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Dreaming of India: Oriental Lounge Music

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Relaxing Indian Music: Mix inspired by Taj Mahal, India
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Buddha's Lounge (1 year ago)
▼ Playlist of ▼ Oriental Lounge Music: Dreaming of India 01〚00:04: 04:54┇Ishvari ❁ To My Groom 02〚04:56 11:08 ┇Pradesh Singh ❁ Bali Ways 03〚11:10 16:32 ┇Bahramji ❁ Dreamcatcher 04〚16:33 21:45 ┇Ganga ❁ Clouds 05〚21:46 26:51 ┇Sunyata Project ❁ Journey to Mandurai 06〚26:52 31:06 ┇Daniel Masson ❁ Sonargaon 07〚31:07 35:35 ┇Ishvari ❁ Out of Mind 08〚35:36 39:34 ┇Daniel Masson ❁ Endless Stories 09〚39:35 43:35 ┇Ishvari ❁ Bhawaani 10〚43:36 48:18 ┇Ishvari ❁ Lost In Love 11〚48:19: 52:20┇Ishvari ❁ Giver of Life 12〚52:21: 56:45┇Ishvari ❁ Shelter and Blanket 13〚56:46: 60:00┇Ishvari ❁ Meree Doolhe Ko
keruamg (1 month ago)
You are a legend for posting this track list!
Me Maylla (6 months ago)
Buddha's Lounge thanks a lot for giving name of music. I love thys music.
Don Bijleveld (6 months ago)
Very nice!! Thank you
Heydi Betancourt (6 months ago)
I love this song ,amazing .
Babur Sheraliev (8 months ago)
In love wit Indian instrumentals.
Farah afshar (10 days ago)
Himanshu Nawalkar (15 days ago)
Lots of love from India. Amazing mix !!
Mara Kalnina (17 days ago)
good for creative work,,,,lot of colors and emotions ...Different emotions...
💞💞👍👍😉👌👌 JJOS RoMeO The Chill Lounge Relax
Massagem Ayurveda (21 days ago)
muito linda, Amei. gratidão.
deepak jayan (23 days ago)
Indian with love from the stars above! Peace! Love!
Brenton Wilks (26 days ago)
sit back , relax close your eyes, and lets go on a journey together ! PEACE :)
UD J (1 month ago)
Kasol Vibes
Esri Arc (1 month ago)
thank you-listened on loop,started with tension,now relaxed and smiling-magic of music
Rodolfo Gramaccini (1 month ago)
khayat shirinova (1 month ago)
Never stop loving !!!
Maruba Silaen (1 month ago)
Damai Iman Cinta Harapan
Free flight (1 month ago)
Thank you for this wonderful mix! I have been listening regularly for the last year and I think I will listen to it for a long time more.
Hugo Mateus (1 month ago)
III Alexander III (1 month ago)
christiana arnaout (1 month ago)
I am slowly slowly falling in love with this kind of music!!
¡! :)
Bodo Gobrecht (2 months ago)
Beautiful Music, Nasmaste from Frankfurt 🕉️🙏
Jenna Ajna Love (2 months ago)
In love with this mix and all the songs! Perfection ❤️❤️❤️❤️😇🙏🏼
alain le bruchec (2 months ago)
Superbe and really relaxing.......🙏
Yudith Rosario (2 months ago)
Me facina😔👍👏👏
Mill Parjhonvar (2 months ago)
I’m relaxing at home with such a wonderful songs for the body and mind. From Nicaragua with love and peace for the shattered world and recovering. Thanks!
Amber Dev (2 months ago)
Thanks to all the musicians in this world...the world owes you everything...
enver ozustun (3 months ago)
Could you tell me please the name of song which between 31.32-33.36. Thank you? :-)
khayat shirinova (3 months ago)
Was on 12:00 start nice one !!! Oh love it 😍! Thank you! Wonderful music! From Uzbekistan!
redniwsaj zie (3 months ago)
Are they Punjabi Songs?
Me it is (3 months ago)
Brings me back to the beaches of Goa ..........
Nico Merkaba (3 months ago)
So Greaaaaaaaaaattttttt !!!!!!!!!!!!
Autre Planete (3 months ago)
Autre Planete (3 months ago)
Wonderful playlist...Namaste
Melissa Zwieg (3 months ago)
I love Buddha lounge music💜💜💜🎶
Mehmood Khan Yousafzai (3 months ago)
بہت خوب جناب ۔ آباد رہو۔
jobin nercy (3 months ago)
the fourth music is Persian, not Indian - Dreamcatcher by BahramJi
Neèta Gål (3 months ago)
Fernando Lovera (4 months ago)
Cristal Denong (4 months ago)
Minuto 43:50 alguien sabe el nombre de esa canción 😍
Vignesh Sivakumar (4 months ago)
Some gound music to the ears... often people don't get the combination of India and trance music right... this is so good.... pucca ethinic and so beautiful...... nice collection and already on a loop!
Vinod Nair (4 months ago)
Soulful music.......
hitesh Patel Patel (4 months ago)
Sharif Meraj (4 months ago)
Peace is free
Dara Sabrine (4 months ago)
Linda. Paz. Namastê
Pahadiac (4 months ago)
a treatment for hectic mind
# Buddha'sLounge I really want to download this album all in a completely high-quality format. I ask that I be grateful.
Dimitris Bariamis (5 months ago)
Luis Amaya (5 months ago)
¡This is your best mix so far! Please more like this...
suhail nazir (5 months ago)
Surreal. Took me to a whole other place.
Oren Saddik (5 months ago)
Beautiful music!!! Indian music is so so relaxing
mirelaiasmina99 (5 months ago)
This music makes me reflect on life..Remind me that life is beautiful no matter what..Lift me up every time I listen to this music especially the first song..Make me feel magic 😘❤️😘❤️love from Romania 🇷🇴
Marie Robson (5 months ago)
Feeling transported.. So very beautiful. 😘
Мои рукоплескания! ♡♡♡
First Last (5 months ago)
from an indian bengali village
omkar virupaxi (5 months ago)
When i listening this song feel Relax.
Subhash Vhatkar (5 months ago)
Very nice
Subash Yal (5 months ago)
Nice music
Alex Reginald (5 months ago)
Bianca Lee Maré (6 months ago)
Oh my word, this is stunning, thank you!
erfi r (6 months ago)
به به عجب حس و حالیه tan q very much
Djeneba Coulibaly (6 months ago)
Magnifique !
Juliet Orahim (6 months ago)
NES MARTIN (6 months ago)
so freakin love it.
Andrea Pelayo (6 months ago)
After I returned home from India I found this playlist and it just reminded me of each amazing feeling I experienced while there. Ishvari evokes a passion for life within me in days when I'm weighed down. Thanks for your amazing lists.
Hamed Ranjbar (6 months ago)
Love form iran for all People 😍😍😍
ARMY1971 UB40 (6 months ago)
Neèta Gål (6 months ago)
ANASTASIYA OM (6 months ago)
Derek Petersen (6 months ago)
Devine... especially track 16:30 Ganga - Clouds. Wow!!!
aliria vera (6 months ago)
Que relajante esta música, me encanta
Duspa Wood (6 months ago)
So relaxing… & soothing💝😊
Me encanta, la uso para dar masajes.
Jason ajlen (7 months ago)
What about the very first song from 00:00 until the first track you mentioned at 04: ?? Thank you ever so much for this positive vibrations of peace
Julie-Skeye Laroche (7 months ago)
Je suis amoureuse depuis plusieurs mois de cet album! Merci - namasté!
KATHY CRISSLER (7 months ago)
Where can I get a chair like the one on the cover - it looks incredibly comfortable and relaxing!!!! It is so simplistically beautiful!!!!!!
Barham Moradzada - Elev (7 months ago)
can someone tell me who this producer ishvari is?
MISS GOMES (7 months ago)
Ali form (7 months ago)
Farghali (7 months ago)
lovely music, greetings from Egypt Namaste 🙏
Fabian Corrie (7 months ago)
Great Music and Compiling .. Hats Off..!!
evo 8 (7 months ago)
anyone has the link to track 04 the ganja clouds i cant find it anywhere
Eric Kamov (7 months ago)
Lisa2lisa Smith (7 months ago)
absolutely peaceful and rejuvenating. love this mix. thank you very much
Buddha Head (8 months ago)
This is just what I needed for writing code. Liked & subbed!
Amr Musharrafa (8 months ago)
so nice
Margaret Haugen (8 months ago)
Love this mix! I've been listening to it a lot lately. Thank you!!!
Vivek Menon (8 months ago)
Bali ways- What a track!
Kokila Liyanage (8 months ago)
sunday rainy day thought about to smoke and relax ...here i am with peace....
Ishya (8 months ago)
This music is so very beautiful and relaxing! I dream of India while listening. Thanks for sharing with us all!! I love it!
Nikita Hewgo (8 months ago)
thanks, I got 3 songs I purcharsed.....yeahhhhhh
Goutam sahis (8 months ago)
India is just like cocaine..you can badly addicted
Instrumental Music (8 months ago)
Beautiful harmony
Carla Capela (8 months ago)
O nome da primeira música?
Richard Addison (8 months ago)
Still very much one of the best. Thank you and well done.
massimo pisani (8 months ago)
Amazing music...open mind and heart. Musica fantastica apre il cuore e la mente....semplicemente meravigliosa ! From Florence-Italy
Steve Edwards (8 months ago)
Beautiful, Nasmaste from London🕉️🙏
Nada Komelj (8 months ago)
Amazing ♥️
Nikita Hewgo (8 months ago)
where I can find that Cd's please anyone can tell me, I don't wanna download, I want buy the all cd's. Thanks
AHHH love these pleasant calming beats, mystic, tranquil, sleek, exotic.
Liliana Moreno (8 months ago)
I love it!!!! Regards from Colombia!

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