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Create ODBC Data Source Connection for oracle in Windows

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dddanielsr (10 months ago)
orcl is not present as a service what can I do?
maharani thiraviyam (2 years ago)
Thanks for giving awesome video
Devart (3 years ago)
You may use this Oracle ODBC driver for this tutorial https://www.devart.com/odbc/oracle/download.html
xanScorp (3 years ago)
It'd be more helpful if there was an "If the TNS dropdown is blank..." bit of information.  I have a standard database, but cannot use any connection aside from my initially set up one and Oracle's documentation is completely useless in this regard.
srishailam p (4 years ago)
thanks ....
WingsOfTechnology (4 years ago)
@srishailam p Welcome..:)
Maria Guralnik (4 years ago)
This was very helpful, thank you! The password for Scott is usually "tiger" if I am not mistaken :)
lokesh kumar (4 years ago)
what is the password you have entered? where can we get that?
WingsOfTechnology (4 years ago)
@Maria Guralnik  Yes it is default one, we can change that also.
Maria Guralnik (4 years ago)
The password for Scott is usually "tiger" if I am not mistaken

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