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Top 10 Richest People in the World 2017

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Top 10 Richest People in the world for 2017. We request you to subscribe us for support & get more videos. Thanks in advance. Keep smiling. Top 10 Richest Persons in the World 2017. Also, watch How to be rich & successful - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4R_6vPi4p-0 These all richest people biography share the motivation about how to be rich in 2017. Here are the list of top 10 richest people in the world 2017. 10. Ingvar Kamprad He lives in Sweden. At 17, he founded IKEA retailer company. He is Now 89 Years Old. His Net Worth is $39.3 Billion. 9. Michael Bloomberg He lives in US. He founded Bloomberg LP Financial Services. Now He is 73 Years Old. His Net Worth is $42.1 Billion 8. Mark Zuckerberg He lives in US. He founded Facebook as we all know. Now he is 31 Years Old. His Net Worth is $42.8 Billion. 7. Larry Ellison He lives in US. He founded Oracle. Now He is 71 Years Old. His Net Worth is $45.3 Billion. 6. Charles Koch He lives in US He founded Koch Idustries Now he is 80 Years Old. His Net Worth is $46.8 Billion. 5. David Koch He lives in US. He founded Koch Industries. Now he is 75 Years Old. His Net Worth is $47.4 Billion. 4. Jeff Bezos He lives in US. He founded Amazon.com Now he is 51 Years Old. His Net Worth is $56.6 Billion. 3. Warren Buffett He lives in US. He founded Berkshire Hathaway. Now he is 85 Years Old. His Net Worth is $60.7 Billion. 2. Amancio Ortega He lives in Spain. He founded Inditex. Now he is 79 Years Old. His Net Worth is $66.8 Billion. 1. Bill Gates He lives in US. He Founded Microsoft. Now he is 60 Years Old. His Net Worth is $87.4 Billion
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Young Entrepreneurs Forum (10 months ago)
New Updated Video - Top 10 Richest People in the World 2018 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMzqQ2do6fE
Queen Blackshear (3 days ago)
Young Entrepreneurs Forum .
RANK 10 (29 days ago)
https://youtu.be/tFZPnjRjr0I . Pls watch my video at least once.pls like 🙏🙏🙏
Kamal Said (5 months ago)
Why is Jack Ma is not in this list?
Brian Byon (6 months ago)
Here's more accurate video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9b6iTwKSwUs :):):)
Jennifer Marciano (6 months ago)
Young Entrepreneurs Forum Thank You so very much. I wish I had money to donate to all of your hard work but I am financially Embarrassed. So I hope thank you & sharing is enough? I’m so sorry
Adam Pawlak (12 hours ago)
1.i get a million £ 2.i scream 3.I wake up 4. I cri
Queen Yuraaze (28 days ago)
Oh so many richest man who lives in us
TOP5CLUB (29 days ago)
Selfmade for the win
APEX GHOUL 316 (1 month ago)
I wish I was rich, so that I can buy ps4 pro and all its game
reynald tacoloy (1 month ago)
I am poor people in the Philippines! simple living faith with God!! 3 times a day will eat!! I hope this 10 richest people would have heart to help people who suffer from poverty, our church need a giver person to improve our ! " Proverbs 11:25 " A generous person will prosper who ever refreshes others will be refreshed" Mattew 5:7 "Blessed are they who show mercy, mercy shall be theirs."
adelfa Tan (1 month ago)
Omasa ang sa boo mondo magkaron ako ng bahay too dahil naloko ang sa bahay yan kala ko titira na kami iba pala ang may ari ng bahay sodra worry lahat ng pira don sa bahay yan ang hirap
adelfa Tan (1 month ago)
Ang pangrap ko bahay lang ang hirap nakitira ka lang sana magkaron ako bahay oki na ako ibalik ni lord saiyon pag too yan
adelfa Tan (1 month ago)
Alam niyon po marami ako matolonga lalo na ang aprika walang makani gosto matolonga sila yan ang sabiko kay lord sana too yan nakapost sakin lahat lalo na ang pilippin sodra bait nila sakin thank you
adelfa Tan (1 month ago)
Too bayan hindi alam
Leong Xiong (1 month ago)
Excuses me ,where is JACK MA ( china ).
Nishant Kumar (1 month ago)
Jayson Petuya (1 month ago)
Tangina nyo us😂
james bond (1 month ago)
I wish one day i become fucken billionaire
CECIL COLLINS (1 month ago)
They don't look rich
Dharma Chatterji (1 month ago)
Great World Richest Personalities,
Lucas Zerafa (2 months ago)
If your watching ing 2018 then now Jeff Bezos is the richest at $156 billion! God that’s a lot of money to spend in a lifetime.
E G (2 months ago)
They may be rich, but what life do these riches have? with all their billions of dollars? Do they travel all the time and enjoy the most beautiful places around the world? Or are they always working inside closed office walls? Thinking and stressing about money? Even if they do travel its usually from one hotel room to the next, they hide inside their hotels, so much for seeing outdoor beauties. Are they always running after their money? It seems these rich and famous people are always hiding inside their homes too, like Golden prisons. So what? In my opinion they don't have good enough life.
Soulless Dreams魂夢 (2 months ago)
I thought there were such things as trillionaires..
hr jordan (2 months ago)
what hell man.. i got my paycheck this month and i thought im rich
Nivesh Ken (2 months ago)
Are tum late ho bai
Manveer Singh Negi (2 months ago)
where is Mukesh Ambani 41 billion dollars
Chichie CaDareLl (2 months ago)
if you're richest don't tell it in public. :-) just in private :-) to protect your self and to your family .....
T U PEX (2 months ago)
actually i am a customer service in amazon.co.uk right know jeff bezos is number 2 now .
C MayR (2 months ago)
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dogs cute (3 months ago)
Sfa to hernia airlines
Mr. Dark (3 months ago)
#*****I will be there till 2029 Im just 15 years old******#
Rashida Limdi (3 months ago)
King Bora Beats (3 months ago)
Uh david koch looks a tad bit off.
Leonilo Reponte (3 months ago)
How about dupont.rothchild.bush.walton.rockefeller.
CyroMinx (3 months ago)
Wait how can this be the richest in 2017 if this video was posted in 2016..🤔
Unboxing Experience (3 months ago)
Hey jeff bezos now had become the richest person with an unbelievable net worth of 163B$ and still increasing at a terrific speed that his net worth has an addition every month which is in billions which is considered as the net worth of other billionaires...
you can see india's richest on my channel
filloxy Philip (3 months ago)
that's amazing
Tina Anderson (3 months ago)
Its crazy cause all my friends at school say ps4 is better that Xbox but the founder of Microsoft (Xbox) is on the richest list and Sony is not
frank vazquez (3 months ago)
Where's Carlos Slim????
4FIVE HD (3 months ago)
Is it a black man on here
Carlo Montes (3 months ago)
bill gates is the most richest of all
mark vietti (4 months ago)
Bible says: ( it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.) now that is very very clear...unless your a total idiot.. but there is a loophole. If you think god is real you are also a total idiot...
Umair Ali (4 months ago)
Where is steve jobs
Princewell Martin (4 months ago)
A yound guy found face book
vishal choudhary (4 months ago)
All of them from us
vishal choudhary (4 months ago)
Young Entrepreneurs Forum I'm coming 😂😂😂
vishal choudhary (4 months ago)
Young Entrepreneurs Forum ya
Yes. Let we all go US....
Rylan McHugh (4 months ago)
The Rothchilds??
caro88 Olofsson (4 months ago)
Why is ther no women one the list
Iyobor Fredrick (4 months ago)
Money god I love movie
newters (4 months ago)
why cant i copy and paste ascii art of a guillotine this is all jeff bezos's fucking fault
newters (4 months ago)
Aqueed Shaikh (4 months ago)
I am the poorest in the world however the happiest in the world..lol
Jang Looko (4 months ago)
The title should be " the richest businessmen in the world" by the way, the richest man in the world is Ferdinand Edralin Marcos. Just check about it !
Deyzel Magbitang (4 months ago)
Wtf Where Henry Sy He live In Philippines Years old 93
US$19.6 billion (August 2018 updated) is a net wealth of Henry Sy... Compare it.
How many of them skipped this video for Bill Gates? Like if you agree.
Deepti Goel (4 months ago)
most of them are from US.Lakshmi Mittal?
No indian?😭😭
Lee shau kee is the most richest man herre
Fakhruddin Fateh (4 months ago)
i want of world not only for amarica you idiot
Dari Vlogs (4 months ago)
Popzain 30 (5 months ago)
*CR7* ??
Popzain 30 (5 months ago)
*Brunei Sulthan* ??????
Popzain 30 (5 months ago)
*Carlos Slim* ???????
Anthonio Nesbitt (5 months ago)
Wtf bill gates is not the richest man in the world, them Shiek have over 200billion dollars
*Habib Rehman* (5 months ago)
Everything is wrong if we compare it with today's world.Also what was the point behind mentioning their ages? Didn't get it!!! 🤔
jecar panumpang (5 months ago)
Anime Lover (5 months ago)
if Pablo Escobar still alive he will be the richest person in the earth
https://youtu.be/RzIzkzhCvSg Richest People in August 2018
japanese mind (5 months ago)
Why all live in us
George Palma (5 months ago)
Should be the ten richest in the u.s. because there is more billionaires around the world.. not only u.s.
Bruce strkland (5 months ago)
No Twice No Life (5 months ago)
I wonder were there money goes? That's so much
thoufick mohamed (5 months ago)
Hi everyone I need money for my mom eye operation plz help me $500 plz anybody help me God help u ,. My PayPal email [email protected]
awd asd (5 months ago)
1Vladimir Putin 2 Bill Gates Vladimir Is More Richer den bill gates
Yeshu Taryo (5 months ago)
1 bill than putin lost
Anemonas (5 months ago)
stupid slide video
sanjeewa balasooriya (5 months ago)
I will be in the list next year 😃
erik esqueda (5 months ago)
Not true there’s a guy who has 619 billion dollars I forgot his name
Mehjabin Montaha (5 months ago)
Hey what about Cristiano ronaldo
kyran lee (5 months ago)
American 8/10 billionaires?
MoneyManMax Parisi (5 months ago)
My dad works for Larry Ellison
Jerry Platform (5 months ago)
685 billion
Jerry Platform (5 months ago)
Im replying for myself i hope to be number 2 and my homeboy 1 on the richest in existence
VIPER TA GTC (5 months ago)
I have a peni. I'm the richest
Lmao Hi (5 months ago)
Sooo, Bill Gates, huh? He's actually not the richest.
Watch new updated list of richest people July 2018 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_0bdSNRssI
Sriram .m (5 months ago)
Amazon owner jeffer son is 1 rich man in world
Puffy Asians (5 months ago)
No no this is all wrong the title says around the world
Jonathan Meyer (5 months ago)
Jeff bezos is the richest now
Christian Yate (5 months ago)
If I was rich in would give lots of my money to my kids and family then donate lots of it to charities and homeless shelters.
Jovy Mingke (6 months ago)
i want to live being poor
Savage Bear 5000 (6 months ago)
Get a microphone plz
Pradeep Meena (6 months ago)
Most of them are from US Great
Kent anderson (6 months ago)
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Blobfish Productions (6 months ago)
you miss spelled Koch Industries
Gquez Gates (6 months ago)
Wow bill gates gots money
Chandu Sharath (6 months ago)
I am in such condition . I don't have a chance to return my amount to financier .so please help me
Chandu Sharath (6 months ago)
sir if you are a richest person in the world .my family is in the trouble help me
XboxOne4U2NV (6 months ago)
I only knew one person and that was bill gates
Sahid Khan (6 months ago)
sara amerika ka he khay
Nikhil Yadav (6 months ago)
Monkey Banana (6 months ago)
Ambani has net worth of 43.2 billion and his house is richest house in the world
Monkey Banana (6 months ago)
It's wrong where is Mukesh ambani you people mentioned only western people...Indians and sl can like
David Blatt (6 months ago)
Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world as of right now.
S.K riyaz (6 months ago)
Where is apple

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