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YOUTUBER STUDIO MAKEOVER ft. Adelaine Morin | Style Selected

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click to never miss a DIY: http://bit.ly/subthesorrygirls Style Selected round two! This time we're back at Adelaine Morin's Toronto place making over her studio CHECK OUT ADELAINE: https://www.youtube.com/C0OK1EMONSTER/ her room tour (up at 3PM EST/ 6PM PST): https://goo.gl/fvGfF8 Merci to Chris Palmer for hanging the french doors! http://bit.ly/2mVtLDv __ SHOP THE ROOM Check out more details on the blog but here are some items we picked up for the studio: Rug: http://bit.ly/2E1X3ss Yellow chairs: http://bit.ly/2DsS0QI Blue ottoman: http://bit.ly/2DuHusa Faux fur rug: http://bit.ly/2E2JwRc Stacking side tables: http://bit.ly/2E0CzQM Desk: http://bit.ly/2Duz0Bi Stool: http://bit.ly/2DwQuNv BLOG POST with photos: https://goo.gl/X6pJP8 __ THE TEAM Produced by Becky Wright, Kelsey MacDermaid, The Sorry Girls Camera Op, Shane Pikelin Editor, Jake Doforno Art Dept, Courtney Bell Also, Daniella Emanuele :) __ OTHER PLATFORMS @thesorrygirls everywhere! BLOG // http://www.thesorrygirls.com INSTAGRAM // https://www.instagram.com/thesorrygirls FACEBOOK // http://www.facebook.com/thesorrygirls PINTEREST // http://www.pinterest.com/thesorrygirls TWITTER // http://www.twitter.com/thesorrygirls KELSEY'S INSTA // https://instagram.com/kelseymarillis/ BECKY'S INSTA // https://instagram.com/beckyylynne/ __ DIY & LIFESTYLE CHANNEL // http://youtube.com/TheSorryGirls VLOG & Q&A // http://youtube.com/TheSorryLife __ Not sponsored yo. __ Please note that we are not professionals and that all projects seen on our channel must be completed at your own risk. We do not take responsibility for any harm or injury that may occur. Be safe!
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Text Comments (1125)
TheSorryGirls (1 year ago)
WOOOP! It's up! Responding to comments now! ⭐
Hannah XRW (4 days ago)
I definitely need help with my empty apartment #firsthouse
Itz_majesstic (3 months ago)
For the boarder on the chalkboard you should of done paisley, like the stuff on the walls in her bedroom.
Sanjana Tomar (5 months ago)
Hi in want to paint my walls dark green green so can you tell me how many side or of walls I want to come paint green tell me please and send me some photos of how to decorate a dark green coloured room
Jazz Wright (1 year ago)
what apps did u use to make the room plan as it looks sooo good but I couldn't quite tell which apps u used??
animallover22 (1 year ago)
Sorry girls mr kate decorated her room
Mandy Latiolas (1 day ago)
Choosing the plan between them is a really stupid idea and they should come up with it together
Mandy Latiolas (1 day ago)
Becky looks like the crood’s girl
Mandy Latiolas (1 day ago)
The sorry girls are so awkward
Sunset Dog (2 days ago)
I have that white desk in my room!!!!!!!
Maimuna B (2 days ago)
This is gonna look really bad at night with shadowy lights
Candra Leann (3 days ago)
You can tell she was not expecting this great of a makeover after experiencing the bedroom makeover. At least she has 1 gorgeous room to film in.
Paula M (3 days ago)
I would not leave lipsticks next to my dog because he chews anything he finds but this room looks amazing
Audrey Ortman (4 days ago)
10:32 can someone please tell me what this is
Heather Soucie (7 days ago)
Yellow Causes irritation....
Morgan Leigh (29 days ago)
So with the chalkboard I found ONE spot and so I just was like go over itttt
Lucia Rosetta (1 month ago)
I feel like just because some says they love yellow doesn’t mean you should paint every single wall yellow I love blue but I would hate for my wallsto be painted blue I mean creativeness much?! I don’t actually know her so I can’t judge
Sprinkle ASMR (1 month ago)
Shes so cute haha omg
Ruth Goddard (2 months ago)
One of my favorites you have done
Cozmic Zeal (2 months ago)
should have just done accent walls with that yellow......and you guys covered the room again! lol
Anna Leveque (Student) (2 months ago)
2019 anyone???
Lady Bee (2 months ago)
Where are those yellow chairs from? Love those.
Bonnie Wright (5 days ago)
They're in the description :)
Sunny Bae (2 months ago)
Plz do q&a vid
Sunny Bae (2 months ago)
How do you design the room on the computer? app
Choly Celestino (2 months ago)
this is the forth video i see of this girl getting someone to paint another room of hers yellow
Scarlett Siegel (2 months ago)
Million Dee (2 months ago)
Yellow walls????? WTF????
ashok palawat (2 months ago)
Kelsey , you are like amazing and also I think that you look like Taylor Swift but I love you so much
haley walker (2 months ago)
why dont u guys paint thewall ur selfs in the first place
Sree Sushmita (3 months ago)
Looks awesome. Could you guys make a video of the ikea shelf makeover?
mary hershelman (3 months ago)
Fast and easy framing....gold tape. Craft store or maybe at the dollar store...
Gabby Lakomy (3 months ago)
this is just my perspective but i think that you should’ve done like a pastel yellow instead of that bright yellow. With the bright yellow it makes the room look darker but with a lighter calmer tone it makes it look as if the room has a clam mellow theme. just my opinion love you guys so much and love all of your work😘😌
Слишком дофига жёлтого!)
Blah Blah (3 months ago)
What's happening at 10:32?
Katka Pavlíková (3 months ago)
girls I need you in my room !!!!!! :D
[火星].*mars*. (3 months ago)
Madi Y (4 months ago)
do my room :)
Aracely Oviedo (4 months ago)
I wish you guys could do my room i would ask my mom if i could do a makover on my room but i dont like to aak for much i would be lucky if you guys even saw this
Taylor (1 month ago)
Aracely Oviedo If you're a minor, you have to ask your mom anyway, especially because she's the one who has to pay for it. Becky and Kelsey can't just go to your house and dump a truck load of free furniture in your yard, sweetie. That's not how this works. lol
Livin' Life with Lila (4 months ago)
Finally she gets picked!
Bot life’s matter (4 months ago)
This is bob🦆 How many likes is how old he is Help bob grow up🍼
Hey guys i would like or LOVE if u could redo my play room it is so UGLY and unorganized. If u can plz respond back! THANKS!
Taylor (1 month ago)
OLLI and ALLI opens toys panda What's your budget?
Sara Schumann (4 months ago)
What do they use to plan the layout for rooms
Kayla Stanfield (4 months ago)
makes me want them to do my room
Natalie Amanda (4 months ago)
What program do you use to make the designs? I need to know!!
Adah Dempsey-Baddeley (4 months ago)
come to my room
Hazelnat (5 months ago)
Love the colour scheme 💛
Ren G (5 months ago)
Adelaine seems very humble.
Hannah *The Big Butt* (5 months ago)
Is it just me or are they BFFFFF GOALS
Lynley G. (5 months ago)
Its pronounced Adilen
lulwa FO (5 months ago)
tooooooo much yelllow
Kaja Kulawik (5 months ago)
lulwa FO she loves it
Veia Jeselle (5 months ago)
I wish you would do that to my room too when we moved 😢 I am now so jealous!
MacKenzie Renee (5 months ago)
Every time they say ‘on the count of three’ I get an ad!!!
Misfit Turtle (5 months ago)
I'm very new to this channel and so I was wondering, the people they do makeovers for (this and dorm rooms etc), do the Sorry Girls pay for everything or does the person who's getting the makeover have to pay?
Taylor (1 month ago)
Misfit Turtle We pay for it but in order to have the money to do more makeovers, we kill the people getting the makeovers and reuse their furniture in other rooms, and then we keep killing and reusing furniture.
Eugene Dingle (6 months ago)
The sorry girls should do a video with mr. kate
woof woof (6 months ago)
Not gonna lie, this was a disappointment
Else-marie Everse (6 months ago)
Pleaaaase give my room a makeover 😍😍😍😍😱 i live in the Netherlands 😅❤️❤️
Taylor (1 month ago)
Else-marie Everse Sure, because that's completely free and easy to do. We will be there tomorrow! lol smh.
Beugh Esmilla (6 months ago)
dayum shes such a giggly person..
Kiana Babbington (6 months ago)
I love the Sorry girls and their decor and ideas are amazing but it annoys me that at 12:59 you can see a patch of yellow paint on the blackboard thing.
Kiana Babbington (6 months ago)
This is not meant to be a offensive comment it is just because I see the patch of yellow that hasn't been fully painted over
Slime & Sguisheys (6 months ago)
Gracie mann (6 months ago)
Where are those armchairs from!!!!!!.
Sindy Stilwell (6 months ago)
too much yellow!!
Cookies Creme (6 months ago)
Adelaide has a great butt tbh. I wish my butt was so cute 😑
Alondra valdes (6 months ago)
"Daddy jokes" instead of "dad jokes" killed me 😂😂😂
Lucy ycuL (6 months ago)
is it just me who think Adelaine is kinda exhausting. she never goes away when they say goodbye and she always laugh.
鍾雅婷 (6 months ago)
You are sooooooo cute
Emily Rowland (6 months ago)
They’re saying Adelaine wrong
PimpDaddyCustoms (6 months ago)
They could’ve done Adeline’s chalkboard frame in the white doodles she use to edit her Instagram pictures with. Would’ve been a nice personal touch💛
Hannah Harris (6 months ago)
at 3:28 there is a decorated suitcase from episode 1
Katelyn O'Friel (7 months ago)
Where did you get the backdrop wall mount ??
أية الساعدي (7 months ago)
dark yellow !!!!??? really 🙄🙄🙄
Nikki pixie (7 months ago)
She’s the luckiest ever!!!!!!! I adore this studio!!!!
Manar Bouzidi (7 months ago)
Verry yellow talk show 😂😂😂💛💛💛
Connie Smith (7 months ago)
This is why you need to use primer
They make it look so easy... it probably isn’t
LOVE THIS STUDIO MAKEOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THe yellow chairs are out of stock! Can't believe it! How sad! I LOVE THEM! Would you do makeovers in the US? :)
Lillie Bramlett (8 months ago)
The room turned out amazing!!! I wish I could make my rooms look as great as y'all do.
Sarah Abbott (8 months ago)
Not gonna lie.. kinda ship Chris and Kelsey
faith himmelman (8 months ago)
Yellow is my favourite Color too
Patrick Pasaporte (8 months ago)
Love this 😍😍😍 more pls!!!
Grace Coyner (9 months ago)
This is kinda sad to me... they re-did her bedroom and studio and then she moved out a few months later
Jacquie Johnson (9 months ago)
looooove that yellow rug!!! where'd ya get it???
kawaii smile (9 months ago)
Best room decor ever!!!!
dne (9 months ago)
Deanna Morgan (9 months ago)
Tracy Puydak (9 months ago)
The bedroom wasn't bad except the migraine enducing yellow color all over the room and then you use the same bright color on every wall of the studio too. Ever heard of a focal wall. And there are hundreds of shades of yellow that don't require sun glasses to enter the room. The color can make or break a room because it can detract from all the other great design features.
Hailey_HollyBerry (9 months ago)
Navy Blue would've been a nice accent color. The Wall Decor shouldn't have been a bright pinky red color. Lastly Gold Maybe should been have rethinked. Not hating, im a huge fan, just some tips.
Spicy Snack (9 months ago)
Oml the chalk bored had a yellow patch that was annoying me soooooo bad😠😬
Jolinda Coronado (9 months ago)
Lovvvvve it!!! 👍
Ten nelle (9 months ago)
did you know dogs appreciate music and each dog has its own favorite music? i just remembered that when you mentioned Blue's favorite color.
Touch The Ass (10 months ago)
Ok now, this is what I’m talking about
oranje space17 (10 months ago)
too much yellow in this room, this is my opinion, maybe if you choose the other colors for the wall , like soft pink, tosca, soft blue, broken white or soft grey , its will be light, and clean thankyou but i like your persentation for the room zone with design it first .
Lauren Schechter (10 months ago)
love the egg chairs ^_^
Katie Leigh (10 months ago)
I think you guys should give both room ideas without saying whose is whose!
Kelsey Olson (10 months ago)
I used that chalkboard paint for some diys for my grad party! I was super nervous that it was gonna be blue too! It works super well, though!
Poppi Wright (10 months ago)
I think Kelsey has a crush on Chris, like if you agree!
Liberty Bruce (11 months ago)
that dog is so adorable
I'm just a nobody (11 months ago)
"Upcycle" It's called "recycle"
_ SassySaucyxx _ (11 months ago)
I never cared much for yellow but thanks to Adelaine its starting to win me over a bit
_ SassySaucyxx _ (11 months ago)
Adelaine got such a good deal out of this, yall are making over 2 of her spaces! I wish 😂
Danah 12 (11 months ago)
Wow wow omg
Jasmine Gitchel (11 months ago)
Becky, where did you get the top you're wearing the day of the reveal?
Laura Jun (11 months ago)
Make more makeovers you guys are brilliant
Frida (11 months ago)
poor dog :-(
Hellodie (11 months ago)
I do really like how Mr.Kate made the other room but I prefer how you always do something so personal, like the fan art frames or the doodles in the bedroom! Just amazing 😊
Hellodie (11 months ago)
I love the idea of this series! I also love how you can have a guess at which plan the YouTuber chooses!

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