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The Best 50 Actors of All Time

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We might disagree about few of them or the orders, but most movie experts I think will not argue that those are the best male actors ever to appear on the screen. Actors not on the list but worth mentioning:Gary Cooper,Michael Douglas,Joe Pesci,Clark Gable,Clive Owen,Cary Grant,James Cagney,Robert Mitchum,Alec Guiness,Eli Wallach,Sylvester Stallone,Karl Malden,Leonardo Di Caprio,Brad Pitt,Liam Neeson,Samuel L. Jackson,Benecio Del Toro,Peter Sellers,Edward Norton, Peter Finch & Heath Ledger.
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Berkay Saydam (1 day ago)
Marlon Brando will be always the king of cinema and Hollywood. İn My opinion 2.Robert De Niro 3.Al Pacino
Pramod Peshwa (2 days ago)
sure Marlon is the greatest and most influential of all time
nadine schneider (4 days ago)
Paul Newman Number one forever
Jeannette Duette (4 days ago)
Tyrone Powers,Peter Lorre, Sydney Greenstreet, etc. Real actors!
Amy Baker (1 day ago)
Greenstreet, what a legend.
Horatio Neate (5 days ago)
This is rubbish!!!
moon glow (5 days ago)
I take it your a young man who is not familiar with the classic movie stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood??? You are entitled to your personal opinion, as I am mine. Check out Oscar and Emmy winner, William Holden #1. Sunset Blvd, The Bridge on the River Kwai, Golden Boy, Network, The Wild Bunch, Picnic, Love is a Many Splendored Thing. I can go on and on. All Oscar winning flicks, or at least nominated for it. To not even give a honorable mention shows me that you did not do much research on this subject. No like, no subscribe!!!!!
Ajmal Ghafoor (8 days ago)
Where is Richard Burton....
Roger Propes (11 days ago)
F. Murray Abraham.
J Rosenlof jr (11 days ago)
According to who,?
Gregory Williams (11 days ago)
where's John Banner and Irene Ryan?
Perry Weiner (13 days ago)
Daring and justifiable to put Brando in first place. But Tom Hanks ahead of Olivier? C'mon. Will Smith and no Barrymore? Jim Carey but no Frederick March? De Gustibus, I suppose. But still...
Berke K. (14 days ago)
Viraj Agarwal (17 days ago)
Jack Nicholson should be no. 1
Adele Morris (18 days ago)
Did you pick them out of a hat?
jacktheripoff1888 (18 days ago)
When you had Daniel Day Lewis at 17, the list lost it's credibility. He's a top-5 without any debate whatsoever.
vincent fiore (24 days ago)
Half you picks are a joke. Claude Rains, Michale Douglas, Paul Muni. Your list should have read my list of the best.
All liberals. don't watch them at all. I won't give them a red cent of my money by buying tickets to their movies.
Seymour Clearly (1 month ago)
Very odd list. You left out some truly famous and magnificent actors and put in actors whom no one considers to be "great" talents. The order of your list was weird as well.
7A (1 month ago)
Donald Weil (1 month ago)
You sir are a jerk!
Donald Weil (1 month ago)
What about John Wayne and Errol Flynn? Travolta, Carey and Cage are jokes.
Sam Henry (1 month ago)
Charleston Heston,,,, fools!
Trish Mckenzie (1 month ago)
Missed people like Michael Kitchen..Alan Rickman..
Manuel Odabashian (1 month ago)
Olivier 24? Don’t think much of this list
Andrea Wilkerson (1 month ago)
No Clark Gable. Alan Ladd, John Wayne, Ty Power? Really?
Prince hectoroftroy (1 month ago)
Will Smith ??? G.Clooney ??
Peter N (1 month ago)
I think you forgot about some of the giants of the industry. Jeremy Irons, Sir John Gielgud, Ralph Richardson, Richard Burton, and my all time favorite James Mason.
Laura Streeter (26 days ago)
Peter N I agree! Jeremy Irons is an amazing actor. John Geilgud, Burton, Richardson all did theatre. Acting on stage is much harder than film acting.
Theophilus Mcknight (1 month ago)
Awsome. Good
Gerry Griffin (1 month ago)
this is the most random selection i have ever seen, e.g. George Clooney ahead of Kirk Douglas, Sean Penn ahead of Laurence Olivier. loads missing, lots there that should not be etc.
Christine Linton Doyle (1 month ago)
And where is Gary Oldman?
Michael Harris (1 month ago)
Will Smith you are kidding right?
Andy Smithson (1 month ago)
Considering ability, best performances and number of great performances: 1. Nicholson 2. Brando 3. Bogart 4. Newman 5. Burton 6. Caine 7. Pacino 8. De Niro 9. Hackman 10. Scheider 11. Redford 12. Heston 13. Dean 14. George C Scott 15 Duvall 16 Crowe 17. Hoskins 18 Mitchum. All were tough guys without a flaw who conveyed authenticity. The dialogue in the older era was too stilted to be believable, but Bogart and Joseph Cotten were not affected. Too many wimps and bad scripts after about 1990.
Michel de montaigne (1 month ago)
Nicholas Cage and John Tarvolta - your joking.
713davidh42 (1 month ago)
Sorry, but your list is way overloaded with recent actors who have no business being considered on any list of the best actors of all time. You forgot about talents such as Charles Laughton, Ronald Colman, Montgomery Clift, Richard Burton or Alec Guiness while including the likes of Jim Carrey, John Travolta, Will Smith, Robin Williams or Johnny Depp which makes your list downright stupid.
Gale Phillips (2 months ago)
Where's the Duke???
Alejandra Osiakowski (2 months ago)
✨Well, I am no spring🐓and neither too😫 ancient so, my era actores i like are....... hang on🍹 someone is at the door.!
Roberto Lopez (2 months ago)
And Gary Oldman, The Best actor alive?
Maureen Salvador (2 months ago)
John Wayne and Maureen Ohara should have been up there with the best looking actor's
vanna kinder (2 months ago)
I'm sorry but 24, 28, and 23 are top 5 for me. I love Laurence Olivier, Sean Penn, and Peter O'Toole.
Wolfgang Anderl (2 months ago)
ssw 4711 (2 months ago)
What about ALAN RICKMAN😤😤😤😤 He must be there
Bill Haack (2 months ago)
Ah ? Gee how about Cagney, this is no list, start again !
Martin Fraser (2 months ago)
10 Anthony Hopkins, 9 Dustin Hoffman, 8 Morgan freeman, 7, Marlon Brand0, 6 al Pacino, 5 joe Pepsi, 4 decaprio, 3 de Niro, 2 tom Hanks, 1 jack Nicholson
Tom Aaron (2 months ago)
A lot of one dimensional actors...Pacino, wayne, De Niro, Brando,. Great on what they did but limited range. My number one is Henry Fonda. He played both the most charming and most evil characters in his movies. His character in 'Once Upon a Time in the West' is the most evil in moviedom...conveyed with facial expression.
Robert Longwill (2 months ago)
Are you kidding me Jim Carrey on this list of best actors bull s h i t he could not Act his way out of a wet paper bag
Ledia Eri (2 months ago)
So no Cary Grant , James stewart or Anthony Perkins on this list??? Worst list ever
Amit Singh (2 months ago)
M sure u don’t understand cinema .. go beyond from holluwood
Tara Tara (2 months ago)
Al Pacino is number 1 on my list, but yay for Charlie Chaplin being on this list!
Tara Tara (2 months ago)
Yay! Robin Williams!
Tara Tara (2 months ago)
You picked the best picture of Will Smith I think there is! Damn!
Rosalinda Garza (2 months ago)
Lawerence Oliver and Valentino (the actor)......Sr. Caine......Cobb the baseball player......Russell Crowe......Connery.....Duvall......Sr. Kingsley........Mr. Steigner.....Mr. Hackman......Spacey.........Mr. Giamatti.......Sr. Hoffmann......
Ingrid Yañez (2 months ago)
You forget Antonio Banderas,Harrison Ford,Sidney Potier,VictorMature,Omar Sharif.
Linda C (1 month ago)
Victor Mature??? Omar Sharif and Sidney Poitier okay. Antonio Banderas needs more of a body of film work to make the list.
Alcibiades (2 months ago)
While I agree that Marlon is numero 1 I wholeheartedly disagree with Will Smith been here, and where is the king of cool Steve McQueen?
braileanul (3 months ago)
will smith is in the list and all worth mentioning list comprise better actors you must have a lot of balls brains and espeically knowledge of film to get this list on you tube, you have only the balls
braileanul (3 months ago)
poitier is better than d.washington, and he was washington's mentor, is not even in your mention list
hugo lopez (3 months ago)
jonh travolta nicolas cage will smith mel gibson christian bale george clooney dont belong here
Boopala 1 (3 months ago)
Where is Cary Grant? How could he be left out? There were quite a few others as well but glad to see Will Smith! His talent is often over looked or under appreciated!
Angar Bati (3 months ago)
I think.. Put they are the best scen of them movies too.., That will be great..
Opal's Boy (3 months ago)
Robin Williams ahead of Burt Lancaster ?? This is Bull Shit. Your favorites, maybe. I stopped watching at 39.
walter carpenito (3 months ago)
Funny you didn't ever see JAMES CAGNEY   5 best of all time  shame on you
Savannah Meredith (3 months ago)
yeah to Kevin Spacey Robert de Niro Anthony Hopkins and AI Pacino!!
A A (3 months ago)
oh...puhleez. this is ridiculous
June Davies (3 months ago)
Rubbish.No Richard Burton or Cary Grant.
Skip Troxell (3 months ago)
Denyse Phenix (3 months ago)
Leo di Caprio is to me the best actor of all time: watch some of his movies and you will agree i am sure.
authenic jamie (3 months ago)
3 blacks on the list 😮 who made this shit Jim Carey
Patricia Bilinkas (3 months ago)
Gary Oldman? Colin Firth? Bradley Cooper? Edward G. Robinson? Peter O’Toole?
Chris Leone (3 months ago)
Jim Carrey was no great one. How about James Cagney, Charlton Heston , Tyrone Power, and the guy who played LITTLE CEASAR, I forgot his name. They were all great but you should add these guys in and extend it. But your right with all the others. They were great. 😍
BIG ROB (3 months ago)
Bogart #1 and no James Cagney???, half theses actors should be here Nichols Cage?? John Travolta ?? Def not on my list
Jane Frommhold (3 months ago)
Jack Nikcholson... James Spader... ???
Tina Piper (3 months ago)
sean penn better than laurence olivier.. don't think so... however top 5 I got but not the number 1.. always overated
Cameron Kresl (3 months ago)
horrible list. I believe that most movie experts would strongly disagree with your list. Not even close.
branko 96 (4 months ago)
John wayne?
Rob Steffen (4 months ago)
1 Paul newman 2 Robert de nero 3 Jack nicholsen 4 Robert duvall 5 Anthony hopkins
René Pariente (4 months ago)
René Pariente: Ce sont vraiment les plus grands.
claudia brando freitas (4 months ago)
Leonardo de Caprio Steve McQueen John málcovitch stellan skarsgaard max von sidow Charles laughton Christopher Lee Vincent price lon. Chaney sênior toshiro mifune must be in this list !
Margaret F. Maldonado (4 months ago)
Jim Carey and will smith should not be on this list
Ruthless Goat (4 months ago)
Michael Caine? Have you seen his last TURD BOMB? Awful. It went straight to video: Dear Dictator. Worst film ever.
Ruthless Goat (4 months ago)
I like Jim Carrey, and Redford was pretty, but your first 3 entries of a top 50 were horrible. EDIT: First FOUR.
Mónica Elisabeth Sacco (4 months ago)
Nicholas Cage, Christian Bale still have to show some good acting to belong here. Lawrence Olivier just in the middle of the list? Where are Charles Laughton, Sidney Poitier, Robert Mitchun, James Cagney, Ian McKellen, Alan Rickman...? So many excellent actors missing...
Laura Streeter (26 days ago)
Monica Elisabeth Sacco Gasp! Charles Laughton. I forgot about him. He was a fabulous actor. He was amazing and so heartbreaking in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Later in his life he turned in a bravura performance in Witness for the Prosecution. Great actor.
Jumper Guy (4 months ago)
You don't have a clue!
Kathryn Anderson (4 months ago)
The only
Peter Franklin (4 months ago)
Well I expect that nobody would agree with this list and I'm no exception. There are so many things that influence who you like. The movies they've acted in, whether you are a contemporary of theirs, whether you actually LIKE the characters they have portrayed, how much any flops they have made influence you, whether you actually like the man at all. (Would Kevin Spacey be in there today?) I could go on. But I can only finish by saying there's some really great actors in your list and some really great actors that, in my view would have been in there instead of some of the great actors you've got in there.
Lacey Pelham (4 months ago)
omg Brad Pitt? Sidney Poitier? these two far ahead of Cage, Carrey, Eastwood, Will Smith, Travolta, Penn. What about Richard Burton and Peter O'Toole? sheesh
davids2000 (4 months ago)
Denzel above Olivier? Well in an age of Kanye above Beethoven anything is possible.
Bill Power (4 months ago)
Number 7 should be CLINT HOWARD
MsAppassionata (4 months ago)
I'm surprised that Laurence Olivier is so low on your list since many critics think he was the greatest, or certainly one of, the greatest actors of the 20th century.
Anne Brookes (4 months ago)
Cillian murphy?? James caan?? Are great actors and underrated! Glad you added sean connery he is a very good actor to. Laurence oliver and al pacino should be on top! And johny depp although most people wiuld disagree with me and jack Nicholson should be at least on top 5 he is a very good actor.
Winston Poole (4 months ago)
These lists are always subjective. Your choice must be respected.
drizzle (4 months ago)
Number 1: Laurence Olivier!
Paula Hurdle (4 months ago)
u forgot Sydney Poitier
Harald Siegwarth (4 months ago)
Randolph Scott, Curt Juergen,
George Hunter (4 months ago)
Half of them shouldn’t be on here, better actors are Tim Dalton, Richard Harris, Alan Badel, Gary Cooper and Charlton Heston to name a few, even Alan Ladd
tj schoenlein (4 months ago)
You gotta be kidding me? This list has some great actors - but - Jim Cary-Will smith - Sean Penn +++ please...👎🏿
David Rudolph (4 months ago)
Anyone that would include George Clooney in a top 50 list of actors needs to be checked into the nearest mental hospital. What a joke!
rochstan123 (4 months ago)
Good list, but I'd also have Richard Gere, Steve Mcqueen and Brian Cox. I don't know about Nicolas Cage.
MsCherryPop3 (4 months ago)
Will Smith? George Clooney? Tom Hanks? Pervert Kevin Spacey? You have got to be kidding!
Jair Da Silva Abreu (4 months ago)
E vários grandes atores ficaram fora da lista conforme ilustraram vários colegas.
Jair Da Silva Abreu (4 months ago)
Na minha opinião o certo é ser grandes atores ou não. Esse negócio de lista com numeração de quem é em primeiro lugar ou último é furada.
michael dailey (4 months ago)
When I say Jim Carey I had to leave !!!!!

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