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MLB Best Jumps

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Matt Blase (4 days ago)
Tank Chen (1 month ago)
0:19 😂😂😂
Tank Chen (1 month ago)
The second one is the funniest
Jake Carroll (6 months ago)
Turn To Christ and forsake your sins
I'm unsubscribing. (6 months ago)
Hawk Harrelson from the White Sox is the worst announcer in MLB
Antoine Wright (2 months ago)
He is.
Fierce Trap (1 year ago)
The one where Jose Altuve jumped to tip it, on Aaron Judge it would've been a strike right down the middle
Nicholas Caywood (1 year ago)
You are the best channel by far
Cammed Sbc (1 year ago)
Get these black people out of baseball and out of America
A Wong (1 year ago)
Chris Coghlan!!
Jo yuh (1 year ago)
Wouldnt tulowitski be safe in the first one anyway? Thought you can overrun first base
cameron howell (1 year ago)
not if he turn tword second
Elizabeth Stephens (1 year ago)
unable to attend a catch⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾
salad (1 year ago)
1:27 best jump
Arr0 (1 year ago)
I'm always happy when the blue jays do something cool. In not from Toronto btw
Derek aka Derek (1 year ago)
shouldn't he be out at 0:09? don't you only have to tag first base?
cameron howell (1 year ago)
no he went to second itis a tag play
OMEGA (1 year ago)
3:44 this guy has hops
Hector campero (1 year ago)
estoes perron
Collin Spivey (1 year ago)
It said 420 and there was green behind it
OMEGA (1 year ago)
Collin Spivey I don't 👂 it
Collin Spivey (1 year ago)
Jesse Rumsey (1 year ago)
Ohhh and he hurdles over the ball dude!!!
xof49 (1 year ago)
....but for Ozzie Smith, it was Tuesday.
erin green (1 year ago)
017 but he was on the base with the ball isnt he out ?
Tank Chen (1 month ago)
erin green I think he needs to tag him
George Coulson (1 year ago)
erin green no because when you touch first originally you are safe, he was rounding first making an attempt to second then came back, in that case it's not a force out but a tag is needed
Amber Peeters (1 year ago)
long-term wooden library middle butter steal access holiday husband.
Professional (1 year ago)
Forgot Correa's
陳信儒 (1 year ago)
good jumps
eauhomme (1 year ago)
0:43 Ozzie Smith was the greatest shortstop ever, bar none...
Aston Boyd (29 days ago)
Ozzie 2nd and Jeter 1st
Meme Chef (1 year ago)
I assume you don't remember Cal Ripken Jr. cause he was dominant defensively and offensively while Ozzie wasn't.
eauhomme (1 year ago)
Ozzie was so dominant defensively that he was brought straight to the majors from the Northwest league, short-A ball, the second lowest rung of the minors after only 68 games. He was immediately named the opening day starter and nobody cared if he could hit. When he became the first shortstop in baseball to make $1,000,000, he did so despite having only a .234 career batting average at the time. He drew a lot of walks and almost never struck out from day one, but improved himself as a hitter until he became a consistent .290 hitter. He was also an excellent base stealer. Jeter was expected to be a star from day one. Ozzie was a 7th round pick who shocked the hell out of everyone the second they saw him put on a glove.
eauhomme (1 year ago)
I assume you never saw Ozzie play. Jeter was a very intelligent shortstop, using perfect positioning to make up for marginal range. Ozzie had Jeter's intelligence, Omar Vizquel's hands, and more range than anyone I ever saw.
CGTV Gaming (1 year ago)
eauhomme nooooo jeter was
AJ Metzy (1 year ago)
Ozzie's was incredible.
Rylan Robinson (5 months ago)
He was not human
Evan Reid (1 year ago)
AJ Metzy I know
DMS (1 year ago)
Jeter was incredible!
kevin gill (1 year ago)
Mlb Best sport
Andrew Edwards (1 year ago)
and I thought this would be a video of easiest stolen bases.
Instant Insanity (1 year ago)
me too he needs to call it best hops
Kevin Jones (1 year ago)
Came here thinking the same thing lol
Jackson Wakeley (1 year ago)
Where is David wrights jump at third base Trashy content thought u were a mets fan
Evan Reid (1 year ago)
Jackson Wakeley that's very biased
A5harpie (1 year ago)
Puckett in 1991 World Series. I know I am biased, but still...
James Bond (1 year ago)
I was going to say the same thing.
DroverChicago (1 year ago)
2:50 Gotta love hearing all those Cubs fans at Miller Park, aka Wrigley North whenever the Cubs are in town
RooPoo Vlogs (1 year ago)
I love the 5th ward saints commercial by dicks makes me cry, gosh darn it!!
Karson Symonds (1 year ago)
A.R.P Vlogs Ikr
_.Javier Savage._ (1 year ago)
Matt Carpenter Is Garbage ☺
_.Javier Savage._ (1 year ago)
bruh the first one is raw
Chase R (1 year ago)
Where is mike trout?
FluffyXLIV (1 year ago)
Bray Wells (1 year ago)
carpenter is savage
Joshua Medrano (1 year ago)
great vid man, keep doing some more 😀
Maxoman (1 year ago)
Alexander Morata (1 year ago)
carpender is the best
OMEGA (1 year ago)
Tevin Beaver yay right
Lainie Hutchings (1 year ago)
Ok well Im pretty sure is better at playing baseball then you though.
Tevin Beaver (1 year ago)
Lainie Hutchings carpenter is so slow I can run faster than that
Lainie Hutchings (1 year ago)
i know
Alexander Morata (1 year ago)
carpender is the best
AspectVideos (1 year ago)
Donaldson looks likes he's pooping
XxXxXxXx (5 months ago)
Oh do I have a story for you
Milo Baseball (1 year ago)
Mega Xxxtreme it did 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
I’m Weird (1 year ago)
Ice boi69 (1 year ago)
first and good vid!! :)
Braxton Mcfaddin (1 year ago)
first like and comment
Luis Vallejo (1 year ago)
ParadoxClash (1 year ago)

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