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Luke Evans Fangirled Over Jennifer Aniston & Lisa Kudrow | The Graham Norton Show

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So would we Luke, so would we... #GrahamNortonShow #GrahamNorton Subscribe for weekly updates: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=officialgrahamnorton
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Text Comments (80)
Ael Ael (10 days ago)
omgg feels good that jen and lisa are still close aw
Yvania O (12 days ago)
He seemed like such a tough guy in the hobbit films and Dracula but in reality he’s bloody adorable
LV RB (17 days ago)
I wonder if Friends is popular in the UK that the audience gets what he's talking about...
Xeno (15 days ago)
Seriously? It’s very popular here (probably worldwide)
Angela Siu (24 days ago)
It's always amusing to see a grown, very successful man fangirling
LNA (24 days ago)
So wholesome 💖💖
Matthew Mayhem (25 days ago)
Oh, Luke Evans. My Namor!
Kanika Garal (25 days ago)
They r too lucky to have him fangirled over them.
Persiansweetcat1 (27 days ago)
I can’t ever get over the fact that Luke Evans is gay. I mean good for the male population but whyyyyyyy lol Honestly though he is the hottest
ERAUPRCWA (14 days ago)
He's one of us!!!! YES!!!!
Chicken wings Comedy (27 days ago)
Hmm graham looks different, did he get a hair cut
Fart Box (27 days ago)
Plastic surgery
J LA (27 days ago)
Not so sure about this without Graham Norton....no offense to Whitehall.
Peter Harris (27 days ago)
here's looking at the evans and fay's ooh ooh
Tyler Newman (27 days ago)
Dracula’s come along way
mangobuble (28 days ago)
Where’s graham?
Gabriela Trindade (28 days ago)
awww this is so cute!! ^~^
Vamanos Ninja (28 days ago)
It's cool when celebs admit they're star struck
Kara Jayne (28 days ago)
*so norton told you life was gonna be this way*
Pico_ (29 days ago)
​0:46 wtf just happened LOL
ce cezard (29 days ago)
Everybody love Friends !
Ryan Tai (29 days ago)
This is it guys, this is our Namor.
Sam (2 days ago)
Absolutely ! He'd fit so well
Digvijay Bambal (30 days ago)
What an awesome moment to have... Damn it Phoebe!
RunningTreeArt (30 days ago)
😆 Is Lukey ever not cuter than a bug's ear? Nope! 😄
Thayla May (30 days ago)
His fangs look super cool haha
Corey Lucas (30 days ago)
This is really cute!
Fuzion180 (30 days ago)
Had no idea he was gay! no idea whatsoever until I saw a random comment about it, didn't expect that tbh
Vicky Sieto (30 days ago)
if im on his position im going to freak out! dude! its phoebe and rachel green! please dont tell me monica coming too its going to be crazy!
A M (30 days ago)
Sooo much Vlad! Dracula 🧛‍♂️😂
paola cardona (30 days ago)
Okay Rachel and Phoebe are in the room stay cool 🤣🤣
Chandler Sun (23 days ago)
Exactly LMAO
CrystalJo (30 days ago)
He’s so cute! I would totally act like that towards Jen Aniston and Lisa though!
Louise T (30 days ago)
I miss Graham
justabit (30 days ago)
RIP in peace Graham. You did good. Bless your soul.
Jyle Gene Flores (28 days ago)
No dude wtf.
OG Music (30 days ago)
No one's Hot like Gaston!!! Love love love you Luke Sexy Sexy Evans 🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤
Neil (30 days ago)
Can we talk about how cute Luke here is?!
Sukhdev Singh (30 days ago)
Luke Evans should be the next Batman
Taffy Ducks (28 days ago)
Tom Cullen should have been Batman. Luke Evans should be Namor in Marvel. Taron Egerton should be Young Wolverine. Richard Madden should be Bond.
dee1888ie (28 days ago)
rash (29 days ago)
@Sylvia Gomez even gay people have crush on straight celebs.....in case of crush, ur sexuality matters, not the crush's.....
Thayla May (30 days ago)
Duuuude yaaaass
Sylvia Gomez (30 days ago)
Sukhdev Singh Id totally watch that. But I’ll watch anything with him in it. I don’t care that he’s gay, l still have a huge crush on him. 🥰
MariaV0071 (30 days ago)
Bard the dragon killer goes crazy over Rachel and phoebe, could’ve also been a great title.
Matanya Holmes (30 days ago)
Ser Brienne of Tarth!
Vampirebear13 (30 days ago)
Nice to know a big time star like Luke Evans can get star stuck over 2 female stars, especially considering he's gay. Thumbs up.
rash (29 days ago)
@ItsMePhoebe exactly.....they just love bringing up gay people's sexuality every time....
ItsMePhoebe (30 days ago)
Haha not having a go but why is him being gay relevant to him getting starstruck of actresses? 😂
Mikie Lee (30 days ago)
It's Namor!
Maxered (30 days ago)
He would make a great Namor!
Aloui Hero (30 days ago)
In the thumbnail he looks like an old tom holland !
Ardra KM (30 days ago)
Luke is the ultimate fanboy❤
Untainted Indigo (30 days ago)
Luke is a great actor but, he isn’t that funny.
HappyGeekChic (30 days ago)
Aww this is so so cute!! You can feel his happiness
D E X I L (30 days ago)
Didn't knew graham got the time stone.
Arigato Kiss (18 days ago)
Umair Khamosh (30 days ago)
*know :-p
HollyBlueAgitated (30 days ago)
no one gets starstruck like Gaston
preciousc (19 days ago)
😂 😂
Spandan Tripathi (28 days ago)
It’s Bard.
Sylwia Skolarczyk (28 days ago)
@OptimusGPrime what? have you heard the song called gaston?
OptimusGPrime (30 days ago)
Cam H. (30 days ago)
I believe the correct scientific word here is fanboyed
Phonixrmf (30 days ago)
Fangirl is gender neutral
Rit_arted III (30 days ago)
Excuse me did u just assume his gender ?
Dambass Jamslol (30 days ago)
S Sh lol search up fanboys. They’re are fanboys within Kpop as well, everywhere actually. I do agree that it sucks men can’t be as openly as fan because the sexist judgment of others but trust me there are fanboys
Cam H. (30 days ago)
What's wrong with showing love to someone you admire? Maybe it can be a bit silly but it's not ridicule! And it's ok for men as well to experience that 😉
S Sh (30 days ago)
@Dambass Jamslol I think s t agrees with you there. If not, then that sucks I guess, since obviously the whole reason why more men than women commit suicide is because of the weird standard where they can't be feminine and cry and talk about their feelings
ben marks (30 days ago)
Why is he hosting
Untainted Indigo (30 days ago)
lionxss, people are strange to ask why someone else is hosting? I couldn’t help it but, to give them a reason. 😂
Untainted Indigo (30 days ago)
Tessa Klok, you get my humour unlike some people 😆
Tessa Klok (30 days ago)
@Untainted Indigo this comment made my day :)
lionxss (30 days ago)
@HollyBlueAgitated That's the best way to describe the Eurovision 😂🤣
Untainted Indigo (30 days ago)
ben marks, that was a joke.

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