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The Best 50 Actors of All Time

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We might disagree about few of them or the orders, but most movie experts I think will not argue that those are the best male actors ever to appear on the screen. Actors not on the list but worth mentioning:Gary Cooper,Michael Douglas,Joe Pesci,Clark Gable,Clive Owen,Cary Grant,James Cagney,Robert Mitchum,Alec Guiness,Eli Wallach,Sylvester Stallone,Karl Malden,Leonardo Di Caprio,Brad Pitt,Liam Neeson,Samuel L. Jackson,Benecio Del Toro,Peter Sellers,Edward Norton, Peter Finch & Heath Ledger.
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manuel gomez (14 hours ago)
Yankys goo home jajajaja
manuel gomez (14 hours ago)
Jajajajaja valla mierda de video por lo visto solo los mejores son anglosajones? Jojojojo un capullo cpmo el trabolta ese.. lo vasis a comparar por ejemplo con jose luis looez vazquez? O alfredo landa o fernando fernan gomez etc etc etc solo por nombrar estos sabeis que dijo el gran chsrlot?. Yo se quienes sin los tres mejores actores del mundo.. uno de esos tres es jose luis lopez vazquez. Siiii siiii no os pongais las manos en la cabeza a si es y vuando vinio a españa george cukor a rodar una pelicula quedo deskumbrado con lopez vazquez y quiso llevarselo a hollywoid y el no quiso ir ya estoy adta la polla de tanta mierda yanki he inglesa a laa a tomar mucho por el culo.
Lois Austin (1 day ago)
No, No, No, and No 50 times.
Lenon Nitcher Gore (5 days ago)
Heston, Bondarchuk
Melanie Lawrence (6 days ago)
You forgot about Peter Lorre.
Mark Ramsey (8 days ago)
Just the one Irishman? O'Toole. Sure we can claim quite a few of the Yanks too. Clooney, Quinn, Peck, Deniro & Penn.
Mark Ramsey (8 days ago)
Amazing music.
Colin Cushman (9 days ago)
Tom hanks shoul be #1
Apoorv austin (12 days ago)
The reason why godfather trilogy was the best because it contained-marlon Brando,al pacino,robert de niro three of the greatest actors of all time
Irawan Rahmani (14 days ago)
Where is rdj? He's should be here!!!
Valknut7059 (24 days ago)
I agree where's Errol Flynn and Clark Gable...
Darrell Cox (29 days ago)
Where are william Holden and george c.scott?
saffier66 (30 days ago)
Unbelievable !! Only american or british actors ?!?! All of them...you don't respect 7th art. Nobody talk actors like Mastroianni or Gabin or Gian Maria Volonte Learn history of cinema Carrey Smith Clooney Gibson ???? \o/ 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Roy Thomas (1 month ago)
Dear Mr Azmi:  I couldn't agree with you more if this roster was based upon post WW2 actors only.   You have,  however,  largely ignored many of the stars of Hollywood's Golden age.  I think you should back up 15 years and amend your  listing....  (Gary Cooper ("High Noon",  James Cagney ("Mr. Roberts",) (Cary Grant, "An  Affair to Remember."  and MANY OTHERS !  (Please do a little research next time.) (All 3 of these movies were post WW2 and should have been considered by you.)
Jason Smith (1 month ago)
tom hanks should be higher
Aurora Boreal (1 month ago)
Edward G.Robinson,Steve Mc Queen, 😬😬😬
Kelly Robinson (1 month ago)
What reason would the creator of this video have not to write Denzel Washington's full name? Nothing name was hyphenated?
Zane Wong (1 month ago)
Before anyone judges this guy’s choices remember : “ it’s like an opinion , man “ The Dude 1998
Kunal Sawant (1 month ago)
Robert Phillips (1 month ago)
What? Marlon Brando in # 1?!
Teresa Catherine (1 month ago)
Where is Gary Oldman?
E. Sherry Miller (1 month ago)
I agree with many, but not all, of your choices. Number 1 should have been Gene Hackman, a truly superb actor.
T Cheese (1 month ago)
Where in the hell is sidney poitier. This is a joke.
Matt Hibbard (1 month ago)
No one's gonna mention James fuckin Gandolfini?
bobbie merrills (1 month ago)
No Denzel Washington or Sydney Poitier, plus lots more . Guess cant name them all !
Preston Casertano (1 month ago)
What the fuck is wrong with u. Jim Carrey Will Smith. Fucking Sean Penn. ?????? Client not in top 20 ? Y not ? No Robert Mitchum. No John Wayne. ???? Ur a fuck n ass hole. How many movies have u ever seen moron... How in the hell u don’t have Joe Pesci n Possible the best of all time Jimmy Cagney but u have Nick Gage r u fucking blind .... u no shit bout the Big Screen. Where in the hell is Omar Sheriff. Y did u even attempt to make this shit to show how fucking ignorant u r Jezzzzz
Mora Medina (1 month ago)
Todos, menos Will smith y John Travolta
Isabel Veidt (1 month ago)
And Richard Burton, Gérard Philipe (The prince of the actors), Alec Guinnes, Conrad Veidt, Max von Sydow, Michael Fassbender, Claude Rains and Cillian Murphy???
bhaskar sen (1 month ago)
It's very prejudicial and unjustified that greatest of them were Charlton Heston Richard Burton Alec Guinness Rex Harrison Jack Hawkins too. They were inimitable and inscrutably peerless while presenting 50 great actors. Some wrongful inclusions occurred too which I abhor. They should have been dropped from the galaxy 🌌 of 50 Bhaskar Sen
Hassan Ali Abbasi (1 month ago)
The Actors <3
Maurizio Giancarlo (1 month ago)
John wayne, clark Glabe, ....
Lee Weisbecker (1 month ago)
Blake (1 month ago)
By comparison, here is what IMDB lists as the Top 100. https://www.imdb.com/list/ls050274118/ Everyone has differences in opinion about who should be on the list, and the order of the list. That's only natural. Seems clear to me though that any list probably needs to be at least a Top 100 lists instead of Top 50 list. Probably apt to get a lot more satisfied people that way. There were a number of excellent actors, but 100 would cover most of everyone's picks I think.
Blake (1 month ago)
Sidney Poitier and Edward G. Robinson have to be on the list somewhere in my view. At the very least they should be on anyone's Honorable Mentions List. And also William Holden, Richard Burton, Jeremy Irons and Claude Raines ??? Lot's a good people not there.
Tony Andras (1 month ago)
A surprising list. The greatest actor of the 20th century was probably John Barrymore. Even Olivier copied him. And what of the great English actors like John Gielgud, Ralph Richardson, Guinness and even Leslie Howard?  If you are picking 'the best actors of all time' , they should be great stage actors too. This list also omits all the great actors from earlier times, like Booth, Du Maurier and Irving. The top five on the list of those who acted on stage and in film would be Barrymore, Olivier, Gielgud, Plummer and Burton. Of the personality film actors that litter your list, you left off many of the best, like Mason, Oldman and Cruise.   JASA
Tony Andras (25 days ago)
I feel you underestimate how good an actor he really is.  His part in Interview with a Vampire showed his consummate skill and range as a true actor.  The action hero roles are culturally appealing to his American manhood image of himself with too few outings to show his genuine talent. But he's got it.
Tony Andras (25 days ago)
A fair point.  I would never leave out women and how wonderful they are and were. But I thought this category was confined to cover men actors only.
Teresa Catherine (1 month ago)
Tony Andras Tom Cruise should not be in the top 50.
E. Sherry Miller (1 month ago)
I like your choices of great stage and film actors. However, where are the great actresses, of whom there are many?
TomKirkman1 (1 month ago)
Fredric March #1. His performance in Inherit the Wind could have been played off as a comic buffoon, but he instilled a touch of humanity that made his portrayal as one of the finest acting performances in history.
reina coffee (1 month ago)
Some names on your list have not yet earned the reputation as Outstanding Performers of all times yet. They haven't been in the business very long and you already rate them as top 50.  No way, Jose!   And then you leave out those who have earned the title.  Give credit to whom credit is due, and don't list those not worth mentioning yet.  For example, you left out John Wayne and Charlton Heston, but you included Jim Carry and Will Smith?  Ha ha... That's a joke!!
fabrizio rossi (1 month ago)
Bad list, you forgot the greatest but you've entered Cage, Depp, Travolta, Will Smith.
hhh ttt (1 month ago)
Where is Leonardo DiCaprio ffs?
Len Hummel (1 month ago)
Robert Mitchum, Richard Burton, and Gary Cooper should have been in the top ten. I agree (with some others here) that Travolta and Will Smith don't belong on this list. Maybe no to Mick Cage also.
Esta lista es una chapuza ...
menov73 (2 months ago)
The title of the video should have been 'The top 50 Hollywood actors of all times'. I come from India and I can name couple of actors who would have chewed up everyone on the list with the exception of Brando, Chaplin and Olivier
Ian McRoman Sr. (2 months ago)
Eli Wallach: 'The Good, the Bad and the Uggly - what should this movie be without HIM?! ... anyway - DO I miss H. Bogart ?... Good work and THX ...
Winston Jaquez (2 months ago)
Where are Robert Shaw, Sterling Haydn John Cazale, Phillip Seymour Hoffmann ??!!
Terry Stearman (2 months ago)
You must have a serious drinking problem to include Carey,Washington,Trovalta and the likes and not include John Wayne makes your list look foolish,there are very few modern actors who could hold a candle to those from earlier years.
Pedro A98 (2 months ago)
A list with Nicolas Cage and without Liam Neeson and Edward Norton, you gotta be kidding me
Marcel Daalen (2 months ago)
Missing Robert Downey Junior
H P (2 months ago)
What's the music called?
cristians77 (2 months ago)
Edd harris :(
Josephine Jones (2 months ago)
Leonardo d and Elijah wood
Josephine Jones (2 months ago)
You should do 50 child actors
muhammet ali (2 months ago)
Where is the Leonardo Di caprio
Dr Brochette (2 months ago)
Dicaprio is missing
leonard payne (2 months ago)
What about Steve Mcqueen and John Wayne, Charles Bronson?
John Phillips (2 months ago)
Azmi, your list is not even close. You put in too many mediocre and left out most of the best.
John Wayne (2 months ago)
Marlon Brando definitely number 1. Not many, if anyone has had such a screen "presence" Will Smith, Nicholas Cage, John Travolta ? WTF ? not even close.
Simona Gubbioli (2 months ago)
De Niro sopra a tutti insieme ad Orson Wells
¿Y que pasa con Charlton Heston? ¿Y Cary Grant?
SolidRock InclearWater (2 months ago)
You did miss Georges C Scott..Steeve Mcqueen...Christopher Plummer...Harrison Ford.....Sydney Poitier...Jean Gabin...and so many more
abby yusuf yusuf (2 months ago)
Off course its marlon brando
I don't agree with the order...
perl man (2 months ago)
You really don't know what talent is. Bogus list.
Steve Kirschenbaum (2 months ago)
sawa virus (2 months ago)
Marlon Brando offcos can rank 1st . But Will Smith and Jim Carey on this list makes it a joke of a list 🤣🤣🤣omg and where is Clark Gable??
Margaret McAllister (3 months ago)
My choices...Robert Redford, Michael Cain, Sydney Poirier, James Stewart and Daniel Day Lewis.....in that order
alatz500 (3 months ago)
Clark Gable?
Berkay Saydam (3 months ago)
Marlon Brando will be always the king of cinema and Hollywood. İn My opinion 2.Robert De Niro 3.Al Pacino
Pramod Peshwa (3 months ago)
sure Marlon is the greatest and most influential of all time
Nadine Schneider (3 months ago)
Paul Newman Number one forever
Jeannette Duette (3 months ago)
Tyrone Powers,Peter Lorre, Sydney Greenstreet, etc. Real actors!
Amy Baker (3 months ago)
Greenstreet, what a legend.
Horatio Neate (3 months ago)
This is rubbish!!!
moon glow (3 months ago)
I take it your a young man who is not familiar with the classic movie stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood??? You are entitled to your personal opinion, as I am mine. Check out Oscar and Emmy winner, William Holden #1. Sunset Blvd, The Bridge on the River Kwai, Golden Boy, Network, The Wild Bunch, Picnic, Love is a Many Splendored Thing. I can go on and on. All Oscar winning flicks, or at least nominated for it. To not even give a honorable mention shows me that you did not do much research on this subject. No like, no subscribe!!!!!
Ajmal Ghafoor (3 months ago)
Where is Richard Burton....
Roger Propes (3 months ago)
F. Murray Abraham.
jr* T (3 months ago)
According to who,?
Gregory Williams (3 months ago)
where's John Banner and Irene Ryan?
Perry Weiner (3 months ago)
Daring and justifiable to put Brando in first place. But Tom Hanks ahead of Olivier? C'mon. Will Smith and no Barrymore? Jim Carey but no Frederick March? De Gustibus, I suppose. But still...
Berke K. (3 months ago)
Viraj Agarwal (3 months ago)
Jack Nicholson should be no. 1
Adele Morris (3 months ago)
Did you pick them out of a hat?
jacktheripoff1888 (3 months ago)
When you had Daniel Day Lewis at 17, the list lost it's credibility. He's a top-5 without any debate whatsoever.
vincent fiore (3 months ago)
Half you picks are a joke. Claude Rains, Michale Douglas, Paul Muni. Your list should have read my list of the best.
Frances Elaine Thurston (3 months ago)
All liberals. don't watch them at all. I won't give them a red cent of my money by buying tickets to their movies.
Seymour Clearly (4 months ago)
Very odd list. You left out some truly famous and magnificent actors and put in actors whom no one considers to be "great" talents. The order of your list was weird as well.
7A (4 months ago)
Donald Weil (4 months ago)
You sir are a jerk!
Donald Weil (4 months ago)
What about John Wayne and Errol Flynn? Travolta, Carey and Cage are jokes.
Sam Henry (4 months ago)
Charleston Heston,,,, fools!
Trish Mckenzie (4 months ago)
Missed people like Michael Kitchen..Alan Rickman..
Manuel Odabashian (4 months ago)
Olivier 24? Don’t think much of this list
Andrea Wilkerson (4 months ago)
No Clark Gable. Alan Ladd, John Wayne, Ty Power? Really?
Prince hectoroftroy (4 months ago)
Will Smith ??? G.Clooney ??
Peter N (4 months ago)
I think you forgot about some of the giants of the industry. Jeremy Irons, Sir John Gielgud, Ralph Richardson, Richard Burton, and my all time favorite James Mason.
Laura Streeter (3 months ago)
Peter N I agree! Jeremy Irons is an amazing actor. John Geilgud, Burton, Richardson all did theatre. Acting on stage is much harder than film acting.
Theophilus Mcknight (4 months ago)
Awsome. Good
Gerry Griffin (4 months ago)
this is the most random selection i have ever seen, e.g. George Clooney ahead of Kirk Douglas, Sean Penn ahead of Laurence Olivier. loads missing, lots there that should not be etc.
Christine Linton Doyle (4 months ago)
And where is Gary Oldman?
Alex Carroll (2 months ago)
Yes we’re is Gary Oldman one of the greatest Actors of our time.
Michael Harris (4 months ago)
Will Smith you are kidding right?
Andy Smithson (4 months ago)
Considering ability, best performances and number of great performances: 1. Nicholson 2. Brando 3. Bogart 4. Newman 5. Burton 6. Caine 7. Pacino 8. De Niro 9. Hackman 10. Scheider 11. Redford 12. Heston 13. Dean 14. George C Scott 15 Duvall 16 Crowe 17. Hoskins 18 Mitchum. All were tough guys without a flaw who conveyed authenticity. The dialogue in the older era was too stilted to be believable, but Bogart and Joseph Cotten were not affected. Too many wimps and bad scripts after about 1990.
diinomaaxi (26 days ago)
I guess u never seen Dustin Hoffman and DDL act in your life and Nicholson over Brando and champman really???
E. Sherry Miller (1 month ago)
Good choices, but I disagree (slightly) with the order.
Michel de montaigne (4 months ago)
Nicholas Cage and John Tarvolta - your joking.

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