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Hot Wheels & Matchbox New Cars Part 57

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Well I went to Nicholas Smith trains for two weeks in a row and left with some epically awesome Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars. In part 57 you get o see them. There are so many cars that I had to make 3 different rows. In the first row I show off the Supervan 2 which is a customized racing van. I haven't see n this casting before but I had to get it. Then I show the silver Cadillac Allante and the real version was in Lethal Weapon 3. I also show the blaze buster from the superfast series. Its in good condition overall except the window's are cracked and broken. Then to finish up the first row I show the Pontiac Firebird also from the Superfast series. The back of the car looks a lot more slopped then what I've seen but its still awesome. Now in second row I start off showing my 4 Peterblit trucks. I have the Police tow truck, the Getty Gas tanker, The LTD Cement Mixer and the Pacer Construction dump truck. Then I show my 2 versions of the Ford Flared Side pickup's. Both have different tires and different logo's. After that I go and show off my new Kenworth W900 sleeper, my Scania tractor my Chrysler caravan with the opening door and finally my cool jeep. After that I go to the final row. First I talk about the Ford Escort XR3i. Then I talk about my Mr. Fixer Jeep Cherokee and my Detroit powered Kenworth Racing rig. Finally to finish up on the Mathcbox car I show the 1957 Thunderbird. This casting is very unique and in near mint condition. Finally to clos out the video I talked about my 3 hot wheels cars. I got another stake bed truck. Its my second blue one in my collection. I also picked up another 1963 mustang with white wall tires. And finally to close out the video I show off my first "true" red line hot wheels. Its a snub nose single axle dump truck and I know nothing about it at all. I've never even seen this casting before. Its in pretty rough shape but I got it because its a original redline. Any information about it will be a great help. I hope you enjoyed part 57 of my new Hot wheels and Matchbox cars. More will be coming soon.
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Text Comments (12)
Thomas Evans (2 years ago)
can i have the christler van plz answer
EMDSD14R (2 years ago)
I am glad you like the van but its not for sale. Sorry.
Sai Skanda (3 years ago)
Cool collection there!!
EMDSD14R (3 years ago)
+Sai Skanda Thanks!
truck 5716 (4 years ago)
if you get some that you have and willing to sell them under $20 call me at 814-342-3797
Harivichu (4 years ago)
The sliding doors in caravan awesome awesome man
EMDSD14R (4 years ago)
Thanks, indeed I was surprised to see that it had sliding doors.
Harivichu (4 years ago)
Nice trucks
EMDSD14R (4 years ago)
collectorsdream (4 years ago)
cool video, i have most of the cars, but love the caravan with the opening door, what year is it? pretty cool table as well, i also got 4 of the matchbox army utility cars that are in the background
collectorsdream (4 years ago)
yeah i will be looking for some too!
EMDSD14R (4 years ago)
Thanks and that's cool. Indeed it sure is. Its a 1984 Dodge Caravan copyright in 1983 from matchbox. Oh that's cool I actually have 7 of them and the Oshkosh hemmit trucks :-) I plan to get more of both.

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