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Why Do Baseball Managers Wear the Team's Uniform Instead of a Suit Like In Other Sports?

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Today I Found Out (1 month ago)
Speaking of bizarre clothing choices, ever wonder how the fads of the Aloha shirt and Casual Friday at businesses got started? Well, wonder no more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHMm5NCWJLg -Daven
John Schnorr (1 month ago)
You totally missed that mangers used to wear uniform jerseys, but many started wearing logo pullovers, batting shirts, etc. For a while, mlb made the mangers wear the jerseys under the pullovers. Now mlb does not require the jerseys to be worn underneath.
Patrick A. Crawley (1 month ago)
No sports coach should wear a suit. It looks ridiculous.
newtonianromance (1 month ago)
because its an unsophisticated and barbarous sport.
Kerlem (1 month ago)
I'm just glad American football coaches don't.
Sam (1 month ago)
Imagine NFL coaches wearing uniforms lol
Richard Lusk (1 month ago)
Talk about cricket you foreigner
Robert Kandell (1 month ago)
Rugby Union has much more deference to tradition than baseball. Baseball didn’t implement inter-league play until 1993, but Rugby Union didn’t allow pro players until 1995.
anthony fuda (1 month ago)
Kevin Penrose (2 months ago)
MrGlenspace (2 months ago)
Also played outdoors in potentially hot weather. So a cooler uniform looks better than wearing a hit suit and tie showing sweat stains and shoes.
Semir Nukic (2 months ago)
The way I see it the manager is part of the team, not someone who just tells the team what to do. Did you ever see how worked up baseball managers will get for their players?
Justin Moore (2 months ago)
Wow Detroit picture and Michigan picture i like this
Jfran2013 (2 months ago)
♋ 🐢 stay woke 😲
glarple (2 months ago)
JME R (2 months ago)
Heres one Id like answered if not already: Why dont football/soccer players have their team name on their jersey? The only have their advertisers
Scott Dickenballs (2 months ago)
JME R their club name is in their crest, and if it doesn’t have it then that is their logo. Tradition, just like baseball managers wearing uniforms.
Grayson Sorensen (2 months ago)
Goddamn this was boring as shit
Mitchel Modine (2 months ago)
They could very easily have a manager wear a team shirt with slacks or blue jeans, or dress like the trainer in a team-colored polo shirt. Thousands of fans in the stands dress precisely that way. Baseball is my favorite sport, but many of the "traditions" are just bs.
Jack malkoski (2 months ago)
The ejection rule mentions trainers who do not wear a uniform. They are all in khakis and a team polo.
SlyPearTree (2 months ago)
I always find it strange that managers in hockey wear suits, heck I find it strange that anyone wear suits.
Mark Britten (2 months ago)
I still think the best NFL story is that Jack Del Rio, who got fined for wearing a suit because it wasn't made by Reebok (who were the official apparel sponsors). So he then paid Reebok to make him a suit.
McFluff (2 months ago)
I think a big reason of why it doesn't look stupid is that of all sports in the US baseball's uniforms are the most formal. They wear button down shirts with belts and long pants that are almost always white or gray. Imagine a basketball or football coach wearing the same uniform as the players.
Matthew TLOPO (2 months ago)
A football or especially a hockey coach wearing the uniform would be hilarious
Omar Barton (2 months ago)
McFluff this was funny to read for some reason
Paul Specht (2 months ago)
Managers used to play as well as manage. That’s why
Alvaro Aguirre (2 months ago)
Imagine Tommy Lasorda, Earl Weaver and Billy Martin kicking dirt at an umpire while wearing a suit.
Grant Chow (2 months ago)
I suppose it makes sense. They are the only non players that are actually in the field of play that the athletes compete in. I still think it looks funny that the managers and coaches still dress like the players.
Hugh Jass (2 months ago)
"Universally beyond a time they could play" i think there are a couple of managers who would disagree with you about that.
Phillip Ward (2 months ago)
The rules now state that a manager may wear clothes of the team as long as it is simular to the other teammates, ie baseball pants and a team jacket
Daniel Pryce (2 months ago)
This is my interpretation of things, the Baseball Manager position is an appointment applied to a coach or player. Whatever uniform rules that apply to coaches and players translate to the person given the appointment.
John Chalinder (2 months ago)
I find sports history to be more interesting than the boring old games.
Paul Morissette (2 months ago)
Also baseball managers go onto the field to talk to players.
mrc209 (2 months ago)
“Despite the fact they are well pas the point of being usefull in the field”... I submit for your consideration, Gabe Kapler
Jrrheels 09 (2 months ago)
Didn't Terry Francona get in trouble for not wearing the uniform in the dug out?
jmchez (2 months ago)
I'd like to point out that , if you haven't seen the video of the good looking girl who caught a foul ball in her beer cup, then proceeded to chug the beer with the ball still in the cup and do a sexy dance, you should. That girl is getting marriage proposals left and right.
jmchez (2 months ago)
The MLB Hall of Fame should be in Hoboken, NJ. It was there that the first professional baseball game was played.
mrfuriouser (2 months ago)
You're trying too hard; it is simply tradition. Baseball is a classic game, and the team is a unit, unified in purpose and form. Even uniform ;)
Michael Dougfir (2 months ago)
Thanks, Simon. Nice choice. Baseball is the only sport that interests me, but I'll take all that you can offer. Other than that, it's skiing for me and my family.
howard baxter (2 months ago)
Just want to say, a manager probably wouldn’t want to wear a suit because baseball is played in the spring and summer, meaning that it’s going to be hot outside. Just logical thinking.
Ielle p (2 months ago)
Backwater town. Jeez. Way to diss the place. Cooperstown actually quite quaint and well kept, at least near the tourist area. Sure the surrounding towns are out there and have some of the poorest neighborhoods in NY, but it's not a hole in the ground that is home to 3 people and a cat. It's also the home if ommegang brewery as well as many other tourist trap things. Plus some fancy houses. Not everything needs to be stacked up inside a skyscraper in a city. We can share the wealth a little, you know?
Bricktown Rob (2 months ago)
Baseball is the only sport I can think of where the manager (head coach) enters the playing field during game time ("discussing" calls with umps, changing pitchers). It would have looked kinda silly to see Billy Martin kicking dirt on an ump wearing a 3-piece and top hat.
Grayson Gilbert (2 months ago)
Just saying, team trainers are in the dugout and don’t wear uniforms
Stephen Britton (2 months ago)
About ejected participants... Remember the time NY Mets' Bobby Valentine was ejected and put on a disguise and came back into the dugout?
yogibearstie (2 months ago)
However Little League and High School managers do not wear team uniforms.
Alan Fox (2 months ago)
Great Video New York Mets fan from Scotland. Alan Shields from Hamilton South Lanarkshire. persenly I think Baseball Mangers should be more smartly attired but I guess it is just part of the game & it's history. But at least now I have a better understanding of why Baseball Mangers are in team Uniform.
okrajoe (2 months ago)
I like that tradition!
Matthew Familia (2 months ago)
Bill belichick is curious why people don’t wear suits like he does on the sideline, oh wait
Jonathan Cast (2 months ago)
Technically, baseball uniforms are considered formal attire, anyway.
Buck E (2 months ago)
Today I found out something I didn’t need to know.
Squid Slaya (2 months ago)
I can imagine joe madden wearing a suit to manage the cubs
Jeanne Delahunty (2 months ago)
Thanks for calling Cooperstown, my hometown, "backwater". Really classy. 🤨
Mayorb (2 months ago)
I've asked this for decades. Coach baseball, team uniform. Coach football, sports apparel. Coach basketball, suit.
Hannah Miyamoto (2 months ago)
Funny how I recalled Connie Mack almost as soon as the video started. I thought there were many more, but I guess not.
1320crusier (2 months ago)
Without watching first: It is because the managers count as players.
J P (2 months ago)
Is he Michael from VSauce's long lost twin?
2A Forever (2 months ago)
So if a manager is ejected he can simply change to his street clothes and stay?
Luca Bonanno (1 month ago)
2A Forever Yes, as long as he is no longer in the dugout, he can still sit in the stands
DDS029 (2 months ago)
Then there is the Jim Leyland rule, which changed everything. He hated wearing a uniform so you always saw him in a team jacket, or some other "outerwear" . He wasn't wearing a jersey shirt. I've seen him called on it by a lot of umpires. They relaxed to traditional rule a bit. For team members, managers, and coaches, anyone who is not on the field during play, they can now wear a different kind of shirt. Approved by MLB of course.They still wear the uniform pants though.
r goet (2 months ago)
why do we eat 3 meals a day?
Jacob Westphal (2 months ago)
Love seeing football managers in the down puff jackets and skinny track pants.
Popacapify (2 months ago)
Terry Francona almost never wears the players uniform
Steverino (2 months ago)
Baseball managers wear uniforms because they go out on the field to talk to their pitchers and umpires.
BennyBoy46 (2 months ago)
Because they're more comfortable?
W. McMaster (2 months ago)
watched buck showalters orioles get swept by the blue jays this weekend. fuck yeah. seeing his picture in this video made me laugh.
Max MAX (2 months ago)
Nobody gives a shit about these over paid kids anymore all they want is more money. And go home and shave that gays ass looking beard your not 15
Doktor McNasty (2 months ago)
I'd like there to be a Today I Found Out where Simon Whistler explains why it is that he has to tell us that we're watching Today I Found Out when we all know that we're watching Today I Found Out due to we had clicked on to a video thumbnail which told us it was a Today I Found Out. That's what I really want to find out. Know what I mean?
michael taylor (2 months ago)
I work @ Minute Maid Ballpark. Loved baseball as a child. It is a pleasure working there. I think it's great that the manager looks like the players. I just love the "feel" of baseball and it's traditions. When they say baseball and apple pie is American, and when the National Anthem is performed solo, as a band, etc. I really get a sense of pride in the game and the event and experience WE call baseball. Great video as always. Thank You! Simon.
DinoGaming44 (2 months ago)
For all the people saying the managers and players are fat. That’s just a lie! MLB players can be large but they are deceptively athletic for their size. You have to be much more athletic in a sport like baseball than soccer.
DinoGaming44 (2 months ago)
You can make fun of all the technicalities of the sport all you want, it's apart of the game. I'm not gonna argue with you about eating sunflowers seeds in the dugout when it is and always will be part of the game. I don't see what is wrong with it. And let me rephrase, running is athleticism to a certain extent. The ability to run is not athleticism considering anyone can do it. Running for a long time is definitely related to athleticism i'll give you that even though soccer players don't run for 90 minutes like you say. Even if they did I bet many MLB could run that long as well. You also completely ignored my point, yeah without practicing or anything I probably wouldn't make a U-12 team, but that's not my point. My point is that I could EASILY go out on the field of a U-12 soccer team and look like a normal player and at least pass the ball and play defense, not a single doubt in MY MIND. But, lets say you a guy who i'm guessing has never played baseball went onto the field of an average U-12 travel baseball team, you would probably strike out 4 times and look like an idiot in the field. You also can't tell me that swinging a heavy wooden bat and hitting a 95 mph curve ball isn't athleticism. That's like saying hand eye coordination isn't being athletic. I'm not even gonna talk about how being strong or throwing a ball hard is related to athleticism because it's rather self explanatory. I bet you could throw 60's at the highest which is the average speed of an 11 year old probably. I am also not saying Bartolo or Prince is more athletic than a professional soccer player, they are really fat. But you can't say they aren't athletic. And I mean you can talk about fat people in the MLB but what about people like Bryce Harper and Javier Baez. Have you seen them play, they are also pretty ripped and insanely quick (like the average MLB player.) The average MLB player is insanely strong and fast, along with being able to field a baseball and hit an MLB fastball which even experts say is nearly impossible or at least should be impossible. Put this guy against a soccer player who can kick a ball (like anyone) and look like they have never lifted a weight in their life. And before you say "Well soccer players have ripped legs." A lot of them really don't and MLB players also do anyway because a strong lower body lets you have more power when hitting and throwing.
Scott Dickenballs (2 months ago)
DinoGaming44 funny that you’re talking about standing around when all of baseball is standing around and adjusting your cup until MAYBE a ball gets hit your way. The only sport where players have the time to fucking eat and dip on the field. You couldn’t even play Sunday league against old men. Hell you probably couldn’t come close to making a U-12 academy team. And if running is not athleticism, then swinging a stick at the right time and being strong isn’t either. Throwing a ball hard isn’t athleticism either. And if you seriously think that little oompa loompa looking fat fuck is more athletic than a professional footballer, you are seriously retarded. Every player has to be in the best shape of their life, while that fat shit prince fielder can’t even resist taking nachos from a fan.
DinoGaming44 (2 months ago)
Yes running for 90 minutes! Oh wait, last time I checked literally half of the soccer team on the field is just standing there. First off being able to run isn't being athletic anyone could do it and they don't even run for 90 minutes. Second, you know what else isn't athletic oh yeah kicking a ball. Gimme like a day or two and I bet I could kick a soccer ball pretty well. Soccer players wouldn't be able to hit, catch, throw, and field baseballs in only a few days. It actually takes some skill. I bet I could join Real Madrid or a famous soccer team and not look like a complete fool on the field. Join an MLB team and you would be an utter laughing stock. Can barely swing the bat, cannot throw without looking like a seal having a spasm attack, and cannot field for the life of you. Running around kicking a ball and occasionally acting like you've been shot after getting barely touched, is not what I call athleticism. You also throw shade at people like Bartolo Colon who is probably more athletic than 75% of soccer players. Do you consider throwing a ball 90+MPH non athletic, you call hitting baseballs 400 feet non athletic, both of which Bartolo can do. Your whole argument just makes absolutely no sense considering soccer is a relatively simple game of running for not super long and kicking a ball around, while baseball has many things involved with it, all of which are very difficult.
Scott Dickenballs (2 months ago)
So you think that those fat fucks in the mlb like prince fielder or bartolo colon are much more athletic than a player running for 90 minutes straight? Everyone makes fun of wayne rooney for being fat and he looks like an African child compared to both of those players. Give me a break.
Brian Miller (2 months ago)
You had me until that last sentence
Today I Found Out (2 months ago)
Mix up in production schedule. Abner Doubleday video coming soon! :-)
walker1984 (2 months ago)
I was expecting a card for that. Lol
W. McMaster (2 months ago)
Thanks. I was about to spend half an hour looking for it
Varsity Shinebox (2 months ago)
Thanks, Simon!
The Utopiano Utopioan (2 months ago)
Technically, a uniform IS a suit! A suit is just a set of matching garments to be worn together. Though I'm assuming you mean business suits, in which case I don't know why baseball managers rarely wear them.
2000cobraguy (2 months ago)
Because chicks dig a guy in uniform. Managers need love too
Howard Johnson (2 months ago)
Most of your questions seem perfectly reasonable to me. This one is SO stupid I can't believe anyone asked it
Ralph Dye (2 months ago)
There is a rule that also says that while the game play is in session, no-one is allowed on the field that is not properly attired (in uniform). So, if the manager needs to make a pitching change in the middle of an inning and he is wearing a suit (street clothes), he can't personally do it. He must send a coach or someone who is properly attired.
Sarin Highwind (2 months ago)
Hell, most of the managers still wear their cleats too.
Moonbeam (2 months ago)
Go Phillies!
Sibin Bose (2 months ago)
Cricket coaches also doesnot wear suits. They wear team jersey
Joe Dempsey, Sr. (2 months ago)
Because baseball managers must go out on the field from time to time. No other game managers of other sports do this.
thanksfernuthin (2 months ago)
What's stuck on his beard? Take a gander at a mirror before you film. Pro tip.
OriginalPiMan (2 months ago)
For the rules listed in this video, it sounds to me like any manager that is not a player wouldn't be allowed in the dugout. ...Time to penalise every manager today, I'd say.
alg11297 (2 months ago)
It's because baseball is always trying to look like a rural sport where anyone can play. Baseball is also the only sport where a non-player can walk onto the field of play, during the game, stopping the game, when it isn't a medical emergency. Substitution of players in all other sports just happens casually. In baseball, its a whole ceremony.
Eric Smith (2 months ago)
2:16 I hope that's dirt on #28's pants.
Christian Hollister (2 months ago)
Why the hell would a manager wear a hot ass suit outdoors for hours on end? Why would anyone do that actually? Lol
Flashlight237 (2 months ago)
I gotta ask this while I can... Why is it that, even though everything has DNA, humans are the only things in the world where each and every organism looks physically different?
ChocolateMilkMage (1 month ago)
They aren't.
Rich Barr (2 months ago)
I think the other sports should follow baseball. I mean, who wouldn't want to see Ken Hitchcock in a hockey uniform with skates?
G_A (2 months ago)
Baseboll is so fucking boring.
No One (2 months ago)
Pete rose should been executed by his team. No matter how good you were the Ohio river should of ran Red that day for his betrayal!
Joe Hogan (1 month ago)
There's no evidence he bet against himself or his team or threw any games
CNN FakeNews (2 months ago)
It's called football, not American football please get that right
CNN FakeNews (2 months ago)
Steve Doe I'd love to travel the world, and more then anything it's a line from a movie I like and I think it's kinda funny, ever think of that?
Steve Doe (2 months ago)
CNN FakeNews Semantics. Can’t really say America either, because that includes all of North America and South America. How about “football in the U.S.A.”? Or, how about not being such a “local”, getting out and about, and seeing the world? Or, how about just accepting the fact that naming conventions mean different things to people from different places? Or, how about I just accept the fact that you will never accept any of the aforementioned? (ha-ha)
T Orrent (2 months ago)
Hockey coaches wear suits. And no protective gear, either, despite pucks flying around at 150kmh. If you want to see how ridiculous managers in uniforms are, look up pictures of Don Zimmer.
Blue Coyote (2 months ago)
Since I read the entire text of this video on the website, I'll just skip to comment. Some managers have been in trouble for not wearing a jersey during a game but only a team approved jacket or pull over. Rule 1.11, Section a, number 1 and 3 which you mentioned is the reasoning for it being considered an infraction. For myself, I believe the manager of a baseball team should be attired in proper uniform as his actions are part of game play and therefore he is in fact active member of the team. The only exception would be the allowing of a jacket or pull over in addition. I expect coaches of other sports to be attired in suits or shirt and tie such as Coach Ditka, so it annoys me royally that football coaches have come to look so casual on the side lines. But then I might be a bit old fashion.
Blue Coyote (2 months ago)
He's in uniform and in the dugout. While the rule doesn't strictly specify the manager (although it would have in the case of Pete Rose between 1984-1986), traditionally it's seen as proper for the manager to adhere to the same rules of uniform as the players. The rules do state that coaches must wear a uniform while performing responsibilities on the field and tradition again places the manager as a coach. So why semantically it may or may not be against the rules in the official rule book, The Commissioner's Office can make the judgement as to whether or not tradition bears enough weight to warrant reprimand. I have seen very very few reasons why there is an excuse viable enough to warrant allowing a manager to not be properly attired.
David Lamb (2 months ago)
That would be strange for that rule to be the reason, given that it only refers to players. The manager is not a player, and not on either the 25- or 40-man team rosters.
Rex Sexson (2 months ago)
Connie Mack Damn your good. That's why I love this channel....true facts no clikbait bs or false info for hits and subscribers. Keep up the good work #todayifoundout
Jayson Meeker (2 months ago)
I grew up just outside of Cooperstown... Should visit there and see what it's like before making it sound so bad as "a backwater town" with a tinge of distaste in your voice. Just and fyi, the NFL HOF is in Canton, OH which is not a huge metropolitan area. Same with Springfield, MA being the home to the NBA HOF. Be more respectful!
Jeanne Delahunty (2 months ago)
I'm from Cooperstown. It may be a small town, but it's hardly "backwater"!
Elwookiee07 (2 months ago)
I e been to Springfield MA it’s an ok town.
teemusid (2 months ago)
Cooperstown is beautiful.
Brian H (2 months ago)
"Who is on First/"
Too Darn Shooty (2 months ago)
Comment section is full of pompous, ball lovers, who took it apon themselves to insult every sport that isn't theirs.
Rodney Kelly (2 months ago)
You missed an opportunity to show Charley Brown in his manager's uniform.
aaronimpactnz (2 months ago)
So they won't get thrown out the stadium.
PureKaoZ (2 months ago)
Forgot to add the link to Doubleday video
MrFmiller (2 months ago)
Typersx1 (2 months ago)
You have a white fuzz in your beard
Artam Studio (2 months ago)
Yah, that really irritated me. If that's a white hair, Simon, trim it until your beard develops more white hairs.
Christopher Neely (2 months ago)
Baseball actually evolved from so-called Folk games. The main predecessor being Stoolball. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Origins_of_baseball And it is as American as Yorkshire Pudding. It was born in Europe, most specifically, it was first named Baseball in Surrey, UK. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2340053/U-S-baseball-expert-proves-baseball-played-England-royalty.html
Tom Bruner (2 months ago)
Baseball was evidently invented by a lawyer, or perhaps someone in HR.
Bill Keith (2 months ago)
I hate baseball but your videos are just so interesting.
Bill Keith (2 months ago)
+Steve Doe I followed a season of Cardinal games when I was 8 back in the 70's. The game is just too slow for me. I got into the NFL starting back in 1998 (faster paced and like the Broncos) but my enthusiasm has waned the past 2 seasons because I think the games are rigged ("for entertainment purposes only").
Steve Doe (2 months ago)
Bill Keith Give it a chance. Try to find someone who gets all excited about it, and can tell you all the nuances. I have a hard time grasping the sport of cricket. I’ve had it explained a few times, but I have never been able to focus my attention. My fault. Still looking for that guy that grew up with cricket as a child, has a deep burning love for the sport, can apply critical thinking to the sport, has an analytical mindset, and (most importantly) can annunciate the aforementioned in a clear/concise manner. If I find that guy, I will buy him a few drinks, and probably grow to appreciate cricket more on that day. I’m not giving up, and I hope you don’t give up.
Christopher Neely (2 months ago)
I'm glad that you are exploring baseball, since you expressed your ignorance on the subject of the sport in your podcast. Have you ever seen an MLB game in person? I would certainly encourage you to do so, especially considering your interests with American culture
jacmeade (2 months ago)
The first and third base coaches are active participants in the game and are practically standing on the field of play. Considering that, it makes sense that they would be in uniform. And if one of them takes a line drive off the head and has to leave the game, which does happen occasionally, it makes sense that the other coaches and managers be in uniform so that one of them may take their place.

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