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Primark Kids Clothes for Boys & Girls | June 2018 | I❤Primark

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Primark June 2018 - Haul / shoplog / what's new - Summer Fashion clothes, shoes & swimwear for children. ❤ SUBSCRIBE if you're new to my channel & click on the bell 🔔 so you never miss a new video! Become a Patron of this channel and get a shout out in the next video! https://www.patreon.com/iloveprimark ❤ New Videos Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday ❤ Check out my eBay Shop: http://ebay.eu/2vPLsXF ❤If you have any questions or comments please leave a comment below – I read ALL of your comments and I reply when I can! ❤Follow me on Instagram for outfit ideas: http://www.instagram.com/IlovePrimark_youtube ❤You can say Hello to me here too: ❤Facebook http://www.facebook.com/newatprimark ❤Twitter http://www.twitter.com/Primark1000 ❤Pinterest http://bit.ly/2hHj4oQ ❤Google+ http://bit.ly/2wF44dY ❤Tumblr https://iloveprimark.tumblr.com/ Want to buy items from this video but can’t get to Primark? ❤ Ebay http://ebay.to/2aTHw32 ❤ Amazon http://amzn.to/2vLJedG I use Quidco to get Cashback on all of my online shopping: http://bit.ly/2eVI9qa Earn 6000 Avios when you apply for the British Airways American Expresss Credit Card. http://bit.ly/2qoYGut ♫ MUSIC: www.Epidemicsound.com ……. Primark has over 280 stores in the UK, Eire and Europe and the USA. Find your nearest store here: http://www.primark.com/en/our-stores This YouTube channel is a 100% unofficial fansite. It is not owned, endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with Primark. #Primark #PrimarkHaul #Penneys #PenneysHaul #Haul #Shoplog #PrimarkShoplog #kidsclothes
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prensesnk (4 months ago)
Would love a video on newborn baby girls clothing! Sleepsuits, bodysuits etc.
IlovePrimark (4 months ago)
I will see what I can do in July.
Con dos niñas que tengo ya es para mi la sección más importante y un motivo por el que voy a primark,precios,modelos,me encanta.Ojalá volvería a ser niña jejejeje me compraba muchísimas cosas saldrían mis padres con la cartera más vacía que la playa en invierno jejejeje
Esta es la sección en la que me suelo estancar cuando voy a primark
cherifa Ben (5 months ago)
isslame yahi (5 months ago)
Salut bientôt c'est l'Aïd des musulmans sa tombe. Très 😍😍 bien pour moi merciiii😍👍👍👍
Kathy Muller (5 months ago)
👍 Merci 😍 😍 💞
Marwa Tarkhani (5 months ago)
Sa El (5 months ago)
صورو لينا حتى ملابس للبنوتات عافاكوم واش بريمارك ديال انتوربن
Sa El (5 months ago)
صورتو لينا غير ملابس الاولاد والبنات😣😣😣
blah blah blah o (5 months ago)
Would you be able to do a video on New baby clothes including sleepwear and essential
blah blah blah o (5 months ago)
IlovePrimark thank you so much even if it's next month
IlovePrimark (5 months ago)
blah blah blah o if I have time to go again this month I will make the video for you.
FREYA X S (5 months ago)
Which primark are most of your pictures from this and other vids from
FREYA X S (5 months ago)
IlovePrimark (5 months ago)
FREYA X S Oxford Street (East), London

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