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Family of 4 Travel Full Time in 4 Years | Lifestyle Changes are Hard - How You Do It Anyway

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Meet Jessica, Will and their two kids Avalon and Largo! They're a full time traveling family who sold everything to spend more time as a family and experience other cultures. Jessica and Will are such a fun couple, and they are very honest and open about the struggles they've had transitioning into the full time travel life style. They've started a company that aims to help other families prepare for the challenges of full time travel, and now we're featuring them to share their amazing story. :) MORE WORLDTOWNING INFO: Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTEc4Dj4bxn736Vjl4lc1pw WorldTowning University: https://worldtowning.thinkific.com/courses/worldtowning-university-Winter-2018/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/worldtowning/ -- Subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/1WCeBAH Our website http://www.godownsize.com/ -- Camera gear used to film these videos: Camera Sony: http://amzn.to/1HBjEaF Boom mic:    http://amzn.to/1HBjKzf Iphone 6se: http://amzn.to/1HBjTm5 GoPro Hero: http://amzn.to/1LoUJrB Macbook Pro:   http://amzn.to/1SstJgm Light weight items we use for traveling: Baby chair: http://amzn.to/2lSLg52 Bugaboo Stroller: http://amzn.to/2meIwAC sun canopy: http://amzn.to/2mhPYg1 Travel bed/tent: http://amzn.to/2lSWNB9 Bath tub: http://amzn.to/2nas8k9 Suitcase: http://amzn.to/2mSv4FY Music credits: EpidemicSound.com "Another Go Round" "Like Stone" "7 Years to life" "Cold Summer"
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Alan Hudson (17 days ago)
What a lovely surprise to see my favourite u tube travelling family,they are all amazing and show the most incredible experiences.do yourselves a favour and sub to their channel.i have been following them for 6 or so months and what a beautiful, witty ,friendly, honest family they are.
The Wallace Reboot (1 month ago)
I hadn't seen this video of yours, but was confused for a minute thinking this thumbnail doesn't match, lol. I've enjoyed seeing some of Worldtowning's recent videos on the Camino. We are a full time traveling family also. We travel with our 4 kids and left the states June 2017. We are currently in Thailand.
Dala Dala (1 month ago)
Lovely family! Thanks for sharing your journey. Big inspiration!
G Martinez (2 months ago)
THANK YOU for speaking TRUTH to your travel experiences, sharing the good, the bad, the difficult, the awesome! You guys are so inspiring!!!
That Rogers Family (2 months ago)
Thanks for sharing about your experience, the good and the bad. We hope to follow in your footsteps and be full-time travelers someday!
Rob Brown (3 months ago)
The WHY!! Yes...the WHY keeps you focused, calms your anxiety, and gets you back on the road. The WHY gets you past the criticism, smashes your doubts, and brings a smile back to your face. The WHY puts you back in the moment and enables you to create the memories that this life can and should be full of...the WHY is where the love for your family trumps everything else, and when your kids see and hear and feel the WHY coming from their parents, their fears are gone and their confidence, natural curiosity and enthusiasm for life will take them to new and better places. Thanks for sharing!
Nichi Alcah (5 months ago)
Such a breath of fresh air hearing someone talk about the difficulties of travelling as well as the bonuses. You are both so engaging and seem so lovely and genuine xx
The Chiang Gang (6 months ago)
This is by far one of the best videos I have watched from another family similar to ours. We have just begun our around the world journey as a family of 4 (2 girls 11 and 9). Switched up our whole life, sold it all to travel because we were just sick of the rat race, not being fulfilled and constantly chasing the wrong thing. There are tons of other travel families out there producing great videos but I love the honest reality given in this one. We all obviously want to show everyone the great moments but I love that they also want to show how things can often not be ideal and downright difficult at times too. This is exactly what we want to do with the videos we make of our own journey. I'll definitely be hopping over to their channel to see more from them + will be watching for more great videos here too. Thank you!
Justin Pratt (6 months ago)
We are looking to start this life this fall. One question we are trying to workout is the visa issue. How do you stay in a country for a year? Freelance visa?
Jessica Sueiro (6 months ago)
Justin Pratt hello! We have a French Long Stay Visa. If you hop over to our channel we have a video that explains the process. Definitely do this lifestyle! It is so worth it!
DanceswiththeDarkSide (6 months ago)
the title is a bit misleading, they haven't travelled for 4 years, they moved to other countries for a year each and now are doing a year of travelling, also it's funny/sad how some people are called "expats" and others are migrants or immigrants. Moving to another country can easy or it can be hard depending on your expectations and it's usually harder for people that have high expectation & are used to luxury.
SemiNomads (4 months ago)
DanceswiththeDarkSide, I disagree. It's all how you look at it. My family has a similar lifestyle, but we very much consider ourselves travelers. Even though we are only SEMInomadic in that we stay in one place a while, we do so as travelers. While living in Berkeley, we visited every Bay Area tourist attraction. We are travelers, as are these folk.
The Coca Life (7 months ago)
Hey just found your video watching other YouTube channels love your channel just subscribed check out my YouTube I think you'd like it very family oriented
tiggasmum (8 months ago)
Great video :)
Go Downsize (8 months ago)
Zwiedzamy España_ MMBus (9 months ago)
Adline Writes (9 months ago)
What an amazing family and life! I'm subbing!
Go Downsize (8 months ago)
Awesome!!! They are great:)
Natally Bones (9 months ago)
So inspired to have found your video. What a beautiful family you have and I think my kids would benefit from a traveling lifestyle and homeschooling. Looking forward to more videos.
Jessica Sueiro (9 months ago)
Hello! Thanks for following us! Yes, come travel. We are not perfect parents, but we do think adding travel to our lifestyle was one of the better decisions we have made for our family. If you have any questions about how we make it happen feel free to reach out to us.
Libby Withnall (9 months ago)
What an awesome family.
Go Downsize (8 months ago)
Yep they are great:)
Jessica Sueiro (9 months ago)
Thanks so much Libby. Nice to meet you!
Pidasian Hippie (9 months ago)
Such a cool family! I thought I had seen most every YouTube RV/travel channel. I will have to check them out.
Go Downsize (8 months ago)
So happy to introduce you to new people:)
Jessica Sueiro (9 months ago)
Thanks! Yes, come join us! We are seven months into a 2 year European RV adventure and then we will head to SEA on a boat!
Jane Faulkner (9 months ago)
Beautiful. Thank you 🙏
Jessica Sueiro (9 months ago)
Thank you Jane! Some days it is beautiful and some days are a hot mess, but all days are living our dream which makes "dumping the poop" worth it. Ha.
Jamie Banks (9 months ago)
This is amazing. What a great experience for the kids to grow up in a life full of travel!
Jessica Sueiro (9 months ago)
Thanks Jamie! They love it, except on cold days! Darn it is cold in Europe! Thanks for your support. Right now none of us can imagine doing anything else. I guess this is officially our "new" normal.
2 Land (9 months ago)
Nice video!! Subbed. Be great if you show some support back!
H FS (9 months ago)
Loved this Maria. What a great couple and two gorgeous girls. These girls are going up rich in experiences. Thanks.....
Jessica Sueiro (9 months ago)
Not a problem at all. It happens often to him, but he is comfortable with his hair and just kindly corrects people. Thanks for the sub! We loved our time in Switzerland, what a beautiful country.
H FS (9 months ago)
Jessica Sueiro Hi again, sorry for calling your delightful son a girl Forgive me. Tell him from me to keep his hair long - it is great. Am a new sunscriber and will enjoy bimge watching your past vlogs. Greetings from Switzerland.
Jessica Sueiro (9 months ago)
Thanks for your support Hazel. The little one is a boy who loves his long hair. He prides himself on saying it has not been cut since we started traveling, minus a trim here and there. Yes, the experiences are cool, plus traveling with kids makes is so much fun. They see things we don't as adults and they keep us young(ish).
Christopher andersson (9 months ago)
This video is.nott about your family. Post someting about you insted off thiss.
Christina Marie (9 months ago)
This is such an incredible family! Would love to do this with my family in the future :) Good for them, living out their dreams!
World Towning (9 months ago)
Christina Marie we gave our push for one main reason, the kids. They are our “Why”. It’s not easy every day, but our Why keeps us going in good times and bad. Thanks for the praise.
Amanda Bradley (6 months ago)
So love this. We are an Aussie family of 5 and moved to India 2.5 years ago. We also sold up everything and took the leap. I home school our three boys and we travel.....it’s amazing! It took us 18 months to feel really transitioned to our new life. We live in a footprint not even quarter of the size of our home in Aus. No hot water in our kitchen, gas bottle attached to a mobile cooktop and no oven😜and certainly no creature comforts but it works. We are so much closer! My highlight.....my boys talking broken Hindi to the locals. I so hear everything you were saying in this video!
World Towning (9 months ago)
Amanda Bradley it’s amazing what being close to everyone does to the unit. When we first moved to Costa Rica, we had a 2 bedroom apartment, but we all decided to sleep in the same room, because it was big enough. That was the perfect way to start our travel life. Snug in a room knowing that we would always have each other. We love India 🇮🇳. We spent several weeks in Chennai and it was such a changing experience. We hope to go back for a while in the next couple of years. All the best. Will
Paolo Costantini (9 months ago)
Why Dream Ordinary (9 months ago)
What a beeeeaaaauuuuuutiful family!
World Towning (9 months ago)
Why Dream Ordinary thank you.
Grandma Sandy (9 months ago)
Glad you're honest about,  living on the road with a family.
World Towning (9 months ago)
It's too hard to fake being happy when it's not real. Being on the road bring out all the realities of who you are. There is no escaping to an office. It's a good thing that we all like each other. ;)
Sian young (9 months ago)
Dobyd (9 months ago)
It's amazing
World Towning (9 months ago)
We think so. The hardest part is making the first step.
World Towning (9 months ago)
Maria - Thank you so much for featuring us on your channel. We absolutely love this travel life and the way that we are doing it with less. The kids give their best. Hopefully our paths will cross in real time in the next couple of years.
Jessica Sueiro (9 months ago)
Absolutely! We would love to meet up in Denmark with you! xoxo. Great working with you as well.
Go Downsize (9 months ago)
It was a lot of fun, thank you so much for doing this with us:) I hope so bad you will come visit when you come to Denmark, we only live 1 hour from legoland;) Hugs:)
Jessica Sueiro (9 months ago)
What a pleasure working with you Maria and Go Downsize. Lets do it again when we move on to the boat in a couple of years. We love your channel.
Davd A. Lucas (9 months ago)
What a great family! So inspirational and honest!
World Towning (9 months ago)
Thank you. We love our life and teaching our kids through travel.
munna k (9 months ago)
Do tbe kids have friends?
Jessica Sueiro (9 months ago)
Absolutely. Great question and one we get often. One of the many reasons we started traveling was for the social aspect. We wanted the kids to have friends outside of their race, age and gender. So far it has been a grand success. They still keep in touch with their friends back in the US, as well as do meet-ups with them along the way. They make friends at schools they have attended in various countries. And they have made friends at campgrounds, with other traveling families, with seniors, with fur friends and much more. We are a very social family and believe in building local community wherever we go. Often it takes a lot of effort and entertaining, but we believe the friends we all make along the way enrich the experience tremendously.
michael therrien (9 months ago)
munna k Far Flung Friends.

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