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Building A Personal Brand And Media Company | Capitalism Company Vlog
The people we work with are more than just co-workers. This week I spent time with the Capitalism.com team at “the ranch” 30 minutes outside of Austin. We set specific goals and discussed strategy, but more importantly we all came into alignment as a company. We share a vision to change the perception of Capitalism in the world. We put entrepreneurs and their products on the map. And we give back, Creating the Change we wish to see in the world. We’re just getting started! A few of the key team members live out of the country. No one “clocks in” to the office 9-5 and we work odd hours. So these quarterly meetings are crucial to move the company in the right direction and build the bonds and friendships we have found within. Here is a behind the scenes look from our quarterly meeting!
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E#33 - Personal Branding - For Bootstrapped Entrepreneurs, With Connie Chi
Personal Branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as Brands. In this video , Connie Chi and Manuj Aggarwal talk about marketing & branding and how can we bootstrap our brand in this brand new episode of Bootstrapping your dreams show. What are you waiting for? Tune In Now! In this episode, we will learn about: -Getting up after failing in business -How to reprogram yourself to be successful -How to build your brand -How to find cold branding opportunities -How to make a brand personality -How to humanize the brand -How to create a brand experience for the customers -How to keep it real while telling a story -How to create a good brand name -How to pick an emotion to create a brand name -How to create a brand story -How to effectively use social media in branding -How to find the right social influencer for your business About Connie Chi Connie Chi is an impressive entrepreneur. She is a TEDx speaker, author, co-founder of Cutie Con, founder + CEO of The Chi Group, a marketing and branding agency humanizing lifestyle brands. As an avid speaker, Connie regularly speaks about entrepreneurship, brand experiences, and humanizing brands. She's been featured and quoted by Business Insider, American Marketing Association, US News World Report, Readers Digest, Yahoo Finance, Herald Tribune, Buzzfeed, OnMogul, Thrive Global, April Magazine, Eastside Story, Vain Culture, and Glassdoor. Connie also hosts a podcast called, "The Brand Academy Podcast," where she shares her secrets and insights on marketing and branding. She's also written a book called "Branding Without A Brand" where she shares her expertise on taking your brand from zero to hero when no one knows you. Education: Connie Chi went to Baruch College in NYC, Majoring in Marketing and Advertising Communications. Certified in Diamond Grading and Neuro-linguistic Programming. Experience: Chi worked in the diamond industry for over 16 years. After that, she had 3 failed businesses. She is the founder of The Chi Group, an award-winning marketing and branding agency and Co-founder of Cutie Con, a cute expo for all things cute. Accomplishments: Connie wrote the book "Branding without a brand." She did her first TEDx Talk called "Lonely AF (Lonely About Failure)." She hosts a podcast called "The Brand Academy Podcast." She is working on a 2nd book. Fun Facts: She is certified in Diamond Grading and Neuro-linguistic programming. Used to travel with 6 million in diamonds in her handbag as a wholesale diamond salesperson. Walked on fiery coals bare feet without any injuries. She dances to Taio Cruz's song dynamite to prepare before she speaks on stage. Obstacles Overcame: She had three failed businesses and getting past the notion of "I'm a failure." Then, quieting the brain and changing the internal language to success. Links & Mentions from This Episode: Connie's business: https://thechigroup.co/ TetraNoodle consulting services: https://go.tetranoodle.com/boot-podcast TetraNoodle professional training: https://courses.tetranoodle.com Thanks for Tuning In! Thanks so much for being with us this week. Have some feedback you'd like to share? Please leave a note in the comments section! Enjoyed the episode? Kindly share it with your friends. Don't forget to subscribe to the show on iTunes to get automatic episode updates for our "Bootstrapping Your Dreams Show!"
My Own Fragrance Brand
My Product Recommendations: https://www.amazon.com/shop/jeremyfragrance Top 5 Fragrances for Men: http://amzn.to/2yBNsWk Top 5 Perfumes for Women: http://amzn.to/2zCqcYA Add me on Social Media: „Jeremy Fragrance“
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3 Tips on starting your own design agency.
3 Tips on starting your own design agency. Advice on starting my first design agency. What services should I offer when starting a design firm? Does having a cause help me to market my design services? Chris offers some tips to those that are starting their first design agency via this episode of AMA. Filmed at the Santa Monica Bluffs. 00:23 I want to launch my own agency, do I need to specific one area of focus? 02:20 Social cause or cause marketing 02:51 Should I create separate logos for the different services that I provide. 03:51 Bonus episode Vlog. Chris shares what it's like to run a design agency. HOW DOES CHRIS DO RUN HIS DESIGN PROJECTS? Chris Do's 20 years of experience incapsulated in a presentation deck showing you how to run a big design firm. FREE DOWNLOAD HERE: https://www.dropbox.com/s/twik9g8a291ce5z/CORE%201.9%20sample.zip?dl=0 _________________________________________________ Listen to the Futur podcast on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-futur/id1209219220?mt=2 Android Stitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/aaron/the-futur Google Play: https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=0#/ps/Itg3hr5bs4a54w73o2toxcr4vhe HOW TO SUPPORT THE FUTUR: Purchase a Kit:https://www.thefutur.com/shop/ subscribe to the secret and private Mastermind group on FB with bi-weekly webinars & exclusive videos not released anywhere else. Music on the show from Art-list.io http://goo.gl/22VpQi Use our Amazon Affiliate Link: http://astore.amazon.com/chrisdo-20 Buy useful design tools from Creative Market: https://creativemarket.com/?u=ChrisDo Get your business cards printed at Moo: http://www.moo.com/share/qn6x98 _________________________________________________ Need brand strategy help? Visit Blind LA’s WEBSITE: http://blind.com Special Thanks to our Sponsors: Shutterstock - http://www.shutterstock.com Media Temple - http://mediatemple.net _________________________________________________ Jose Caballer: https://twitter.com/joseCaballer Chris Do: https://twitter.com/theChrisDo Aaron Szekely: https://twitter.com/AaronSzekely Credits: Executive Producer– Chris Do Hosts– Chris Do & Jose Caballer Director– Aaron Szekely Cameraman– Aaron Szekely, Andrew Truong Producer– Aaron Szekely Editor– Aaron Szekely Musical Director– Adam Sanborne === *By making a purchase through any of our affiliate links, we receive a very small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps us on our mission to provide quality education to you. Thank you.
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Why I Started My Own Digital Media Agency
► Looking for a specific question or answer? Check out my business Search Engine: http://ask.garyvaynerchuk.com ► Subscribe to Entrepreneurship Answered Here - https://www.youtube.com/c/EntrepreneurshipAnswered?sub_confirmation=1 Q: Why did you decide to start a services business (your agency) instead of your own media company? A media company seems like it would be a natural fit. Watch the full #AskGaryVee Show Episode 85 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6ZkWDQKSH4 Want your question answered on Entrepreneurship Answered? Click to submit your question -- https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?text=%40Garyvee%20%23askgaryvee&source=clicktotweet&related=clicktotweet -- Entrepreneurship Answered is a collection of answers from the #AskGaryVee Show which is one entrepreneur's take on leadership, social media, self-awareness, winning, marketing, venture capital, arbitrage, digital media, influencers, company culture, start-ups, attention, content, management, empathy, legacy, parenting, family business, crushing, storytelling, thanking, jabbing, right hooking, hustling, and the New York Jets. Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur. Fresh out of college he took his family wine business Wine Library and grew it from a $3M to a $60M business in just five years. Now he runs VaynerMedia, one of the world's hottest digital agencies. Along the way he became a prolific angel investor and venture capitalist, investing in companies like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Uber, and Birchbox before eventually co-founding his own VC. Find Gary here: Youtube: http://youtube.com/garyvaynerchuk Website: http://garyvaynerchuk.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/gary Snapchat: garyvee Instagram: http://instagram.com/garyvee Twitter: http://twitter.com/garyvee Medium: http://medium.com/@garyvee --
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How to start a business. If you want me to go into detail let me know. I can make an entire video on it. Go Kart Sponsor: http://bit.ly/29EoOcz ► SNAPCHAT: @SmurfinWRX ► My Company: http://www.TunerCrate.com ► Clothing Brand: http://www.PrimalDriven.com ► Main Channel: http://bit.ly/SmurfinWRX ► Instagram: http://bit.ly/1rEXhy5 Mike 2.0 Channel: http://bit.ly/1RBpFg6 Mail Box 1701 S. Grove Ave Suite i Ontario, CA 91761 Music: https://soundcloud.com/flamingosis/believe-in-me-1 https://soundcloud.com/birocratic/look-both-ways
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Media Kit for Instagram - Essential to land brand deals!
Create a professional Media Kit to land big brand deals on Instagram! In this video I show you the exact structure of my personal Media Kit that has helped me work with brands all over the world! I'll show you on a screen share how to make a media kit for instagram which you can use as a free instagram template and example to structure your own media kit. This structure is super effective for Instagram influencers and micro influencers and I'll also show you what my media kit design looks like. It's all about creating social proof and showing what you can offer to then ultimately charge the prices that you are worth! There's lots of media kit examples out there and free templates you can download but I'll run you through my own personal Instagram media kit so that you can copy the structure and earn more on Instagram. Finally get your all questions answered around how to make a media kit for Instagram and what should be in it! If you have any questions hit me up on IG or leave a comment! Thanks for watching - Subscribe and Like :) Let's connect on IG: https://www.instagram.com/albertonodale/ More about me here: http://albertonodale.com/
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How To Start Your Own SOCIAL MEDIA Marketing AGENCY in 2019!
How To Start Your Own Social Media marketing agency in 2019. Starting your own marketing agency has never been easier with the invention of social media. For you to get started with marketing nowadays, all you need is a creative brain, a laptop, and an internet connection. Once you have those three things locked in, all you need to do is take action. Starting my own agency with some of my best friends has changed my life forever. Working with amazing clients day in and day out, collaborating with my team every single day, and making money while enjoying life is all because of this business model. If you learn better by watching videos, I embedded my complete youtube tutorial below on how to start your own digital marketing agency. If you like the video, consider subscribing because I am always coming out with new videos about the scope of marketing. 1) Learn a Specific Skill Learning a specific skill is the first step to becoming successful in the online marketing space. 2) Gather An Unstoppable Team Once you have learned your new skill, it's time to form your small team. I personally suggest you find 1-3 other partners in order to start your soon to be successful marketing agency. The more services you want to provide with your marketing agency, the more people you are going to need. There is a lot of money to be made if your agency can handle the creatives and the distribution of the advertisements. But, it doesn't stop there. If you also want partners to manage your clients' SEO, email marketing, Google Adsense, etc. you're going to need some more people other than yourself. The more services you can provide, the more you can charge, so I suggest you try to create a "one stop shop" marketing solution for your future clients. Gathering a team is also great because working with your friends is a lot more fun that working by yourself. 3) Learn How To Build A List & Sell This is the lifeline of your future marketing agency. If you can't figure out how to build an email list and sell to those people, you are going to struggle immensely with this model of business. I actually recommend you not even trying to start if you can't figure this part out. The core of every single business, whether it's eCommerce, personal brand, restaurants, clothing stores, gyms, dentists, etc., is their AUDIENCE! All you need to do in order to build a huge email list is to test enticing offers, create a landing page, and have an email auto-responder set up in place. Your offer has to be enticing enough for your potential customer to give you their information. If you create a landing page that has multiple objectives/goals inside of it, you will end up converting nobody! To create a beautiful landing page with absolutely zero tech experience, you have to download ClickFunnels. I have always been horrible when it comes to technology, but with the help of ClickFunnels' drag and drop platform, I can create a landing page in 15 minutes. Not only can I create a landing page, but I can also create a fully functioning funnel with multiple landing pages that have up sell and down sell offers after I capture that email. You can sign up for the ClickFunnels 14 Day FREE Trial here: http://bit.ly/ClickfunnelsFREEtrial After you set up your landing page, you now need to connect to an email autoresponder. Email marketing is an art that everyone must master! To get access to SendLane's 2 Week FREE Trial, simply click this link: http://bit.ly/2zyFT57. 4) Become A Great Networker & Communicator Like one of the all time greats said, "Your network is your net worth." This statement could not be more true, ESPECIALLY for this model of business. Think about it. Someone who either tried cold calling or emailing that same person wouldn't have a chance in hell for getting his business. Network like crazy. Shake as many hands as possible, ask them what they do for a living, and share what you do. The sky is the limit if you network well with others. Communication is a big part of networking, but there are many other fields of this business model where communication is extremely key. Whether it's closing another client, directing your team, keeping your current clients happy, or meeting new people, communication is immensely important. Communication was voted the number one skill by the CEO's of Fortune 500 companies. Whether you like it or not, you're going to have to learn how to relay and decode messages from others. 5) Prospecting For Clients 🔷 FREE EBOOK - The 3 Sales Funnels That Scaled My Business: http://bit.ly/3FunnelSecrets 🔷 FREE ClickFunnels 14 Day Trial: http://bit.ly/ClickfunnelsFREEtrial 🔷The BEST EMAIL Marketing Software: http://bit.ly/2zyFT57 🔷 Subscribe for more FREE Tips!: http://bit.ly/SubscribeToJLEE 🔷 Check Out My Podcast: https://apple.co/2OwEgNI #smma #socialmediamarketing #digitalmarketing #facebookads #agency #marketing #social media #instagram #instagrammarketing
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How to create your own BEAUTIFUL logo and social media graphics for your brand or blog!
How to make amazing graphics for your website, blog and social media pages complete with branded logo images! Want more tips and FREE training..... search #JustJump Small Business Tips on facebook!
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How to Start Your Own Sneaker Brand, Plus the History of Nike & adidas | From the Ground Up
We live in an age of start-ups, from apps to products. That includes sneakers. In this episode of FTGU, we go over how smaller brands make sneakers, and what you need to know if you want to break in the game. To put things in perspective, sneaker editor Chris Danforth also breaks down how companies like adidas and Nike also began as small businesses before becoming the sportswear juggernauts they are today. FOLLOW US Facebook: https://facebook.com/highsnobiety Twitter: https://twitter.com/highsnobiety Instagram: https://instagram.com/highsnobiety/ View more Highsnobiety videos here: http://hsnob.co/qh67
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Marc Ecko - Advice On Building Your Own Brand
This week we sit talk to entrepreneur Marc Ecko. In the extremely motivating interview we talk about building up the Ecko brand, creating Complex Magazine, and the upcoming release of his new book. For more great videos, log on to Allindstrom.com today! Shot and Edited by Justin Fleischer @jflei for CAN.DID Media @candotdid
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Brand Social Media Faux Pas #3: Liking Your Own Content
A brief humorous cartoon explaining why brands should not "Like" their own social media content. It makes them look self-absorbed instead of focusing on their fans and followers. Intrigued? All press and new business inquires please contact Dan Wald, our Chief Growth Officer, at [email protected]
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How to Use Your Own Branding in Adobe Spark
Adobe Evangelist Terry White is here to show how you can use your own branding with Adobe Spark. Create beautiful posts for social media with your own logos, colors and more.
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Creating Your Own Personal Brand
Are your posts getting enough engagement as you want? How can you capture the attention and the loyalty of your followers, and continue to grow your Coaching business? Learn from 2015 Top 10 Coaches, Bonnie Engle and Amy Silverman on how to build your personal brand and how to grow your audience through your social media.
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Starting A Personal Brand [Where to Start FIRST]
Start your personal brand here --- http://bit.ly/PersonalBrandingChecklist1 Title: Starting A Personal Brand [ Where to Start First] There is no better time to start a personal brand than right now! Whether you're becoming a social media marketing entrepreneur or social media influencer, it's hard to know where to start. Today, Cereal Entrepreneur will take you through the steps of discovering your personal brand and presence. This will be important for all other aspects of your business, so be sure to pay attention! Discover your brand by asking these questions: What do you want to be known for? What do you excel at ? What are you trying to sell? Are you going to sell a product? Offer a service? Then, write a “Personal Branding Statement” Build Your Platform Identify Your Uniqueness and Your Strengths Own Your Space Share Your Knowledge Be Yourself Identify Your Values and Set Your Priorities Craft Your Personal Brand Persona Consistency Is Key Video Document/Blog Article http://bit.ly/StartingYourPersonalBrand MORE FROM CEREAL ENTREPRENEUR INCREASE SALES THROUGH EMAIL MARKETING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imKEWGDD52I MAKE A PROFIT OFF OF YOUR HOBBY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWP4gcfhjFA BANKING OPTIONS FOR YOUR SMMA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-4rmkxUn0Y CEREAL ENTREPRENEUR ACADEMY Site: https://cerealentrepreneur.academy Free Training: http://cerealentrepreneur.academy/free-training/ Digital Marketing School: https://cerealentrepreneur.academy/digital-marketing-courses/ Marketing Agency Padawans (Mentorship Group): https://cerealentrepreneur.academy/the-map-mentorship-program/ Facebook Training Course: https://cerealentrepreneur.academy/facebook-ads-marketing-mastery/ Personal Branding & Influencer Marketing: https://cerealentrepreneur.academy/personal-branding-influencer-marketing/ FREE TRAINING Building a 6 Figure Business Funnel| https://bit.ly/internetbizsuccess Digital Marketing Audit Template | https://bit.ly/freeTemplateDMAT FREE Facebook Ads Training Course | http://bit.ly/FREEFBAdsTraining Cold Email Templates | http://bit.ly/Best4ColdEmails Starting a SMMA Checklist | http://bit.ly/starting-smma-checklist SMMA Budgeting Template | http://bit.ly/SMMA-Budgeting-Template SOFTWARES & THIRD PARTY SERVICES SEM Rush: https://www.semrush.com/201705yLA2 Active Campaign: http://www.activecampaign.com/?_r=B7R75W3F Square Payments: http://bit.ly/squarepaymentprocessing Quickbooks: http://fbuy.me/fIDbn Clickfunnels: https://clickfunnels.com/?cf_affiliate_id=764756&affiliate_id=764756 Bluehost: https://www.bluehost.com/track/cerealentrepreneur/ Kajabi Course Builder: https://app.newkajabi.com/r/GHt4HMrR YRCharisma Instagram Viral Growth: https://member.yrcharisma.com/viral/ref/821/?campaign=ViralPackage SERPSTAT: https://serpstat.com/?ref=381590 TOOLS & VIDEO EQUIPMENT Logitech HD Pro C920: https://amzn.to/2uUx4SO Canon EOS 70 D: https://amzn.to/2qgVK2v Canon G7 Mark II: https://amzn.to/2No0HQY Zecti Tripod: https://amzn.to/2uKoJhk Fifine USB Microphone K668: https://amzn.to/2qd3YZr Rode VMGO VideoMic Go: https://amzn.to/2IuNBi4 CRAPHY Soft Box Lights: https://amzn.to/2IyNzG3 Clip Ring Light: https://amzn.to/2JxHGJt Canon PowerShot ELPH 110: https://amzn.to/2GI5M3u Canon EOS 70D Video Creator Kit with 18-135mm Lens, Rode VIDEOMIC GO and Sandisk 32GB SD Card Class 10 - Wi-Fi Enabled: https://amzn.to/2uTaZ71 Black Backdrop: https://amzn.to/2NlTBw0 Julius Studio Backdrop Stand: https://amzn.to/2L8vk09 Lime Studio Greenscreen Backdrop: https://amzn.to/2uxU3QX BOOKS: ENTREPRENEURSHIP, SALES, MARKETING How to Win Friends and Influence People (book): http://amzn.to/2FIudOC Thank You for Arguing: http://amzn.to/2CPjQWc Youtility: http://amzn.to/2oyTl2N GET SOCIAL WITH CEREAL ENTREPRENEUR Facebook: https://facebook.com/cerealentrepreneur Instagram: https://instagram.com/cereal_entrepreneur YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/c/CerealEntrepreneurJordanSteen Snapchat: https://snapchat.com/add/cerealent Tumblr: https://cereal-entrepreneur.tumblr.com/ Free Digital Marketing Help Group: http://bit.ly/DigitalMarketingFreeFacebookGroup PODCASTS iTunes --- https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/cereal-entrepreneur/id1307073662?mt=2 SoundCloud --- https://soundcloud.com/user-782111878 SPOTIFY ENTREPRENEUR PLAYLIST Cereal Entrepreneur: https://open.spotify.com/user/1221119413/playlist/394Nv6bnaif9ghOLCOXakn?si=2Bzcxx6TRP6LGSJDcDcmfA
Three Things You Should Know About Brands as Media Channels
It’s difficult for companies to stand out in today’s crowded media environment. Some of the most effective brands are acting as their own media channels, producing subscription-worthy original programming. Steve Salvador, head of video in APCO Worldwide’s Washington office, shares three tips for creating the most dynamic content for your channel.
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5 Social Media Campaign Examples From Big Brands You Want to Be In 2018
There's no better places to look for social media campaign examples than to the big brands that do it best. That's why Ramona has compiled 5 of her favorite social media examples for you. Whether you're looking for small business social media ideas or you're one of these big brands, this video has something for you! READ 22 More Social Media Campaign Ideas: ► https://www.impactbnd.com/blog/social-media-campaign-ideas DOWNLOAD the 2018 Inbound Marketing Strategy & Template: ► https://hubs.ly/H09_qJj0 Visit Our Website for honest and unfiltered advice, stories, strategies, and support: ► https://www.impactbnd.com Happy marketing!
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How To Start Your Own Digital Marketing Agency ($0 - $10k/Month In 90 Days In Your New Career)
How To Start Your Own Digital Marketing Agency ($0 - $10k/Month In 90 Days In Your New Career) Join the Agency Warriors Facebook Group Here 👉https://www.facebook.com/groups/agencywarriors/ Subscribe so you never miss another video 👉 https://goo.gl/xqijqT Start Your Own $10k/Mo Marketing Agency Here 👉https://arsenalmarketing.io/agency Get The FREE Facebook Ads Mini Course Here 👉https://www.yoursocialsystem.com/fb-ads Are You A Realtor? Start Booking More Appointments Here 👉https://www.yoursocialsystem.com/training Top Videos From My Channel: Facebook Pixel Tutorial 👉https://bit.ly/2P1NoYp Instagram Ads For Beginners 👉 https://bit.ly/2uYdEJS Facebook Ads For Beginners 👉 https://bit.ly/2KpC3CL Make Money With Facebook Ads 👉https://bit.ly/2Z55tsY Start A Digital Marketing Agency 👉 https://bit.ly/2GdvFue $0 - $10k/Mo Marketing Agency 👉https://bit.ly/2VDdmnE Top 3 Facebook Ads for Realtors 👉 https://bit.ly/2Uczzah Credit Cards I Recommend For Cash Back + Awesome Vacations Chase Ink Business Preferred (For Business Owners) - Get it here - https://goo.gl/FhbnbN
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Creating Your Own Brand On Social Media Part 1
This Skys The Limit Training Video talks you through how to make a start on creating your own brand on social media For more information or to contact me directly : Email: [email protected] Connect on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/carlieannescentsy/ Or check out my website: https://carlieanne.scentsy.com.au/join
Build Your Own Brand Episode 20 How to mesure success in social media
http://www.buildyourownbrand.tv No one has really solved this one yet. How do you measure success in your social software presence? Clearly not by the number of followers or fans, they are just an indication and often artificial.
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Manage your brand’s media library, add custom visuals, music - BIGVU Online Video Maker & Editor
BIGVU is your all in one video creator. Record, edit and share your videos in a snap. Brand your videos with custom assets that you choose or use pre-available assets. It is quick and easy to add your own custom assets. Just log in to desk.bigvu.tv, enter the Media Library and select add asset. BIGVU will do the rest! Download the app: https://bigvu.page.link/getapp 📱 Check out our FAQ: https://faq.bigvu.tv/ Our website: https://bigvu.tv/ Video Tips: https://bigvu.tv/video-tips.html Contact us: [email protected] Free Webinars: https://bigvu.tv/live-webinar.html Video created using BIGVU video maker - https://bigvu.tv/
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Build Your own Brand on Social Media Online Class
Confidently create social media content your followers will love! Online personality and social media guru Melanie Ham is here to teach you how to build your brand or personal presence on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and more. Take the class here: https://www.brit.co/shop/catalog/create-rockstar-content-for-social-media-online-class_41123/ ** ABOUT BRIT + CO Brit + Co is a media company that inspires, educates and entertains real women with a creative spirit. https://www.brit.co/ SUBSCRIBE TO B+C Subscribe to our channel: http://go.brit.co/subscribe-youtube Check out our full video catalog: http://www.youtube.com/user/britandco SEE MORE B+C VIDEOS https://www.brit.co/tag/video/ FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/britandco Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/britandco/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/BritandCo Tumblr: http://britmorin.com/
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Film and media class my own personal makeup brand.
Makeup anything yall and im down :)
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WAKE brand media | HOW IT WORKS "Company Video Package"
Shaina Churchfield of WAKE brand media explains how the Company Video Package works. You script, you schedule, you come in and create amazing video. Five videos for your digital marketing strategy for under a thousand bucks. You win. [email protected] wakebrandmedia.com 844.HEY.WAKE
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Why listening to brands helps you improve your own social media strategy
Social media is tough if you're a brand, you spend ages on a campaign, hit publish...and nothing. So how to top brands manage to produce hit after hit on social? They listen to what other brands are doing and use that intelligence to inform their own social media strategy. See how the Red Socks Company created a hit campaign by researching what other brands did around Lost Sock Day and analyzing their audience reaction to tweak their campaign for better results.
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How to Build a Powerful Brand and Explode Your Business | Lisa Nichols
How can you build a powerful brand and explode your business? This incredible talk was filmed at Mindvalley A-Fest Dominican Republic 2013. Since then, Lisa has gone to explode her personal brand and exploded her business on a scale that exceeded even her own expectations. In this video, from Mindvalley's A-Fest event, Lisa will walk you through how to discover and leverage free speaking engagements to quantum leap your business growth, secure a book deal and write a best-selling book or win the attention of big names like Oprah and Larry King. Lisa Nichols will show you how to communicate and connect with deep, powerful authenticity in her FREE masterclass👉 👉https://go.mindvalley.com/KjH7qJYa About Lisa: Lisa Nichols is a best-selling author, a popular public speaker, a powerful coach, and a charismatic teacher. Her participation in the self-development phenomenon, The Secret, catapulted her popularity across the globe. Lisa has appeared on the "Oprah Winfrey Show," "Extra," "Larry King Live" and on NBC's Emmy Award-winning show, "Starting Over".
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how to create your own brand,  product line, private labeling,
Must see! Don't miss out! Make money by making your own products and selling them. You can get it packaged by Gables Cosmetics. S. Miller, the chemist of the company, explains what it takes to make your products, what are the ingredients, how much it will cost him, and what do you need to market. Learn how women will buy your product line; do you want natural or not. Get business advice. Learn how the first soap and shampoo were made and who made it first. Do you want to make silicone for shiny hair? Learn where to get it; what chemical companies have it, and how to market it. Learn how was Redken created. How many product lines did Jerry Redding make and lose it to his women (wives at a time). About Nexus, Joico, Sebastian, Paul Mitchel and L'Oreal. How did L'Oreal win over Clairol. Does it mean Clairol is not "worth it?" Most products have the same ingredients, but different sales pitches make different prices. To buy brand or not to buy brand. Shampoo ingredients; water, SLS (sodium Laureth Lulfate) or Ammonium Laureth Sulfate; those are the ingredients, the rest are buffers for marketing. Thick or thin shampoo; the salt is the matter. Salt makes shampoo to thicken, but, is it good for you? How much do you pay for shampoo. How much does it cost. $14 cents a gallon for gel? Yes, it is possible. Watch how S. Miller makes gel in front of your eyes; water, carbopol, color and perfume. Add salt if you want it to magically turn into a spray gel. About Johnny B and his gel accident that became a popular gel. Learn about cuticle oil, it's pricing and mineral oil as the main ingredient. Did Germans invent the detergent. What company started to manufacture silicone; is it really made of sand? Is coconut oil organic; do they mix acetone with it? Gel or mouse? Which one to chose as a styling aid for your hair. An eye opener video, so much information for cosmetologists, barbers, beauty school students, salon professionals, entrepreneurs who would like to make money by making their own products through private labeling and making it a popular brand. Where to sell it; is Costco a good choice to diversify your products that were exclusive to salons when you started to market it. Learn marketing techniques. Video by beautyhealthtravel channel. Guest speaker S. MIller.
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How To Create Your Own Sports Media Brand
Hi, my name is Jeff Demers, and I've created a national sports media brand which allows me to get media credentials to some of the best games and events around the country. To join my new program and allow me to coach you and help you build your brand, click here: https://goo.gl/rxCtCZ
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How should you use social media to build your own personal brand? - Josh Warwick Archant
Josh, News Editor at Archant, tells us about using social media to build your own personal brand.
How To Start Your Own SUCCESSFUL Brand – How To WHITE & PRIVATE Labelling Products
If you’re not white labelling or private labelling then you need to watch this tutorial. No doubt we’ll see dropshippers migrate from your usual Shopify dropshipping to more branded products in the future so in this video I show you how you can brand your products by white/private labelling effectively. It’s not something just reserved for Amazon FBA! Enjoy! ------------- RECOMMENDED RESOURCES ► 💰 Free Shopify Store Trial Here http://bit.ly/getfreeshopify ► 📘 Start Dropshipping With This Free 5-Step eBook! https://mailchi.mp/andrewethanzeng/dropshippingbible ► 👕 Tool to Increase your Print on Demand & Creative Ad Conversions http://bit.ly/get_placeit ► 📈How I create eCommerce and sales funnels (extended free trial) http://bit.ly/clickfunnels30day ► 🌏 Platform I Use to Create Websites http://bit.ly/2KZteiI ► 📚 Must Read for Entrepreneurs (Free Book) http://bit.ly/theentrepreneurbook ------------- SUBSCRIBE for new videos EVERY Wednesday 4PM EST / Thursday 6AM AEST! ► 🔎Get Your Ads & Store Audited https://andrewethanzeng.com/book-audit/ 📞 Schedule a 1-on-1 coaching call with me https://andrewethanzeng.com/mentorship/ ------------- CONTACT If you'd like to connect with me personally on social media, follow @Ethan.Zeng on Instagram and Facebook /the.ethanzeng. Feel free to send me a direct message, leave a comment, or ask me a question. I do my best to answer every single one, so let's connect soon! ► https://andrewethanzeng.com ► Instagram: http://bit.ly/ethansinstagram ► Facebook Group: http://bit.ly/hustlefamfacebook ► YouTube: http://bit.ly/ethanstube #Dropshipping #Entrepreneur #SideHustleAcademy
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How To Build Your Own Brand And 'Make It Rain'
Areva Martin, Esq. is a civil rights attorney who wears many hats, including serving as a legal commentator on TV. She appeared on KCAL9 News on Sunday to discuss her book, "Make It Rain!: How to Use the Media to Revolutionize Your Business & Brand."
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Building A Brand – Defining The Customer, Episode 2
What is a discovery session? How do you develop a brand strategy? What questions do you ask a client? How do you create user profiles and user personas? How do you identify your customers? Why must you define a strategy before you design? The discovery meeting is the backbone of the entire project. It is what defines the brand strategy moving forward. In episode 2 of Building a Brand, Matthew and Ben from Blind sit down with Josh and Crysten from Hamilton Family Brewery to define Hamilton’s brand strategy moving forward. In this meeting, they'll define the goals of the business, identify the customers driving revenue, create user personas, and define the brand attributes. All of these exercises will help the branding team at Blind, develop a successful strategy for the business. 0:55 – Episode 1 recap 1:18 – What is a discovery session? 2:00 – What's everyone's goals? 3:20 – Excercise 1: Defining the Goals 6:48 – Excercise 2: Identifying the Customers 9:20 – Busines 101: Know your customers 9:41 – Excercise 3: User Profile 1 13:26 – Excercise 3: User Profile 2 17:21 – Excercise 4: Defining the Brand 20:20 – When the client gets stuck 20:43 – Ben Burns pulls an Ace out of his sleeve 21:18 – Looking at Stylescapes 22:33 – Discovery session recap. Next steps 23:30 – Reflecting on the discovery session 24:31 – On the next episode of Building a Brand 🖥 Watch the series playlist: http://bit.ly/BuildingABrandShow “Building a Brand” is a series where we take you behind the scenes as Blind helps to rebrand Hamilton Family Brewery. Hamilton Family Brewery was founded in 2014 by husband and wife team Josh and Crysten Hamilton. Since then, their little brewery in Rancho Cucamonga, California has ballooned in size because of its growing popularity. The Hamilton's are looking to take the next step into retail, but Josh, who has been doing the design for the company up to this point, does not feel confident in creating a recognizable, stand out brand for that next phase. In this series, we'll give you a behind the scenes look at this process, from start to finish. You'll see how ideas are shaped and take the form of a new identity system, packaging, messaging, website, and ultimately see the brand launch. Follow us: @mrbenburns @matthewencina @thefuturishere https://blind.com/ Learn more about Hamilton Family Brewery: https://hamiltonfamilybrewery.com/ 👉 Interested in brand strategy and the discovery process? Learn our process, CORE: http://bit.ly/30PwWzZ 💪 What are Stylescapes? Remove the guesswork. Focus on good work: http://bit.ly/2JJKhEM 👨‍💻 Need help with your first client meeting? Download our FREE 1st meeting Worksheet: http://bit.ly/2Wgy9Rd 🎧 Do you like the music? Check out the Epidemic Sound music libraries we used in this video through our affiliate link*: https://bit.ly/2T647tR #BuildingABrandShow #BrandStrategy #Discovery #TheFutur #MatthewEncina #MrBenBurns #BizOfDesign === 👉Subscribe: https://goo.gl/F2AEbk 👉See our Academy Channel: https://goo.gl/vB9zoP Want a deeper dive? Typography, Lettering, Sales & Marketing, Social Media and The Business of Design courses available here: https://goo.gl/bRt5qd 🎙 Futur Podcast: https://thefutur.com/podcast/ ✍️ Futur Blog: https://thefutur.com/blog/ — Love the content? Become a sustaining member for $5/mo today. https://goo.gl/nwekfL BOOKLIST – Essential Reading for Creative Professionals: http://bit.ly/2UtftOb Essential Design Books: http://bit.ly/2UtftOb Kits & Proposals: https://goo.gl/mSjuWQ Visit our website: https://www.thefutur.com FREE resources: https://goo.gl/Qh6gHr Mandarin (Chinese) Subtitles on UiiUii https://uiiiuiii.com/?s=the+futur — We love getting your letters. Send it here: The Futur c/o Chris Do 1702 Olympic Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90404 USA — AFFILIATE LINKS* 🙏 Support The Futur but purchasing through our affiliate links: Amazon: http://bit.ly/thefuturishere Webflow: http://bit.ly/2EbET9l Retro Supply Co.: http://bit.ly/2GW8gzR Creative Market: https://goo.gl/g4jlTE Design Cuts: http://bit.ly/2GSsAR3 ✍️ Sharpen your skills by taking a course, using our affiliate links: Skillshare: https://goo.gl/YCo2uT School of Motion: http://bit.ly/futur-som Bring Your Own Laptop Tutorials: https://byol.me/thefutur *By making a purchase through any of our affiliate links, we receive a very small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps us on our mission to provide quality education to you. Thank you. — Host– Chris Do Content Director– Matthew Encina Cinematography– Aaron Szekely, Mark Contreras, Ricky Lucas, Stewart Schuster, Jona Garcia Editor– Stewart Schuster, Kevin Ramlal Social Team: Elle Money, Alex Burlui Futur Theme Music – Adam Sanborne http://www.adamsanborne.com Typefaces: Futura, DIN, Helvetica Neue, Calibre Futur theme song— Adam Sanborne
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How To Start And Grow Your Own Production Company
How to build a team and grow your production company. David Lara asked 'How do you go about building a team?' It's always very difficult to find and source people who best suit your team so that you can continue to grow the company. In this Video I explain how I started my Production Company and found the right people to work with. You may also like: • TITLE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= • TITLE 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= ► Twitter: http://bit.ly/VividaTwitter ► Instagram: http://bit.ly/VividaInstagram ► Facebook: http://bit.ly/VividaFacebook ► http://www.wearevivida.co.uk Vivida is owned by @SimeonQuarrie. The team are visual innovators, thinkers in the field of video & photo storytelling.
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Hey Larlees, todays video is on fake makeup. I bought my own brands fake makeup and tried it out. Believe it or not some of it was pigmented, but who knows whats in the ingredients. Also we talk about the cease and desist I sent out to a company. Beware of fake makeup it can de dangerous. Thanks for watching, don't forget to give this video and THUMBS UP and Subscribe! - Laura * Nudie Patootie and ALL bundles will be back in stock 11/1 https://www.lauraleelosangeles.com/ WATCH THIS: SIRI PICKS MY MAKEUP: https://youtu.be/o-R9p19HDg4 Brushes Used: * use code LAURALEE off all Morphe brushes. R39 https://bit.ly/2gTqjJj R38 https://bit.ly/2fShCj1 M421 https://bit.ly/1WzyXKG M170 https://bit.ly/2iXL8Q2 Lilly Lashes : Miami: https://bit.ly/2t0gtqU *use code: LAURALEE for 10% off *** D I S C O U N T - C O D E S *** ___ * Morphe Brushes USE CODE LauraLee for 10% off! http://morphebrushes.com * CAN USE IN STORE AS WELL* * Jouer cosmetics - code: LAURALEE for 15% off! https://www.jouercosmetics.com * Ofra Cosmetics use code LAURALEE for 30% off!! http://bit.ly/2bm3dGb * POSTMATES! code LAURALEE will give $100 in delivery credit to your NEW postmates account http://bit.ly/2jwzJ07 * my vanity: http://bit.ly/29z6ZNx use code LAURALEE for $$ off!! Disclaimer: All opinions in today’s video are my own! I will always state when a video is sponsored and I’ve partnered with a brand. I do earn a small commission when my code and links are used. Thank you guys! SOCIAL MEDIA: INSTAGRAM: Larlarlee SNAPCHAT: Laura88lee TWITTER: LAURA88LEE musical.ly - Laura88lee Music: https://soundcloud.com/ikson
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Stop Wearing Other People's Brands and Start Building Your Own!
Stop Wearing Other People's Brands and Start Building Your Own! Get my book, The Graduate Survival Guide. Learn the five mistakes that you can’t afford to make in college: https://goo.gl/eCibkc Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to stay up to date with my latest videos! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaW51g-nmLfq703TPZC7Gsg/?sub_confirmation=1
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Diageo BYOB - Build Your Own Brand!
Diageo is at the forefront about caring for its employees and giving them tools to build themselves professionally. Diageo's "Build Your Own Brand" initiative equips their employees with resources to help them grow their own personal brands within Diageo by giving them professional headshots to use on their internal communication services and social media! Film and edit by MJD Visuals Photos by O & Co. Media Group http://www.olivierkpognon.com/
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How to Design Your Own Logo for a Shirt : Marketing & Media
Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ehowfinance Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/ehowfinance Designing your own logo for a shirt is something that you can do either with a brand new image or an existing one. Design your own logo for a shirt with help from a Los Angeles-based social media manager and brand designer in this free video clip. Expert: Phil Pallen Filmmaker: John Wilbers Series Description: The Internet is one of the most valuable business resources that marketers have today. Get tips on marketing and media with help from a Los Angeles-based social media manager and brand designer in this free video series.
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How To Create A Fashion Collection and Launch Your Own Brand : SOCIAL MEDIA
http://ytwizard.com/r/PQ1XYf http://ytwizard.com/r/PQ1XYf How To Create A Fashion Collection and Launch Your Own Brand Designing and producing a Fashion Line: step by step, all the necessary elements involved in creating a Fashion Brand.
Start Your Own Social Media Marketing Agencies In தமிழ்
Start Your Own Social Media Marketing Agencies In Tamil In this video you can learn about how to start Social Media Marketing Agencies. Follow Those steps in tamil. How To Start Social Media Marketing Agenices 1. Set Up Your (Brand ) Business Name 2. Set Up your Website With Brand Name With Logo 3. Create Email Id For Contact you in Business Name For Ex., [email protected] 4. Set Up Payment Gateway For Getting Payments From your clients ( Paypal, Skrill, WU, BTC Etc., ) 4. Set Up Social Media Accounts For Your Business Use Business Email 5. Create Video for Your business. 6. Do Regular Posting On Your Social Media So Investment Required For Start Agencies 1. Registration In State Level Business ( 3000 to 5000 INR ) 2. Domain And Hosting ( 8000 INR ) #SocialMediaAgencies #SocialMediaMarketing Agencies #SocialMedia Follow Us : Website : http://thagavalgal.com/ Email : [email protected] Twitter : https://twitter.com/thagavalgal Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/thagavalgal/
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Lorne Gunter: Notley to implement her own "Rae Days"
Ezra Levant of TheRebel.media and Sun columnist Lorne Gunter discuss the similarities between Alberta politics today and Ontario politics in the early '90's under NDP Premier Bob Rae. MORE: https://www.therebel.media/ezra_levant_november_29_2017 Get EARLY ACCESS to the Ezra Levant Show, PLUS shows hosted by Tommy Robinson, John Cardillo and MORE! http://www.TheRebel.media/Shows
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The Formula for Building your Personal Brand with John Hall
John's company Digital Talent Agents is not a traditional PR agency. But he does help get a lot of amazing press for his clients. He walks through what clients pay him lots of money to do for them to build their personal brand.
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How to Market yourself and create your own brand on social media
In this video I discuss how to Market yourself and create your own brand on social media. It's a short video describing how you can Market yourself and create your own brand. https://amzn.to/2Lo2Zyj
Creating Your Own Label | Arturo Castañeda | TEDxMcAllen
Growing up in South Texas and receiving labels from teachers, counselors, coaches, friends, and family is what drove the passion in Arturo to create his own label. After moving to New York and being mentored by some of the top names in the fashion industry, a new label was born. Arturo Castañeda left Mercedes, Texas and his journey brought him to New York City. His fashion sense and creativity were discovered, eventually landing him a job as a concept designer for Ralph Lauren. Arturo went on to co-found Cielo Brands a personal styling and clothing company where he works with professional athletes and entertainers. He frequently visits the Rio Grande Valley to share his journey and inspire others to dream big. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Episode 2: How to build your personal brand with social media
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat ... if used correctly, these social media platforms are more than time-killing diversions. They can be invaluable personal branding tools. For this episode of Safe for Work, we spoke with Madisyn McKee, Workopolis’ social media manager to find out how (and why). For more career advice, visit workopolis.com/advice for job search tips, interviewing tricks, and much more. As Canada's leading career site, Workopolis has been connecting millions of seekers with their dream jobs since 2000. Visit workopolis.com to search openings, upload your resume to our database, sign up for job alerts, and more. To subscribe to this podcast, search Safe for Work in iTunes or on Soundcloud.
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'No.One' Creator Shares How To Start Your Own Sneaker Brand
Sneaker industry veteran Mark Gainor recently started his own brand, No One, in Los Angeles. We sat down with the creator at his studio where he gives upcoming designers tips on how to start their own company. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ComplexHustle/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVAWBDbI_scGDPB4kdz0e4Q Twitter: https://twitter.com/complexhustle Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/complexhustle/ Complex Hustle is a lifestyle channel for creators, entrepreneurs and young professionals navigating the new economy. Delivering daily news, expert insight and original programming – we explore all things hustle – from the corner to the corner office. It’s a platform for the leaders and change-makers of today. We sit at the intersection of media, entertainment, technology and culture. Our content covers the many stages of entrepreneurship, empowering today’s do-it-yourself generation to design the careers they want. We equip our audience with the tools and tips to create content, develop products and build businesses in the modern world.
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Photography Branding - How to be your own Brand!
This is the number one piece of advice that I really took to heart when I first started branding my photography business. I am my brand! Sometimes we are afraid to put ourselves out there for all to see - but YOU are what people WANT to see. If you can make them believe in YOU then they will believe in your business! Comment below and let me know what stops you from being the face of your brand and any advice you would give others to help overcome this fear. LIKE , COMMENT and SHARE!! - Everything you need to know about what Nicole Elliott is doing here at www.studioelliott.com - Follow Nicole on Facebook: www.facebook.com/studioelliott/ - Be the first to know when the all NEW Elliott Essentials Camera Strap launches and get 20% off here: http://studioelliott.com/preorder/