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Arman Cekin - California Dreaming (feat. Paul Rey)

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Text Comments (12140)
Arielly Suemy (7 hours ago)
Vim pelo vídeo do Pain ❤😂
A_SB (9 hours ago)
This is what u came for 0:48
amine gamer55 (9 hours ago)
جيش الكركري هنا هجووووم
KAUÃ GAMES (9 hours ago)
que musica é essa? foda de +...
Venom (12 hours ago)
California Dreaming = Summer dreaming
Mome Ayad (14 hours ago)
Wisam Monster (16 hours ago)
Iraq ghost لايك 😂
مالك زغاد (21 hours ago)
Canal Do OIlusao (1 day ago)
Cade os brs ?????????????????????
Jerome PH (1 day ago)
Nice music i love it😍😍😍
Lord FullPower (1 day ago)
oo Pex (1 day ago)
THE REAL LIFE (2 days ago)
Astro (2 days ago)
forllwof (2 days ago)
Скажите изволь на какой флейте эти красивые звуки были выполнены (из припева)
karligad xasen (2 days ago)
Берик,ты штоль?
Itz Voidd Gamez (2 days ago)
Who is here from Crystal?
Humza (2 days ago)
*great song*
TRX predator (2 days ago)
Best intro video song😍
one shot (3 days ago)
This song lit asf
Exclamação ! (3 days ago)
*_Eu to suave Tranquilão ksks_*
Agrebi Oussema (3 days ago)
Joshua (3 days ago)
This song is fire like California
The great max (3 days ago)
Кто находил это песню поэтому что это с интро титана???
The Melon Matrix! (4 days ago)
Don't wake me up just back came me up! Cheese please no palm trees
Sandip Pahapale (5 days ago)
Nice song
KingKilla (5 days ago)
0:45 litty. 50 likes ?
Hussein AL monster (5 days ago)
العرب في كل مكان 🐰🐰🐰
JAY JAY Plyz (5 days ago)
GAMER PRO123 (5 days ago)
This song will never die👌👌
Matheus berzagui (5 days ago)
California Dreaming i love
Royal mkf (5 days ago)
¥¥ ! @
BLUE TIGER YT (5 days ago)
I love it 40.70 Krkyyyy😍
REXXIT (6 days ago)
love this song
Phantasm Boy (6 days ago)
Gustavo Rian (6 days ago)
[California Dreaming (Feat. Paul Rey)] These palm trees they sway But each night and each day I'm california dreaming about you Ah yeah, got this world class view But it's you that I think about every time When my mind zoning It's you that I think about every time That I get lonely It's you that I call on my facetime when I need something real When I work the night shift 'til late in the pm I'm california dreaming About you, you, you California dreaming about you (hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey) California dreaming about you (hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey) California dreaming about you Oh yeah Not quite right sometimes, cause I But I've been feeling myself too much Feeling myself too much Oh I'm missing you touch Missing the way you say my name Hate that I'm away You know I'd stay But I've got these songs to cut In the stu with an empty cup I've been sipping drink too much But god damn I've been working hard as fuck And what's work Without play in la? I'm california dreaming Dreaming about You, you, you, you, you, you One time, I'm telling 'em I'm california dreaming Dreaming, dreaming One time, I'm telling 'em I'm california dreaming Dreaming, dreaming California dreaming about you California dreaming Dreaming, dreaming (hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey) California dreaming about you (hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey) California dreaming about you California dreaming about you California dreaming about you California dreaming
King Rawad (6 days ago)
KAiLAR XD (6 days ago)
ALI SHAKER (6 days ago)
كركي 😘😘
Raj davande (7 days ago)
This thing 0:47 plays in my head when I am with my GF
ᴛʀ3 90 (7 days ago)
Im Californiadreaming!
Cool Doge (7 days ago)
Am dead💀💀👻👻👻😵😵😭😭😭😭
Cool Doge (7 days ago)
My name is Edgar
Thomas King (7 days ago)
Lvllow alguien
Adamlegend7 (7 days ago)
2018? ? ? ? ? ?
Alison e família br (7 days ago)
Intro do painzeiro
OMAR SANCHEZ (7 days ago)
Alguien por lvl low??
MCETR (7 days ago)
MCETR (7 days ago)
ok 0:48 :)
eljo tolon (7 days ago)
MCETR the best part(8
Thais Viana (8 days ago)
Tenquel men bro
Thais Viana (8 days ago)
He veey gajd. Rgvet califo
Anonymous (8 days ago)
Every intro.
HERO GAMAR (8 days ago)
سلار الكركي ههههه
black spider you tube (8 days ago)
جيش سلار هنا دائما
Alosh Gamer (9 days ago)
i love This Song
Hamd Metoyou (9 days ago)
You make more songs and i can love
Flying Jayzi (9 days ago)
Summer 2018
Pablo Coello (9 days ago)
This is the shit!!! Thumbs up!!
AfkKpl (9 days ago)
2018 ?
هدى huda (9 days ago)
من جيش الكراكر 😂😂😆 الكركي
Asish Kumar Sahoo (9 days ago)
zygimantas pocius (9 days ago)
Bruh, one day, Imma be in California
Gaming World (10 days ago)
Nice song
Evil morty (10 days ago)
Sem palavras Ler mais
Evil morty (9 days ago)
Não vai da não
abdelnour_4_games (10 days ago)
*Intro music*
Luis Cesar (10 days ago)
wow this is a intro do painzeiro!!
Ea Joensuu (10 days ago)
I love this song 💖
Rhythm Boi (10 days ago)
Ya'll don't even know the original song
Ana Clara Santiago (10 days ago)
Quem ai veio pelo canal do Painzeiro? 😂 Amooo essa música ❤
Savage Brotherz4 (10 days ago)
Henri Douay (10 days ago)
Français 🇫🇷
NINJ GO (10 days ago)
Happy Pixel4113 (11 days ago)
It's so chill and beautifull , I ussualy like insane beat drops but this song it's different . I love it !
ジOihgy (11 days ago)
I'll use this song in a video of mine. (I'll leave the credits).
Soma Prokay (11 days ago)
Like aki Magyar
Jesus Abrego (11 days ago)
beautiful this song
Pedroso memes (11 days ago)
Essa é a música da intro do painzero
Horizon _ (11 days ago)
Я от titan channel
Sadam Hussein (12 days ago)
اللە اكبر لا اللە الا اللە
Pushkar Ghosh (12 days ago)
Lazer1785's intro brought me here who else??
everyone!!!! listen!!!!! speak english or i will snap your
Angelina Smith (11 days ago)
criticalrunnerUP didin komang shut up. Here you go
اغنيه روعه أتى من قناه سلار الكركي إلى عربي في لايك
GregPlayzz (12 days ago)
i do ThichThings
Nader zero1 (12 days ago)
الكركي ❤❤❤
do not speak spanish
Juanic4468 (13 days ago)
2018? <3 Nostalgic
Jose Freitas (13 days ago)
Eu tambem nao 😂😂
Main Craft (13 days ago)
JITAN GAMING (8 hours ago)
عراسي ياخوي
Mahmoode Ahmed (4 days ago)
R Patel (13 days ago)
*India* ?? Anyone there who's listening this miracle in -2018-
Hacker dude (13 days ago)
Cool graphics in 2018
Mome Ayad (13 days ago)
أغنية سلار
Rodrigo MT (14 days ago)
Yo vine porque me gustó y es una canción de intro de Lvlow ❤️❤️👌
Diki GAMING (14 days ago)
Raycone Silva (14 days ago)
Eu tô suave e tranquilao
Santi Barbona (14 days ago)
Alguien mas vino por lvlow ? Jeje
Nlvr Channel (14 days ago)
hadair games (14 days ago)
الكركي 😍😍
Rayy (14 days ago)
Still listening to this.....
*Değişik Konular* (14 days ago)
RBX_Gamer (15 days ago)
Who lives in hawaii? :D
basuu 1 (15 days ago)
Emma chi (14 days ago)
basuu 1 same
abdo al Brince (15 days ago)
Very very nice 😍😍😍

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