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Runes of Magic: How to Tier your Items, for FREE!
This is a first in a series of guides on how to improve your equipment in Runes of Magic, for FREE!
Views: 23681 Bart Boucher
Runes of Magic - Extraindo item-set skill
Pequeno "tutorial" (se é que pode ser chamado assim...) de como extrair o skill do seu set de items no runes of magic ;)
Runes of Magic (104): Crafting Guide Part 2: Producing Items
I do a three part guide to crafting in Ruens of Magic. This video covers producing Items that you will actually want! Visit us at: https://www.bartboucher.com http://twitter.com/paigeecm http://www.facebook.com/PsssstHOY
Views: 1642 Bart Boucher
How to farm for Gold in Runes of magic
Gameplay commentary of how to farm for gold legitly. The items have expired. Also if your looking for a site that sells PC Games for more or LESS than Steam try here: https://www.g2a.com/r/pc_games
Views: 18730 Rundas342
Returning to Runes of Magic "Starting Fresh in 2017"
Hello Friends! Welcome to the world of Taborea! Today I am taking a look at a pretty old free to play mmo that used to dominate the corner of F2P games. Does it still hold up today? Hopefully this helps you find out! Wanna play Runes of Magic? http://us.runesofmagic.gameforge.com/news/index ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ⦁ Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/kooliogaming ⦁ Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/kooliotwitch ⦁ Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/kooliotgaming ⦁ Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/KoolioGaming ⦁ Discord - https://discord.gg/vxHhzEv ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Get AD-FREE BROWSING and SUPPORT your favorite Youtuber with Brave Browser! https://brave.com/koo142 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out the Koolio Krew Shop for Awesome Gaming Gear! https://shop.spreadshirt.com/KrewClothes/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------- TIP JAR https://www.tiny.cc/KoolioGamingTips ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Get Great Gaming Discounts HERE! https://www.g2a.com/r/kooliogaming ---------------------------------------------------------------------- For business inquiries contact me here dksmyles (at) gmail (dot) com
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Arcane Transmutor: Creating Runes
This is a basic, step-by-step guide on how to tier and create runes for equipment using the arcane transmutor. Visit the Runes of Magic homepage: http://www.runesofmagic.com
Views: 15159 OfficialRunesofMagic
Runes of Magic - How to Preview Items on your Character!
Livestream: http://www.twitch.tv/solissfoon Not really a complete video on this but I do show how to at the end because i forgot how to and i wanted to see the item preview in which i had forgotten how to do. Hope this helps!
Views: 662 soliss
Runes of Magic - New Item shop (WTF)
Gameforge gave us a new Item shop today, what a piece of shit this is! #GiveBackOldItemshop
Views: 1344 Bluesons00
Runes of Magic: [BUG] Knight Class Item Set Skill "Honorable Fighter"
The ISS Honorable Fighter is not working as indented.
Views: 750 Rukifellth2792
Runes of Magic -- Clean Statting
Audio is a bit behind the video, but it wasn't bad enough to worry about it... Video tutorial on how to clean stat an item in RoM
Views: 1377 Tarko1989
Runes of Magic - Power Leveling Guide! (2013 Newest/Latest)
Get level 50 in 25 Minutes! Items you may want to consider are experience potion, party experience potion, pet, +12 wings, and berries you get from leveling package. Please help like the video! www.twitch.tv/solissfoon - live stream www.daphtali.com - personal website for computer specs, blogs, pictures
Views: 32202 soliss
Runes of Magic weapons HD upgrade tier 11
Królowa Marionetek 16/11 (Puppet Queen)
Views: 3827 domanq
Runes of Magic - My Addons
1: @1:00 #d303 fix http://www.curse.com/addons/rom/d303fix 2: @1:18 awsmdropdown http://rom.curseforge.com/addons/awsmdropdown/ 3: @2:03 addon manager http://www.curse.com/addons/rom/addonmanager 4: @3:08 Advanced Auction House http://www.curse.com/addons/rom/advancedauctionhouse 5: @6:05 Advanced Magic Box http://www.curse.com/addons/rom/advancedmagicbox *USE AT YOUR OWN RISK* 6: @7:30 Asbw German: http://www.curse.com/addons/rom/asbw English: http://tinyurl.com/asbwenglish 7: @10:57 Auto Accept Invitations http://www.curse.com/addons/rom/aai 8: @13:48 Auto Ride http://www.curse.com/addons/rom/autoride 9: @15:47 Bag Search http://rom.curseforge.com/addons/bagsearch/ 10: @16:49 Character Plan http://www.curse.com/addons/rom/charplan 11: @19:00 Daily Notes http://www.curse.com/addons/rom/dailynotes 12: @21:28 Extended Fusion http://www.curse.com/addons/rom/extended-fusion USE THIS ONE (fusion): http://www.curse.com/addons/rom/fusion 13: @22:06 Extra Macro Icons http://www.curse.com/addons/rom/extendedmacroicons 14: @23:18 Instance Map Fix http://www.curse.com/addons/rom/instance-map-fix 15: @23:35 Invite Last Group http://rom.curseforge.com/addons/invite-last-group/ 16: @24:06 Item Preview http://rom.curseforge.com/addons/itempreview/ 17: @24:58 Item Preview Resizer http://www.curse.com/addons/rom/item-preview-resizer 18: @25:56 Loot History THE ADDON IM DESCRBING IS ACTUALLY PART OF LOOTIT 19: @27:12 Loot It http://www.curse.com/addons/rom/lootit 20: @28:42 Macro Cooldowns http://rom.curseforge.com/addons/macrocooldowns/ 21: @29:58 Mouse Target [POTENTIALLY BROKEN] http://www.lifefire-collections.com/#!customaddons/c1057 22: @31:20 NightMare http://www.curse.com/addons/rom/nightmare 23: @32:08 On Screen Values http://www.curse.com/addons/rom/onscreenvalues 24: @33:14 PbInfo http://www.curse.com/addons/rom/pbinfo 25: @34:38 Perlyous Action Bars http://rom.curseforge.com/addons/perylous-action-bars/ 26: @35:48 Quest Helper http://www.curse.com/addons/rom/questhelper 27: @37:45 QUnit Frams http://www.curse.com/addons/rom/qunitframes 28: @39:25 Repair Me http://www.curse.com/addons/rom/repairme 29: @40:38 ReStack http://www.curse.com/addons/rom/restack 30: @41:12 Scrutinizer http://www.curse.com/addons/rom/scrutinizer 31: @42:20 Simple Damage Log http://rom.curseforge.com/addons/simpledamagelog/ 32: @43:32 Smart Buff Bars http://www.curse.com/addons/rom/smartbb 33: @45:02 StatLinks http://www.curse.com/addons/rom/statlinks 34: @46:07 StatList WRONG AGAIN YOU IDIOT. I AM TALKING ABOUT STAT RATING. 35: @48:05 Stat Rating http://rom.curseforge.com/addons/statrating/ 36: @48:35 ToolTipIDS http://www.mediafire.com/download/2mw837svcebsuik/TooltipIds.rar 37: @49:47 Ultimate Mail Mod http://rom.curseforge.com/addons/ultimate-mail-mod/ 38: @50:27 Web Links http://www.curse.com/addons/rom/weblinks 39: @51:32 White Count http://tinyurl.com/whitehitcounter 40: @52:34 WoWMap http://www.curse.com/addons/rom/wowmap 41: @53:00 WoW Map POI http://www.curse.com/addons/rom/wowmap-poi 42: @53:17 Xminimap http://www.curse.com/addons/rom/xminimap 43: @55:03 zafguildsort http://rom.curseforge.com/addons/afguildsort/ Check this out too. www.tinyurl.com/bbsaddons also check out wtfast if you are having terrible lag problems with rom - http://goo.gl/N9OMlk -- Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/i1own0u
Views: 10802 A Step Into Seclusion
Runes of Magic - Set Skill Extraction
Was going to power level my toon on Artemis but decided to wait for double diamonds and wait for another double xp day.
Views: 2186 soliss
Runes of Magic - 005 - Refining Items A
In this video set i explain basics about items and demonstrate item refining.
Views: 6640 heiamll
Eisklingen TP + T6 Items farmen [Champ/Mage] - Runes of Magic
Eisklingen TP + T6 Items farmen [Champ/Mage] - Runes of Magic
Views: 1523 Scar Let
Runes of magic Tutorial for the Arcane Transmutor
Runes of magic Tutorial for the Arcane Transmutor Advanced Auction House Add on http://rom.curse.com/downloads/rom-addons/details/advancedauctionhouse.aspx To install go into your ROM folder then make a folder called Interface/AddOn/"addonthatyouwant" Tier 2 items lvl 1-39 Tier 3 items lvl 40-50 My server is Grimdal (PvP) (US Client) ADD ON LIST Move able Mini map Faster Auto Loot Pk_Drop PKWarning /who Adbuffbars mobInfoTracker Bosslevel Streamline (UI addon) nkcooldown Questwiz Shitup Advanced Auction House Minmap Wheel Zoom Daily Board Info StatRating (Extra Info about items.. DPS ectt) Addon Manager PBinfo Wowmap ~~ Other info ~~ By HeLL12aiseR This tutorial is missing quite a lot of info, such as the simple fact that if you're trying to inject more than 6 stats onto an item(doesnt matter if 3 random statted mana stones, an item that already has stats, etc) it will take the 6 lowest stats(do it will take a DexII over a StaV or a SavageIII over an IllumineVI). if there are more than 6 stats of the lowest level than it chooses 6 random stats out of those. there is no way to get more than 6 stats onto an item(yellows or greens).
Views: 65880 C1u3z
Runes of Magic - 007 - Item Durability
Here i explain Durability and why its important i Runes of Magic.
Views: 3305 heiamll
HOW TO USE MAGICAL ITEMS RUNES MY SECOND channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9dVphpxKJb9IGYZJzn7y4w 🔥 Clan link - https://link.clashofclans.com/?action=OpenClanProfile&tag=VJ2V2J00 DRAGON 🐉 STORY - https://youtu.be/AY1Me23QH7o like------------$ubscribe------------share 😍 🔥 CAN I GET 50 LIKES 🔥 CLAN LINK - https://link.clashofclans.com/?action=OpenClanProfile&tag=208VVY9JR To guy's aap log apna opinion do comment ME and like kro share kro and subscribe please 🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅 👕👙👔👗🎽 Santa is coming! My qna announcement video - https://youtu.be/Aacr4F7rRQQ Town hall 12 - https://youtu.be/dGiS-JnnLU8 Hi guy's 😍 help ME to get 10k subs Please like share and subscribe My player tag - #2PR8QRP9V My clan - #28VGCUP0 https://link.clashofclans.com/?action=OpenClanProfile&tag=URPQGLRG My instagram profile - vishal___sonii My facebook name - Vishal Sony Please subscribe my channel 😍 😍 😍 🎶 MUSIC CREDIT - OCEAN BY EHRLING
Views: 23276 LazyVishal
Bloodborne The Old Hunters All Weapons, Items, and Runes No-BS Guide
A full No-BS guide on how to get every item, weapon, and rune The Old Hunters DLC has to offer, along with some boss strategies. This took a while to compile, so I hope you enjoy or find it helpful! Time codes after the bump. Please support me on Patreon: http://patreon.com/fungo PART 1 - 00:32 - Old Hunter Cap, Garb, Gloves, Trousers - Beast Cutter - Eye Pendant PART 2 - 02:21 - Old Hunter Top Hat - Boom Hammer - Firing Hammer Badge (Unlocks Piercing Rifle) - Early Access to Simon's Bowblade PART 3 - 03:44 - Constable's Garb, Gloves, Trousers - Gatling Gun - Amygdalan Arm - Beasthunter Saif PART 4 - 06:10 - Whirligig Saw - Butcher Mask, Garb, Gloves, Trousers - Ludwig Strategy - Guidance Rune +2 - Holy Moonlight Sword - Fist of Gratia PART 5 - 08:56 - Decorative Hunter Garb and Trousers - Enlarged Head - Brain Fluid 1 - Guidance Rune +1 - Blood of Adeline PART 6 - 13:14 - Loch Shield - Underground Cell Key - Balcony Key - Milkweed Oath Rune - Blacksky Eye - Church Pick - Yamamura Hunter Hat - Old Hunter Arm Bands - Wine Hakama - Khaki Haori - Laurence's Skull - Church Cannon PART 7 - 16:33 - Living Failures Strategy - Lady Maria Strategy - Astral Clocktower Key - Celestial Dial - Accursed Brew - Maria Hunter Cap, Garb, Gloves, Trousers - Harrowed Hood, Garb, Gloves, Trousers PART 8 - 20:05 - Simon's Bowblade - Underground Cell Inner Chamber Key - Brador's Testimony - Beast Hide Garb - Bloodied Arm Bands - Bloodied Trousers - Bloodletter PART 9 - 22:28 - Blood Rock - Rakuyo - Orphan of Kos Strategy - Kos Parasite - Laurence Strategy - Beast's Embrace Oath Rune Links of interest: Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/srfungo Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/srfungo Tumblr: http://fungoreview.tumblr.com/ Listen to my music: http://soundcloud.com/fungo
Views: 329819 Fungo
Runes of magic dirty stating basics
How to make cheap decent leveling items , just need matching fusion stones and and ok stats (like from blue items lvl 94-95). Adcanced auction house addon will help u find stone with matching stats
Views: 604 Xavier Barrofet
Malatina course of terror - Runes of magic minigame
Minigames are the way to get useful stats and items, and specially if u are f2p or leveling up , a way of getting income. U get shells from lvl 50
Views: 324 Xavier Barrofet
Runes of Magic - Ice Blade Plateau HM by BurningEyes
Runes of Magic - Ice Blade Plateau HM with descriptions by Burning Eyes - Ionsai DE Music: Kongos - Come with me now Timmy Trumpet - Oracle Timmy Trumpet Savage - Freaks Wamdue Project - King of my Castle I do not own any of the music - all tribute goes to the artists
Views: 5751 Kako Dyl
Let's Play Runes of Magic #008 [Deutsch] [HD] - Item-Shop & Crafting
«RUNES OF MAGIC» ⇒ [ Hier klicken für mehr Infos und kostenloses Zocken ] ⇐ «RUNES OF MAGIC» Free2play MMORPG von Frogster Online Gaming. Kostenlos spielen: http://gronkh.de/runes:play ## Folge 008: Eifrig sammeln wir weiter das Hölzle und das Gräselein auf der Suche nach dem ominösen Eschenrohholz. Zwischendurch besuchen wir nochmal Woody Woods und versuchen recht erfolglos irgendwas hinzucraften. Dabei stolpern wir in den Item-Shop und schauen ein wenig, was es so käuflich zu erwerben gibt, bevor wir ein kurzes Päuschen zur Selbstfindung ausüben. Mit frischem Crafting-Wissen stellen wir nun endlich mal 30 Eschenrohholz her, auf die unser Flötenfreund Woody schon "soooo säääähnsüchtig" wartet.
Views: 38253 Gronkh
Runes of Magic (20): Treasure Hunt (Part 3)
Ethel and I play through Runes of Magic Quests: -Water Dragon Zanordoth -Treasure Hunt - Stage 4 -Howling Mountain's Biggest Treasure -Secret Agent Lola Other: -Lost Items
Views: 5260 Bart Boucher
Let's Play Runes of Magic HD [German] #048 20 Items...
Wir sammeln für mehrere Quests 20 Items, das ist nervig..
Views: 451 slykxsLP
HEY GUYS GAMEDIAN HERE, Player tag: #9YUPLRPYY SUBMIT COC FUNNY CLIP AT : [email protected] ___ ✓✓Subscribe :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPIrNVKDaqClPtJ1JMLWD2A Social media ✓Facebook: http://fb.me/Gamedian786 ✓Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gamedian/ Music: Goblin from Mars channel link: https://goo.gl/T1t7zm NCS Channel link: https://goo.gl/kqBytf __ Game: Clash of clans game link: https://goo.gl/eMRBq5 ✓Thanks for watching. please subscribe and like.. 'This content is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Supercell and Supercell is not responsible for it. For more information see Supercell's Fan Content Policy: www.supercell.com/fan-content-policy Message for SUPERCELL ✓ This video is only for entertainment purposes and I don't want to disrespect CLASH OF CLANS ✓If you have any problem with my video contact me in my business enquiry mail ([email protected]) ✓If my video break the norm of clash of clans contact me and I will delete my video from YouTube immediately THANKS #coc #clashofclans #Gamedian #brawlstarsAndriod ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe and join our Gamers Family #GamedianArmy HOPE YOU LIKE IT MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE!! PEACE ✌ ✌ ✌
Views: 8597 Gamedian
Runes Of Magic How to Get Your Second Class
how to get your second class.
Views: 30074 Drey Zhukov
Runes of Magic (18): Treasure Hunt (Part1)
Quests: -Treasure Hunt -Treasure Hunt - Stage 1 -Treasure Hunt - Stage 2 -Key Making Other: -So Much Running!
Views: 5708 Bart Boucher
Runes of Magic Housing Trailer (HD)
In Runes of Magic players explore and discover a magical realm full of wonders and ancient riddles. On their way from simple novice to famous hero, they will always be accompanied by magical runes and potent oracles which are fragments of the divine book Taborea. In Runes of Magic players should use the rune stone wisely, for they might also lure them to a path of destruction. But legend has it, that he, who embraces the oracle and acquires its might, will gain absolute power over the future. It is now up to the player, to write on the history of the world. To do that, players have access to a dual class system which allows them to freely combine their main and secondary classes, in order to freely build a character the way they want. On their way through Taborea, they learn professions and special skills to forge mighty armor and weaponry or to enhance them. After a hard day of labor players can relax in their own homes, which they can arrange any way they want. In addition they have access to a dynamic item and rune system, as well as three gathering and eight crafting professions. Dangerous dungeons, raids and an extensive PVP system challenge PC heros in the long run. Features Runes of Magic * Free2play, no monthly fees, free download * Dual class system with switchable primary and secondary classes * Enthralling background story * Already over 600 quests and level comprehensive quest series on launch * Instanced and persistent dungeons * Individually developed skills and spells * Armor sets with special bonuses * Dynamic item system: Upgrades with hundreds of runes * Activatable PvP system (Player vs. Player duels) * Epic crafting system with the possibility to improve existing items * Individual coloring of clothes and armor * Housing: personalization with individual furniture for players and guilds * Special zones for guild houses * Reputation system * Scalable user interface based on the users flavor (development of own add-ons possible) * In-game map and radar system to find dealers, resources and quests easily * Auction house: auction and purchase items * Teleporting possibilities per runes * Different and unique mounts * Controlling with mouse (point & click) and keyboard (WASD or arrow keys) possible .
Views: 38895 50Bellow
Runes of Magic - Server First!! (Idun)
After a long week.. it was time to finally happen :)
Views: 1159 Bluesons00
Runes of Magic - Send Mass T6 Items
Hier ein Video, wie man bequem T6 Items per nachname verschicken kann. Addon: Ultimate Mail Mod Links: Official https://mods.curse.com/addons/rom/ultimatemailmod_con2014 Meine Version, womit man die items per Button alle auswählen kann: http://www.filedropper.com/ultimatemailmod Ich kaufe eure T6 Items in MASSEN Server: Maidin Charakter: Massephase Bei Fragen w/ EDIT: Um die 100.000 zu kopieren, diese Zahl (wie im Video) makieren (shift linke oder rechte pfeiltaste, das komm drauf an, wo der text-cursor liegt // oder mit gedrückter linkter maustaste über die zahl ziehen) und kopieren mit STRG+C
Runes of Magic Macro Tutorial
Just a quick lesson on how to get your macros going in rom.
Views: 10053 Rukifellth2792
Runes of Magic First Impressions /w Kiyev - FREE TO PLAY Series #1
Sorry for the lack of streams lately, I've been busy with studies and work. :D I take my very first look into the Free to Play MMO called Runes of Magic. This First Impression series is something I'll be doing on a weekly basis. :)
Views: 866 Kiyev
zBag Addon Overview - Runes of Magic
Quick summary of some of the key features of zBag: backpack configuration, bank configuration, housekeeper interface, and ability to quickly sell multiple items.
Views: 2394 jrmstuff
Bethomia Hardmode Solo Full?! | Runes of Magic | Knight/Mage
music used: [House] - Nitro Fun - Soldiers [Monstercat Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwN4E3qfTPY [Electro] - Stonebank - Blast from the Past [Monstercat Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8JCG-HhdLA
Views: 4831 Scar Let
Runes of Magic (103): Crafting Guide Part 1: Resource Gathering and Refining
I do a three part guide to crafting in Ruens of Magic. This video covers Resource Gathering and Refining. This also answers the too common question of "where so I get ash wood, zinc ore, demon grass" Visit us at: https://www.bartboucher.com http://twitter.com/paigeecm http://www.facebook.com/PsssstHOY
Views: 2266 Bart Boucher
Lytfir - Cave of the Water Dragon - Runes of Magic
First [Kabal] clear of Cave of the Water Dragon! Lytfir was put to sleep at 50% using the quest item.
Views: 4671 Travis M
Runes of Magic: Knightshift vs Oldiesbutgoodies
It's been quite a while since I've done a Siege War upload, and I think this is the first one I've uploaded featuring me play Mage/Scout.
Views: 844 Rukifellth2792
Runes of Magic - How to Dirty Stat
A dirty statting guide. This is a free to play way to get geared.
Views: 3175 soliss
Runes of Magic - 006 - Refining Items B
Following the previous video i finish explaining Refinement.
Views: 3962 heiamll
Runes of magic warlock lvl 50+ Killing in Necro
Runes of magic warlock lvl 50+ Killing mobs in necro Server - Macantacht Most of my runes of magic videos are with Battlemonk P/W and Mage/warrior
Views: 10170 Torumees0
RUNES Magical Items in coc - How to use Runes magical items in clash of clan - COC March Update 2018
RUNES Magical Items in coc - How to use Runes magical items in clash of clan - COC March Update 2018 NEW Clash of clans march update 2018 with 3 new magical items called ring of walls, runs and builder position New Clan Games Challenges! Win 3 Stars against a specific Town Hall level in Multiplayer Battles Earn 5 Stars in Multiplayer Battles against opponents in Titan League Get Stars from a Town Hall higher level than your own Get Stars without using any Spells Get Stars without using any Heroes Earn 3 Stars from a Clan War battle Knock out a number of level points of a specific Hero Earn 5 Stars in Versus Battles using Super P.E.K.K.A. Destroy a number of Mega Teslas in Versus Battles We are also introducing a selection of new Magic Items with some much-requested abilities! New Magic Items Builder Potion – this Magic Item will speed up the progress of your Builders in the Home Village by 10x for 1 hour. Runes – these Magic Items will fill the storage of one of your 5 resources, Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir, Builder Base Gold, and Builder Base Elixir. Max capacity: 1 per resource type. Ring of Walls – this Magic Item will increase the level of your Walls! They can be used to upgrade Walls in both the Home Village and Builder Base. Max capacity: 25. But that's not all... Just like Clan Wars, your Clan will now earn Clan XP at the end of each Clan Games, determined by the number of thresholds reached by you and your Clan mates. And we have a new Achievement for you! Complete the new "Games Champion" Achievement by earning personal points in Clan Games to earn some extra gems and player XP. SUBSCRIBE HERE - https://youtube.com/rdplay To Supercell, Disclaimer: This content is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Supercell and Supercell is not responsible for it. For more information see Supercell’s Fan Content Policy. New Features: ● Journey to the Builder Base and discover new buildings and characters in a new mysterious world. ● Battle with all new troops, including Raged Barbarian, Sneaky Archer, Boxer Giant, Bomber, Cannon Cart, and the new Hero Battle Machine. ● Go head to head with other players in the new Versus battle mode. Classic Features: ● Join a Clan of fellow players or start your own and invite friends. ● Fight in Clan Wars as a team against other players across the globe. ● Defend your village with a multitude of cannons, bombs, traps, mortars, and walls. ● Fight against the Goblin King in a campaign through the realm. ● Plan unique battle strategies with countless combinations of spells, troops, and Heroes! ● Friendly Challenges, Friendly Wars, and special events. ● Train unique troops with multiple levels of upgrades. PLEASE NOTE! Clash of Clans is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Clash of Clans. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEO LIKE THIS .................................................................... FOLLOW ME ON Twitter -https://twitter.com/rdplay2 Facebook -https://facebook.com/rdplay2 ..................................................................... Sound NCS - https://www.youtube.com/user/NoCopyrightSound Thanks For Watching All this will be live in the next game update, so until then... Clash On!
Views: 95005 Ritam Dutta
Lets Play Runes of Magic [008] Tagesquest Items
Rom Playlist: http://bit.ly/1pTrRRS Abonnieren: http://bit.ly/1gkxBua
Views: 32 ikevlog
Runes of Magic - Proof of Myth Event (15th - 22nd December)
Proof of Myth Event! Collect items - Exchange for proofs :D The BEST event in Runes of Magic are back again! Eve, Frank, Hilary and Owenstein also would like to share their best wishes with all Taboreans – You can visit them in Varanas Central Plaza (channel 1) between December 15th (after maintenance) to December 22nd (until maintenance) and exchange some items for some awesome presents. http://board.eu.runesofmagic.gameforge.com/index.php?page=Thread&postID=4897341#post4897341 Follow me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bluesons00 My website: http://bluesons00.weebly.com Thanks for watching! Like, comment & subscribe for more =)
Views: 808 Bluesons00
Runes of Magic Hall of the Demon Lord Androlier Solo
My final video till the release of Chapter 4. Androlier is very hard to solo for most class combinations due to 2 reasons. Firstly, you can not use any items/consumables/pots in the fight so it all boils down to an endurance fight. There are a few ways to heal yourself without items if you don't have healing skills. For example the Kawaks Tomb Item Set Skill or pets heal skill. Secondly, Androlier special attacks put DoT debuffs on you during both phases, fiery wave on fire phase, cold wave on ice phase. If you have both debuffs on at the same time, you get a third debuff which lasts for 60seconds which severely reduces your physical defense. Getting the debuff will usually result in instant failure since all of Androlier's attacks are physical based and have very good range (flame chop, frost attack, whirlwind attack). So kiting Androlier to make sure you don't have both debuffs is crucial. Would like to have done it without a phoenix but i got him down to 5-7% before dying due to debuffs (no phoenixes) on too many occasions. Enough ranting, hope you enjoy the video and see you all in Chapter 4 ! No copyright is intended, I do not own this music.
Views: 3410 Le Zhang
Runes of Magic Grotto of Horror(easy) Druid/rogue solo 1st Boss
Soloed Aggregate of Desperation (goh ez) for fun as D/r in my mage gear. US server Govinda Music: Sound Adventures - Horses Of The Apocalypse I own none of the content in this video. No copyright infringement intended.
Views: 1973 Calolim Games

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