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Top 10 Movies Of The 2000s

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This decade saw Hollywood turn to computers even more to tell their stories, and a wide variety of genres experience success. Welcome to WatchMojo.com, and today, in this installment of our series on the greatest movies of all time, we're counting down our picks for the top 10 movies of the 2000s. Special thanks to our users ibriers 1, Mattyhull1, Sean Branham, Andrew A. Dennison, and Joe Boyle for submitting the idea on our Suggest Page at WatchMojo.com/suggest! Check out the voting page here, http://watchmojo.com/suggest/Top%2010%20Movies%202000s If you want to suggest an idea for a WatchMojo video, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at http://www.WatchMojo.com/suggest :) Check us out at Twitter.com/WatchMojo and Facebook.com/WatchMojo We have T-Shirts! Be sure to check out http://www.WatchMojo.com/store for more info. Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/E7am/
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Text Comments (14009)
Sami Shtewi (3 days ago)
trash except the departed
R Islomzoda (5 days ago)
Put a like if you expected any of the 3 The Lord of the Rings movies to be #1 on the list
R Islomzoda (5 days ago)
Come to watch the video or see the comments to pick a good movie to watch???
thoghe mouth (6 days ago)
honorable mentions the aviator step brothers how the grinch stole christmas batman begins tropic thunder
thoghe mouth (6 days ago)
10. rocky balboa 09. superbad 08. finding nemo 07. shrek 06. school of rock 05. elf 04. cars 03. the dark night 02. anchorman legend of ron burgundy 01. austin powers goldmember
L Jj (6 days ago)
Dark knight is easily 1
Chen Po (6 days ago)
So where tf is Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone?
Dekin (6 days ago)
Casino Royal shouldn't be on that list
Block 477 (7 days ago)
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban?
ian polando (7 days ago)
The Lord of the Rings should have been in first place. It even got more Oscars.
Dhirendra Nath Biswas (9 days ago)
Where's war of the worlds?
Spiderman 2 should be in honorable mentions
ninjaypoppadom 72 (10 days ago)
Where's iron man
Giacomo Saccardi99 (13 days ago)
I hate Christopher Nolan his films are overrated, and the trilogy of the dark knight for the cinematic value of a burnt asshole, now I'll tell you why. 1) if a film to be collected a lot does not mean that it is beautiful, citicen kane by orson Welles and was a commercial flop, now many agree on the most beautiful American film of all time. 2) the moral value and the final teaching of the trilogy and the best and most beloved film by Spielberg. 3) the vote of IMDb is based on the appreciation of all those who can vote for the film and give it a vote even to an idiot who thinks that the room is a good movie. 4) all recitals of the actor (apart from that of Heath Ledger) are stylized without emotions and cumbersome, even by Christian Bale who I consider one of the best actors in Hollywood and a fucking expression of mono character. 5) blockbuster! Blockbuster! Blockbuster! Film only for money, art bends to ninety in front of capitalism and the popularity of the masses. Christopher Nolan is certainly a director ... Perhaps one of the best directors .... But commercials, not movies, does not deserve the definition of an artist. 6) once a famous director Jacques rivette said "I like Kubrick, it's nice to see a machine that films the other machines" when I watch a film by Nolan, I think the same thing is due to the fact that Nolan's favorite director is Kubrick.
PussycatDolls Fanatic (3 days ago)
My Top 10 Picks: 1. The Lord Of The Rings:The Return Of The King (2003) 2. The Dark Knight (2008) 3. Revenge Of The Sith (2005) 4. Mean Girls (2004) 5. There Will Be Blood (2007) 6. Fast & Furious (2001) 7. Casino Royale (2006) 8. Finding Nemo (2003) 9. 8 Mile (2002) 10. Harry Potter (2001) HM: Shrek & Shrek 2 (2001-2004) Wall-E (2008) Up! (2009) Avatar (2009) Pirates Of The Caribbean Trilogy (2003-2017) Children Of Men (2007) No Country Of Men (2007) Romeo Must Die (2000) Transformers (2007) Johnny English 2003) V For Vendetta (2005) 3 Idiots (2007) Legally Blonde (2001)
AG (14 days ago)
A Beautiful Mind? The Pianist? Crouching Tiger? Chicago? Spiderman 2? Aviator? Crash? Master and Commander? Benjamin Button?
Florrie Morrie (14 days ago)
1.dark knight 2. Gladiator. 3.Pirates of the carribbean 2 dead men's chest. 4 Terminator rise of the machines. 5 blood diamond. 6 Casino royal 7 Skyfall 8 Finding nemo 9 the incredibles 10 the hobbit an unexpected journey.
Kelly Clark D (15 days ago)
CineFix can make a better list
Klyntar Spiderman (16 days ago)
Wheres spiderman 2?
Hello (17 days ago)
1. Walter Middy 2. Pan 3. Dragon Tattoo
Winter Studios 12 (17 days ago)
What about Iron Man
Giorgio Moroder (18 days ago)
480 pixars? Sad.
Mary Richardson (18 days ago)
I feel like 8 mile should a tleast be a honorable mention
James May (18 days ago)
Parthiban Arjuna (18 days ago)
Disappointed tarantito fans hit here
Ranganathan Nathan (18 days ago)
Great choices. Dark knight is the greatest movie of all time
Iphone 5 (21 days ago)
2:10 Number what ?
#1 Dark Knight really loved
BlasterSW MW (23 days ago)
Just watch the lord of the rings trilogy, great everything, soundtrack that’s memorabel in a good way, great characters, always something engaging on the screen, extremely memorable scenes and fights, moments, quotes. Great acting by everyone. And the last movie won 13 fucking Oscars and a whole lot of awards if you want to hear that. Stuff feels real(even though they had cgi it didn’t take over the movies. And you gain compasion for the heroes(the fellowship and the other characters that help the free people of middle earth). You don’t have to like fantasy in order to see it because I think that really anyone can see it and like it, maybe not everyone can like it but anyone.😁 Edit: I also recomend to watch some pictures of the majestic mountains and forests, fields and statues of old times, ruins and cities that will make your eyes pop out because they can’t believe it.😆 I have watched the whole trilogy 13 times and have not regretted going back and watching it again and again. You grow to love the characters, and I get relaxed every time I hear the concerning hobbits soundtrack and when I see the shire. You grow to see the friendship between people that have one thing in common...they want peace, and other things but they don’t want see their kind get murdered by orcs and goblins, trolls and Uruk-hai. And the hobbits want to return to their simple home with straeberries and milk, their cozy beds and plants. The green grass and the little streams. People of different races and views work together one more time to stop the evil for good, dwarves, elves, humans, ents and hobbits
flow repins666 (24 days ago)
That joker won the first place. Best joker ever
Jens fahmy (24 days ago)
Oh brother where art thou?
thoghe mouth (26 days ago)
honorable mentions the aviator step brothers how the grinch stole christmas tropic thunder kung,fu panda
thoghe mouth (26 days ago)
10. rocky balboa 09. school of rock 08. finding nemo 07. shrek 06. superbad 05. elf 04. cars 03. the dark night 02. anchorman legend of ron burgundy 01. austin powers goldmember
Antonio Montana (28 days ago)
I honestly expected no country for old men to be number 1.
Owen B. (29 days ago)
I quite liked Collateral and Children Of Men.
Captain Tragik (1 month ago)
finally a list that makes sense
The Wandering Samurai (1 month ago)
*The Fellowship Of The Ring is better than The Return Of The King*
Just a human beings (1 month ago)
Transformers ?
ATO Productions (1 month ago)
The dark knight
Billy Gray (29 days ago)
crash blood diamond transformers phonebooth i robot T3 training day Frequency
love10719 (1 month ago)
You have lost your minds. No way in any world is the Dark Knight better than Return of the King. Get real.
Wafflez Senpai (1 month ago)
Ankur Jadhav (1 month ago)
Best movie of 2000's: Mulholland Dr.
Dominik Tube (1 month ago)
Where is Harry Potter
Mystical Jade (1 month ago)
Yuri Boyka (1 month ago)
Where is Troy???
Thinkz- Speedz (1 month ago)
avatar should have won
Abc Zaa (1 month ago)
Does anybody notice that the joker and jack sparrow act like each other
António Margalho (1 month ago)
It would be fucking boring if everyone's favorite colour were blue ...
DerHorrorTyp (1 month ago)
Saw not even an honorable mention?
thoghe mouth (1 month ago)
honorable mentions the aviator step brothers how the grinch stole christmas tropic thunder kung,fu panda
thoghe mouth (1 month ago)
10. rocky balboa 09. school of rock 08. finding nemo 07. shrek 06. superbad 05. elf 04. cars 03. the dark night 02. anchorman legend of ron bergundy 01. austin powers goldmember
MaxBlaze (1 month ago)
Lotr should be 1 no question.......
Rick Mannion (1 month ago)
Django unchained
Sadaf Zahir (1 month ago)
Lord of the. Ring trilogy should come on 123than hobbits trilogy should. Also come. On 123
elbekkali hamza (1 month ago)
A beautiful mind and the prestige and also inception
Ranu Pathak (1 month ago)
The dark Knight Inception The prestige The departed
Russell Franco (1 month ago)
There will be milkshake.
Sachin Sunder (1 month ago)
Where is pirates of the carabbiean
Vivian singh (1 month ago)
They didn't mention the inception and the up
Tan Phat Vu (1 month ago)
And where is The Matrix series ?
The Demonic Horseman (1 month ago)
Van Helsing?
christian frey (1 month ago)
Mulholland Drive, WALL E, Zodiac??? have you seen them???
Ganesh Velu (1 month ago)
Yeah dark knight
royal Gamer (1 month ago)
Lord of the rings for ever
Shea Wager (1 month ago)
Just don’t get this lord of the rings rules all comments. It’s a fucking great bunch of films Yh, but c’mon, masterpiece it ain’t, gladiator masterpiece, departed masterpiece, inglorious basterds (which is awful it didn’t make the list an quite frankly I think they must have not realised cos what the flying fuck) but lotr for me missing something special, has good story line, good effects an characters Yh the lot, most of what I consider but something unfamiliarly brilliant isn’t quite there, it’s missing something in my opinion that the others I said have an I cannot put my finger on what it is
Mark van Delden (1 month ago)
Dark Knight is clearly #1 no question...
Kendall Fort (1 month ago)
Avatar is a garbage movie and it's time people accept that 😐😐😐
Douglas Ammirati (1 month ago)
Wow, that was a shitty list if I ever saw one.
Amyt Susa (1 month ago)
Why do you idolize animated films? The best: 1- Million Dollar Baby 2- Gladiator 3- The Lives of Others 4- Dark Knight 5- The Departed 6- The Pianist 7- Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 8- Memento 9- Kill Bill vol1 10- City of God
GammaSymbiote (2 months ago)
The Lord Of the Rings is shit...
James MacIsaac (2 months ago)
Inglorious Basterds anyone?
Joscha Tanner (2 months ago)
My top ten movies of the 2000s 10. Battelfield Earth 9. The Room 8. Mi 2 7. Hot Fuzz 6. Transormers 5.Mi 3 4. Ghost Rider 3. Bad Boys 2 2 Inglorius Bastard 1. Shaun of the dead
Susan Dolan (2 months ago)
Return of the King swept the Oscars with 12 wins.
IFS (2 months ago)
And what about Avatar?!?! Where it is???
Scoobs (2 months ago)
I actually thought that this list was really accurate
Agniv Sinha (1 month ago)
Yeah, but Incredibles should make way for INCEPTION as I do not how any of the other ones looses their places. And the Batman Begins is equally good. So I guess the franchise was taken into account or atleast movies of the same franchise was not repeated, as is the case of LOTR. and Avatar should not be in Hon'ble mentions. But last of all where do you fit in Memento and Wall-E and The Incredibles in this list.
Chris (2 months ago)
ROTS is underrated af.
yeahiya jaman (2 months ago)
Avater in honorable mention.... fucking crazy
Studio AT Production (2 months ago)
https://youtu.be/b2kaCpB6mII This is my list
Muhammad Raheel Khan (2 months ago)
cast away, anchorman???
Muhammad Raheel Khan (2 months ago)
dark knight is too overrated
Shashwat Srivastava (2 months ago)
If it is to be a top 10 they there must be too many honourable mentions for this one
Hector G'z (2 months ago)
300 best ever
Tasty burger (2 months ago)
I think zodiac deserves at least honourable mention and American gangster.
Jenn McIntyre (2 months ago)
Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, Slumdog Millionaire, and Garden State should have gotten honorable mentions at least.
Sean Fitzgerald (2 months ago)
Casino Royale was brilliant. There will be blood yes the departed yes the dark Knight yes no country for old men yes the hurt locker meh it was good but meh . I think the prestige or mememto deserved to be ahead of the hurt locker
Alejandro Martinez (2 months ago)
Bro the dark knight is like the most fucking best movie ever XD XD xD xD xD xD
Alejandro Martinez (2 months ago)
I hope everyone knows it’s 2000s not 2010s .
Charles Hardy (2 months ago)
Most of the thumbs down are from City of God fans. Amazing movie.
kye flint (2 months ago)
Replace batman with iron man and you got you’re list perfect
The Man with no Name (2 months ago)
the dark knight is the 4th best movie of all time according to audience vote. So Shut up, you marvel fuckface
kenny lafortune (2 months ago)
City of God is and the dark knight are the best films of the 2000’s
Noore Rishan (2 months ago)
Where's Avatar?
Shubham Tiwary (2 months ago)
POTC series- Best movies of all time.
Abhishek Sen (2 months ago)
The Dark Knight❤❤❤
tarik mokafih (2 months ago)
where is the Matrix reloaded or the pursuit of happiness !
???? ¿¿¿¿ (2 months ago)
Where’s Spider-Man 2
Dan Ye (2 months ago)
where is Wall-E? How can you omit that!
Yash Paliwal (2 months ago)
In Nolan We Trust !
Abhishek Sharma (2 months ago)
iron man
JuneSky 83 (2 months ago)
LOTR Return of the King should be number 1. Lets break it down, Return of the king have earned 1.120 Billion dollars out of a budget of 94 million dollars. The Dark Knight earned 1.005 billion dollars with a budget of 185 million dollars. Return of the King received 11 oscar nominations and won all of it. The Dark Knight have 8 oscar nominations and only won 2.
Cameron Strickland (3 months ago)
I love the Dark Knight movies, but I knew they would say The Dark Knight. Watchmojo is so biased.

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