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Girls Bravo Episode 1 [EngDub]
Diesen Anime gibt es leider nicht auf deutsch weil er aber meiner Meinung nach so gut ist hab ich ihn auf Englisch hochgeladen ich hoffe es ist in ordnung für euch :)
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Girls Bravo Ep 2 English Dubbed
Diesen Anime gibt es leider nicht auf deutsch weil er aber meiner Meinung nach so gut ist hab ich ihn auf Englisch hochgeladen ich hoffe es ist in ordnung für .
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Girls Bravo Ep 1 English Dubbed
Diesen Anime gibt es leider nicht auf deutsch weil er aber meiner Meinung nach so gut ist hab ich ihn auf Englisch hochgeladen ich hoffe es ist in ordnung für .
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Girls Bravo Ep 4 English Dubbed
Girls Bravo Ep 1 (English Dubbed) - Bravo From the Bathroom! part 2 Girls Bravo Ep 1 (English Dubbed) - Bravo From the Bathroom! part 2 Girls .
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Girls Bravo Eng Dub Ep 1-12
Girls Bravo Eng Dub Ep 1-12
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Girls Bravo Opening
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Girls Bravo Ep 19 Eng Sub
Girls Bravo Ep 19 Eng Sub.
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AMV-Yukinari's Struggle
This is my first first AMV so I'm really excited uploading and letting everyone see it.
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Girls Bravo Trailer
Sorry there's no english subs or dubbed. This is my first trailer I've made, so it might not necessarily be that great. This trailer contains no inappropriate content, but the actual series do. (It might also misinterpret the show's story) Comments are appreciated :) I AM NOT ASSOSIATED WITH THE SERIES OR SONGS IN ANY WAY!
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Girls Bravo AMV
An AMV for the anime Girls Bravo. Music By: Blink 182 "Don't Leave Me" All material used belongs to their respected copyright holders. I own nothing this is fan-based.
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Girls Bravo ending theme Season 1-FULL
NO COPYWRITE INTENDED! I am simply adding yet another wonderful song to the wonderful world of youtube. I do NOT own The song or any of the lyrics. I did however make the picture in the background. Hope you enjoy! I put the english lyrics at the bottom of the Japanese for those of you that cant translate on the fly. Enjoy and please rate! Check out my channel for more GREAT LOVE SONGS!!
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Girls Bravo (Geneon) Trailer
The official trailer from Geneon Entertainment. I had planned on uploading this one eventually but since FUNimation let the cat out of the bag yesterday (July 30, 2010) by uploading the first two episodes I figured it was time to put it up now. Is this show the best? Not really, but I always found it entertaining since they weren't afraid to just go there. Especially with the English dub. *** IF YOU LIKE THE SHOW, THEN PLEASE SUPPORT IT BY BUYING THE OFFICIAL DVDS ***
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Girls Bravo Kiss
Itazura na Kiss first ending to the anime Girls Bravo. ALl rights reserved for the orginal owners. This is fanmade and is not 4 sale.
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Girls Bravo Clean Ending (First Season)
All rights reserved, none of this video's content is owned by me. It will not be monetized by me, and is owned by Funimation and Kadokawa Pictures. It is here merely to promote the show and for entertainment purposes. Girls Bravo First Season Clean Ending. Taken from the Funimation re-release of Girls Bravo: The Complete Series.
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Girls Bravo Opening - Going My Way Full Version
this is my 1st time uploading... song: Going My Way artist: Yozuca anime: Girls Bravo Opening (Full Version) THIS IS NOT USED FOR ILLEGAL PURPOSES IT'S ONLY USED FOR LISTENING.
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Girls Bravo AMV-Damdadidoo
My first AMV
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Girls Bravo! - Mumkey's Anime Reviews #1
Mumkey's website: http://mumkeyjones.tv/ Mumkey and Rusty's Emergency Bunker: https://discord.gg/52csV8V This is a channel mirroring most if not all of Mumkey Jones Anime reviews among other videos. If you wish to download any of these videos yourself I have provided a google drive folder containing them all. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1B6SnwQPXbbCvV6W3zmqO0vC-LOKLm-N1
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Girls Bravo Ep 3 English Dubbed
Diesen Anime gibt es leider nicht auf deutsch weil er aber meiner Meinung nach so gut ist hab ich ihn auf Englisch hochgeladen ich hoffe es ist in ordnung für .
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Girl's Bravo - What's the Dillio [Re-Uploaded]
Okay.... reuploaded this AMV.. (it's nothing special.. ) my first amv. ENJOY?!? Thanks for watching.. anime: Girl's Bravo music: What's the Dillio by: Mest rates and comments are welcome. thank you. thank you. PS. i do not own girl's bravo. lawl. [I just noticed it hit... 1K views!!! Hoooray!!! ^A^] 2K+ views o: Whoa!!!! Thank you~
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Girls bravo op2 - ever after
Go girls bravo
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Girls Bravo: Suggestive Way to Eat Bananas.
Recorded on May 18, 2011 using a Flip Video camcorder. I'm new to the Girls Bravo series (which keeps popping up in the suggestion lists on Netflix). I watched eisode 2 for the first time and god damn did my jaw drop when Miharu tried her first banana. I know the recording looks ghetto, just dealwith it. Girls Bravo is owned by its respective copyright owner and studio.
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Girls Bravo Unboxing
Unboxing Of Girls Bravo And The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya 1st season
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GIRLS BRAVO! BOOBIES! AniMONDAYS ------------------------------------------------------------------- Leave a comment on what anime you think I should review next! I love you #Franksters! ------------------------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE! Videos Monday through Friday! http://bit.ly/1le8FvL ------------------------------------------------------------------- PREVIOUS VIDEO: http://youtu.be/15eyM4BInMA ------------------------------------------------------------------- FOLLOW ME! FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/FrankGioiaOfficial TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/Crankthatfrank INSTAGRAM: Crankthatfrank TUMBLR: http://www.Crankthatfrank.tumblr.com ------------------------------------------------------------------- BUY SHIRTS HERE: http://bit.ly/1kMi226
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🔴 [ТОП 7 ] АНИМЕ ГДЕ У ГГ ЕСТЬ СВОЙ СОБСТВЕННЫЙ ГАРЕМ!/ ВСЕ ДЕВУШКИ ХОТЯТ ОДНОГО НАШЕГО ГГ 🔴 Blade & Soul: https://bit.ly/2z7kQbF (подарок выдается при регистрации нового аккаунта 4game) 🔴 Мой вк: https://vk.com/id379968800 🔴 Группа вк: https://vk.com/justlordofficial 🔴 По вопросам рекламы : https://vk.com/yt_rutoxi =============================== 🔴 Аниме в начале ролика Ярость Бахамута Генезис Мастера меча Онлайн Возрождающие Сказание Застреий За гранью Стальной Алхимик Судьба Ночь Схватки 🔴 Аниме из видео: Унесённый на остров Айран / Nagasarete Airantou Не приставай ко мне!! / Amaenaide yo!! Канокон / Kanokon Сэкирэй / Sekirei Браво, девушки! / Girls Bravo: First Season О том, кем работает король драконов / Ryuuou no Oshigoto! Утраченное небесами / Sora no Otoshimono 🔴 Аниме в конце ролика Мастера меча Онлайн Судьба Ночь схватки Убица Акаме Моя геройская академия Сказание Застреи Хвост Фей Индекс Волшебства 🔴 Музыка из видео Музыка в начале: Anamnez - Пока бьется сердце 7 Место: 2nd Life - Broken [vk.com_music_for_youtube] 6 Место: Aakash Gandhi - Eyes of Glory 5 Место: Skylike - Blackout 4 Место: Instrumental SWEET PAST90bpm — копия 3 Место: (OST) Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai 2 Место; Nux J - One Knight Stand [vk.com_music_for_youtube] 1 Место; Nicolai Heidlas - QUEEN OF THE SKIES Музыка в конце: XX_me - Torikago - TV Size [ED Darling in FranXX]
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Girls Bravo Ending 1
Es un anime que conoci viendo Hentay....jajaja.. Parece estar bueno... No se miren Ustedes....
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Girls Bravo Ep 24 Eng Sub
Girls Bravo Ep 24 Eng Sub. Girls Bravo Ep 17 Eng Sub. Girls Bravo Eps 24 age rating 17 has nudity a girl from a different world that has no man a minute gets a man from .
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Girls bravo op1-going my way
Girls bravo is the first anime i saw and by far my most favorite anime
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Girl bravo amv
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Girls Bravo - Stepmania
Girls Bravo - Going my way AA You can get the game at www.stepmania.com
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Girls Bravo Characters In ModNation Racers!
Kirie Starts @ 2:20 yukinari Starts @ 3:46 fukuyama Starts @ 5:30
Girls Bravo AMV need you in my life
My first AMV hope you enjoy
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Anime DVD Release Comparison Girls Bravo
Do you own Girls Bravo? What are your thoughts? BDUB's Social Media Links Facebook Fan Page : http://www.facebook.com/pages/BDUBTheAnimeMaster/218370004959506 My Crunchyroll.com Reviews: http://www.crunchyroll.com/publisher/BDUBTheAnimeMaster Any Anime,Manga and Gaming Videos you want to see me talk about ? Let me know and I'll make em! :)
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Girls Bravo Music : Going My Way - Yozuca
Enjoy :)
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Girls Bravo Miharu
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Pabebe Girls - Bravo version
Napagkatuwaan lang po
Ariana Madix Weighs in on the Girls Night In Controversy | Vanderpump Rules | Bravo
The situation is more layered than you think. ►► Subscribe for More: http://bravo.ly/Subscribe ►► Visit the Official Site: http://bravo.ly/Official ►► Watch Vanderpump Rules premiering December 3 at 9/8c on Bravo! #PumpRules FOLLOW VANDERPUMP RULES ON SOCIAL Official Site: http://bravo.ly/VanderpumpRules Full Episodes & Clips: http://bravo.ly/VanderpumpRulesVideos Facebook: http://bravo.ly/VanderpumpRulesFacebook ABOUT VANDERPUMP RULES: This season of Vanderpump Rules kicks off with the anticipated opening of TomTom. Lisa Vanderpump channels her energy into making sure her newest venture is the epitome of perfection, but when last-minute problems arise, she must assign more responsibility to her junior partners Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval – whether they're ready or not. After a rollercoaster of a year, Jax Taylor finally proposes to his loving girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright. Although they appear to be getting along better than ever, Brittany breaks down when the group questions Jax's motives. After a painful breakup, Stassi Schroeder bounces back with an exciting new business deal, an eccentric new boyfriend, and a surprising friendship with Ariana Madix. Meanwhile, Tom Sandoval is on the brink of the greatest success of his professional life, but his personal life remains complicated when he shares an intimate secret about Ariana. After being the target of body-shaming comments, Katie Maloney-Schwartz takes a stand for the women of SUR and delivers an ultimatum to Lisa that sends reverberations throughout the entire restaurant. Normally fun and light-hearted, Lala Kent struggles with the sudden death of her father leaving everyone wondering if she'll ever be the same. Fresh on the heels of her breakup with Rob, Scheana Shay declares this to be her "single summer" but when she starts a new obsession over a hot SUR barback, people whisper that Scheana hasn't changed as much as she claims. Still the resident DJ, James Kennedy stirs up trouble when an ill-conceived rap lands him in hot water with the group. Kristen Doute retaliates by unleashing an explosive rumor about James setting off an irrevocable chain of events that will affect the entire SUR family. GET MORE BRAVO: Follow Bravo: http://bravo.ly/Twitter Like Bravo: http://bravo.ly/Facebook Pin Bravo: http://bravo.ly/Pinterest Bravo Instagram: http://bravo.ly/Instagram Bravo Tumblr: http://bravo.ly/Tumblr Bravo Media is the premiere lifestyle and entertainment brand that drives the cultural conversation around its high-quality, interactive original content that focuses on the network’s passion points of food, fashion, beauty, design, digital and pop culture. The network’s diversified slate includes Bravo’s first scripted series “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce,” scripted comedy “Odd Mom Out,” and unscripted favorites such as Emmy award-winning “Top Chef,” “Vanderpump Rules,” “Below Deck,” “Southern Charm” and the popular “Million Dollar Listing” and “The Real Housewives” franchises as well as the only live late-night talk show, “Watch What Happens Live.” Ariana Madix Weighs in on the Girls Night In Controversy | Vanderpump Rules | Bravo https://www.youtube.com/bravo
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Girls Bravo OP "Going my way" & ED "Koko ni Iru kara" Full ver
Themes from Girls bravo first season!
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WTF - Girls Bravo - my thoughts on Ebi
I thought i would make a video detailing my thoughts over Ebi from Girls Bravo so here you go guys. This was not near as funny as my first reaction to Ebi but i just wanted to put my thoughts out on him so i hope you enjoy
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Copic Ciao colouring tutorial of Miharu (Girls Bravo) Part 1
This is Part 1 of my tutorial on how i colourin my drawing with copic ciao markers. The colours i used were: Amethyst V17 Blueberry BV04 Light Pink RV 21 Cardinal R59 Milky White E51 Sand E33 Lipstick Natural E04 Colorless Blender 0
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Girls Bravo vs Frank Klepacki - Hell March 2 (Sonic Fusion Remix) [Season 4 Part 1]
My first ever mashup with Girls Bravo, a really popular anime. Enjoy!
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Girls Bravo Abridged Episode 1 Commentary
Dejay and MrSkoringo take a look back at the very first episode of GBA. (Short update at the beginning)
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Johnny Bravo | In Your Dreams | Cartoon Network
Johnny finally meets the girl of his dreams, due to the fact it really is a dream, causing things to go awry when he keeps dreaming things to go wrong ► Subscribe to the Official Johnny Bravo YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/2iaCkMh Johnny Bravo is the most handsome man alive, at least he thinks he is... and he's certain that all women want him. With his big hair, slick clothes and karate chops… who could resist? At least Momma is there to pick up the pieces. Especially with friends like Carl, Pops and little Suzy.
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Girls bravo AMV
My first amv
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