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Why Do We Dream?

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Leanback and IMG! later this week! LINKS TO LEARN: Smarter Every Day: http://www.youtube.com/destinws2 How to Lucid Dream: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llw717IARpQ Whatswhat reviews my beard and other stuff: http://ow.ly/700ES ALL music by Jake Chudnow: http://soundcloud.com/jakechudnow **SLEEP STUFF** Good general sleep info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleep Sleep facts: http://www.abc.net.au/science/sleep/facts.htm REM sleep: http://www.why-we-dream.com/remstate.htm Old video about REM sleep: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzoU0_sgip4 Lucid Dreaming on the Discovery Channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASf55cov5F8 Quick info in different dream theories: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dream#The_Neurobiology_of_dreaming Incredible documentary on a fatal disease that keeps you from sleeping: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIeTVVAEFn8
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Text Comments (22113)
X.X Reaper (15 hours ago)
Once I have a werewolf killed my dad I Main in to my sisters bedroom my brother and Spiderman were in there this was a long time ago even though I was living in Illinois at that time that I had a dream the dream was stationed in Kentucky or trailer home
Sanjin Craft (1 day ago)
*OMG OMG **5:51** THATS MY DEJA VU IT IS MY FRACKING DEJA VU!!!!!* it all got clear when the green ink got down and there was "vsauce" with big letter V 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Sanjin Craft (1 day ago)
I remember of dreaming my crush lefted me for unemotional cold bastard, and I was soo sad I was crying insanely I was soo sad, and even when I woke up i found a loots of tears on my face
Sanjin Craft (1 day ago)
1:03 You can see people dream, As I usually do...😂 and now im paranoid again😰
Andreas Kauz (1 day ago)
Am I the only one that rarely dreams?
Justine marahovskis (4 days ago)
Threats? My dreams are wierder than lady gaga music videos
I remember one time while I was getting dressed my mom heard me say “can you pass the construction paper Joshua” because I was still dreaming a lil bit lol
hirji maulidy (4 days ago)
I had dream but then I forgot in 5 sec after waking up
Artic_Poptart (4 days ago)
1:03 VSauce but out of context
AquaDronix (4 days ago)
Sleep is practically time travel, change my mind.
Stefan Zilovic (4 days ago)
1:05 lol
I had a lucid dream once and I tried experimenting how my brain would process the setting by bolting through door after door, opening them and discovering what was behind them
Alan chris (5 days ago)
Seriously..... I didn't understand anything
Come on guys what is the name of sound track in beginning?
Jada Lewis (5 days ago)
I had a dream about my friends were turned black by just standing near me. We had to spray water on them. But they just turned black. The color. Afterwards we skipped into the sunset. WTF brain??? Do we need to talk?
roshan jadhav (6 days ago)
Buddha knows why we dream.learn insight meditation/vippasana and gain wisdom.be happy.
Smashin (6 days ago)
Ik I’m late but every time I sleep I lucid dream - and I thought everyone did this every dream. I’m able to get up, go to the bathroom and visualize the dream and travel back into it? Anyone else?
MemeMore (6 days ago)
I once dreamed of being in a war and I got bombed when I died I woke up but not really.. I was in a new dream and that kept happening over and over until I finally woke up
Athirah Ariffin (6 days ago)
Two years ago I was dreaming that i was drowning even if i was awake but didnt open my eyes
cover master (6 days ago)
Has anyone realized v sauce Michael looks like simon from toptenz 😂😂😂
Just Renegade (6 days ago)
Funfact: Rats dream as well.
Who else looked up this video because they had a weird dream? Me!
grey shady (7 days ago)
Thank you for making YouTube a better place
Anish Nehete (6 days ago)
un aplauso al asador (7 days ago)
Los subtítulos en español no tienen nada que ver con el video xD
Kyree Clemens (7 days ago)
If you want to hear this or not but I had only 5 or 4,6 dreams and nightmares I could control my self oh and this one dream I had well nightmare so a cat bit my right leg and stretched it 20 cm away from my leg and when I woke up I could feel right were the cat bit me in the nightmare and the cat is cald a night cat or for short a nigh cat they came in 4 forms 1 they were purple tabby like thing's with dragon wings 2 they look like dark lions of darkness soul 3 they look like fish cats that breath poisonous gasses and 4 these ones look like ordinary cat's but are always aggressive and I got to see a dark dragon like thing cald the nighs heart she doesn't give up but she is well known to be found by people who claim to close there eyes then both may get to see the unseen
TINI A (8 days ago)
Brain is malfunctioning.
vatsal kejriwal (8 days ago)
I always lucid dream never had a normal dream that is why I can't relate to alot that people share.
feglesocially (8 days ago)
I used to have this reoccurring dream, where I'm flying a biplane over my block, pretty low to the ground but high enough to be just over the houses. Once I reached a certain house, I automatically jump out of the plane, and fall a bit slower than normal. Once I hit the ground, I wake up.
Prakash Roy (8 days ago)
video starts at 5:34 thank me later!
Brownie (8 days ago)
I've arleady dreamed something and one day that thing on the deam happened on the real world.
Brownie (7 days ago)
kool +Ruby Sharma
Ruby Sharma (8 days ago)
Yeah that had happened to me too several time 🙄🙄
BlackPanther X (8 days ago)
Oneirology has been practiced by muslims since 1400 years ago. So it existed.
DeadMiner9999 (9 days ago)
You watch people sleep...😕 Because that's not weird.
Z.O. Penelope (9 days ago)
*“You can actually see this happening.. if you watch people sleep.. like I usually do.”*
Pizza Empire[PE] (9 days ago)
Do a video on hallucinations
dragoon gaming (9 days ago)
Lucid dream. that reminds me of something.
Koivu Gaming (9 days ago)
Hmmh 🤔🤔
Schwifty Fox (10 days ago)
Becca K (10 days ago)
goddam jgj njy eoke up
Grant Strickland (10 days ago)
1:07 was he saying that he watches people sleep
OnDrAe (10 days ago)
I've only had 2 lucid dreams, one I was being attacked by zombies and I just commit suicide, second I ordered sprite pizza and ice cream and I could actually taste it, it was amazing.
Julian Pace (10 days ago)
We forget our dreams fine, but why do we have to forget our WęT DrEaMs...
Kiwiz Lucks (11 days ago)
What if I’m dreaming that I’m watching this video rn but I think that I’m not dreaming...
GameDestroyer409 (11 days ago)
1:04 ok
weebie (12 days ago)
wai not?
Pineapple And Belle (12 days ago)
Yep last night I New I was in a dream I was like WHAT THE
BryantJ31 (12 days ago)
Have you ever had a dream and in that dream you fall asleep and begin to dream again I called that in inception dream. I think I may make a movie about it.
AnIdeaIsGreat (12 days ago)
When i am very tired and i go to sleep i have bad dreams, i would say nightmares it's like im going to sleep, i wake up in in my dream, but i am still at the same place where i slept, but suddenly the place where i am, is litellary the same place where i was, but i am scared of it, and try to wake up everytime, i know when i am dreaming that, i wouldn't call it lucid dreaming i would call it a nightmare where you try to get out, where you can't move much, but see things, and still, everytime i am trying to wake my self up of getting away there, but it mostly happens when i am really tired
Angel Are (13 days ago)
Coretx 4:12
Pab xD (13 days ago)
Because we can, at least me
Supreme (13 days ago)
Micheal why U been watching people sleep u nounce
Supreme (13 days ago)
Feds: we got him
Josh Gaming3312 (14 days ago)
I HAD LUCID DREAMS! I knew what I wanted in my dream.
Hemp Kemp (14 days ago)
Peoples eyes move fast in (REM) when ther sleeping is because in your dream your looking around as if your actually ther inside your dream as if that’s reality. when in actual reality your just sleeping. and you can tell your dreaming cus if some one looks at you your eyes while ur sleeping your eyes will be moveing fast while your In your dream looking around in another completely different universe, damn I hope that made sense...
RiskxNo Ells (14 days ago)
im scared
Robbie Bell (14 days ago)
"known as lucid dreaming" I still see your shadows in my room, can't take back the love that i gave you
Big B (15 days ago)
"You can actually see this happening while watching people sleep, like I usually do." Two interpretations: One - Michael watches people sleep. Two - Michael sleeps like regular people. Either way, I'm laughing so hard.
Mayo Man (15 days ago)
All my dreams are lucid dreams
SpiderSparta56 (15 days ago)
you could ask Michael "What is One?" and he would write 1 on the chalk board and the freaken room would split in half!!!
The_Adminator (15 days ago)
What kind of dream is it if a schoolmate hang herself in bathroon? Not a lie. I am just curious why I saw someone who I know died.
Lucky115 _ (16 days ago)
Am I the only person who never had a lucid dream?
Shreerang Vaidya (16 days ago)
Can we record a dream
faizz khan (16 days ago)
Darth Vader (16 days ago)
October 2011 really YouTube???
Marthlake (16 days ago)
ever since i was 9 i never had dreams i just sleep and then wake up
Marthlake (16 days ago)
2:02 i always have those dreams
Rory Connor (17 days ago)
Sometimes i wake up and think, what a weird dream i just had but not remember anything about the dream
Edem_Eleven (17 days ago)
I open my eyes after a nap and Michael is watching me...
Maverick Hargrave (18 days ago)
When I was a kid, after waking up in the morning to go to school, I often slept again after shower, and dreamed that I was dressing up, taking breakfast, taking the bus and going to school... only to wake up one hour later with my mother screaming, YOU'RE LATE FOR SCHOOOL!
anonymous star (18 days ago)
I dreamt of sleeping in my dream . Got to be hard to wake me ? Nah
anonymous star (18 days ago)
I always have lucid dreams.
NaqimProductions (18 days ago)
I want michael to watch me sleep so badly
Muntaj Gill (18 days ago)
Wait, lucid dreaming is hard? Why do I almost always lucid dream rather than regular dreaming?
Jack Alvarez (19 days ago)
4:11 spelling error :(
Gary Padden (19 days ago)
mis-spelled cortex 4:12
JOSHUA LEONARD (19 days ago)
“If you watch people sleep, which I usually do” Me: What?
ClassyBitch (19 days ago)
I recently had a dream where I was in minecraft. Somebody stole my diamonds so I killed them. That’s all I remember.
Wolf. (19 days ago)
I’ve been dreaming anxiously for so long now.
Commander Spyke (20 days ago)
Whenever I have nightmares, I always wake up with the urge to go to the bathroom. So I think my body is giving me these unpleasant images so I get the hell up and go! It's so consistent with me that whenever I'm able to identify that something is wrong while dreaming I will stop everything in the dream, derailing the dream and making my actions quite lucid. Then usually waking up shortly after :D
Kori1315 (20 days ago)
My dreams are really confusing and stupid xD I remember them quite well actually
Dead Eye Rat on Fire (20 days ago)
I dreamt about having a lucid dream 3 times already, but it wasn't a lucid dream. I just dreamt I was having a lucid dream, but I wasn't in control of the dream. Sounds really inception like haha 😂
Aftersky _ (21 days ago)
Dreaming as a ninja?,i remember that
Mister Vaulty (21 days ago)
Major Gunpøwder (22 days ago)
We dream because it does not become real
jbw! (22 days ago)
5:07 alright
Thaj T (23 days ago)
I was expecting a satisfactory answer for Why we dream? This video is not answering the question, Why? So Vague, exactly like a dream.
Fat doink (23 days ago)
The music in the video makes me want to sleep
holyshitm8 (23 days ago)
this guy is fkin creepy, man. i wont even watch the rest of this ffs
Dead Eye Rat on Fire (20 days ago)
His videos are very interesting 😄
Infidelis (23 days ago)
I've had reoccurring dreams laced with things that actually happen to me for years now and it's strange. Part of me thinks it's training or something but some of the predictions are kind of... Out there. Certain lines from books I've never read, games I've never played until I play them and realize I've seen it before in a dream, conversations with people I didn't realize were even still in my city, and even predictions of disasters and news reports I couldn't have known would happen. I don't realize it until the memory clicks and it's a full on dejavu moment, but they happen so often that I've become accustomed to trying to break the predictions. I've only managed to break it once and it felt kinda useless, like it didn't really change anything but the words I said, but it was interesting. Brains are a strange little body part. Edit: I can't spell apparently.
lolo baba (24 days ago)
I swear i never got a good dream
Red Gans (24 days ago)
And here I am controlling my dream
Who else was sleeping while watching this video?
William Xu (24 days ago)
Michael can watch me sleep anytime, for science of course
We need Multiplayer Lucid Dreams
yourself (24 days ago)
Cough cough* juice wrld
Erriynx [GD] (25 days ago)
0:29 turn on subtitles lol
Wolf Schindler (25 days ago)
I sometimes clearly see and hear people in my dreams I've never met before. Where do they come from and what created them???
Peter Mados (25 days ago)
Also you can pick up other peoples dream from the other room.
Peter Mados (25 days ago)
Dreams tell you the future. Also if you sleep alone in the wilderness and a wild animal passes by you wake up in an instant. If the animal is close, but you have not seen it because of darkness you will never fall asleep. You have to leave the place far away:)
Alan Fuad (25 days ago)
1:04 you can actually see this happening if you watch people sleep (Like I Usually Do)
Dante's Inferno (26 days ago)
I remember maybe one dream per month. Most days of the month I wake up feeling like I didn't dream at all. The last time I remembered my dream must have been like three months ago. Au contraire my girlfriend can remember all of her nightmares distinctly in great detail.

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