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BOYS try GIRL'S Gymnastics! Ninja Kidz Tv

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Boys try 2 girls gymnastic events. Can boys do balance beam and uneven bars? Payton and her friends challenge her brothers, Bryton, Ashton, Paxton and their friends. Thanks to arete gymnastics. Awesome Ninja Stuff! https://www.ninjakidztvstore.com Subscribe to see more Awesome Videos! https://www.youtube.com/c/NinjaKidzTV?sub_confirmation=1 Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/NinjaKidzTV/ Follow us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ninjakidztv/ **************************************************** NINJA KIDZ TV is an Awesome family friendly channel for all ages. We make Awesome Action skits, have Adventures, do Challenges, and teach cool Skilz with fun tutorials. Our videos share valuable character-building messages and powerful life skilz. No matter your age, you too can be a Ninja Kid! Ninja Kidz Got Skilz! We are skilled martial artists, gymnasts, and parkour athletes. We are properly trained to safely perform all the skills and stunts in our videos. We use safety equipment and planning to ensure our safety. All skills and stunts are coordinated by and performed under the direction of adult professionals. Do not attempt these skills or stunts without proper training and the supervision of a responsible adult. Ninja Kidz TV is not responsible for the actions of viewers who attempt what they see on a video. We love Mail: P.O. Box 123 Draper, Ut. 84020
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Text Comments (17536)
Ninja Kidz TV (5 months ago)
The girls had so much fun with this challenge, and think the boys did totally awesome trying girls gymnastics! Should the girls try boys gymnastics?
Nour El Mansouri (17 days ago)
Githa-Mae Austen (18 days ago)
Ninja Kidz TV
J Khan (18 days ago)
Ramarao Kavuru (2 months ago)
Ninja Kidz TV 📺
Sarah Baine (2 months ago)
seri Kim (42 minutes ago)
Give a like if I got u fooled!! Read more
orcagirl 12345 (2 hours ago)
So........you know the girl that was doing to high bars we have the same name Aislynn hmmm.... it's very Irish
Ryan Ramey (2 hours ago)
The boys lost the girls won their boys didn't do a handstand
Macy Does Gacha (4 hours ago)
ur all amazing
The- Duong (5 hours ago)
No no
Issac Vazquez-Roman (6 hours ago)
It issac's sister I love gymnastics and i love your show. And girls i think They lost
Jenny Gomez (6 hours ago)
No no no
Liz Williams (6 hours ago)
No you did not pas the girl challenge
brian smith (7 hours ago)
Find the a
brian smith (7 hours ago)
Nevaeh Bain (7 hours ago)
Girls won
Kenzie Moore (7 hours ago)
no you guys did not
Shaw Shaw (8 hours ago)
No I mea9n the boy lost
Shaw Shaw (8 hours ago)
Mon you did it
malik avrette (8 hours ago)
I think the boys did not pass the girls challenge
C Martin (9 hours ago)
my sister is SO annoying
Mila Tv (9 hours ago)
Mila Tv (9 hours ago)
Laura Juarez (11 hours ago)
The girls were the best
malekjaffar (12 hours ago)
Boys lost but girls win
Summay Mobile (15 hours ago)
Go girl!!!!
Summay Mobile (15 hours ago)
jenjoseph00 (16 hours ago)
SametOMG (16 hours ago)
Ninja kids tv I love you so so much Pls make new videos In Gymnastics Boys vs girls
SametOMG (16 hours ago)
the winner is BOYS!!
SametOMG (16 hours ago)
but girls have 28
SametOMG (16 hours ago)
boys wins
SametOMG (16 hours ago)
boys 76
SametOMG (16 hours ago)
Boys Girls
Jahangir Alom (16 hours ago)
The girls in the comments are saying the boys lost cause there just girls are losers okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Hope Humphry (16 hours ago)
Rut Hernandez (18 hours ago)
Genevieve Traversy (21 hours ago)
Ya boy
Tintin G (22 hours ago)
Izaaz Funuri (22 hours ago)
Yes boys
Ramona Pretty (1 day ago)
little bit but not all of it was you still lost the girls
Bader Beluchi (1 day ago)
جشضج ذ
Jesse Alexander (1 day ago)
Boys passed
JT (1 day ago)
Girls, don't be bullies, please. I like you guys so much (plus the girls and dad).
Richard Dong (1 day ago)
THE BOYS TOTALLY WON! Girls are sore loser
LeeboSnider (1 day ago)
Nooooooooooooooooooo! Boys Lost by
Chey Sides (1 day ago)
The boys did not win the girl challenge
Kelsie Kelly (1 day ago)
The one in the red shert
Shalyn Jones (1 day ago)
Carlos Medrano (1 day ago)
i like and subscribe !
Jasmine Lopez (1 day ago)
Natalia Gonzalez (1 day ago)
Girls won
Find 2 difference medium 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😊😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😊
move me (1 day ago)
Lin You (1 day ago)
Kiana Mercer (1 day ago)
I think the girls win
Analytj (1 day ago)
boys did not did a good jod
Jeremy Hale (1 day ago)
No Hey what time can I call you
jennie barth (1 day ago)
It isn't boys can do woman gymnastics if they get shortcuts and get it easy they just can't do it
Soosquishy5674 (1 day ago)
I’m sorry but I am cringing so hard rn
Owen Metscher (1 day ago)
Yes you past
Samantha Truax (1 day ago)
Boys won because at least they did it
Lil_Defaultt (1 day ago)
the girls are beautiful
Dan Lacey (1 day ago)
Peton you did American ninja Warrior
Geeenlee Bolyard (1 day ago)
Hector Robles (1 day ago)
The boys nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Nadine McBrearty (1 day ago)
Girls good boys are just ok I love your vids too ninja kidz TV
T&J PLAYZ (1 day ago)
6:16 😱
Putz Putzy (1 day ago)
Izaaz Funuri (1 day ago)
Yes stupid girls
Harry Stephen (1 day ago)
virginia abreu (1 day ago)
John Leung (1 day ago)
No you didt.
tina paros (1 day ago)
no boys
Ellyce (1 day ago)
Stacey Benton (2 days ago)
Xx tuber pro (2 days ago)
the boys did pass
Beatriz Rios (2 days ago)
Victori gers
London Caligone (2 days ago)
Can the girls try boy gymnastics
Gacha Gamer 7 (2 days ago)
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Gacha Gamer 7 (2 days ago)
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le nu (2 days ago)
Joceys World (2 days ago)
Angelique Reynoso (2 days ago)
Carolyn Risucci (2 days ago)
Yes the girls should try boy gymnastics
Marsella Bolaños (2 days ago)
Boys win the boys are better
jouselie calixte (2 days ago)
the. Boys. Past 😂
Yukon Saria (2 days ago)
7:35 OOF
Maximillan Juan (2 days ago)
Georgia Cole (2 days ago)
The girls win
Toni Starker (2 days ago)
Were do you live
Hayden Franklin (2 days ago)
the girls are jeilis.
summer drew (2 days ago)
If you think my eye shood feel better comment I cut my eye
BUKET HAN (2 days ago)
the boys did better than the girls
Sioneia Cordeiro (2 days ago)
Ele não subiu lá em cima
Oleh Zolotarchuk (2 days ago)
I think boys did not passed the challenge 🤐😮
Dugans Amilli (2 days ago)
AVISIKTA KUNDU (2 days ago)
AVISIKTA KUNDU (2 days ago)
If you find a L please like
Genesis Blue (2 days ago)
I'm 13
Eduardo Rojas (2 days ago)
Eduardo Rojas (2 days ago)
Jewel 345 (2 days ago)
The boys sucked at this, no offense guys!
Jewel 345 (2 days ago)
LOL the girls were like, uh uh sucks

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