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Psychonaut 4 - Have a Nice Trip
Depressive Black Metal from Georgia; from Full-length Have a Nice Trip, released August 11th, 2012. All rights reserved to Psychonaut 4. Bandcamp :http://psychonaut4.bandcamp.com FB PostBlackgaze: https://www.facebook.com/PostBlackgaze FB Sickness: https://www.facebook.com/SicknessInsideDSBM
have a nice trip
the following are true events taken from a back-to-back acid trip during christmas break. Please drop responsibly
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Have A Nice Trip by Daisy Mallory
7 FREE SONGS are YOURS at http://daisyscrazies.com :) Itunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/have-a-nice-trip/id486891139?i=486891212 www.twitter.com/daisymallory www.facebook.com/daisymallorymusic
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Perfect art - Have a nice trip to Kazantip (Z21)
Медиа студия, занимающаяся созданием постановочных видео продуктов высокого качества. http://vk.com/perfect_art_studio http://perfect-art.com.ua
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14.Have a nice trip
去過機場的人都知道放眼望去,各種景象都有,有的哭哭啼啼送機,也有高高興興準備出國去旅行。我想最可愛的場面就是那些熱戀中的男女,抱在一起難分難捨的情景。不管是甚麼心情送機,我想最重要是跟那些即將上飛機的人說一聲:"Have a nice trip." “祝旅途愉快”。 對話 A:If you happen to come to San Francisco, please do look me up. 甲:如果你來三藩市,一定要跟我聯絡。 B:Have a nice trip. 乙:祝你旅途愉快。 A:Thank you. 甲:謝謝你。 B:And be sure to write to me as soon as you get there. 乙:抵達後一定要盡快給我寫信呀! A:I sure will. 甲:當然會啦。 其實祝福人家旅途愉快的說法真是很多,除了有"Have a nice trip."之外,還有"Have a pleasant trip." 你還可以把"trip"改成"journey",所以你也可以說:"Have a pleasant journey." 除此之外,如果你還想賣弄一下你的法文的話,可以說: "Bon Voyage." 還有一個說法就是"Happy landing." "送人遠遊" 為人送行,英文叫做to see somebody off,例如:I´ll come and see you off.(我會來給你送行。)中國人送行,多會說「一帆風順」、「一路順風」等;從前英國人則會說Godspeed。Godspeed是God speed you的縮寫。Speed作名詞現在多指「速度」,作動詞則指「快速行走」。但這個字的古義是「成功」。「成功」多賴做事快人一步,所以speed後來變成了「速度」。God speed you的speed仍保留古義,全句是說「願上帝保佑你事事順利」,和車船等的速度無關。現在,這個字是少用了,但有時還會看到,例如:(1) Let´s bid him Godspeed.(我們祝他一路順風吧。) (2) I wished him Godspeed.(我祝他一路順風。) 中文所謂「順風」,不專指搭船、飛機等平安,也指一切事情順利。英文的fair wind等於順風,但一般只是說船隻、飛機等航程順利,例如對揚帆出海的漁人,你可以說: I wish you a fair wind.(祝順風);但祝人旅程愉快,通常不會這樣說。最常見的說法是Have/ I wish you a(nice / good / pleasant / happy / safe / successful )trip / journey.(祝旅途愉快╱平安╱順利)。 英文還有plain sailing一詞,原意是「航程順利」,但現在多引伸解作「事情順利」,例如:Life is not all plain sailing.(人生不是事事順利的。)這個詞卻極少用於祝願。
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"Have A Safe Trip" Sing Along
safetrs.com wishing you safe travels on your journey.
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Humboldt-Gymnasium Bad Pyrmont  Band - Have a nice trip
Entlassungsfeier der Abiturienten des Doppelabijahrgangs 2011 des Humboldt-Gymnasiums Bad Pyrmont am 24.06.2011
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Ревизоръ #21 | Have a nice trip to KAZANTIP
Всего неделя осталась до закрытия "КАZАНТИП- ХХ ЛЕТ НАШЕЙ ЭРЫ". Вспомним, что предшествовало этому событию в Оренбургской тусовке. Всем, кто еще там и тем, кто возвращается- посвящается: "Have a nice trip to KAZANTIP"
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Take a Drop and Have a Good Trip - MiX Trip Hop
Trip Hop Mix !!! Music Therapy https://soundcloud.com/looping-dans-la-lune I do not own the copyrights, tracks used only for promotional purposes. Enjoy! Tracklist: Colour & sound - Brainchild Let it Fall - Void Pedal Blues and sushi - Degiheugi You don't - S'il vous play Hemlock - Dirty Art Club Cansaco - Nym Mononome - Hands of time Edith Bad - Travelling day Keep on - Frenic Cherry poker - Blockhead The listener - Roger Molls Lullaby for insomniacs - Al'Tarba Unrhythm - Biro Le temps est bon - Degiheugi Petite Maline - Al'tarba When I'am small - Phantogram Escape the meadow - Blockhead A place in the sun - Void Pedal Mr Troy - Blue The free mix - Maniax Memori Alright - Frenic Waldeck - Memories The misfit song - Proleter Vicious one - Madwreck Sincerly Your the D.A.C - Dirty Art Club The Architect - les pensees 5AM - Porter Glen Giyo - Faux Monsoon Mononome - Understanding What's your place ft. Plates - Roger Molls Mr Soft - Kormac Aimer sans amour - Guts Lou Reed - Take a walk on the wild side mixed by looping kifmatek 2015 Free Download: https://hearthis.at/looping-kifmatek/take-a-drop-and-have-a-good-trip/ And Massive BiG Up to the youtube Trip Hop Channels (mineur du son, Dloaw, HHvibe ... ) for the help in the digging part!!! - MineurDuSon (https://www.youtube.com/user/MineurDuSon/videos) - HHVIBE (https://www.youtube.com/user/HHVibe/videos) - DLoaw (https://www.youtube.com/user/DLoaw/videos)
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Happy Trip Friend - Trippy Wonderland
Listen Trippy Wonderland and if you want follow us on SoundCloud .. https://soundcloud.com/happytripfriend .. Have a nice trip, by Happy Trip Friend !
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Psychonaut 4 - Have a Nice Trip...
Psychonaut 4 - Have a nice Trip... (Sample) Psychonaut 4 - Post Suicidal Black Metal from Georgia, Tbilissi. Band was formed in july 2010 by Graf von Baphomet (vocals) and Andre (bass).Also band members are Glixxx(guitar),Drifter(guitar) and Nepho(drums).Ex-member : Borger(drums).lyrics of Psychonaut 4 are perfomed by Graf von Baphomet,lyrics are about Drugs, Sex,Alcoholizm, Depression, Self Mutilation & Suicide. Mostly music contributed by Andre,alsow Glixxx. Page Official - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Psychonaut-4/130368643662027
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Have a nice trip
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krisyeol - have a nice trip
monologue: If you tell me, you want a flower. Then I will give you a flower. If you tell me, you want a star. Then I will give you a star. If you tell me, you want a snowfall. Then I will give you a snowfall. If you tell me, you want to leave me... Then I will say, I will say to you...I will set you free. Dear all, thanks...and see you :)
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Far Beyond Existence - Have A Nice Trip
Have A Nice Trip live @ Kultopia Hagen 3.2.2007
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President - Have a Nice Trip
Taken from the album "Have a Nice Trip". Old School Thrash Metal from Spain.
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Have a safe trip in Thai
Learn more at www.learnthaiwithkate.com
Have A Nice Trip by Daisy Mallory (Lyric Video)
7 FREE SONGS are YOURS at http://daisyscrazies.com :) http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/have-a-nice-trip/id486891139?i=486891212 http://twitter.com/daisymallory http://facebook.com/daisymallorymusic
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Have a nice Trip !
A friend of my sister learning how to walk and talk. Like if you think this is funny!
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Explorers OST - 12 - Have a Nice Trip
Original Music Composed and Conducted by Jerry Goldsmith 1985 MCA Records, Inc
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Have A Nice Trip
Animated Lego guy having a bad trip.
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HAVE A NICE TRIP, original, Chuck Picklesimer
Death is the speaker in this song, taking the form of the grim reaper. Here he visits his passengers and engages in a little Q and A so to speak. He discuses a bit of philosophy and reincarnation theory and awaits the next ticket holder. They are what we shall be. And the beat goes on, Chuck. Have a Nice Trip Copyright Chuck Picklesimer 1999 (Chorus) Sometimes you learn a lesson throwing rocks against a wall. Sometimes you learn a lesson by watching things that fall. Sometimes you learn a lesson jumping off your roof to fly. Or perhaps you only need to sit and watch a loved one die. I am waiting for you to climb inside your bed and go to sleep and dream so I can climb inside your head to share a conversation with your natural flowing thought to ask what you have learned and to know what you have not. (Chorus) Sometimes you learn a lesson throwing rocks etc. etc. First I want to know, have you enjoyed your visit here? Have you learned some little lessons day by day and year by year? Have you seen a rock be thrown and when it happened have you known that the rock knew you were watching and that you were not alone. (Chorus) Sometimes you learn a lesson throwing rocks etc. etc. Have you studied near and far o r Yin and Yang and Yang and Yin? Have you finished at the start or ended up where most begin? Have you seen a sparrow fall and did you wonder at all if it was going down or up, or was it really there at all? Now its time for you to leave but you may return again , if you think you havent learned all that you could. I admit I am the reaper and although some think Im grim, Im just helping (mother) nature do what (mother) nature should. So let me have a whisper and a kiss, and let me rub against your DNA. Ill show you to the portal, you disrobe and shine immortal, and make room for one whos searching for a way. (Chorus to end) Sometimes you learn a lesson throwing rocks against a wall. Sometimes you learn a lesson by watching things that fall. Sometimes you learn a lesson leaping from your bed to fly. Perhaps you only need to sit and die.
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Inflatable Mattress - Have a nice trip see you next fall
Artist: Inflatable Mattress Song: Have a nice trip see you next fall Album: Real Talk Mixtape Year: 2010 Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/inflatablemattress
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【Touhou fan made anime】 26・おりんりんジャーニー ~Have a nice trip!~ 【東方アニメ】
おりんは旅行に行くようです。 Rin decided to go on a trip. 再生リスト~playlist~→https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpHEwxcEF9zQCDFlroE3fv5YBaQewrL3x 【あらすじ】 猫の手も借りたいなんていうけど、借りたいのはアタイの方だよ。 さとり様は趣味人だし、お空は後先考えないで好き放題。 ハァー、たまには休暇をもらって、のんびり幻想郷中を旅行でもしてみたいもんだねぇ。 【story】 Rin is a hard-working cat. One day, She got a travel ticket. A fun trip begins. 使用BGM 【東方民族風曲】 ヴェネツィアワルツ 【廃獄ララバイ】  ajapaのBGM ソラネビ様 http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm30562910
"Titanic" - Have a Nice Trip .
Funny animated video.Удачного отдыха типа на Титанике.
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Have A Nice Trip?
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD 🍰 and have a nice trip!!🌺
Of your reading this, Happy birthday to you and I love you so much Dad💕🌺 Edited video in Video Maker MUSIC IS NOT MINE!!! enjoy, Rosco Shepard ✨
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Have A Nice Trip - 1968
This video uses copyrighted material in a manner that I believe does not require approval of the copyright holder. It is a fair use under copyright law.
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Have a nice trip
why I love the melee in fallout 4
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WWE Download - Have a nice trip - Episode 36
In this edition of "WWE Download," Dolph Ziggler looks at some of the most embarrassing videos posted on YouTube. http://www.wwe.com/superstars/dolphziggler http://www.wweshop.com/category/DolphZiggler https://twitter.com/#!/HEELZiggler https://twitter.com/#!/WWE https://www.facebook.com/wwe http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=wwefannation
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Have A Safe Trip !
A Kittyface Message.
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Happy Holiday with Purple Family have a nice Trip
Gedung Sate Kawah Putih Ciwidey Kebun Strawberry All of The day Happy Nice Day Backsong : American Author~Best Day oF My Life~
Japanese phrase for have a good trip is yoi ryokou ni narimasuyou ni
Visit PortableJapanese.com to learn over 600 Japanese words and phrases absolutely free! www.PortableJapanese.com
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Have a nice trip
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Have a nice trip (brazilian portuguese)
Learn how to pronounce correctly common and useful phrases in brazilian portuguese
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Have a Nice Trip!
stop animation done without tripod because i am too lazy to look for my tripod
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Have a Nice Trip (Workout Music)
Provided to YouTube by The state51 Conspiracy Have a Nice Trip (Workout Music) · Music On The Road Good Travel – Electro Techno House Lounge Soulful Dance Music for Nice Trip and Home Gym ℗ 2016 Equilibrium Released on: 2016-07-20 Composer: Giordano Trivellato Composer: Sacchetto Giuliano Composer: Tobacco Music Edition Music Publisher: Tobacco Music Edition (Gema) Auto-generated by YouTube.
wish you a safe trip
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Have a nice trip ❤❤
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Bon Voyage (Have a safe trip) in Chinese 一路顺风
Learn how to say the Chinese equivalent of "Bon Voyage" or "Have a safe trip" from you teachers, Fiona and Iona Tian :)
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Journey of Ucchi and Roberlo ― HAVE A NICE TRIP (7 of 7)
http://www.yashirogram.com/english.html Journey of Ucchi and Roberlo This animation follows a cow named "Ucchi" as he confides his secret desire to become a movie star to his friend donkey named "Roberlo." The happy-go-lucky domesticated animals embark on a journey for the city, where big career opportunities should await the two of them. -- Profile -- Yashir-O-gram is a contents production project headed up by the art creator Shinsuke Yashiro, who was born in 1985 in Kanagawa prefecture and studied cinematography at Nihon University College of Art. The project centers around creating animations and illustrations with Adobe Flash, but recent projects have them involved with comic strips and development of application software as well. The team have been actively participating in events like "Creative Market Tokyo" trade fair. Official Site: http://www.yashirogram.com/english.html Instagram: https://instagram.com/yashirogram Vine: https://vine.co/yashirogram Blog: http://yashirogram.blogspot.jp Picture book "Child Guitar" for iPhone https://itunes.apple.com/app/hui-benkodomogita/id597353664?mt=8
A black comedy about a woman who is determined to leave her sick husband to go to Vegas...
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McDonalds - Have A Nice Trip - USA, 1975
Ok, I laughed at the car/scooter routine. No leader on this film so the title is a guess. Taken from a 16mm print in my collection. 16mm transfer and colour correction done by: James Paterson, Australian Television Archive.
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