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MLB Calling Time Bloopers

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LostDutchman (19 days ago)
The catcher should know that when time is called he WAITS for his pitcher to deliver the pitch or hold up before moving from the receiving position. The pitcher can injure themselves if they try to stop mid pitch. I'm surprised so many catchers don't do this. The pitcher should likewise deliver a moderate speed pitch without any breaking so they don't expose their pitch selection.
Bongo Cat (2 months ago)
00:12 thats god dam INCREDIBLE
Chris Fazio (3 months ago)
1:20 when you call time out but Jon Lester is like Nah
Adventures By Tank (5 months ago)
Jose Fernandez never knows that few month later RIP
Mike Morrison (6 months ago)
The batters who get pissed for stepping out of the box thinking they got the time out call just as the pitcher begins his windup. Even IF time were called, I kinda feel like it should be an automatic strike. Fuck those assholes who disrupt the pitcher's windup! Play the fucking game! That's you're getting paid to do!
CG Entertainment (7 months ago)
Wow 0:12 amazing
Matthew (7 months ago)
0:34 if only he threw a ball..
Becky Stelsel (7 months ago)
What the heck!!! I got an add that had 3 seconds left then went back to seven seconds And it kept doing that? Can someone tell me if that has happened to them before
Levi Barton (8 months ago)
That last clip is why I love Nationals commentary
Jesse Lyles (9 months ago)
Why was Beltre mad? Doesn't the ump have to grant the players time call?
Mike Morrison (6 months ago)
No. He doesn't. And in fact, the ump SHOULDNT be granting timeout once the putucher is in motion as the batter is in the box.
Dust Buster (9 months ago)
None of these should’ve been awarded.
shrimp19921 (9 months ago)
This is all bull. Hitters get into the batters box, hit the ball. None of this 15 second warm up before a pitch.
Jordyn Henry (10 months ago)
I love the second clip so much
ScoopTV (10 months ago)
What A.J. Ellis did was fucking fantastic! Like if he was the ump stopping the batter.
Mr.ManiacFilms (11 months ago)
As an umpire you don't have to grant the batter time.
_________ _________ (11 months ago)
What about when Jared weaver plunked seager for being a time calling bitch... look it up, you won’t be disappointed
Patrick Murphy (11 months ago)
Throwing the ball to the backstop after time is called isn't really a blooper, it's how you avoid hurting yourself.
Mike Morrison (6 months ago)
Exactly! It's dangerous for umps to call time once the pitcher is in his windup. As some of the clips have shown, batters get hit. The balls go flying into the stands, potentially putting the spectators in harm's way, etc. And if the pitcher didn't throw the ball, makes it much easier to hurt his shoulder. The umpires should NOT be granting timeout once the pitcher are in motion!
Zach Duboislms (11 months ago)
Do the papa slams
Ben Weston (1 year ago)
beltre's pitch look low
NoctemAeternusMusic (1 year ago)
I see some people gettin’ on the ump at 0:56 but he was absolutely right. The pitcher tried to start his windup way before the batter was set. Not cool.
bernier42 (10 months ago)
NoctemAeternusMusic Then I’ll concede the argument. The definition of quick pitch is more expansive than I realized (and that I think is appropriate), but that is indeed the rule. Thank you. To me a “quick pitch” ought to be where the pitcher releases the ball before anyone would believe is a reasonable time, not one where he’s kept waiting for 5 seconds while the batter is off picking his nose.
NoctemAeternusMusic (10 months ago)
bernier42 Rule 8.05(e) Comment: A quick pitch is an illegal pitch. Umpires will judge a quick pitch as one delivered before the batter is reasonably set in the batter’s box. With runners on base the penalty is a balk; with no runners on base, it is a ball. The quick pitch is dangerous and should not be permitted. Kershaw was wrong. Ump was right, and it will get called 100% of the time. Batter was not set AT ALL.
bernier42 (10 months ago)
NoctemAeternusMusic I read 6.02(c) Comment and it supports my position. Catcher isn’t looking because they’d already chosen the next pitch but he wasn’t expecting Kershaw to throw it before the hitter was paying attention. How long does it take after the previous strike to get back in the box? Ump had already allowed a reasonable time. (Marginally more context is available at https://youtu.be/nOIkKCN7yt4 )
NoctemAeternusMusic (10 months ago)
bernier42 Nope. Batter didn’t even have both feet in the box and his own catcher wasn’t even looking. Pitcher must allow the batter a reasonable amount of time to get set once he enters the batters box. Maybe go check the actual rule before you comment because you’re wrong.
bernier42 (10 months ago)
NoctemAeternusMusic Wrong. Kershaw has already come set and the batter was taking his sweet time entering the batter’s box. Not the ump’s job to make sure the batter is “ready”. The whole Dodgers team would be right to be upset.
Josh Langley (1 year ago)
P Franco (7 months ago)
Sum Ting Wong
Zane Curry (10 months ago)
Josh Langley very good English
Mike Reed (1 year ago)
No Bo Jackson?
Awsomebill1300 (1 year ago)
As pitcher if a hitter ever this to me im trying to beam him
Russ Z (1 year ago)
Looks like someone won a few too many participation trophies during their 'elite' career...
John Johansen (1 year ago)
There's generally way too much bullshit by these batters calling time while the pitcher is in his windup. These batters can fuck around all day adjusting their little gloves, their helmet, their pants and their jocks while standing around outside the box Then, they want even more time to 'dig in' and 'get set' before every fucking pitch. Enough already. You're not that good.
John Johansen pitchers can take as long as they want to throw the ball they call time when the pitcher takes to long so they can reset and get ready
Daniel Andrews (1 year ago)
This is stupid
FLAMEZ 27 (1 year ago)
Some of them umpires were being stupid
Fan of TheBrand333 (1 year ago)
Well Kang raped 2 girls so fuck him hope he dies
tigersfan14 (1 year ago)
Is there a rule against the pitcher hitting the batter if time is called very very late when he's already in the wind up
Russ Z (1 year ago)
There's no rule for it, but if time is called during your windup or stretch and it goes wild, 99.99% of the time the umpire isn't going to hold you liable for it.
BAMCIS13450703 (1 year ago)
And the Lester play easily could be argued that time being called forced the arrant throw
Kuruma Uzamaki (1 year ago)
tigersfan14 nope once times called anything that happens after won’t have the same effect as if time wasn’t called
Jane Goldy (1 year ago)
InsertNameHere (1 year ago)
0:59 good play by the catcher having the pitchers back
Hunter Williams (4 months ago)
+Caleb McCready He didn't know he was there though
Caleb McCready (9 months ago)
InsertNameHere as soon as he bumped into the umpire he should have been thrown out.
Cole James (1 year ago)
I don't care for Lester much, but that was kind of funny. If guys want to keep calling time in the middle of throwing a pitch, give something to remember it by
Ian Reid (1 year ago)
1:50 when you want to argue but don't know any English
CG Entertainment (4 months ago)
This shit to funny g
Aisac Gepe (4 months ago)
You must be fun at parties
CG Entertainment (7 months ago)
Muy bueno jajaja
jade watson (11 months ago)
hi21425 (1 year ago)
Get Low (1 year ago)
Who are the pitcher and the batter at 1:30?
Zeplinex45 (8 months ago)
Gerrardo Parra
Mr. Cool Gaming (11 months ago)
Get Low What Parra
Get Low (1 year ago)
Thank you. Was able to find the original clip; the batter's name is Parra. Apparently he hit into a double play after this.
The Pitcher is johny cueto
Roid Rage (1 year ago)
calling the ball bloopes ?
Roaring Thunder (1 year ago)
R.I.P Jose
hifijohn (1 year ago)
just watch some of the old games you never see the batter ask for time out.
hifijohn because they weren’t smart enough to
Devin playlist 1 (1 year ago)
the blue doesn't have to grant you a timeout. especially when the pitcher is in his windup
failtolawl (1 year ago)
How fuckin long do you need to take to get ready. You sit in the dugout for hours, sit in the batters box, sit around in the outfield. Just hit the damn ball.
Russ Z (1 year ago)
You truly lack understanding of everything it takes to hit a 95 mph fastball once in every three tries...
Akaspartan (1 year ago)
failtolawl it's not that easy
ALEXANDER DAVIS (1 year ago)
0:23 "juuuuuussssst a bit outside!"
Mike Morrison (6 months ago)
I came here to see if anyone actually said that!😂
Pieter Baas (1 year ago)
apple gay encounter chief place foreign pitcher.
yabbaguy (1 year ago)
2:28 "good take" xD
Eric shumway (8 months ago)
he really had to bear down to lay off of that one
Michael Greco (1 year ago)
I don't know guys, I think that was a strike 😂
BatsyGames LetsPlays (1 year ago)
"that was close"
Gavin Schut (1 year ago)
yabbaguy i
Brayden scott Young (1 year ago)
If you subscribe to me then I’ll subscribe back to you
Butt Stallion (1 year ago)
The hells wrong with that ump at 56
+Mike Morrison The catcher also wasn't ready
Mike Morrison (6 months ago)
+Alan Hess There's a pitch clock now. And fuck that ump for calling time in mid-windup. The batter needs to get set quicker, then. Once he's in the box, he's in the box! The pitcher can pitch! That's the rule!
DC Caleb (9 months ago)
Alan Hess Nah he had to pitch because there’s a pitch clock.
Alan Hess (1 year ago)
Rakkety tam, nothing is wrong with the umpire. He was not going to allow a pitch until the batter was reasonably set in the box, Kershaw was trying to quick pitch.
Dominick Cancila (1 year ago)
He's butthurt cuz Kershaw doesn't want him calling time when he's trying to pitch 😂
9921386 (1 year ago)
Who is that at 0:12?
Steven Weiner (7 months ago)
9921386 It's Chris Coghlan
Danial Sidawi (1 year ago)
9921386 Chris Coghlan
Michael Franz (1 year ago)
Great Video! I love when you post videos.
Superblaze (1 year ago)
Best Sporty Videos (1 year ago)
first 600
Kevin Ko (1 year ago)
check out this calling time leaded to ejection play in Taiwan. The batter showed a running/jumping skill hitting the ball https://youtu.be/_wY0F6KCb7Y
ladams00 (1 year ago)
Kevin Ko the ump election motion is fantastic, got a right leg kick!
Hazard (1 year ago)
what the fuck? that ump at 1:00 has no reason to be that angry.
Cizzymac (1 year ago)
Look at where the batter is. Kershaw has no reason to even be starting into his windup at that point. He's clearly trying to quick-pitch the batter and he whined at the ump when Kershaw got upset. I don't normally side with umpires, but he's got a legitimate beef in this case.
W Minogue (1 year ago)
Devin Morley Wrong. Try again bud.
Lonzo Ball (1 year ago)
W Minogue Ur a Astro’s fan I bet
W Minogue (1 year ago)
Kershaw constantly whines on the mound. I can see why umps might get that annoyed with the princess.
Mike Ditka (1 year ago)
I read somewhere that Kershaw said "what the hell man"
popcorn32145 (1 year ago)
Why do they call it right before, or right as they are pitching? trying to hurt the pitcher?
Mike Morrison (6 months ago)
+TyliteTony YOU look at the rule book! Once the batter is in the batter's box, the pitcher can pitch. The ump doesn't HAVE to call time, even if the batter isn't ready. If you're not ready, don't step in the box!
Austin Hall (8 months ago)
Because they're dickheads?
HowardTheAlien (9 months ago)
Dannen P no, half the time it is the umpire, and people only do it, because they are not ready, you see them do things with the gloves or helmet, idiot
Tissue Destroyer (10 months ago)
popcorn32145 to mess up his timing
Vlog Bros. (10 months ago)
1:23 especially since he hit the batter!
BulldogHWD (1 year ago)

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