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Darcy Oake's jaw-dropping dove illusions | Britain's Got Talent 2014
See more from Britain's Got Talent at http://itv.com/talent Not only can illusionist Darcy make doves appear out of nowhere, he also has an even bigger trick up his sleeve. Simon thinks the Judges have uncovered a star -- see if you agree. SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/BGTsub Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BritainsGotTalent Twitter: http://twitter.com/GotTalent
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Finding Institutional Supply and Demand Zones in FOREX @ White Oak FX University
www.whiteoakfx.com University for Traders! In this class we discussed the very core of what we do here at the school, finding institutional supply and demand zones so that we can determine what the banks and big players in the markets are doing with price. This process is what leads us to finding the institutional trade signals that we will eventually take into our portfolio's.
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Britain's Got Talent S08E02 Darcy Oake Jaw Dropping Dove Illusion
Darcy Oake, from Canada, performs some amazing illusions. His motions are among the fastest and smoothest I've seen on any of these shows.
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The Kills - Last Day of Magic - White Oak Music Hall - Houston TX - 9.9.16
The Kills - White Oak Music Hall - Houston, TX 9.9.2016
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Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars (Official Video)
Mark Ronson's official music video for 'Uptown Funk' ft. Bruno Mars. Click to listen to Mark Ronson on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/MarkRonsonSpotify?... As featured on Uptown Special. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: http://smarturl.it/MarkRUptown?IQid=M... Google Play: http://smarturl.it/MarkRUptownGPlay?I... Amazon: http://smarturl.it/MarkRUptownAmazon?... Stream more music from Mark Ronson here: http://smarturl.it/MarkRonsonStream?I... More from Mark Ronson Oh My God: https://youtu.be/qnDo6mR6fp8 Valerie: https://youtu.be/4HLY1NTe04M Bang Bang Bang: https://youtu.be/TM6TCGltfHM More great 00's videos here: http://smarturl.it/Ultimate00?IQid=Ma... Follow Mark Ronson Website: http://www.markronson.co.uk/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/markronson Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarkRonson Instagram: https://instagram.com/iammarkronson/ Subscribe to Mark Ronson on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/MarkRonsonSub?IQid... --------- Lyrics: This hit That ice cold Michelle Pfeiffer That white gold This one, for them hood girls Them good girls Straight masterpieces Stylin', while in Livin' it up in the city Got Chucks on with Saint Laurent Gotta kiss myself I'm so pretty I'm too hot (hot damn) Called a police and a fireman I'm too hot (hot damn) Make a dragon wanna retire, man I'm too hot (hot damn) Say my name you know who I am I'm too hot (hot damn) Am I bad 'bout that money Break it down Girls hit your hallelujah (whoo) Girls hit your hallelujah (whoo) Girls hit your hallelujah (whoo) 'Cause Uptown Funk gon' give it to you 'Cause Uptown Funk gon' give it to you 'Cause Uptown Funk gon' give it to you Saturday night and we're in the spot Don't believe me, just watch (Come on)" #MarkRonson #UptownFunk #Vevo #Pop #VevoOfficial
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Nature Walk: Magical Swamp White Oak Tree & Unicorn Skeleton (Mississippi) * Charlotte Blom
Delightful walk through the woods! Heart Medicine! Not sure the perspective shows the accurate size of this tree. I mean, when I called it immense I know it's not like Sequoia-immense, but compared to its surrounding tree fam, etc. Plus, it just has a strong feeeeeeeling... xoxo -Charlotte More pics: Insta: cbradio33 https://www.instagram.com/cbradio33/ or Twitter: cbradio33 https://twitter.com/CBRadio33
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Learn the Ogham :  Oak - Duir
Hi lovelies, This week we take a look at the Oak tree in the Ogham. As always we will talk about the lore and legend, the magical uses, its healing properties and of course the divination meaning. My husband is helping me again in this video and of course you can also find the whole text for the Oak here : https://www.talesunfold.com/learn-the-ogham/aicme-of-huath/ Thank you so much for watching You can find me here : http://talesunfold.com or here : http://instgram.com/blossomfae
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Steve Holt Magic Show performance testimony at White Oak Manor- Rutherfordton, NC
Great performnce by Steve Holt, ventriloquist and magician September 18, 2017 at White Oak Manor.
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Secret Cemetery | White Oak Flats | Gatlinburg, Tennessee
This secret cemetery is located in the heart of downtown Gatlinburg, Tennessee in the Great Smoky Mountains. White Oak Flats Cemetery is considered secret because it is located just 100' from one of the most popular shopping malls in Gatlinburg, yet only a few visitors know it is even there. Many of the original settlers and their ancestors are buried in this cemetery, which was mildly effected by the wildfire.
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White Oak Basketmaking
Ilene Qualls introduces two Cannon County white oak basketmakers. The late Ida Pearl Davis works on a white oak basket at home in Woodbury in 1996 while her daughter, Thelma Hibdon, shares their family basketmaking history. Unfortunately, no one in their family makes baskets today.
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White Oak - silver + gold
»your daily dose of chill music Spotify Playlist » http://bit.ly/yourdailydose_sptfy Soundcloud Playlist » http://bit.ly/yourdailydose_sc Apple Music Playlist » http://bit.ly/yourdailydose_am »Download & Stream http://smarturl.it/whiteoak »White Oak https://soundcloud.com/musicofwhiteoak https://twitter.com/white__oak »Chill Therapy Spotify » http://bit.ly/chllthrpyfy Apple Music » http://bit.ly/chllthrpyam Soundcloud » http://bit.ly/chllthrpysc Twitter » http://bit.ly/chllthrpytw Instagram » http://bit.ly/chllthrpygram »Photo by Dan Russo https://unsplash.com/@danjrusso https://www.instagram.com/danjrusso »Submit your music/artwork/photos ✉️ [email protected] »Lyrics Glossy paper, moments saved Forever in your hand Memories relived through faces Frozen on command Take me back to silver and gold Treasures of the past Times that never last Take me back to silver and gold Things are changing fast I'm not after cash But you could be my Silver and gold You could be my You could be my You could be my silver and gold You could be my You could be my silver You could be my silver and gold You could be my You could be my Let's escape, if just one day It's more than what we had Recreate a time and place You know it's worth a chance Take me back to silver and gold Treasures of the past Times that never last Take me back to silver and gold Things are changing fast I'm not after cash But you could be my Silver and gold You could be my You could be my You could be my silver and gold You could be my You could be my silver You could be my silver and gold You could be my You could be my You could be my silver and gold (silver and gold) You could be my You could be my silver You could be my silver and gold (silver and gold) You could be my You could be my You could be my silver and gold (silver and gold) You could be my You could be my silver You could be my silver and gold (silver and gold) You could be my You could be my
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Limbing and bucking a white oak
Just removing fence row trees, this is just me limbing and taking a couple of logs off. The logs will most likely be cut into ties. The saw is a hisky 372
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"We Got Time" Lapse Video of White Oak Tree
Time Lapse Video of the Henry H. Lyon Memorial White Oak Tree Leafing Out from May 7 to July 1, 2016, when the balloon plants flowered. It's set to the music of "We Got Time" by Purple Toad. Generally speaking, time lapse photos were taken from dawn to dusk, every hour and every day throughout the approximate two-month time period.
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It's TABASCO® magic
Tabasco sauce is a brand of hot sauce made from tabasco peppers (Capsicum frutescens var. tabasco), vinegar, and salt, and aged in white oak barrels for three years. It has a hot, spicy flavor and is popular in many parts of the world. Tabasco is trademarked as the brand name for the variety of tabasco sauce marketed by one of the United States' biggest producers of hot sauce, the McIlhenny Company of Avery Island, Louisiana. Often, the word tabasco is rendered in lowercase when referring to the botanical variety, but in uppercase, Tabasco, when referring to the actual trademarked brand name. While there are many other kinds on the market, Tabasco is the most famous brand of "hot pepper sauce". Although it is produced in the United States, it acquired its name from the state of Tabasco in Mexico. The McIlhenny Company is now in its fifth generation as a family-run business. All of the 145 shareholders either inherited their stock or were given it from another living family member.
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White Oak Baskets | Tennessee Crossroads
Ken Wilshire spends the day in Celina with 88-year old Willie McLerran, who has been making oak baskets for sixty-six years. Visit www.tennesseecrossroads.org for more information about this story and how your contributions to Nashville Public Television will keep this show on the air.
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White oak basket making video
White oak basket makers cut down a tree and ready it for making baskets.
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White oak split
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Making Interlocking Coasters from Walnut and White Oak
Watch more hand tool fun here http://vid.io/xoYa I was asked by a friend to make coasters sometime on the channel and figured this would be a good opportunity. I don't like making coasters that have to go into a little box as the Box itself serves little Point other than holding the coasters, and that seems counterproductive. I wanted to make some coasters that would hold themselves together but still look like just a stack of coasters. The idea of using interlocking pins came to mind and the idea for these coasters was born. Originally I was asked to make them out of Walnut and Maple but as that combination is little overused and I much prefer using white oak, I decided to make them out of Walnut and white oak. Free Plans:https://www.woodbywright.com/shop/ Wood By Wright Hive Mind Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/233277323895597 walnut dowel: https://amzn.to/2pDQFR8 Titebond 3: https://amzn.to/2pAK0Hu 2p 10 thin: https://amzn.to/2pzTaF0 wipe on poly: https://amzn.to/2Gfqo6l Boiled Linseed Oil: http://amzn.to/2hPEUVO ---Tools I Use--- http://www.woodbywright.com/tool-suggestions/ Shop apron I use - http://amzn.to/2xuzxTm ---Book I am Listening to in the video--- Fight or flight (Magic 2.0 Book 4) (8 out of 10) - http://amzn.to/2DuTWqX Audible membership I use - http://amzn.to/2nPw0rs Top Patreon Supporters: Erich Keane - https://github.com/erichkeane Chris Hertzog - Kyle Prince - Travis Reese - William Fleming - ////Help this channel grow\\\\ https://www.woodbywright.com/support/ ////You Can find me:\\\\ https://www.woodbywright.com/contact-me/ ////Creators Colective Live\\\\ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_0AZEDUA-UWfoSxLil7gBg Music By. Tim Sway http://timsway.net/
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Growing Oak Trees From Planting Acorns
Someone's got to plant the trees today so the next generation can come along and enjoy the shade. Be that person! Here's how we're starting an oak forest and a tree farm with acorns.
Swamp White Oak
The Girl Scouts of Greater New York Green Corps girls developed an interactive trail at the Edith Macy Conference Center. This project was made possible by the Elliott Wildlife Values Project.
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White Oak River, NC - Blackwater Paddling
August 31, 2017 - A few miles up the mirror-smooth, dark water, cypress swampland of the lower White Oak River near Stella, NC, in the Croatan National Forest. MY APOLOGIES for some sound issues - new camera rig picked up EVERY vibration through the boat, and overwhelmed the mic. I tried to compensate with post-processing, but "captioning" was the best I could do in some places... I want to share this place though, even if the video isn't my best! For a full writeup on this area see my blog post at: https://flying-squirrel.org/2017/10/07/white-oak-river-nc/ For more on the Onslow County White Oak Paddle Trail, including a map and GPS waypoints for the landings: http://www.onslowcountync.gov/DocumentCenter/View/1423 For GPS track of THIS trip, including locations of landings: https://www.gaiagps.com/datasummary/folder/d3d33515-54d1-40b5-a70d-97d09cad38fb/?layer=GaiaTopoRasterFeet Our boats - plain and simple Pelican Trailblazers, little ABS kayaks bought originally for our kids. They're maneuverable, light, easy to carry and put in anywhere. Their shortness (10') makes the bow wander a bit and they take more energy to paddle the distance or cruise quickly, but they're good little versatile all-around boats! Follow "almost-daily" photography and my full blog at: www.flying-squirrel.org Email - [email protected] Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/flyingsquirreloutdoors Twitter - @squirreloutdoor Instagram - flyingsquirreloutdoors
Will Harris III, White Oak Pastures - The Grassfed Network
http://www.GrassfedNetwork.com 254-307-7477 Will Harris, III is a 5th generation cattlemen with White Oak Pastures. Since taking over the farm from his father, Will has changed the operation from a conventional operation to a grassfed beef and multi-species operation. I asked Will why he decided to make the change. This is a short example of the kind of information that is shared on The Grassfed Network. Join The Grassfed Network to listen to trainings with this kind of information and much more. To hear more from Will Harris III, pre-order The Grassfed Exchange DVD set from 2012, currently in production and get many more presentations. This is an excellent training set. http://www.GrassfedNetwork.com/combination-dvd 254-307-7477 http://www.GrassfedNetwork.com
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White Oak marches through the Magic Kingdom
April 14th, 2009. 1st band of the Spectromagic parade. m I wish they had more lights on so I could get a better picture.
Views: 162 nessa10072003
Ralph Stanley - White Oak On the Hill
Live at Bean Blossom, early 1990's.....thanks to Michelle Putnam for this footage.
Views: 8144 James Stiltner
white oak
Magical Malibu
Views: 89 tom lack
We Make the Road by Walking - White Oak Farm CSA
Peak Moment 111: Amidst cob-wall plastering in the background, co-director Stacey Denton relates the story of the first years at White Oak Farm and Educational Center in Oregon: Acquiring the 62 acres of food and pasture and protecting it through conservation easements, and creating a non-profit organization. See food baskets for their CSA (community supported agriculture) program, visit their abundant permaculture-based farm; attend a workshop in natural building; and delight with kids in an educational program "down on the farm." [www.whiteoakfarmcsa.org]
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JU MFA in Choreography at White Oak
During the first 10 days of the Jacksonville University MFA in Choreography program, students spend time bonding and creating at White Oak, a 7,500 acre preserve where the world's most exotic and endangered species live.
Curly Spalted White Oak Knife Handle
Watch more hand tool fun here http://vid.io/xoYa Today we are putting a handle on a knife that was made by the father in law of the videographer Luke. The handle is made of spalted curly white oak. How to make a knife handle, knife handle, knife handel, white oak, knife works, stabilization, knife handle stabilization, how to stabilize a knife handle. How to Video: https://youtu.be/NDf6vnAtFiY Stabilizing video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2jEdjYEd1M Cactus juice: https://amzn.to/2A34XkW Total Boat Penetrating epoxy: https://amzn.to/2yxZIYG Vacuum Chamber: https://amzn.to/2IOd9Ir Vacuum pump: https://amzn.to/2RGzKLe ---Tools I Use--- http://www.woodbywright.com/tool-suggestions/ Shop apron I use - http://amzn.to/2xuzxTm Top Patreon Supporters: Erich Keane - https://github.com/erichkeane Kyle Prince - Travis Reese - William Fleming - Stephen Vandermey - https://www.charitywater.org/ Alan Smith - http://www.flourishinggrace.org/listen/ ////Help this channel grow\\\\ https://www.woodbywright.com/support/ ////You Can find me:\\\\ https://www.woodbywright.com/contact-me/ ////Creators Colective Live\\\\ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_0AZEDUA-UWfoSxLil7gBg Music By. Tim Sway http://timsway.net/ Ample Tunes https://ampletunes.com/ Art List https://artlist.io/
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Making "splits" from White Oak
Splitting a White Oak growth ring into 2 pieces. This makes the "splits" used for weaving a chair bottom or a white oak basket. The splits will have to be scraped smoothed with a knife and then cut to the desired width with scissors before weaving. The splits may be dried and used at later date.
Litchtenberg Wood Burning White Oak slab
I used my Lichtenberg wood burning machines to burn Lichtenberg figures or fractal burns in a small slab of white oak. I used the Oxalic acid to clean the burns and used wipe on Ploy to finish it. I used my Microwave oven transformer burner and a variac on this burn. Here is a link to products I used from Amazon: Wood Bleach https://amzn.to/2xfYm7s Wipe On Poly http://amzn.to/2BcTgqu Variac https://amzn.to/2IPB0a2 Website http://www.fractalburn.com Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/FractalBurn/ Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/fractalburn/ Twitter at https://twitter.com/fractalburn Pinterest at https://www.pinterest.com/DoubleReno/
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White Oak Basket Makers Gathering
The fifth annual gathering of white oak basket makers from three states brought masters and students of the craft together for two days of whittling, weaving and sharing.
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5000 White Oak | Andrew Manning & Sandi Jacoby
This historical walled and gated Spanish Colonial-style Encino Estate offers the epitome of privacy and seclusion in an unparalleled setting. Entry to this privileged compound is granted through a private drive opening to an expansive motor-court, framed by one of the oldest and most majestic Oak trees in Encino. This magical one level estate has been reimagined by the current long-term owner and is reminiscent of one of the fine estates found in Montecito. The ideal floor plan includes walls of solid pane french doors, formal living with vaulted wood beam ceiling and formal dining room adjacent to a true gourmet's kitchen with stainless professional grade appliances opening to a barroom/piano lounge. A family/media room is crowned by a clerestory window lit tower and amazing custom built-ins. The center hall plan offers 4 bedrooms all with garden views and en-suite baths as well as a separate guest suite with private entrance. The Four Seasons-style master suite with fireplace, sitting area, dual walk-ins and spa style bath is truly exceptional. The grounds feature grassy play areas, pool, sport court, abundant hardscape and outdoor living/dining areas. A separate approx 1300 sq ft 5-7 car professional garage with bathroom and its own HVAC system is ideal as a potential Music Studio, GH, or professional gym. This exceptional estate home feels like a true sanctuary but is minutes from the best shopping, dining, and commuter routes. Experience the magic of 5000 White Oak Ave. You will not be disappointed.
Views: 115 Andrew Manning
Rough Turning a Gigantic 17" White Oak Bowl
In this video I rough turn a giant white oak blank. Wow, do I have some issues, so you need to watch a taste of it during the after credit. Please share the video and make sure to subscribe so you don't miss anything.
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ABC woodworking Woodturning Walnut slab and white oak dining 2017
ABC woodworking Woodturning - Blowing Soul Creator/Best Wood Extremely Dangerous Part 2 Thanks for watching, subscribe & share!
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What Kind of Colors and Stains go with White Oak? - HGTV Remodels - House Counselor
Laurie March, HGTV Remodels' House Counselor, talks about how to match colors & stain with white oak. As the host and creative force behind The House Counselor on HGTVRemodels.com, Laurie March guides her clients through the potential minefield that a remodeling project can become. Her approach to remodeling, which focuses on managing both the emotional and the tactical parts of a project, led the HGTV family of web sites to invite America along for the ride as she tackles challenging home renovations in Hollywood, CA. Laurie's passion for home improvement and remodeling was unearthed while remodeling her own 1920's Spanish style home. Seeing the challenges firsthand, the entrepreneur took over and in 2005 Laurie founded Improvemental, a project management and design firm that has been a recognized fixture in the Los Angeles remodeling scene -- completing over 50 homes for a highly discerning who's who of writers, producers, and executives in LA. More from Laurie & HGTV Remodels. House Counselor Channel: https://www.youtube.com/housecounselor Subscribe to House Counselor: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=thehousecounselor House Counselor Blog: http://blog.hgtvremodels.com/?soc=youtube Like HGTV Remodels on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HGTVRemodels Follow HGTV Remodels on Twitter: https://twitter.com/HGTVRemodels http://www.HGTVRemodels.com/?soc=youtube My husband and I cut down some 100+ year old White Oak trees that I used to play in as a child and are having the logs processed into flooring and siding for the cathedral ceiling of a 28x30' room above our garage. How do we go about choosing the right stain color and making it work with wall colors. Do certain colors go better together? Maria M WI What an amazing project! Its just awesome that you're using resources and materials you already have to create a new feature in your home - especially when its something you're emotionally connected to. And aside from being special to you - this project will definitely make your home unique and give it a story that can be told long after you! By the way - with all the love and attention you're giving to this space, I promptly suggest we rename this magical room the 'carriage room' - not the room over the garage. Sounds so much foxier! White oak is a beautiful wood. Since you're going to be using it on the ceilings as well as the floors in a pretty large room - I wouldn't suggest going with too dark of a stain. A lighter stain color will highlight the age of the material and will show off its unique character. It doesn't have to be a yellowy blonde color if that's not what you're into. You could explore just a clear coat too - to seal the wood against moisture - if you like the look of it in its natural state. It also doesn't have to be a glossy finish - if you're going for a more rustic vibe in the carriage room - consider using a matte finish on your protective coat to honor the age of the wood. The stain on the floors and the walls don't have to match- they just need to be colors that play nice together. If you want to keep them all the same color - I'd explore lighter tones that you'll love forever - nothing too dark that you might feel stressed about later on down the line and feel compelled to sand down and lighten up - or- sacriledge! Paint white... (shudder) That said, it could be beautiful to have your boards that comprise the walls and ceiling stained in the lightest color, or just clear coated, and then for a rich and interesting look - stain the floor boards in a warmer, darker tone. It'll hide all sins of foot traffic and wear! Besides - your guests will mostly be standing up and admiring your fabulous wood accents - not laying on the floor - so a lighter stain at eye level will help them admire your new magical room!
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White Oak health benefits
White Oak health benefits visit : http://www.supplement-your-life.com/ for more info about benefits of supplements, vitamins & herbs
White Oak Pond Nordic Skating- 12/12/18
Amazing but freezing first skate of the season on White Oak Pond in Holderness, NH on Dec 12th, 2018. Ice was 5"+ and beautiful.
Basking Ridge Bids Farewell To Prized Centuries Old White Oak Tree
CBS2's Magdalena Doris reports.
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White Oak warriors
Julien’s #13 touchdown
Views: 318 PR Sammie
4459 White Oak Pl, Encino
Nestled up in the beautiful & serene Encino Hills, set up on a private knoll, gorgeous single-story Cape Cod/Ranch style home has been extensively & thoughtfully remodeled. European Oak floors welcome you home to an open floor plan flooded w/natural light & designer touches. Not a single detail was overlooked: Surround Sound, Hunter Douglas Blinds, Carrara Marble bathrooms, 80 year old reclaimed wood beams, french doors, & a Chef’s kitchen that features Viking appliances, Bertazzoni Oven, counter & cozy breakfast nook. Relax in your master bdrm ensuite featuring an elegant claw-foot tub & his/her closets or step outside to your private retreat w/a stunning pool, professional outdoor Fire Magic custom kitchen, lush greenery & enough privacy to make you feel like you're on your own private island.
Views: 21 Angelo Fierro
White Oak Stables English: Lost Password
Learn how to retrieve your login information for an account on the english register.
The Kills - Echo Home - White Oak Music Hall - Houston TX - 9.9.16
The Kills - Echo Home - White Oak Music Hall - Houston, TX 9.9.2016 I'm flowing with the waters I'm spinning into orbit So won't you come on home And make it alright I'm drifting in the same old boat With a different crew So won't you come on home And make it alright Won't you echo back And make it fine Maybe you'll go out of your mind You can lose it all if you wanna Maybe you'll go out of mine It's been so long You can keep your own dear life You can lose it all if you wanna But I can't keep you out of mine, oh no We were dancing to a beat of our own Flying with our speakers blown Oh won't you come on back And make it alright And if I take a turn for the worst And I call you on the phone Will you echo home when I call Won't you echo back and make it alright Won't you echo home and make me fine Maybe you went out of your mind You can lose it all if you wanna Maybe you went out of mine It's been so long You can live your own dear life You can lose it all if you wanna But I can't let you out of mine, oh no And it's a long long long long drop From the rocks to the pearls, we got so lost We got so lost, we got so lost For so long And it's a long long long long drop From the rocks to the pearls, we got so lost We got so lost, we got so lost For so long, for so long, so long For so long, oh Maybe you went out of your mind You can lose it all if you wanna Maybe you went out of mine It's been so long You can live your own dear life And you can lose it all if you wanna But I can't let you out of mine, oh no I'm flowing with the waters I'm spinning into orbit So won't you come on home And make it alright So won't you come on home And make it fine
Views: 2024 Marq Moore
American Saddlebreds, White Oak Farm
5 yr. old ASB stallion,lots of quality, lots of motion. Sired by: Thunderous Applause and out of a Harrodsburg mare. He will make an excellent show horse for someone wanting to finish him out. "Colt" is green-broke to long-lines and accepts his work with a great attitude. Please go to website: www.home.bellsouth.net/p/PWP-wofarm for pictures and information. Send email or call for price. 770-502-9722 He is priced to sell.
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White Oak Museum
This is a promotional video for the White Oak Museum, a Civil War museum near Fredericksburg, Virginia, in Stafford County. The video was produced by Heritage Media, LLC; all right reserved.
Views: 461 Heritage Media LLC
Tobe Nwigwe Selling Out White Oak Music Hall Is GOAT Status
Subscribe To Urban Politicians TV #TobeNwigwe#Houston#WhiteOakMusicHall
White Oak 2017

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