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Dreams About Snakes - What do dreams about snakes mean?

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Free interpretations here for dreaming about snakes from http://www.dreamsleep.net/meanings/snakes/ . What does it mean to dream about snakes or of falling into a snake pit. The interpretation of dreams about snakes and the hidden meaning of snake dreams. Also includes reptiles, cobras, pythons and viper dreams. If you would like to know more: VISIT US TO ASK YOUR FREE QUESTIONS http://psychics.co.uk SUBSCRIBE FOR LATEST PARANORMAL VIDEOS! http://www.youtube.com/user/psychicmovies/ GET A PSYCHIC MEDIUM READING WITH US http://psychics.co.uk/psychicreadings SUBSCRIBE TO OUR EMAIL LIST! http://psychics.co.uk/ezine.html LET'S CONNECT! Google+ ► https://plus.google.com/+CraigHamiltonParker/posts Facebook ► http://facebook.com/hamiltonparker Twitter ► http://twitter.com/chamiltonparker Psychic Family USA ► http://www.psychicfamily.com Psychics & Mediums Network UK ► http://psychics.co.uk
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Craig Hamilton-Parker (1 year ago)
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Semi-Gamer ™ (3 months ago)
Please read this all. So, I had a dream I was behind my home, there was a weird animal, a really weird one like a combination of a dog and mink or however that animal that sneaks up at night and kills your chickens, ducks and everything else is called, anyway a combination of a dog and that one, it was pretty small and it was white with big black spots on it like a normal dog, then I walked around and saw inside the greenhouse a BIG hole, like a man dogged one or animal dogged with big spotted eggs like that little bird found in the wild but some people have them too, it lays tiny eggs, anyway big eggs then a lot of big birds kind of like kiwi birds but much bigger like 20-30cm. tall, brown feathers with white spots at the end of their wings, the wings were tucked they were walking, and they kept cracking the eggs and more and more appeared, then some of those weird dog animals were in there, then I was back where I first saw the animal, just like a 5meters distance and there was a piece of tarp, the hardly transparent type that greenhouses are usually wrapped in and it was big like there was a pillow under it, I grabbed it and moved it, under it were a lot of small snakes, like a ball of them, A LOT, mostly dark colors, I then moved from it and went to my did to get a gun, one of those simple ones where you put a piece of shaped aluminum in it and it just shoots based on air or something, you can use for sparrows and small game like that, the "bullet" you can squish it, anyway I went to get it and my dad gave me a really weird looking one that was pretty small and some white plastic on it, I went back and tried to shoot that animal, nothing, again, nothing, then I was back where I came out, ok so where my dad was, is under the balcony is like a big corridor with a summer kitchen that goes from the front of the house to the back, nothing fancy so as I was at the part in front of the house when I took the gun then shot the animal and nothing happened I appeared back where you would get out of the corridor and there was like a line of those animals walking from right to left, the spot with the snakes and me trying to shoot the animal would be to my right, so there was that line of those spotted animals just walking and walking, starting from behind some old metal junk to my right and going to the left behind a tree and the building with wood and stuff, and they just kept walking more and more, the line wasn't ending, then I was back at the spot with snakes and where I tried to shoot the animal and it was looking at me and now it has little teeth, like how monsters have in movies at the bottom and with 2 big ones to the side, but they were little as he was the size of a 2-3 months old puppy, also in that line there were some big ones too but the body was the same, only their scale changed, not with much also I only sat and looked at the line for a few seconds, less than 5. Then after that animal look at me the dream ended. That night or the night after my brother was coming home, he was in the country next to us, he transports people, parcels, cars stuff like that and the road was icy, he couldn't control the car and went into the barrier, not hard, he hit it bent it a bit and kept going, everyone else was sleeping and they didn't feel a thing, only his friend which was his second driver, sleepin nin the passenger left seat turned a bit. My mom also had a weird dream. Now I am thinking, was my brother the animal, and me trying to kill it with the gun and not succeeding, was I the ice on the road and the fact that there was that barrier and my brother being a very, very experienced driver and having a trailer with a car behind him being the smaller and weaker gun, like, is that why the gun was how it was and the bullets dkpoing nothing? Then the teeth were... idk the reaction of his friend ? Then what were the snakes, birds, and line of animals? What the F was that dream ? Could you guys tell me something, I think I got half of it, but I am missing on something, wait, there were a few of these animals on some planks in the greenhouse watching the birds from above, were the birds the people and the animals trying to get them but not succeed? Because the people didn't feel a thing and the birds also didn't react so that is something. But the snakes and the line of those animals, what did they mean ?
Lee Warner (4 months ago)
dearpuroo (6 months ago)
I saw death of my husband by snake byte
ARTEMIS2 REAPER (1 day ago)
In my dreams, snakes always chase and tries to bite me....
Black Life (7 days ago)
I dreamed about a snake is about to attack me and some guy with his family jumped and saved me and killed it but the snake bit him before he died and slowly the man is dying in front of me and his family is watching and not saying anything and then I went away and the snakes started to follow me and one black snake bit me in the leg and I woke up very scared. And the night before I dreamed about scorpions 😔
Patty Patty (14 days ago)
I saw.a.small grey snake passing infront of me heading to the side of the water ...I was on my way to the river ..what does that mean
I had at least 40 snakes in mine and they did not hurt but i took the message from the snakes and got rid of the thing bothring me.
Cynthia Bonilla (22 days ago)
I had a dream that I was in school and I was writing this paper. It was suppose to be a group paper but in the dream I didnt get along with the group so I asked the teacher if I could write my own story... next thing I remember o was in my childhood room at my desk where I use to write my songs. And I had some old friends in their that I haven't seen in a long time. Their personalities were different... and then I had this big brown and black snake in my hand with a beaded tail. It was weird though cause in the dream I felt more worried and guilty about the snake then scare. I was using him for my story but at some point I felt had to be freed. So I was wrestling trying to calm him down so that I could let him go. He kept biting my finger but I wasnt bleeding. It was more like a bite that cat or dog gives when their just scared. The snake was also hurt through our entanglement. And I remember holding him and walking him our of my house down the street while trying to get him to stop biting and uncoil so that I could throw him back in nature. I never did untangle him and I soon woke up but right before I did I remember looking in his eyes there was a deep sadness and frustration. My heart broke. I think the weirdest thing about the dream is that I wasnt afraid. I mean I didnt want him to attack me once I let go but the way I handle him was like someone with their pet trying to calm them. The more I held him and saw him hurt and frustrated the more I just wanted to set him free in peace.
Kristian Canoy (26 days ago)
Of all the snake dreams I had, the most peculiar one was seeing a lot of snakes in front of me and as I looked further, I saw my classmates standing waving at me lol. After a few weeks, a major issue regarding about me started. They have been talking about it for months, and it got out of control and I just knew it because someone “accidentally spilled it”. I asked someone outside my classmates’ circle and told me that dreaming about snakes CAN represent traitors. Well, I don’t usually believe in it though. After all, I am partially responsible why that certain issue happened. It’s just that I am surprised that they act like nothing’s ever happend while I am overwhelmed with how stupid I am thinking I had someone or my side or someone who wants to understand my side regarding the issue. Lol. Anyone else have the same experience?
Kar3n (26 days ago)
Prayer to God to guide you,helping,protect u,to show up the way.
Kar3n (26 days ago)
Old school dream, people around you hate u envy u want to destroy u. U got to get to a higher frequency. U have a gift but u might be just waking up spiritually. Get out of low frequency.
Larry Gaddon (1 month ago)
If you dream about snakes it means someone is going to betray you.
Peace i (1 month ago)
i had a dream that i had a pet long black anaconda gigantic one and he was happy and i fed it bread lol and he was a family pet like he showed happiness like a dog ......i have weird dreams
Cold_ara Mangala (1 month ago)
I dream about two big snakes and the one ate my dog and i was about to help my dog but the snake already ate her and i call my brother then i woke up what's the meaning of my dream I'm really scared right now
Joan Emmanuel (1 month ago)
I was been hunt by a tiny fast snake last night what does it mean? The sneak was basically looking out for me
Albanian 4tirana (1 month ago)
I have see big black and white snake in dream 🤔
Joralyn Pablo (2 months ago)
I dream that a big snake is swallowing me but then he/she just spit me...i wonder what does it mean🤔
nyeongan (2 months ago)
I dream of snake i just saw it i was about to kill it but i just leave it now i dresm of snake again in my dream they want me to move it but i was afraid it may bite me but didn't but when i moved it to another room it suddenly dies and the body of it is seperating.
estelle Lottering (2 months ago)
I dream about 3 anaconda snakes the one have 5 heads its very big the other one lay next to him playing with his tough looking at me and the 3rd one I see my daughter kill its head and I wake up
Focusight Gaming (2 months ago)
My dream is i am playing with my friends then i open the door the the knob turned to a snake😡 the i woke the shouted😂😂
Kendrick Lamar (2 months ago)
I saw a lot of snakes in my dream... different snakes small, big and other colors and I was scared and runned .. what a heck does that mean ?
Charlotte Clarke1987 (2 months ago)
I'm not scared of snakes though. For the last three years, I've had a pet snake that will possibly be taller than me if you could hold it from head to tail. Every day I handle her and there is no sign in her biting me at all. But every now and then I keep getting dreams of her biting me but it doesn't hurt and I manage to pull her away. My life is a car crash because too much bad stuff happens so there's got to be some other explanation.
SoCal Fresh (3 months ago)
I saw a black snake in my yard and it went in my house and it was hiding until I killed it what does it mean
Chonko Chauke (3 months ago)
I gree with you you not always when you dream a snake is evil no.I dream white snakes moving around in the house and they wher not fighting me just walking and i sow myself piking money it was R5 the coins
Windyl Mabala (3 months ago)
I dream a snake, the big snake and the small snake, they attack me but they have one person help me.. he is a very strong because he hepl me to go away from the snake, na colour of the snake is yellow with black i think it is a stripe snake colour. What is the meaning of that please ?
Sarah Arceo (3 months ago)
I had a dream of a albino snake (it was small) I was helping it live cause it was dying.
KECHU LADDU (3 months ago)
I had dream with that had coloured with red and yellow and sand...I can't able to remember correctly...so can you plz say what it is meant by.....
Holy Water (3 months ago)
But my snake was tiny and cute tho (in my dream) I don’t fear them so I held it and my cat even liked that lil cutie (ye Ik it was a weird dream that’s why I am here) but than I looked away for a sec and when I looked back it was gone. And that was the end of my dream🤷🏼‍♀️. What would it mean???
anupama sid (4 months ago)
Yeah . .I'm spiritually developing ...tnx dear
Ken Coleman (4 months ago)
I ate a raw golden snake with a white blood
Katie S. (4 months ago)
I had a dream that this pure white friendly snake kept following me around. I however am terrified of snakes in general. I was scared only because I have a fear of any type of snake or lizard but the snake gave a very friendly vibe. It meant no harm it just wanted to come to me.. following me around even though there were other ppl around it didn’t harm them at all. What can this mean?
corpuswala (4 months ago)
Excellent sir, thank you
nikimaisha vizarra (4 months ago)
I dream last nyt nov 3 2018 dead snakes a lot of snakes in our stairs what is the meaning of it?
ALHD 48 (4 months ago)
I pulled my snake and white venom came out
Erma Gerd!!! (4 months ago)
I constantly dream of having to tip toe around to keep from stepping on poisonous snakes.
Monica Mendoza (4 months ago)
I dream of snakes, helping them pill their skins, and snakes were acting sexual to me. what does that mean?
Emelita Orellano (6 months ago)
I had a dream of phyton snake lying in our plant box infront of our house but the mouth of the snake was already cut...
Mark Lester Pajares (6 months ago)
I had dream one big brown snake. its not strike me when it comes but my uncle try to kill it. after it hides, then it goes to the tree that time it tries to strike me but there is one guy with a long white hair wearing a white clothes with a sword or something trying to protect me. He try to distract the snake because it really wants to strike me and after I found him giving the snake a big chicken then it goes and stop after the guy just disappear and I woke up.
Safia Ali (6 months ago)
God is sending u a message pls don't ignore it. Btw I believe in God and hereafter good luck
Rowena Rodriguez (6 months ago)
I dream snake in chairs and passing my feet..
Iohanes Paulus (6 months ago)
Can someone please interpret my dream? English is not my language, so please bear with me. It was night time, me and my friends were in a chapel when he suddenly told us that he must go home because he wanted to show something he found. In order to reach his house we have to pass through a vacant lot filled with trees and thick bushes. As we are about to pass through the vacant lot, we saw two of our friends. I said to them, "what are you two doing here in the vacant lot? It's dangerous because there are snakes in this area." They simply stared at us and said nothing so we continued walking. We saw many colorful snakes along the path so we started leaping in order not to step on them. We were so close to the house but for for no reason at all we decided to go back. While going back, I said to my friends, "See, I told you it's not safe to walk here at night." After speaking, I accidentally stepped on a snake and the snake bit me. The bite of the snake woke me up. I can still feel the pain in my leg where the snake bit me.
sun shine (6 months ago)
I use to always make sure I killed the snakes in my dreams..its like I knew I had to kill it so it wouldn't hurt my life. I have studied the unraveling of the spiritual snake. I will not attempt to spell it. If you try that before you are ready crazy things will indeed happen in your life.
Mrs Chonce (7 months ago)
I just had a dream that a giant snake was lurking around my house
crazy arman (7 months ago)
My Dream: I'am walking on a mountain with my uncle and cousin when a fall in a snake pit very very! deep down.I hear hissing but i don't get bite by any of then then i escape from the deep down cave like a bunker and get back up. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!?!?!??
Jon G (10 months ago)
You have a striking resemblance to Anthony Hopkins.
Coast to Coast videos (11 months ago)
What about dreaming about angels descending from heaven
Sam's Kitchen (11 months ago)
I had a dream yesterday about a black snakes that are crawling around my body but it didn't attack or bit me. What does it mean??
MADNIK 45 (11 months ago)
My dream: I was traveling, it came night and it was raining, me and my family were walking home, when i got to the road thwt my home and pther houses were, a snake bypassed me, i ran, there was another cobra, i killed it, we entered the house, i ran out to my friends to see if they are ok, there was a viper, ignored it, there was another snake, i forgot, suddenly i got to a grandmother's friend, she took an axe and said let's do it and we ran on the road killing every snake... WHAT DOES IT MEAN
Jan Jacobszoon (11 months ago)
Snakes in my dreams usually precede negative events that are about to manifest in my waking life. It like a way to alert me.
Craig Hamilton-Parker (11 months ago)
Many others have said that too.
Ask Mahogany (11 months ago)
In my dream I am dancing with a snake and enjoying it. It turns into a snake man and we keep dancing but I have him in a chokehold while we dance. I love doing it but I know I must control him for us to continue to enjoy it. Any interpretations?
Craig Hamilton-Parker (11 months ago)
Perhaps you try too much to control your relationships rather than let them flourish naturally.
Dj Death (11 months ago)
You got snakes behind you bro! Lol
Baby Love (11 months ago)
At another time I dreamt I was begin chased by a very big long snake and at the end of the dream I was eaten by it then I jumped out of my sleep
Baby Love (11 months ago)
I dreamt that I was on a bus and Every one that was entering the bus had snakes .And I was screaming and shouting and it had people who were letting go there snakes .. I was trying to escape then I found myself in a very big mountain where there were a lot a lot a lot of snakes tiny and big thier color was of a black and silvery king of color . And it had green ones wrapped around sticks .. was so scared and there was a man and woman in the dream also .. the woman was showing me where she lived in all those snakes and I was trying to get out of it and the man saw how scared I was and was helping me pushed the snakes away to get out ..
Isabella belle (1 year ago)
I had a dream that we were in the classroom and one big snake come and start to eat people so some of us we run out and run far from the school but we met other one small black snake it was trying to attack us and we returned back so after that one person came and cut the head of that big snake but it was terrified that time till now i don't know the meaning of that
Maaya h (1 year ago)
what about very big yellow snake staring at me in my dream?
Maya Prasad (1 year ago)
I dream snake but to they didn't hurt me I jus see it in my dream
thabuneni26nxaa (1 month ago)
Where I vome from, snakes especially big ones and that do not attack you, indicate that you're spiritually gifted. As in you have a healing or prophetic calling.
Kendrick Lamar (2 months ago)
Maya Prasad omg same and I see a lot of snakes like big snakes , small and different colors
Christdora Antoine (1 year ago)
A snake had ask me and my brother and to make a wish and it left...my brother was to scared. ..so I wished for food...and somehow the snake died and we threw it in the garbage.
Craig Hamilton-Parker (1 year ago)
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Kushan Hewanila (1 year ago)
Craig Hamilton-Parker hey, i saw in my dreams that a giant snake try to bite me. And i didn't get any bite because i ran away. What that means?
Jay Class (1 year ago)
What about if you dream of a flying 🐍 and it tries to sting you with its tail
Zen Rose Garden (1 year ago)
Thanks for this video! You explained the differences in snakes in different belief systems really well!
Kitty Kat (1 year ago)
I had a dream and it starts and In the dream I wake up I look at the mirror on my dresser and there's a white mask floating in my mirror I started freaking out so I left to go to my friends house while on the way there I was getting chased by two boys and I kept telling myself to ignore them so I got to my friends house and I got in the door but a giant snake was infront of the door and protected me from the two boys. I'm still very confused and I have snake dreams very often to the point of almost every night??? What does this mean
Len Rely (1 year ago)
As a snake person I have really good dreams where I'm either finding too many snakes to hold and I can't keep track of them all, or they are unrealistically big and colorful snakes i.e. living in some flooded ruins. There is also a bad dream where I'm holding a snake and it falls apart like sausages which is the fear that humans kill everything they touch.
Sabita Munroe (1 year ago)
What's is the meaning of when you dream five rat eating a snake.
desert fox (1 year ago)
The huge response show that many people had some kind of experience of snakes in dreams, mostly unpleasant! It took me two attempts to look at this video at all! I am glad that you didn´t show snakes to illustrate , in this case I would have left out this particular video ! Normally I strongly support illustrating videos with pictures and graphics! Good, that you showed the double meaning of snakes, also representing healing or wisdom. The real yogi must be able to look at them in equanimity. I hope , one day i will be able to do so.
yalda saidjadi (1 year ago)
Please explain my dream... I dreamed of a half dead snake in my house and I took the snake with very little fear and skinned the snake... what it means please please tell me what it means.
if anyone know the answer or meaning pls.reply thanks. today I have a dream about snake head and very big like a toilet size. I was in the bathroom while I'm sitting on the toilet I've notice the big head of the snake beside me and he is staring at me then after after that i was running outside.
Original Dreamgirl (1 year ago)
katrina martin The dream shows you seeking to eliminate (sitting on toilet) negative issues from your life that include the backlash of hurtful or harmful words (snake) that may have been spoken against you. This has been a big problem (big head) for you but once it's eliminated you will feel free to move forward with your life (running outside)! Good dream!
dorje chang (1 year ago)
I have received lately a dream of benevolent snakes. What May that mean?
zoe hlocs (1 year ago)
I dreamt of two huge snakes, one had some shades of yellow and the other shades of brown, they were coiling around each other upright and looked to be standing on their tails
Priscilla Arthur (1 year ago)
What if somebody tells u in a dream that u look like a snake.so disgusting
Living Thedream (1 year ago)
HEENA JK (1 year ago)
Pls someone tel me what my this dream means. I saw this at early morning time. I saw Two Big snake colored in whole in silver n half each having Two pink thick lines at their two sides from ear/head till half his body. Sitting n crawling outside my home n Then they see me opening the door, they come running towards me N one of them Quickly ties around me completely. After that i wake up. Please do explain me or let me know please help. Also many times i keep seeing snake in my dream. Sometimes many of them, sometimes one or few black.
my husband had a dream of a black snake in bed with us ,he woke up and almost went through the wall very upset and didn't want to get back in bed til I proved to him there was no snake what does it mean
Rolex bolox (1 year ago)
problems with ancestors
Craig Hamilton-Parker (1 year ago)
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Whysocookie (1 year ago)
Craig Hamilton-Parker ok
Jivan Balata (1 year ago)
Craig Hamilton-Parker l saw Alexander the Great in my dream the great king of Macedonia
Swift chickens (1 year ago)
What if it's in a box and adorably looking at you and and you're longingly looking back wanting to pet it?
RoseAn (2 years ago)
i dreamt of 4-5 massive snakes in the water. something anaconda-like. and 1 snake ate a large mouse. what does it mean?
Iam bearded one (1 month ago)
+Erma Gerd!!! geez... freak her out ... Lol Super funny...
Erma Gerd!!! (4 months ago)
Just kidding lol. If dreams were really revelations of the future, they wouldn't exist. Because the dream itself changes the future because it changes your behavior. I think dreams are just a reflection of what's been on your mind.
Erma Gerd!!! (4 months ago)
It's telling you that something terrible is about to happen and that you should fear everything.
NecroWolf (2 years ago)
I had a dream about snakes in my apartment but i wasnt scared of them i simply looked at them for quite a while and than walked off
Craig Hamilton-Parker (2 years ago)
Shows you are dealing with and ignoring some of your worries.
ivan manganaan (2 years ago)
i dreamed snakes escaping slowly in front of me. what does it mean?.
Nara Brio (2 years ago)
I was like in a park or a zoo or something I don't know what place it is but the black snake was on the floor and the yellow snake was on the mans arm and it tries to bit me .
Evalyn Bagat (2 years ago)
I dream a color yellow long snakes with small color black snakes but the strange was the one who brings those snakes is my uncle in he was already gone for 2 years..what is that mean?
Sreeya Dutta (2 years ago)
I dream so much bout snakes
Karen Sevilla (2 years ago)
MY DREAM pls someone INTERPRET: I am travelling by sea with a group of people and little fairies and then hopping from one island to another and then suddenly, we arrived SNAKE ISLAND ! Snakes everywhere in the sand. some are dead and some are alive. Anywhere we set foot on in the island is full of snakes. PLEASE WHAT DORS THAT MEAN!?!??
Vivia Wamboyo (1 year ago)
Karen Sevilla you’re being spiritually attacked, the devil or someone downs t wants you to succeed. Those fairies weren’t what you thought. They were devil angels and they were leading you to failure and death. So don’t forget keep praying God. He’s the only one that could protect you
Craig Hamilton-Parker (1 year ago)
Sounds Horrible!
Tina Grant (2 years ago)
i had a dream that a snake and a lion was fighting over me and we wear in the pit ....The lione won what does that dream mean
Zen Rose Garden (1 year ago)
Wow, that is so interesting since the dragon and the snake can have similar meanings. The black snake might represent your personal primal power since you are riding it. The dragon can represent positive or negative energy. It can be someone who hoards emotions or resources or someone who defends and protects. It really depends. i am so curious. Who won? What or who do you think the dragon represented?
Rose Bondoc (1 year ago)
I had a dream a big giant snake fighting in a dragon.and I was riding at the back in a black snake.what is the meaning of that
BeautyRisingIsaiah61 (1 year ago)
I believe that means that there is a war going on over your soul, that the snake represents the devil and that the Lion Represents God, and that God has won the battle :)
Sreeya Dutta (2 years ago)
Tina Grant I had the same dream
Jojinfrank (2 years ago)
I had a dream that a snake bite me
Dominique Villarreal (2 years ago)
I was in a random house that was not familiar. I remember going into the restroom and there was a HUGE snake on the floor so out of fear I ran out shut the door. For whatever reason I went back in the bathroom and the huge snake was now in the bathtub full of water. This was such a clear dream that it felt so real.
Dolce Luxe (2 years ago)
I had a dream that a fictional father continually raped me and one day got me pregnant. We were redneck hicks living in a cabin in the woods way off the grid, so I had to convince him to drive me into town so I could sneak off and get an abortion. I found an underground clinic that would do the procedure, but I had to dispose of the fetus myself. So when it was done, I put it in a black trash bag and was riding in my dads pickup truck back to the woods. I noticed the bag moving in the truck and when we got home I tried to stuff it in the trash, but when I did a giant black serpent slithered out and came for us. My dad tried to blow holes in it with his shot gun but it was so quick it lunged at him and bit him in the jugular, killing him. I ran upstairs to the attic to hide and I heard it slither up the steps. About halfway up, the slithering turned into footsteps climbing the stairs. It was just about to reach the door to the attic when two girls in porcelain doll masks jumped out and grabbed me by my arms laughing and singing and taunting me about how I would burn. Then the attic door slowly opened as the two girls were restraining me. I have never felt such fear in my entire life. I woke up at that point. So wtf does this dream mean?
Vice Principle (2 years ago)
my dream was where I was in some junkyard and there were tons of snakes on cars and dumpsters EVERYWHERE
Juliaaan Nyirashuri (2 years ago)
I had a dream that a red bellied snake 3 metres wrong was hunting me down, it killed everyone i knew and loved and it could talk it almost killed me but i woke up
FU! PHUCKU2! (2 years ago)
snake's sting rays helicopter's and quicksand
JOSHTHEBOSS 333 (2 years ago)
I had a dream where I woke up in a pit of sneaks lots of different kinds but none attacked me they were just all over my body and all over the room I was in and I don't particularly fear of snakes but in that room I couldn't move only move my eyes so....
Saucey Turtle (2 years ago)
I don't fear snakes tho
I Do!
I had a dream when I was napping a few days ago. The snake was on my arm wrapped around it gently and I felt safe and protected. It was with me though my dream and he was quite the talker. I had magic and he wanted me to wary of the others in my dream. Especially this young man who was in a building I went into. The snake felt so real! I could felt the warmth and the smoothness of his scales on my left arm. Plus I could feel the power in his muscles and the weight of him on my arm with the pressure of him holding on.
Nerjy resilug (2 years ago)
What does it mean if i dream of killing a green snake?because i did once In the dream i was choping the snake with my giant knife but it was still moving So i choped its head off and hanged it on a rope and i grabed the rest of the body and Show it to everyone and they are proud of me
Jivan Balata (1 year ago)
Nerjy resilug it's a good sign to see yourself killing a snake because my sister had the same dream and my mom said it's a good sign
Salmira Jairatul (2 years ago)
Nerjy resilug green snake means luck. maybe in reality you refuse the luck that has given to you.
Hemaja Reddy (2 years ago)
Same!! Exept that I didn't kill it.
sai cabz (2 years ago)
snakes and water are pretty common in my dreams 😑
Luke Angelo Pena (2 years ago)
i dreamed when i was biking a long black snake was chasing me and it caught me and bit me. tell me what the hell that this means
Flora is trash (2 years ago)
I'm not scared of snakes though...
DMT Infinity (2 years ago)
In my dream.. My feed were in water as I sat on a dry surface. As I rose up my feet, snakes of all kinds were on and wrapped around my feet. One by one I threw them off. The very last one bit me, but it was so small and seemingly nonpoisonous that it did nothing to me in my dream. I have no idea what this dream scene was trying to tell me..
Equestrian 4life (2 years ago)
Ive had a few drams about snakes and the 1 that i remember the most was i was in my school with my mates and we walked round the back to the feilds and i seen a tree in the corner so i went over. I noticed there was a huge drop down and i said something along the lines like "whats down there" my mate then said idk and then i fell. I didnt fall all the way cuz it was a huge hold with grass along the sides and i grasped onto them. The grass broke and i of corse fell but it wasnt a solid ground there was like a dirty pond at the bottom that i landed in. My friend then jumped down after and she landed on the side where a bit of mud was. I screamed cuz i then realized the pond i was in had a huge orange snake in it and my friend kicked it. So i swam to the side and got caught onto barbed wire but somehow i manged to get out. I then went into this other small pond with egg like things in it. I find it really strange cuz i kept getting snake dreams after i bought 1 😂😂
Equestrian 4life (2 years ago)
the snake was huge and really fat !! 😂
리카안젤 (2 years ago)
i had a scary weird dream . my school showed us a cobra bigger than towers and no one should get caught. so everyone started running, and i was running with my siblings . my mom was even left behind so we can escape. at the end, we were all trap in a warehouse in the middle of the fields and the giant snake started claiming the kids as his slaves, i had to hug my younger brother because he's a kid too. but my dream ended before he was caught.
리카안젤 (2 years ago)
it was just a prank
bob (2 years ago)
+Angelica 변 1. why do you mention my name no one cares about this post so why mention my name 2. i have no idea what you mean if it has to do with the story i didn't read it
리카안젤 (2 years ago)
+mr.beast if you're ugly? k
bob (2 years ago)
no one cares
Vicky Valencia Naters (2 years ago)
Dreaming of snakes is actually a message that represent death. If one dreams of it then a member in his/her family will die. It varies on people (if u dream of it and actually kill it in ur dream, can prevent the death) For some people it's continuous ,this is torment, snakes are spirits of evil just like the snake which led Adam and Eve into temptation
Ahhw E-Any (4 months ago)
Well thank gah I killed the white snake in my dream. And here I just thought bc it's white, I might've meant something good or something having to do w/ purity
Sam W (4 months ago)
heck yeah, i took care of it!
Amanjeet Singh (5 months ago)
And at some place they represent money Represent changes with places 😂😂
baba ken (5 months ago)
Well snakes can be posionous and it venom can heal also , snakes represent power n intuition as you see on the Egiptian pharoah crown
zara nyp (8 months ago)
Vicky Valencia Naters can you tell me dreaming of king cobra and giraffe both..?
Miguel Sedoc (3 years ago)
I had a dream that I killed a snake trying to attack me .What does this mean?
Miguel Sedoc (2 years ago)
+Free Man Okay thanks
mark (2 years ago)
+Miguel Sedoc it means get rid of an enemy and evil
Rose Cepeda (3 years ago)
i had a dream that snake bite my legs i was so scared i woke up my legs hurts where the snake bite it...what does it means?
Brock lesnar (11 days ago)
Updates for Nikegamer11KI#Fortnite Please can someone tell me about that! I dream about a snake that had But me in My leg, But then I trough some Stones then! WHAT that mean! Please help me!
If the snake bit you that is good because that means the thing bothering u and causing stress is going away.
Tiana O (3 months ago)
Usually when you’re in an uncomfortable position of sleep it transfers to your dream. Example being, I constantly sleep on my arm so it falls asleep or hurts and it transfers to my dream. I’ll sometimes be bit in that place, stabbed, fall on something, etc. I think it’s just your body’s way of trying to wake you up to the actual pain that is happening while you’re sleeping...idk though, I’m not a doctor!
Amanjeet Singh (5 months ago)
🤔 that means you need a doctor 😆😆
Peter Zonis (3 years ago)
Golden Jelly (3 years ago)
I hade two snake dreams recently 1. I was in my backyard, a rattlesnake was coiled on ready to strike I was slowly backing up, them I stoped, I got super scared then said "let's try waking up." in my head and woke up. 2. I was in the desert on a hike with my mom. there was a small unpoisonous snake in the way. Suddenly there were tons all in a big snake pile. Then I got super scared and woke up What do these mean?
Epic adventures (3 years ago)
i had adream of me holding a large cobra it rose and hooded then i heard a voice say, "I hated him but now hes my father. i threw it down and woke up.
Zhian Huang (2 years ago)
Epic adventures (2 years ago)
+mr.beast no need to be a dick about it
bob (2 years ago)
no one cares

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