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Monaco: A luxury city trip

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Амон мон (3 days ago)
Сосредоточенье бетона, разведеных шлюх и блуждающих пидоров.
C Q (10 days ago)
I was expecting something better.
Jorge Ituarte (15 days ago)
Only thing to do in Monaco is go to the bank. The rest is low class nouveau riche assholes and thier whores. Victoria Silvstedt looks like a fucking clown.
u r obviously a cocksucking fawning brown-nosing sycophantic blowjob with shit 4 brains and unoriginal regurgitated rehashed ideas. fuck u. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha
Noe Berengena (16 days ago)
Okay, pretty place, but where is the great architecture (the royal palace not actually all that significant architecturally)? Where are the great art museums, the archeological sites, the beautiful churches? Monaco is a place for people with lots of money and/or for people who get a kick from ogling the conspicuous displays of obscene wealth: expensive cars, gigantic yachts, perfect bodies, fashionable clothes, jewelry, expensive shopping... and the possibility of seeing or meeting a celebrity or two. To each his own.
Nirupam Singh (16 days ago)
I would love to visit the beautiful place sometime in near future
Tante Lilis (18 days ago)
Monte Carlo Hotel. Look 2 : 58 Prada Boutique & 3 : 05 Ferrari. Look 10 : 14
King K (23 days ago)
Y'all dummies are talking bare shit about Monaco, but in reality why people live and settle in Monaco is that they could save the tax money which they have to pay their government and get richer. so it will give them ton a lot of money which they could spend in luxury yachts and exotic cars and high end brands and fine dining. So don't just put your words out there. they deserve it caz they earned it. it doesn't matter if they earned it the right way or not. they took a risk but you didn't. simple, take risk and grind and you will understand why paying taxes is not worth it.
Luso PT (1 month ago)
City of dirty money.
Joao Moraes (1 month ago)
Just a shot in the dark, anybody knows the name of the last song?
وين المكان ده
rene29200 (1 month ago)
Adi Bosanac (1 month ago)
Not bad, not bad, only thing i need is money.
Ryan Bahe (1 month ago)
I did not know such a place existed for the wealthy until I came to know Princess Grace of Monaco, a commoner.
Ciucur Nadia Maria (1 month ago)
:D :) <3
Michael Leuff (1 month ago)
most real French people I know dislike and have never been to Monaco, which means Monaco really is just the Beverley Hills of Europe, with outsiders thinking it is the jewel of the South of France, when in fact French people don't even like Monaco. Oh the Irony. Monaco is basically the tourist spot that the locals never goes to.
The Businessman (1 month ago)
TOYOTA DREAM (1 month ago)
Avrupa bizi kiskaniyo
Gery A (1 month ago)
So much money yet those buildings look straight out of the communist block.
diamonddog257 (1 month ago)
Shut up , bitch.
CROWN John (1 month ago)
So this is loonar pronation video?
Colin Hamilton (1 month ago)
Arrab rappish cunt
bruno ducron (1 month ago)
Non , non l'argent ne fait pas le bonheur ......en fin un peu quand même ...
Henrik G (1 month ago)
Do they take swedish migrants??
63bplumb (1 month ago)
This must have been off season?  Early in the day in cool weather?  NO ONE at the beach clubs?  Please advise Why?  Thanks
sous france souffrance (1 month ago)
C est jolie Monaco, mais j ai de mauvais souvenirs de cette ville. .la police est trop raciste
Yash Nimje (2 months ago)
Ian Wildon (2 months ago)
these places are devoid of anything interesting. to find life you have to live.
higheriam (2 months ago)
Homeless in LA. What these people spend for lunch could house me for a month. Priority check.
higheriam (1 month ago)
Joe Way shade is nice, perspective for sure.
Joe Way (1 month ago)
You have a phone/access to Internet. Some people just have a stick and some shade, no clean water for miles. Perspective.
林俊傑 Miller Lin (2 months ago)
I am coming.
Sharon lung kin shun.own. 仟亿USD城市
Birdland11 (2 months ago)
what France should be... and was... before the african savages hordes invasion.
Todd Toure (2 months ago)
I love Wealth & it's Environment. Feels Right to me.
Ian Wildon (2 months ago)
therefore you must live like a dandelion.
Rosa a Rodriguez (2 months ago)
I may be from another world! All this luxury is very nice but.. I never ever felt I should have expensive, I mean expensive cars, clothes, shoes, etc etc.. I find it just RIDICULOUS! I used to drive expensive cars bit never felt any difference driving an expensive car and a not expedive car.. I always think in the people, countries, without education, health, homes, drugadicts, prostitutes, that really in the middle of this ridiculous world are destitute!
jordanz (19 days ago)
Rosa a Rodriguez may i ask what kind of expensive cars you drove?
I totally agree with you.
Ceineida Rivas (2 months ago)
Jorge Ituarte (15 days ago)
Victoria Silvstedt looks like a fucking clown.
Catherine Malian (2 months ago)
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Kevin C (2 months ago)
I would like to drive my 1991 honda accord around monaco. I will be more rare than ferraris etc lol
TheWolfsan (2 months ago)
What a joke, 5 small pieces of whatever on a big plate is a real fancy gourmet meal what a bunch of pretentious asseholes. How come those scum are allowed to build a super condo right on the sea, doesn't it ruin the view of all the other smug asseholes.
Nike Head (2 months ago)
The top feels so much better than the bottom 🤓👔👖👞🎒💵💵💵💳
Random Game (2 months ago)
I wish I could go there one day.
Sourish Saha (2 months ago)
I want more..make these videos about other cities also plz
Sourish Saha (2 months ago)
Sourish Saha (2 months ago)
nice video
AJCiti (2 months ago)
The narrator voice lol, was it a robot?
Irritating sound post processing. Narrative voice is too poignant.
Karma Tashi Allemann (3 months ago)
The way she says luxurious though.
MaxCam35mm (3 months ago)
Ridiculous bling bling.
Francisco Cevallos (3 months ago)
Very rich Asians will know about this then they would probably buy,buy,buy
Francisco Cevallos (3 months ago)
Very good karma this people must have to deserve this...
Europe has the prettiest landscape on the Earth,but sadly , the many high-rise buildings built from the decade of '50 to this day mar so much its townscape making it utterly eerie and unlovely....Look at Monte Carlo,its Alpine-Mediterranean landscape is so bewitchingly pretty ,but its townscape is truly awful owing to these needless ,unfitting ,ugly tall buildings...
TheGreg131313 (3 months ago)
You're welcome Krassimir .Until next time .Take care.
Yes ,I also have the same thoughts ! Thank you Greg !
TheGreg131313 (3 months ago)
Agree . The future does seem dark ,and tacky .What can we do ? We only have the past to look forward to if they don't destroy every memory of it . I guess I am from another time .I am not that old but can't seem to fit into this current decade.I hope you were able to watch the video I linked about Monaco . Until the next internet discussion goodbye Krassimir .It is a pleasure as always .
Yes ,sadly ,you are so thoroughly right that all to which we have to look forward is a world that looks like the Jetson's cartoon.This outlook for the coming years is indeed so gloomy and gladless that could not but feel my soul with hopelessness...
TheGreg131313 (3 months ago)
Agree.Maybe that is because the architects businessmen and actresses were all peasants before striking at success. lol. Just a little humor to lighten things up a bit. It is to depressing to think all we have to look forward to is a world that resembles the Jetson's cartoon .I don't know if you are familiar with that cartoon but it is about a family that lives in the future .By the way I will link this video on youtube regarding Monaco's man made Islands in the works.Hopefully you have not seen it yet .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6tRPuW93y0
Ilona Kiss (3 months ago)
Monaco has a very amusing unique flair, an excursion there is absolutely recommended !
- MAX - (4 months ago)
Tax heaven for criminals this is Monaco.
Laura Miao (4 months ago)
fatte schiffo
Jeffrey Richardson (4 months ago)
I think Monaco's residents are exempt from either real estate tax, or income tax! Imagine the savings a saver can make in this small principality!
Robert Johnson (4 months ago)
Marvelous video.
Alirio Figueira (4 months ago)
Essas pessoas que nasceram só tem o dominio de trabalharem como artesãos em jóias e são livres não têm donos.
Adam Balding (4 months ago)
full of hookers...Swiss...German..Austrian...cheap Eastern European pricks......oh annoying twats with cameras.....cheapen the place
Jorge Ituarte (15 days ago)
Only thing to do in Monaco is go to the bank.  The rest is low class nouveau riche assholes and thier whores.  Victoria Silvstedt looks like a fucking clown.
Bob Boberson (4 months ago)
Her faux-french accent on French words is annoying.
Breeding Tuto (4 months ago)
Puzzoozoo (4 months ago)
Ahh, Monaco; "A sunny place for shady people". Somerset Maugham
RUPESH KUMAR GUPTA (4 months ago)
Snazzy !
SajeebTV (4 months ago)
Which song you played at last? Tell me, I like it!
Joao Moraes (1 month ago)
did you find the name of the song??? i love it !
G0LDH4ND (4 months ago)
a shame they didn't show the grand prix. without Formula 1 would not be as popular as it is.
Kuziai (4 months ago)
roachtoasties (5 months ago)
I was there earlier this year, but stayed in Nice. I felt out of place there and preferred Nice. Nothing wrong with Monaco, but I wouldn't live there even if I could afford it.
Sonny Tee (3 months ago)
lol ... liar
Linda Siwalette (5 months ago)
Ive been to monaco stayed at monaco beach plaza hotel ....
zapfanzapfan (5 months ago)
They seem to be a bit short on land... better call the dutch to build some more :-)
Mircea Costiniuc (5 months ago)
Beautuful video !
gb997 (5 months ago)
narrator here sounds like the voice on my GPS 😐
Slim Pickens (5 months ago)
gb997 grow up YA JACKASS PEASANT!!!!
Tom Psillas (5 months ago)
I would love to own the yachts you see and rent them to those willing to pay me $150,000 per week to rent one of my yachts. I could pay off each yacht in a little over one year and have  great income, year after year. I will even sell them caviar and fancy dishes and make them feel rich for one week. In return, I would be rich for life.
Tom Psillas (5 months ago)
Fu ahole.
Slim Pickens (5 months ago)
Tom Psillas stfu and keep dreaming. Ya jackass PEASANT!!!
Yazn zee (5 months ago)
its to fancy and monyish and no place for kids to have fun but its pretty good for people in there 20's and 30's to just have a break and relax in harmony and buy the best clothes. and walk around the city and look at ferraris and lambos its just the perfect place for people in there 20's and 30's
King K (23 days ago)
aint no kids will be interested in Monaco, so who cares about kids bruh.
Yazn zee (5 months ago)
PastorOfMuppets (5 months ago)
God! Now I hate French
Xsup (5 months ago)
contact please ... i'm from brazil
szs voc (4 months ago)
LulzRoyce (5 months ago)
11:20 I just DIED - my god that is my dream. My wife and I just visited Monte Carlo and stayed at the Hotel De Paris and the entire experience and city/country was mesmerizing. Just a total fairy tale and heaven for the rich.
centosx (5 months ago)
Send the migrant taxi ships there. They want money and it seems there is more than enough there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9ffYlipLH8
Topu (5 months ago)
I love this monaco from Bangladesh
Nexus75 (5 months ago)
Hongkong of the Côte d’Azur lol
salome bragais (5 months ago)
monaco's de luxe
Christine Leroy (6 months ago)
Pire que l'attentat de la vraie Sissi impératrice d'Autriche ce dont j'ai subi en France. Regardez-là rigoler au bras du Monseigneur, Charlène de Monaco en personne. Elle est photographiée là où il y a les photographes et le fric de ma grand-mère, la princesse Grace de Monaco. C'est elle qui a essayé de me faire poignarder en France, elle était heureuse et elle m'a loupé. Elle ne pensait pas que je m'en remettrait. Elle mériterait de se faire virer par la presse people à Monaco.
Nexus75 (5 months ago)
Christine Leroy lol t qui
Christine Leroy (6 months ago)
Pire que les attentats de Sarajevo ce dont j'ai subi en France. C'est malheureux de voir qu'un auteur a changé de nom, c'est Charlène de Monaco en se mettant people à Monaco au bras du Monseigneur en personne. Regardez-là rigoler lors de ses galas à Monaco, là où il y a des photographes et le fric de ma grand-mère la princesse Grace de Monaco.
Slim Pickens (5 months ago)
VIRAL MEDIA (6 months ago)
I am just a poor broke guy lives in third world country hopes to spend some days in Monaco as holidays but it's impossible. So i treat myself with these tour videos. World is very beautiful but you must have glasses of money to see it. It's harsh truth but that what it is 😑😥
Arab Myself (1 day ago)
Thomas Schmidt (7 days ago)
Jon B (12 days ago)
It's fun to dream!
y dont u go blow ur mediocre brains out and do every1 a very big favour. fuck u. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Dane Potmo (29 days ago)
+Blake 1) Who said my time is valuable? (2) I'm a geography nerd. The channel Geography Now just covered Monaco, this was linked in the sidebar, I clicked in accordance with recent things I have been watching. (3) Artificial in the fact that people only live there to secure their money and isolate. You can walk across this entire country in an hour. WALK. It doesn't have a multitude of place and sights. It's simply an extended resort for rich people. This is a symptom of its artificiality. It's an exclusive club you can never belong to. You have to be a millionaire to live there if not born there. It is too small to have many places to go or see. It's artificial as fuck.
Todd Toure (6 months ago)
Monaco does it for Me. To be a Resident. For the Rest of My Life.
VIRAL MEDIA (6 months ago)
Todd Toure do you live there?
Katja Pestorić (6 months ago)
Just crawded with ugly houses and skyscrapers! Pfuijjjjj
Tim Collins (6 months ago)
Conclude with a disrespectful and tasteless bar but then, you do say american eh?
Slim Pickens (5 months ago)
Tim Collins stfu YA JACKASS WANKER!!!
Sam Lucidoo (6 months ago)
been there 3 times..come home with fucking crabs all 3 times WTF fucking skanks there
Katja Pestorić (6 months ago)
They saled themselves for the money. Ugly!!! But the princesses live far from that all. The palast with old tawn is beautiful.
Tanvir Tanim (6 months ago)
feel jealousy
Mohammad Anil (6 months ago)
Waw nice city
arunashamal (6 months ago)
That moment when you realize you don't have a trust fund and you'll be forever poor and sad!
Slim Pickens (5 months ago)
arunashamal stfu ya jackass PEASANT!!!!
VIRAL MEDIA (6 months ago)
arunashamal i can feel you bruh.... #Poor forever😢😢
DDT DDT (6 months ago)
Live here. Can’t complain. It’s like everywhere else. Some people are aholes, not all that glitters is gold, the ones that show wealth probably aren’t the richest and so on with the usual cliches. But if it wasn’t worth it all those who live there have the means to leave...but there’s always more wishing to come than to leave.
Luso PT (1 month ago)
they should make a documentary about everything that goes behind... for sure not so glamourous....
Todd Toure (6 months ago)
DDT DDT Excellent Advice and Continued Success to you.
Katja Pestorić (6 months ago)
One iz was beautiful place to ne there. Now terrible!
Katja Pestorić (6 months ago)
Only the halfisland with the palast, nothing more! What a pitty!!!
Katja Pestorić (6 months ago)
Monte Carlo?! The skyscrapers are so ugly! Just luxus, nothing more! They made all so untasteful, Just money!!!
Mavi (6 months ago)
why their life look like empty
MemoryLaneCinema (6 months ago)
I do not mind money, but a lot of the people there are fake and focus on NON-important things in life.
Ian Wildon (2 months ago)
rich dicks.
thecolt hazza (3 months ago)
Typical loser people speech.
szs voc (4 months ago)
all these things r crap, but so r u
MemoryLaneCinema (6 months ago)
yeah cause social media, jewelry, yachts, make-up and so on is very important in life.......(irony)
UUU U (6 months ago)
Well What you think are not important might be important to others. Your comment is very arrogant.
Mehdi Hasan (6 months ago)
😍 😍 🇲🇨 🇲🇨.. From 🇧🇩 🇧🇩
Allan du Manoir de Juaye (7 months ago)
Been there several times. Full of plastic assholes.
Jorge Ituarte (15 days ago)
Only thing to do in Monaco is go to the bank. The rest is low class nouveau riche assholes and thier whores. Victoria Silvstedt looks like a fucking clown.
Carlover88 Z (1 month ago)
I think a hike through the Alps would energize the SOUL better.
fettlemaster (1 month ago)
Generally speaking not at all. I don't find people rude, quite the opposite. I have never experienced rudeness from say waiters, shopkeepers or anyone else for that matter. I find more of it in bigger cities - smaller cities tend to make people behave more as you lose the "anonymity"
pierre (1 month ago)
fettlemaster Hello, if you don’t mind me asking, how are the people there in general? Are they as rude as people say or is it all just a big misunderstanding? Hope i’m not a bother was just wondering.
fettlemaster (1 month ago)
Kattie Kate honest answer, it’s very white. That said it’s also very international. I have friends here who are Asian, Middle Eastern etc. I’ve only ever heard one complaint about racist comments but idiots are everywhere. I don’t think race is the biggest factor, you’re judged more on how you are dressed and carry yourself. Wear something nice and be laid back and you’ll be fine, same rule as anywhere else. I don’t necessarily think it’s an easy place to visit on your own, as people often keep a little to themselves. Avoid going to nightclubs etc on your own as people might get the wrong idea, that’s not a race thing; my wife won’t go out alone as you get the odd sleaze who thinks everything is for sale. It’s a beautiful place and I think everyone should visit once. Sit in the cafe de Paris on the place du Casino, kick back in the sun with a coffee and enjoy it! The people watching is second to none.

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