESH and StudiaMONOLITH. Watch the original video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wga5A6R9BJg Buy SLC Merch: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/slightlyleftofcentre/ Subscribe to: https://www.youtube.com/slocaus SLC collectively receive ALL royalties to rightful owners. Lyrics: There lived a certain man in Russia long ago He was big and strong, in his eyes a flaming glow Most people looked at him with terror and with fear But to Moscow chicks he was such a lovely dear He could preach the bible like a preacher Full of ecstacy and fire But he also was the kind of teacher Women would desire RA RA RASPUTIN Lover of the Russian queen There was a cat that really was gone RA RA RASPUTIN Russia's greatest love machine It was a shame how he carried on He ruled the Russian land and never mind the Czar But the kasachok he danced really wunderbar In all affairs of state he was the man to please But he was real great when he had a girl to squeeze For the queen he was no wheeler dealer Though she'd heard the things he'd done She believed he was a holy healer Who would heal her son RA RA RASPUTIN Lover of the Russian queen There was a cat that really was gone RA RA RASPUTIN Russia's greatest love machine It was a shame how he carried on [Spoken:] But when his drinking and lusting and his hunger for power became known to more and more people, the demands to do something about this outrageous man became louder and louder. "This man's just got to go!" declared his enemies But the ladies begged "Don't you try to do it, please" No doubt this Rasputin had lots of hidden charms Though he was a brute they just fell into his arms Then one night some men of higher standing Set a trap, they're not to blame "Come to visit us" they kept demanding And he really came RA RA RASPUTIN Lover of the Russian queen They put some poison into his wine RA RA RASPUTIN Russia's greatest love machine He drank it all and he said "I feel fine" RA RA RASPUTIN Lover of the Russian queen They didn't quit, they wanted his head RA RA RASPUTIN Russia's greatest love machine And so they shot him till he was dead [Spoken:] Oh, those Russians...
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IC3PEAK - Грустная Сука / Sad Bitch
iTunes: http://apple.co/2zbql7A Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2rIwt2t https://www.instagram.com/ic3peak Listen or download: http://bit.ly/2BG2prO Idea, Music, Direction, Style & Production by IC3PEAK - Nick & Nastya https://www.vk.com/ic3peak https://soundcloud.com/ic3peak https://www.facebook.com/ic3peak NICK https://www.instagram.com/ic3nick NASTYA https://www.instagram.com/ndless BOOKING: [email protected] DOP - Jevgeni Bõstrov Camera Team - DAD STUDIO Executive producer - Maria Vladimirova Make-up artist - Ekaterina Stolbova Make-up artists (cast) - Alina Gladchenko, Svetlana Novikova, Madina Dzabieva, Liliya Deshkova, Maria Kozlova Style assistants - Artem Schedrov & Elena Klimova Special thanks to all the girls, Peppa pig & everyone else who helped us in creation of this video. ГРУСТНАЯ СУКА я никогда не была глупой я никогда не буду счастливой грустная сука, грустная сука да, это мой осознанный выбор я никогда не точила клыки я сразу была рождена острозубой грустная сука, грустная сука да, это мой осознанный выбор перекрестись, когда видишь меня подрываю твои убеждения порчу твой день своим блеклым лицом не волнуют твои возмущения дикие псины боятся меня и огня это не совпадение сижу и блюю на твой мраморный пол скалю зубы на тень в отражении я никогда не была глупой я никогда не буду счастливой грустная сука, грустная сука да, это мой осознанный выбор я никогда не точила клыки я сразу была рождена острозубой грустная сука, грустная сука да, это мой осознанный выбор здесь мне никто не хозяин лакшари лайф - не мой стайл я люблю грязь - это мой кайф улыбаюсь только кусая перекрестись, когда видишь меня подрываю твои убеждения порчу твой день своим блеклым лицом не волнуют твои возмущения дикие псины боятся меня и огня это не совпадение сижу и блюю на твой мраморный пол скалю зубы на тень в отражении
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Fast fashion-Price Watch-October 11-BONTV
Go to http://www.bon.tv/China-Price-Watch/ to watch the full episode Follow us on Weibo http://weibo.com/chinapricewatch
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Read The Empire's New Clothes: A History of the Russian Fashion Industry, 1700-1917
Read The Empire's New Clothes: A History of the Russian Fashion Industry, 1700-1917
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Ukraine Fashion Week - Revolution on the Runway
Check out the Best of VICE here: http://bit.ly/VICE-Best-Of Following the Euromaidan protests, Charlet heads to Kiev to see what Ukrainian Fashion Week has to offer. The capital is still reeling from months of revolutionary turmoil which has only started to die down days before the fashion week is scheduled to take place. Ukraine's fashion industry has grown rapidly in recent years. Despite the seriously unstable security situation which means many high profile attendees have cancelled their visit, fashion week organisers insist on going ahead with a unique, post-apocalyptic event which simultaneously confronts and buries the troubles. Subscribe to VICE here! http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com
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11 DIFFERENCES between life in RUSSIA and the USA
This video is about differences in American and Russian daily life. I am visiting Russia after almost a year of life in California and sharing surprising facts about differences between the two countries. Come to Russia to learn Russian - https://goo.gl/hynwfg My dress is sponsored by a company called SheIn (http://bit.ly/2rSrL05 ) (and it fits Russia - all the girls are so beautiful here!!). Related videos: 5 Things that freak me out in the USA - http://bit.ly/2ulZgwr 13 Reasons I moved to the USA - http://bit.ly/2uvyQIZ Why I moved to the Silicon Valley - http://bit.ly/2uqsHx8 ⭐ INSTAGRAM - linguamarina ⭐ FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/marina.mogilko ⭐ MY COMPANY - https://linguatrip.com ⭐ ASK ME A QUESTION - https://goo.gl/dQ9HDw FILMING EQUIPMENT 👍 CANON G7X - http://amzn.to/2l2aSfE 👍 CANON 650D - http://amzn.to/2l0ihNs 👍 RODE MIC - http://amzn.to/2l2cwOq 👍 50 MM LENS - http://amzn.to/2l0rNjr PROMOS $20 TO SPEND ON AIRBNB - https://abnb.me/e/B2yx6PJZER $20 TO SPEND ON UBER - http://ubr.to/2k1B89L
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The Congo Dandies: living in poverty and spending a fortune to look like a million dollars
“La Sape” is a unique movement based in Congo that unites fashion-conscious men who are ready to splurge money they don’t really have on designer clothes. Dressing in stark contrast with their surroundings, these elegant ambiance-makers become true local celebrities… but this fame comes at a price. The Republic of the Congo in Central Africa can’t boast of high standards of living. Yet, there are men here who are prepared to spend a fortune on designer suits. They call themselves “sapeurs” – members of the “La Sape” movement. “La Sape” comes from French and stands for “The Society of Ambiance-Makers and Elegant People”. For its adherents, it’s all about style and elegance, the right combination of colours and textures, brand-names and the highest quality materials. They derive true joy from showing off their attire on the streets of Brazzaville – the country’s capital and the centre of the “La Sape” movement. Walking down dusty streets lined with clay houses, they turn heads and feel like kings. And there’s no price they won’t pay for this. In fact, behind the image of success these dandies project, there are often stories of significant financial troubles caused by their extravagant hobby. To afford the price tag of their designer clothes, “sapeurs” have to save, borrow and even steal money, sometimes bringing ruin to their families. But even the grim consequences of their indulgent dressing habits often don’t stop “sapeurs” from spending money they don’t really have. They are in constant competition with each other and investing in their image is more important to them than improving their living conditions. Dressing smartly becomes a true addiction that is very hard to conquer. However, some “sapeurs” do strive to find a balance between looking chic and being reasonable with their spending. They insist that the “La Sape” movement isn’t about designer suits but rather developing impeccable taste. They make an emphasis on learning to dress well but within one’s means. This way, style and elegance will demand fewer sacrifices from their devotees and will be accessible to more sophisticated men. SUBSCRIBE TO RTD Channel to get documentaries firsthand! http://bit.ly/1MgFbVy FOLLOW US RTD WEBSITE: https://RTD.rt.com/ RTD ON TWITTER: http://twitter.com/RT_DOC RTD ON FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/RTDocumentary RTD ON DAILYMOTION http://www.dailymotion.com/rt_doc RTD ON INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/rt_documentary/ RTD LIVE https://rtd.rt.com/on-air/
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WW2 - OverSimplified (Part 1)
2 months of Skillshare for 99 cents: http://skl.sh/oversimplified MERCH: https://oversimplified.tv/merch PART 2 HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fo2Rb9h788s Support us on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/OverSimple Want to know how I make these videos? I use Adobe After Effects. Get it here - https://bit.ly/2OhsfY6 https://instagram.com/over_simplified https://twitter.com/over_simplified -------------------------------------------------------------------- ATTRIBUTIONS All music licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/) All by Kevin Macleod (incompetech.com): "Exotic Battle" "Fast Talkin" "Infados" "Digya" "I Knew a Guy" "Faceoff" "Expeditionary" "Investigations" "The Chamber" "Marty Gots a Plan" "Earth Prelude" "Impact Intermezzo" "Constance" "Night Cave" Audionautix tracks are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence Artist: http://audionautix.com/ Dark Mystery by Audionautix Temptation March by Audionautix All sound effects licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/): Airy Whoosh by sonictechtonic (https://freesound.org/people/sonictechtonic/sounds/243567/) Thuds by kgatto (https://freesound.org/people/kgatto/sounds/240281/) Pencil, Writing, Close, A (https://freesound.org/people/InspectorJ/sounds/398271/) throwing_garbage by simple machines (https://freesound.org/people/simple%20machines/sounds/46223/) Explosion_001 by cydon (https://freesound.org/people/cydon/sounds/268557/) SynthesisedExplosion04 by RSilveira_88 (https://freesound.org/people/RSilveira_88/sounds/216275/) GlasWindow by TheSoundcatcher (https://freesound.org/people/TheSoundcatcher/sounds/315646/) Several piercing funny pucker smacks by Zapsplat (https://www.zapsplat.com/music/several-piercing-funny-pucker-smacks/) Marching 3 by WebbFilmsUK (https://freesound.org/people/WebbFilmsUK/sounds/200322/) Chimes by Stickinthemud (https://freesound.org/people/Stickinthemud/sounds/44162/) LowerGunCock by woodmoose (https://freesound.org/people/woodmoose/sounds/177054/) Tearing Newspaper by Inspector J (https://freesound.org/people/InspectorJ/sounds/415767/) Garage Ceiling by NoiseCollector (https://freesound.org/people/NoiseCollector/sounds/126765/) Alley by NoiseCollector (https://freesound.org/people/NoiseCollector/sounds/126804/) Fireworks by InspectorJ (https://freesound.org/people/InspectorJ/sounds/410347/) Sherman E8 by nicStage (https://freesound.org/people/nicStage/sounds/368671/) 1204 sourMedusae by metamorphmuses (https://freesound.org/people/metamorphmuses/sounds/62142/) Alarm Siren by reinsamba (https://freesound.org/people/reinsamba/sounds/184323/) Footsteps Muddy by InspectorJ (https://freesound.org/people/InspectorJ/sounds/328166/) Till with Bell by Benboncan (https://freesound.org/people/Benboncan/sounds/91924/) Typing Phrase by jwestbury (https://freesound.org/people/jwestbury/sounds/144106/) World Map NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Image by Reto Stöckli (land surface, shallow water, clouds). Enhancements by Robert Simmon (ocean color, compositing, 3D globes, animation). Data and technical support: MODIS Land Group; MODIS Science Data Support Team; MODIS Atmosphere Group; MODIS Ocean Group Additional data: USGS EROS Data Center (topography); USGS Terrestrial Remote Sensing Flagstaff Field Center (Antarctica); Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (city lights). Grass Brushes by Dollyolly1 (https://dollyolly1.deviantart.com/art/Grass-Bruses-Pack1-CS4-154126314) CREATIVE COMMONS IMAGES: License (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/) Flag of Italy by Flanker (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Italy#/media/File:Flag_of_Italy_(1861-1946).svg) Flag of Spain (31-39) by SanchoPanzaXXI (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Spanish_Republic#/media/File:Flag_of_Spain_(1931_-_1939).svg) Flag of Spain (38-45) by SanchoPanzaXXI (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Flag_of_Spain_(1938_-_1945).svg) Flag of the Qing Dynasty by Sodacan https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_national_flags#/media/File:Flag_of_the_Qing_Dynasty_(1889-1912).svg Cara Legerro by NJR ZA (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L3/35#/media/File:Carro_Leggero_3_35-001.jpg) Leidingen Landschaft by atreyu (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Leidingen_Landschaft.JPG) Hematite by Eurico Zimbres (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:HematitaEZ.jpg) Waving flag icon collection by luis_molinero (https://www.freepik.com/free-vector/waving-flag-icon-collection_1152871.htm#term=flag&page=1&position=3) Cloudy Sky by FotoSleuth (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Cloudy_Sky_(11204371415).jpg) Paul v. Hindenburg by Bundesarchiv (German Federal Archives) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-C06886,_Paul_v._Hindenburg.jpg) Brandenburg Gate East by Eric Pancer (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Vxla-berlin-brandenburg-gate-east.jpg) .
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Wendy's Russian Fashion Show
Wendy's Russian Fashion Show
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Fast fashion Italian mode moves quickly to get foothold in post-sanctions Iran
Italy has moved quickly in order for its fashion houses to get a foothold in Iran, following the lifting of Western sanctions. Italian Prime Minister H. E. Matteo Renzi, @matteorenzi, met with Leader of Revolution minutes ago. pic.twitter.com/SujPkX27wW— Khamenei.ir (@khamenei_ir) April 12, 2016 The two countries signed an agreement during a two-day visit by Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi with a delegation of business leaders to increase trade between Italy and Iran and rei… READ MORE : http://www.euronews.com/2016/04/14/fast-fashion-italian-mode-moves-quickly-to-get-foothold-in-post-sanctions-iran euronews business brings you latest updates from the world of finance and economy, in-depth analysis, interviews, infographics and more Subscribe for daily dose of business news: http://bit.ly/1pcHCzj Made by euronews, the most watched news channel in Europe.
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The Robot Revolution: Automation Comes into Fashion | Moving Upstream
Automation is finally coming into fashion, with sewing robots that can produce clothes faster than human hands. In this episode of Moving Upstream, WSJ’s Jason Bellini takes a look at the latest technology and what it means for the 60 million people who work in the garment industry. Don’t miss a WSJ video, subscribe here: http://bit.ly/14Q81Xy More from the Wall Street Journal: Visit WSJ.com: http://www.wsj.com Visit the WSJ Video Center: https://wsj.com/video On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/wsj/videos/ On Twitter: https://twitter.com/WSJ On Snapchat: https://on.wsj.com/2ratjSM
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Russian Fashion Industry Presentation Fall 2013
DEPESHA Russian Lifestyle magazine presents Russian Fashion for Fall 2013 at New York Fashion Week!
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Fashion designer Karlijn Krijger: "Maybe, emphasizing fashion's positive aspects has more impact"
Karlijn is one of the young and talented designers of the project 'Time will tell...' and aware of the fashion industry's negative impact on people, planet and animals. The 'Time will tell...' project reminds us that clothes are a valuable product. Something we seemed to have forgotten with the rise of fast fashion and cheap clothing. In June, sixteen women and three men donated a total of 139 items of clothing to OW that they had not worn in years and which were just collecting dust in the back of their wardrobe. OW has documented the story behind each item. Not rarely, the clothing has an emotional value, which is why it had never been given away. With the clothing as their material and the stories as their inspiration, the four young fashion talents will each create a mini-collection this summer on the theme of ‘Time will tell ...’. Designers: Chirons Floris (HKU 2018), Debbie Jellema (HKU 2018), Karlijn Krijger (MAFAD 2017) and Ariëlle van der Vaart (AMFI 2016) Sparring partners for the designers: Meike Fleskens and Ilfa Siebenhaar.
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Putin fashion collection.Big politics inspires designers to create new collections.
Politics is in fashion. Russian news- with English subtitles See the original article on http://www.1tv.ru/news/polit/2691http: Moscow’s State Department Store began selling clothes, created in the framework of the Patriotic project "All is right". Previous collections, shirts with the image of Vladimir Putin were sold out in a matter of hours. Some foreign celebrities, including Mickey Rourke and Steven Seagal, wear shirts with Putin’s image. Now sweatshirts are on sale in different colors. The line appeared way before the hoodies were on the shelves. “I thing it’s very cool” “Putin as a hockey player, it’s really stylish” “I appreciate the idea, really good one” “I bought 3 t-shirts, because I missed the previous collection” “Unfortunately most of it has gone fast” “T-shirts with Putin which I like very much!” “You know where we need send it?” To Germany” To one individual who loves Russia very much” (in reference to Michail Chodorowski) Sums from the sale of sweatshirts and t-shirts go to charity. The authors’ of the project have already though about a new collection. Their plans are to devote the new collection to actual events on the world political arena. Translated by Diana Vard
Views: 51 Diana Vard
Fashion Pollution & German Driving Bans: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)
This is the February 27, 2018, FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO. 3:35 VICE News examines the various gun proposals up in the air in Washington. 7:47 Last May, a white University of Maryland student fatally stabbed a black Bowie State student, an incident that has been alleged to be a hate crime. In response, the university has hired a hate-bias response coordinator. VICE News speaks to students who say it’s not enough. 13:20 Court voted this morning to ban all but the newest diesel engine cars from streets, along with older gasoline powered cars in effort to cut pollution. The ruling is set to lead to diesel driving bans in more than 60 German cities. 16:52 The Chinese government is cracking down on one of the world’s most polluting industries: fast fashion. 20:20 In this week’s Music Critic, ahead of the Academy Awards, VNT sits down with French composer Alexandre Desplat. Subscribe to VICE News here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-News WATCH More: "New laws may require teachers to get training in teaching kids about sexual consent" http://bit.ly/2t00ZrU READ More: "U.K. to Facebook and Twitter: Do more to fight far-right extremism" http://bit.ly/2BRoLJn Check out VICE News for more: http://vicenews.com Follow VICE News here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vicenews Twitter: https://twitter.com/vicenews Tumblr: http://vicenews.tumblr.com/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/vicenews More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo
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T-shirts production at GJ
Entire process of T-shirts production in Russia's powerful fast-fashion retailer is shown
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Coolest Travel Hacks - Tricks for a smart traveller
This can change the way you pack your bags forever! 17 coolest quick tips & tricks (Travel Hacks). Hit subscribe for more fun videos :) Share on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152655671078270 Music: https://soundcloud.com/birocratic/osaka Alert Sound http://freesound.org/people/IFartInUrGeneralDirection/sounds/62168/ Other Sound Effects: From FCP X library, licensed under Apple FCP license. More Travel Hacks on ixigo ... Travel Hacks for Business Travel http://www.ixigo.com/travel-hacks-for-business-travel-fq-2014059 Travel Hacks for Budget Travellers http://www.ixigo.com/travel-hacks-for-budget-travellers-fq-2013156 Travel Hacks for Engineers http://www.ixigo.com/travel-hacks-for-engineers-fq-2013026 Travel Hacks FAQ http://www.ixigo.com/travel-hacks-fq-2013807 Camping Travel Hacks http://www.ixigo.com/camping-hacks-fq-2013360
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Litvinenko - Q+A
How much polonium is too much? BuzzFeed’s hit docuseries Unsolved True Crime follows conspiracy theory enthusiast Ryan as he deep-dives into the mysteries surrounding the most notorious unsolved crimes in history, in order to convince his dubious friend Shane that sometimes, the evidence isn’t always as it seems. Unsolved has merch! Check it out here: https://goo.gl/druyya Watch on Amazon Instant Video: http://amzn.to/2nxA2q6 Watch on Hulu: https://hulu.tv/2FHqdMT Check out our BuzzFeed Original Series channel on Roku: http://bit.ly/2DUnOlE Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/64531 Welcome to the BuzzFeed Unsolved Network! This channel is your one-stop destination for all things mystery, conspiracy, supernatural, true crime, and everything in between. Subscribe here: http://bit.ly/2zuaR06. MUSIC SFX Provided By AudioBlocks (https://www.audioblocks.com) Licensed via Audio Network STILLS swim ring HidamariNeko/Getty Images Vector Big Set of Cartoon Hats and Caps. 57 Headwear Items. Nikiteev_Konstantin/Getty Images Vector illustration of different burgers ingredients in cartoon style. Fast food pictures ONYXprj/Getty Images dog tags military isolated. death medallion. Soldiers badge isolated. Iron War medal on white background MaryValery/Getty Images Funny cartoon comic faces on white background lilu330/Getty Images Aviation transport and worker colorful poster on white Godruma/Getty Images Set of cartoon palms with brown trunk and green leafs painted by flat design - vector illustration isolated on white background FORGEM/Getty Images set sunglasses. vector illustration Fmgt/Getty Images Cartoon faces expressions vector set andegro4ka/Getty Images Vector fashion glasses isolated on white background adekvat/Getty Images Teenage feet in morgue with copy space Peter Dazeley/Getty Images Kawaii funny muzzle with pink cheeks and winking eyes Ekaterina_P/Getty Images French fries, chicken leg and popcorn seamartini/Getty Images Military Armed Forces Dog Tags stevezmina1/Getty Images Six hens colematt/Getty Images Retro Silver Robot Set Tomacco/Getty Images vector men head character kowalska-art/Getty Images eyes kowalska-art/Getty Images Peach larryrains/Getty Images eyes collection perrineweets/Getty Images corn song_mi/Getty Images Generic Soup Can befehr/Getty Images
In Vogue: Fashion Photographer Max Papendieck | MAKERS WHO INSPIRE
New York-based Australian fashion and beauty photographer Max Papendieck has photographed Gigi Hadid, Lily Collins, Adriana Lima, Jourdan Dunn and many more high-profile personalities for a slew of publications and brands including Vogue, V Magazine, W Magazine, Victoria's Secret and Maybelline. Watch as he discusses his process and his passion for his work. --- Subscribe for new Makers Who Inspire every fortnight!
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Fast Cup 12.03.2017 Combat Arms Russian | by Biches
Наверное один из самых интересных и интригующих Fast Cup ивентов. СТАВЬ ЛАЙК И ПОДПИСЫВАЙСЯ ^_^ Группа в VK:http://www.vk.com/bichesstream Канал: http://www.youtube.com/BichesGame Спасибо за Музыку: heroboard – No Copyright Music Приятного просмотра,друзья^_^ ╔=========================Описание=====================╗ ►Донат с оповещением: http://www.donationalerts.ru/r/bichesgame ►Ссылка на вк:https://vk.com/biches_fps ►Моя группа в контакте:https://vk.com/bichesstream ►Ссылка на трейд: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=121065176&token=NqP_ty56 ►Я в Steam:http://steamcommunity.com/id/_Biches ►Профиль Faceit: https://www.faceit.com/ru/players/Biches- ►Discord: https://discord.gg/t9jZqPq ╚======================================================╝
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Этот космический  показ Chanel FW 2017/18
Стильная брендовая одежда в стиле fast fashion https://goo.gl/snvUh0 Карл Лагерфельд превратил подиум во взлетную площадку космодрома, а моделей – в прекрасных астронавтов или их подружек.
Russian Fast & Furious
This video is about Fast&Furious
Views: 587 edvard yelfimov

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