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Skyrim With 1326 Mods - Ultimate Mod List 2019 - Combat & AI

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Welcome! If you like my projects and want to suport the channel, consider becoming my patron at https://www.patreon.com/SinitarGaming. Rewards include early access to videos, modding help, discord rewards, HD wallpapers and much more. Mod links below ↓↓↓↓↓ When I made my big mod setup last time (~760 mods mod list that I was using during Damned Story roleplay series and all the time after until the end of 2018), I've made a dedicated video showing all the settings I applied for each mod in the setup that had MCM for those who were interested in making a similar setup. Now I've made it to 1300+ mods stable setup as you remember, and this case is not an exclusion as well, but now it's much bigger and better - a complete series of videos about how to make the same mod list as I have. It will be useful if you'll be mimicking my setup (or something close to it) in future, and generally useful if you'll have some or many from the mods I have, to simplify this part of mod list building, organizing & tweaking. Enjoy! Join channel community in Discord: https://discord.gg/XjyJvxP Q: Which game version it is? A: It's Skyrim LE (original Skyrim, not the Special Edition). Skyrim LE is better for modding (better ENB visuals for graphics and much more gameplay mods), while being 100% stable today. Q: How to have same huge mod list and keep game 100% stable: A: My guides are at your service: https://www.sinitargaming.com/skyrim_graphics.html https://www.sinitargaming.com/skyrim_gameplay.html Q: What PC specs are needed to run same/similar mod list? A: Not such a NASA PC as you may think! GTX 980/1060, i5 6600, 12GB+ RAM. If your specs are +/- close to these, you can run literally the same graphics setup on 1080p at 60 fps. Just follow my guide linked above, this video and upcoming videos dedicated to this mod list and you'll be perfectly fine :) Q: Graphics demonstration? A: Here - https://youtu.be/vCXO-oVuBFc, https://youtu.be/a2FwMmWYuoM Q: Complete MCM setup? A: Here - https://youtu.be/AdHnZ0JRH5g Q: Will you release more videos about this mod list? A: Yep! Bookmark this playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqzmxRrbyviNGTiBXfVpaQVl66dqjMCQm ===== MOD LINKS ===== Combat Evolved (only enemy magic damage and enemy poison damage): https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/56147 Ultimate Combat: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/36006 Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/76529 Locational Damage(SKSE Plugin): https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/91505 Mortal Enemies - De-aimbot Your Foes (also grab patches needed): https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/73921 TK Dodge: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/20923 TK HitStop, TK Recoil: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/23681 https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/32769 Additional Techniques: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/94149 SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators + Integration Project: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/10175 https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/46495 Revenge Of The Enemies + Patches: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/40491 https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/73369 Dragon Priests - Enhanced: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/48777 Dragon Combat Overhaul or KS Dragon Overhaul 2: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/92874 Dragonborn Ascendant: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/17010 High Level Enemies (Increased Max Resists plugin only without mod itself): https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/27866 ABT - Arrows and Bolts Tweaks (faster projectiles, deeper impact & less loot/traders): https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11941 Run For Your Lives: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/23906 Ordinator's Stealth Skills Rebalance (from mod Files section): https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68425 Realistic AI Detection (make sure to choose proper version): https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/74355 AIM FIX - combat camera with aiming control: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/92448 VioLens - A Killmove Mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/56980 ASIS + Improved INI Files + My INI Files: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/18436 https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53047 My INI Files for ASIS/Locational Damage Mods: http://tiny.cc/bvvj6y Dat armor/weapon - BDO Sculpture armor/weapon ===== MUSIC ===== Vindsvept - Collision: https://youtu.be/3TkWK9rjsUM Me on other resources: Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/sinitargaming Twitter: https://twitter.com/SinitarGaming
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Sinitar Gaming (1 month ago)
Welcome! Let's continue the series with a dedicated video about Combat & AI part of my ultimate mod list :) Modding support? Cozy Gaming chatting? Join channel community in Discord: https://discord.gg/XjyJvxP Complete and most uptodate modding guides for your favourite games are here - https://www.sinitargaming.com/ Dat armor/weapon - BDO Sculpture armor/weapon
Night Mare (18 days ago)
Just choose wishever you prefer you just need a stable modlist
Rin Wesley (18 days ago)
I wish I could get a better explanation into why LE is better than SE for modding. I've been trying to search for one on the Internet and I just keep running into comments that SE is far superior to modding than LE. I have 190 mods on SE; it stutters here and there and I've experiences a few ctds. I've been avoiding ENBs because I don't want it to overtax my comp's resources but I would really like to use them. If oldrim is really better for modding I would make the switch in a second. edit. nvm I just found your video on why SE is bad for pc. Thanks!
- JustMaxPirk (19 days ago)
@Night Mare yes I saw that! Those are the dopest animations I've ever seen.
Night Mare (19 days ago)
@- JustMaxPirk The enemy potions aren't a proble you can disable it in mcm i also recommend you the injured animations mod like the new animations, especially the magic one
- JustMaxPirk (19 days ago)
@Night Mare agreed the only conflict I can think of is Vigor ads the use of potions four enemies so maybe it will konflict with asis. But I'm sure you can turn that feature off and vigor
Marco Colonna (5 days ago)
nice ENB preset
Swapnil Jena (7 days ago)
this is amazing! Could you tell me what camera modification you use? I couldn't find it anywhere, it looks good!
Sinitar Gaming (7 days ago)
Aim Fix
Legendarymark112 (7 days ago)
LOL combat is like he's having a fit or something. xD
Tartiflette Studio (13 days ago)
Is Ordinator good for a new game? I don't know if I download it or not (sry for bad English)
Sinitar Gaming (13 days ago)
It is.
Ahmet Barış (18 days ago)
me:damn this look so cool my potato pc: HOLD UP
- JustMaxPirk (19 days ago)
I like vigor with Wildcat can we use vigor as well in this build?
Sinitar Gaming (19 days ago)
Vigor is great mod, but its pretty script-heavy and glitchy sometimes. It's a no-no for heavy mod list, if you want my 2 cents.
Dustin McClung (19 days ago)
Jesus Christ. Your skyrim looks like a Korean mmo, mine looks like a potato's growth.
Yudanta (20 days ago)
the outfit is straight up taken from bdo xD
Less Liloo (20 days ago)
1:58 that arrow
Feracitus (20 days ago)
What is the mod that highlights the corpses?! omg i NEED that!
Sinitar Gaming (20 days ago)
Can you tell me the timing? I'm not sure what do tou mean.
Kinda (21 days ago)
You shoulda be on a Skyrim voicing team. MaleEvenTonedHeavilyAccented is your voice type. I love it.
Sinitar Gaming (20 days ago)
:D Thank you!
MemeJuul (21 days ago)
beyond science
Ans Sig (21 days ago)
Thank you for this! Subbed!
SUPERNOVA (21 days ago)
I soon as i saw the front flip, I said no. But i love skyrim so i can make exceptions
Брюс Вейн (21 days ago)
это попросту охуенно!!!!
Felipe Almeida (21 days ago)
try omega for sse
Arlis Ceka (21 days ago)
Wow those moves are so sick for a pro like you.
V. Lenin (21 days ago)
NOBODY: YOUTUBE: "Here. check this game that released 8 years ago and they just added more than 6655321 mods, it's just awesome game man".
CloudDancer (22 days ago)
it might just be me, but literally every single skyrim mod video ive come across they have always a BDO skin included
Fernando Veiga (22 days ago)
So basically you fucked this game so hard now its Dragon Age
HK LOCK (22 days ago)
Indian accent is soo funny 😂😂
Sinitar Gaming (22 days ago)
Your guess it totally wrong :P
Nethertale (22 days ago)
How do you not have a issue with memory?
Nethertale (22 days ago)
@Sinitar Gaming I did not know that. Just returned recently to skyrim. But I will follow your guides than. Thanks :)
Sinitar Gaming (22 days ago)
Why should I? Memory-related crashes and fps drops in Skyrim LE is a long-ago debunked myth. It's not a problem since mid 2016 as it was completely fixed. Use my modding guide, these videos and embrace the happiness :)
sugar philo (22 days ago)
Thank you for your amazing video! What mod do you use to shoot explosion arrows? Please tell me if you could.
sugar philo (22 days ago)
@Sinitar Gaming I see! Thank you for your quick reply!
Sinitar Gaming (22 days ago)
You're welcome! Its not "explosive arrows" actually. Its a perk in Ordinator that allows to attach spell to shooting from bow/crossbow, I have a dedicated character build wrapped around this - https://youtu.be/kLKXoobQolY
Yonkers (22 days ago)
Just play a different game at that point
- Azeri Gizi- (22 days ago)
Что за панцирь на нем?
Sinitar Gaming (22 days ago)
Попробуйте использовать очи
SkulldozeR (22 days ago)
I sense lots of CTDs :P
Sinitar Gaming (22 days ago)
In your game? Probably. I'm sorry for you then. But now you can finally follow my guide and have 100% game with many hundreds of mods. The myth of "heavy modded Skyrim can't be stable" is a long ago debunked one. My last CTD was 2.5 years ago, for example. Good luck! :)
Nun Ya (23 days ago)
Are any of these available for Xbox?
Sinitar Gaming (22 days ago)
Only few. Don't aim on this if you are on console.
cool stuff bro,but i am a console player :/
Krossbonzz (23 days ago)
I dig modding Skyrim like others,,,, but getting it stable is the hardest part it always seemed. Lots of Mods = Lots of conflict! And hours of wondering wtf as you scour thru them all in hopes of finding a "quick" fix lol
Sinitar Gaming (23 days ago)
You're saved now - https://www.sinitargaming.com/skyrim_graphics.html :)
Kimoio (23 days ago)
2:23 look at the arrows right down in the corner always have 97 do you play with tgm :0
Sinitar Gaming (23 days ago)
That's not a secret. It's a background video process, not the actual letsplay :)
Kimoio (23 days ago)
lol where are you from >?
Mr. ResteEssenTester (23 days ago)
How many GB ???
Sinitar Gaming (23 days ago)
Anonim Budi (23 days ago)
I new for this channel, i like your videos n mod, i want to know about your weapon mod in this video n in the first video there was a scene that your character do blacflip, so what's the name of the mod? Thank you.
Sinitar Gaming (23 days ago)
Hey thre! Description please :)
John Doe (23 days ago)
This looks really cool, but how do I do this on SSE?
Sinitar Gaming (23 days ago)
Hey there! You can't "do this on SSE" - as SE is, unfortunately, pretty inferior to LE in terms of modding capabilities. It can't reach same level of graphics due to engine limitations and doesn't have same amount of gameplay mods. Moreover, while LE is 100% stable today, the choice between SE/LE is pretty obvious for anyone who's aimed on 101% of modded game results - so if you want the best possible modded game, mod LE following my modding guide and these videos :)
Batty Boy (23 days ago)
When are u getting special edition?
Sinitar Gaming (23 days ago)
> but surely mods won’t come out on LE, or at least less then on SE This statement is based on nothing. Total amount of new mods released for SE and LE during 2018 was the same if you'll look on Nexus. Plus, LE has x3 more mods than SE initially. I'm not forcing you to play LE man - stick with inferior version of the game if you wanna, it's [your] game after all :) About your performance question - follow my modding guide. That's all you need.
Batty Boy (23 days ago)
Sinitar Gaming good point, but surely mods won’t come out on LE, or at least less then on SE. Also on your page where y list ur mods, u have many, and u are/were only playing on a 980. How do you get decent fps? With around 120 mods on a rx 580 and medium settings I get 65 FPS outside
Sinitar Gaming (23 days ago)
I have it. And I support SE modding. But I'm not playing SE personally as it's sadly very inferior to LE in both graphics and gameplay modding capabilities. Moreover, while LE is 100% stable today, the choice is pretty obvious for anyone who's aimed on 101% of modded game results :)
Luis Villarreal (23 days ago)
what armor and weapon mod is that?
Sinitar Gaming (23 days ago)
Crowd Control (24 days ago)
wish you could just download someones whole skyrim folder
Less Liloo (20 days ago)
I have an SSD only dedicated to Skyrim
Guido Mista (24 days ago)
How to break your PC
still_useless (24 days ago)
Dude which program did u use for installing all of this mods?NMM?mod organizer?
Sinitar Gaming (24 days ago)
Saiby (24 days ago)
And today on my PC is better than yours:
ᴘʀɪᴅᴇ Nowara (24 days ago)
Its not skyrim if doesnt have sexlab
Max Henry (24 days ago)
What armor was in the thumbnail
Achilles Anastasiou (24 days ago)
what's the name of the armor used in the video?
Darjodrac (24 days ago)
Hi guys i want to start a new game and i have a question... Wich Skyrim should i download and for what reasons? Skyrim SE or Skyrim? Thank you!
Darjodrac (23 days ago)
@Sinitar Gaming I start to follow your guide in sinitargaming but i have a problem. Nexus Mod Manager is no longer supported and i get some errors when i try to install SkyUI (one of the first steps of the guide). What should i do? Thank you.
Darjodrac (24 days ago)
@Sinitar Gaming thank you! Skyrim LE then. I will follow your videos!
Sinitar Gaming (24 days ago)
Original Skyrim (LE). SE is limited in modding capabilities.
Non Sense Speaks (24 days ago)
Is that Skyrim 6?
Mario Lopez (24 days ago)
whats the mod used to make the ward spells look like that, its cool
Ash2 0Win (24 days ago)
Now, I just want TESVI to not come out cause everyone is gonna switch to that.
Richard Shiflett (25 days ago)
My computer would die
Mavielor (25 days ago)
why is everyone transforming skyrim into dark souls, like wtf
Skallheim (25 days ago)
Those movement mods, nah, keep the real thing, fire arrows, nah, keep the steel ones. Armored giants? Ok, i allow this to my world.
Chimera Aretina (25 days ago)
Realistic arrows???? XDD
charles-edouard Haska (25 days ago)
Bethesda shouldn't release a new game but only a new engine... Whatever they do they can't keep up with the modding community ;(
blih keempat (25 days ago)
Oh shit... here we go again....
DragonOForever (25 days ago)
I feel like modding this much just changes it for the worst
Sinitar Gaming (25 days ago)
Don't worry, you're not the first who repeat "vanilla is better", doesn't actually watch the video or think that term of "heavy modded setup" equals anime chicks everywhere and flying trains instead of dragons :) It's a common myth, because that's how many players are seeing their own modded games. But there's another part of community too who traits modding as science :)
✪RoyalBandit15 (25 days ago)
Hey sinitar love the vids keep it up 👌❤ What is that outfit and bow and arror mod
✪RoyalBandit15 (25 days ago)
Thank you, was a bit unsure there❤
Sinitar Gaming (25 days ago)
Description ;)
Michaela Holt (25 days ago)
Wow this Dark Souls texture mod looks a lot like Skyrim!!!
Josh64440 (22 days ago)
you have no idea how dark souls people have made this game lol
Ajaxlancer (25 days ago)
What I never liked about animation mods in skyrim is how amatuerish they were. None of the animations have any weight to the actions are are too quick and too smooth. It's all super unnatural and goes against vanilla skyrim's aesthetic
David Schoen (25 days ago)
Do you play on old rim or SE? If both witch one do you prefer and why?
David Schoen (25 days ago)
@Sinitar Gaming awesome and thank you! My computer recently died :/ and I'm looking at upgrades. Moding skyrim is a task it's own and was wondering if I should try se or just stick with old rim. Another question if I might, I was wondering what took you use to merge plugins? I had used "merge plugins" before but read that there is a better option.
Sinitar Gaming (25 days ago)
Hey there! While I'm supporting both LE and SE, as I'm a community servant in first turn, I'm playing only LE myself. The thing is, there are some myths about both LE and SE. First myth is that heavy-modded LE can't be stable. It's not longer true since mid 2016. Second myth is that SE is better for modding - that's not true as well. The irony is while SE is running on DX11, very same fact gives a lot of engine limitations towards ENB - it's simply not able to have same amount of features and quality as ENB has on DX9. SE also has much less gameplay mods in general. So, speaking shortly, while SE is ofc great for modding today, it's simply not that great as LE and most likely will never be. If you're, like, fine with 75% of modded game capabilities - you can stick with SE, but if you want 101% possible (knowing LE is literally 100% stable today), then your choice is obvious :) When you'll mod LE to its full potential once, you simply won't be able to go back to modded SE, as you'll see that it's sadly inferior in both visual look and gameplay mods capabilities and diversity.
Hungryhyena78 (26 days ago)
PLEASE someone tell me how you download THIS MANY?? Like I’m not even kidding. I have a great PC according to all my friends and I can barely run 40
Sinitar Gaming (25 days ago)
Read the guide https://www.sinitargaming.com/skyrim_graphics.html
Robby Ellis (26 days ago)
Looks tit
TheMaecool (26 days ago)
how do you even determine what the load order would look like for this many mods??
Sinitar Gaming (26 days ago)
Read the guide
n3squ1k666 (26 days ago)
What can I do wrong after 7 years of modding skyrim? I have seen all the tutorial vids and read all of the installation instructions, so why does my skyrim begin to spontaneously stop working without any errors or regularly stucks in endless loading screen after (if believe all of the install recommendstions) "flawless" installation and the only right mod installation order and utility programs usage (such as loot, fnis, etc) order. Feelin myself cursed >_>
Sinitar Gaming (26 days ago)
You are not cursed. You're inattentive.
Kay Reinhold (26 days ago)
Can somebody tell me the name of the mod where he is layin his weapon on his shoulder? i cant find it myself :(
Dennis Feijns (26 days ago)
Yy zweihander anim
JusticeTree (26 days ago)
Sinitar! Will you upload the comunity textures again?
dirty sprite (26 days ago)
is this special edition?
dirty sprite (25 days ago)
btw can u link the enb/ graphics mod ur using in this vid?
Sinitar Gaming (26 days ago)
Nope. It's LE. Unfortunately, SE can't look same good and can't play same good. LE offers superior modding capabilities and is 100% stable today - so if you're aimed on best results and stability - mod LE using my guides.
I and keep watching these videos, paciently waiting for the time I end my internship and start working fulltime, so I can buy a PC strong enough for these mods!
$elfishbeats (26 days ago)
Saving my space for Beyond Skyrim.
Is it legendary edition or special edition ? which one do you recommend for modding ?
Sinitar Gaming (26 days ago)
Hey there! LE ofc. Yes and no. SE is sadly not able to look same good as LE no matter what, because of SE engine limitations towards ENB. LE also has much more gameplay mods and 100% stable today. If you want 101% from moded game capabilities, best graphics and most interesting gameplay - mod LE using my guides.
Eccotejar (26 days ago)
Ur character is musa on black desert??
Wingthileon (26 days ago)
Estarossa (26 days ago)
Made me cringe for some reason Liked the roll dodge tho
Alex Anabolic (26 days ago)
Guys, this guide is a gift for all of us. I bough Syrim LE and followed Sinitar guide on is website. I ended up with 576 mods and a wonderful game. A lot better than my Skyrim SE modded (350 mods). Sinitar explain everything, the guide is well done, he also give alternative and flag favorites mods. The only issue I had was with ending with too many scripts mods and I was overloading my game, I had to remove some heavy scripted mods like frostfall, campfire, wet and cold to keep more interesting mods. This is not guide fault as it is explained in the guide and in the discord, I was expecting it to happen. I will say that graphically, LE vs SE, there are no comparisons: LE is better, a lot. Sinitar gameplay guide is different than most other guide and pick precise gameplay mods to achieve specific goals instead of relying on big package like requiem, yash or omega. I like his approach better as it only add to the game while respecting the fundamental idea of what makes Skyrim great. I think he ended up with this approach because he played Skyrim a lot and he understand Skyrim. Highly recommend this guide, but read carefully and many time, especially the beginning about stability, sue the discord when you have questions, pretty much everything is already covered.
Alex Anabolic (7 days ago)
Connor C hit me on sinitar discord no problem
Connor C (7 days ago)
Im almost finished with his graphics guide and then going to go through the gameplay one, would I be able to hit you up with any questions or anything if I hit some trouble? On discord or email or whatever works for you
Hi. What about armor and bow?
Sinitar Gaming (26 days ago)
Bad for you
Sinitar Gaming I did not find the onions in the description, please write
Sinitar Gaming (26 days ago)
TheHusky Will (26 days ago)
Basically what tes6 will look and play like, if not a bit worse lol
Noah Baker (26 days ago)
I really can’t wait til I get a PC that can run this properly
ABC DEF (27 days ago)
pls add 11 more mods....coz reasons
King Jerbear (27 days ago)
Sinitar, I use the Special Edition. I have just gotten my Skyrim modlist perfect, it was looking excellent and running like a dream, until I entered Whiterun city for the first time. Now I am getting crashing :'(. I think I am having issue with FNIS or something. Do you have any advice on where I can start to look with troubleshooting? Is it possible I just corrupted my save and starting a new save would fix things? I spent roughly 30 hours downloading all the mods and setting up, running LOOT, examining load order... and now I'm back to square one. I can't afford to redo everything from scratch. Any advice?
MrAndrewrock (27 days ago)
Hi Sinitar, I love your videos. I'm new to modding, which version of Skyrim should I choose? Old Skyrim or Skyrim Special Edition?
Sinitar Gaming (26 days ago)
Skyrim LE (original, old)
Hapyy (27 days ago)
um.... what game is this
Sydney Hunter (27 days ago)
Do you need a really expensive gaming computer to run all those mods at max settings? I’m curious because I’ve thought about getting one specifically for this game.
Ben MacKay (25 days ago)
Sydney Hunter it depends what you’re trying to accomplish
KS_knght (28 days ago)
Hi sinitar, how can you change weapons without opening the menu?
KS_knght (27 days ago)
@Talio yep I've discovered that after posting this😂😅
Talio (27 days ago)
Mb using hotkeys for "Favorites" menu?
brbrd102 (28 days ago)
I have an ultrawide monitor. Will that be a problem for these 1300 mods?
Sinitar Gaming (28 days ago)
Виталик (28 days ago)
Ладно, встал проблема, этак очень ли нужен smashed patch? Поставил где то 150 модов, всё работает, однако потом сотворения смашед патча, большая часть заглавий предметов и локаций отображается в виде иероглифов и иной фигни. Что не этак я делаю? Или обычного нажатия на зеленоватую кнопку в матор смеше недостаточно?
Rhon Black (28 days ago)
and there's my favorite gaming buddie!
Mr. Dog3 (28 days ago)
Coma guy since 2013: So TESVI is already out, right? 2K19 guy: Well...
Anggur Merah Muda (29 days ago)
You should do a limited giveaway of your Data/ folder. Just saying.
C y (29 days ago)
Will you be making a tutorial for Skyrim Ultimate? I've never been the best at following instructions when they're written down, and am better when I can see someone else doing it.
Bedric (29 days ago)
Hey man, not quite related to the video but how many FPS do you get in Whiterun? Looking down at the white tree area.
Alidon (29 days ago)
You should check out alidons ultimate armory 😁
PyroToaster (30 days ago)
so when I make a smash patch, bash patch and asis patch, which one should I do first?
The Good (30 days ago)
You are a fucking LEGEND
// H e l i e r // (30 days ago)
Hey Sinitar, love the Skyrim content man. I just wanted to see if you'd be interested in getting a theme song made for your channel? Free of charge of course. I'm just looking to create for some youtubers :) All the best, keep up the good work. ❤️
Oddmo (30 days ago)
Sorry but black bars ruined it
Sinitar Gaming (30 days ago)
You shouldn't be sorry for a subjective perception ;) "Black bars" is called Letterbox, and it can be disabled. Since 2012.
Виталик (30 days ago)
Есть где поглядеть, в каком порядке загружаются моды, все эти.. 1300+ штук? Хотелось бы знать от чего отталкиваться, чтобы не намудрить с порядком модов.
Виталик (30 days ago)
Вот честно, это видео либо какое? Тут ссылка либо что, будто я капец какой незрячий стал, не вижу в упор.
Sinitar Gaming (30 days ago)
Смотреть видео =)
Kira KM (30 days ago)
Great mod setup but from watching I noticed one issue. Your attacks didn’t have that “mph” to em. For example it dark souls he FEEL the weight of your attack. It feels like your character is cleaving through flesh and metal in dark souls. I feel if you were to add a mod that adds some more “impact” and “weight” in how weapons feel and sound then this would be amazing
Sinitar Gaming (30 days ago)
They do, I just set effect to minimal in video, and mentioned mods for that in it ^^ Thank you!
FTL radiation (1 month ago)
video starts: woah a spear in skyrim? mods really have gone far ... nvm it's a broom
Ty Morgan (1 month ago)
So far so good. Need those anination mods too
Thomas Welch (1 month ago)
i will pay someone to teamviewer and fix the issues im having with my mods and conflicts etc
yowza234 (1 month ago)
i think i'd need subtitles for this lol Excellent video tho :)
Sinitar Gaming (1 month ago)
Thank you!

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