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How to photograph and light cars in the studio with the Lamborghini Aventador

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http://www.fstoppers.com/aventador Fstoppers.com films Blair Bunting Photographing the brand new Lamborghini Aventador in the studio.
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Text Comments (358)
Mike Lentsch (12 days ago)
haha - check out those bunk forza graphics! hahaaha
SweOlimar75 (15 days ago)
This looks ridiculous, would never hire that guy for any photo job
Moises Gomez (1 month ago)
The edit is like someone without knowledge would do, do they charge for this crap of work? Wow
Mark Davenport (1 month ago)
The original looked a lot better. This is when less is more. It now looks like a photo for a game.
Sandor Bako (3 months ago)
Looks like somebody just used a photomatrix preset....
Randolph de Leon (4 months ago)
Raw file = WOW!! 👍 'Shopped file = meh... 👎
DankTowelette (4 months ago)
These commenters are on drugs. End result looks epic, albeit incredibly dramatic (but then, Lamborghini's aren't exactly subtle to begin with, that's the whole point). Love it!
Auto danas (9 months ago)
Fred Husted (10 months ago)
Man how disappointing. Just looks like a standard cgi image.
Jim Gianatsis Design (10 months ago)
Thanks for the instructions! If you don't like his particular lighting look shown here, you can adjust/add/remove the top and spot lights for your taste.
Rudi Yang (11 months ago)
bad post work,... geez..
Alt Swami (1 year ago)
when you first find out about high pass on overlay in photoshop 😂😂😂
JLau Studio (1 year ago)
Good Job.
Vern Southard (1 year ago)
Great shot in the camera with nine lights, no need for post production.
ShinobiCarl (1 year ago)
Post processing went overboard. The photo was already looking great.
Michael Johnson (1 year ago)
Yeeeeah I have to agree with others. Thr photography took an amazing shot, then it was butchered in post. Too much contrast and I almost see grain in the image now. The paint should've remained looking wet and sexy.
Rey Mendoza (1 year ago)
BW :(
Shak aen (1 year ago)
The retoucher ruined it :( looks bloody awful
Dhruve Mital (1 year ago)
the worst post work i've ever seen on a photo...the original was beautiful, the edits just made it into a cheap POS... the shadows arent put properly, unnecessary grain in the photo....altogether a waste of about 7 minutes of my life
Lohiau1 (1 year ago)
How to turn a photo into a 3d render in post.
Gabriele Cripezzi (1 year ago)
Finished to watch and scrolled down to comment exactly what Mike Kleinsteuber wrote. That was funny :)
frank jones (1 year ago)
it was close to perfection. reminds me of those clowns that update apps that were working fine until they screwed them up.
Alexander Cortez (2 years ago)
I like Blair's style!
Sheldon Norton (2 years ago)
This video saved my first car shoot using a RED Scarlet X. Day one could not find my grove - was not thrilled about the results. Watched this video and it all clicked! THANKS
Artur Saljukov (2 years ago)
Until i saw the postproduction part of that video it all seemed really cool, as soon as it came to choosing the background and floor, i had only one question in my mind...why waste so much time on photographing it, CG gives much faster and flexible results..in rendering car itself and in choosing background and post.processing.
Sergej Stokuca (2 years ago)
photo 10/10 edit 1/10
Nikolaj Haugaard (2 years ago)
Looks weird.. To much contrast!
Black Studio (2 years ago)
I agree, the photo was destroyed after postprocessing :( Better looks in raw.
John Gordon (2 years ago)
No one cares what u do in ur spare time... u FOOKIN SUCK.. and I got ur girlfriend buddy
hershy314 (2 years ago)
I've always had an interest in photographing automobiles, this has only increased that interest. Only time I get to photograph a car now is to hit as many car shows as I can. One day I may get to do a photo shoot with a car I see at a show.
RoyalCar3M (2 years ago)
Perfect photography but the retouching suckz!!
karting4 (2 years ago)
have to agree raw file looked way better than the edit, ruined it....
jose juan torres (2 years ago)
Where i can buy this soft box
James Gamble (2 years ago)
Title should be..."How to light a car when money is absofuckinglutely no object". Thanks! 👍🏻 This applies to about 3 people maybe
Mark Torrez (2 years ago)
yeah and if you can afford those lights I don't think you're going to be getting advice from youtube lol
Jimaro Morales (2 years ago)
A 'what-not-to-do' video!
badabing badabing (2 years ago)
Anyone can be a "photographer" all you need to do is know how to photoshop the shit out a photo.
Eric B (2 years ago)
I suppose thats why youre making your money as a photographer?
mrsmith427 (2 years ago)
or have a credit card with no limit....
0Bigassjetzx0 (2 years ago)
TERRIBLY edited. the car does not pop out at all. horribly done
Artur Saljukov (2 years ago)
i agree, it is very overdone, i really like the first few steps he made in photoshop, like emphasizing the roof line of the car and some highlights, but final result looks like he just opened it up in camera raw and cranked up clarity until it looks like some fake hdr.
David Doyle (2 years ago)
Did some weird HDR crap to it or something
stablizershock (2 years ago)
Awder Shwan (2 years ago)
Useful tips thanks, but that high contrast setting in the editing looks awful...
Chris Goodwin (2 years ago)
Ok. I don't know much about photography. Hell, I'm not even a photographer. But these guys suck ass!!!! Why would you do all that? It's like they were doing shit just because they could.
Grau Gaming (2 years ago)
Hire a new Photo Editor....
Avery Mock (2 years ago)
or you could just take the car outside on a really sunny day and get some good shoulder shots and possibly sunset shots and just not make a first time phonetographer HDR style give you a virus free wallpapers from a subreddit from 5 years ago edit: the final product looks like david firth did it... over-processed and just plain terrible
iloper (2 years ago)
WOW... this sucks
Tony Vela (4 months ago)
Don't Panic I'm a pro.. Clarity Settings +100. Now Pay Me 🎧
Lawrence Lattanzi (2 years ago)
The raw file is 1000 time better than the post processed one, its looks like shit! Why he did that, it tunerd a very cool car and shoot into a cartoon
sgredsch (2 years ago)
the tonemapping looks awful - just like HDR firsttimer. i always thought the light on the tires was a bit too much to start with, but the post production really ruined it completely. the lights of the car are really oversaturated like a bad color key photo. at least the introduced noise out of all the overdone editing helps to keep banding down.
KevinxDoll (2 years ago)
HDR all the things
reconteamohio (3 years ago)
Looks like I'm not the only one who feels like the post work was way over done!
toua lee (2 years ago)
+reconteamohio looked like it was ran through using some instagram filter
soapmeridius (3 years ago)
VEGETA! What does the scouter say about his sharpening level? It's OVER 9000!!!
Tu tutu (3 years ago)
retouching like 3D arch mode
Mike Kleinsteuber (3 years ago)
Manages to turn a nice photo into an awful cartoon
Tony AnthonyR (1 year ago)
Looks like a cartoon Cgi image. Wonder what Lamboughini thought if it.
aznbb0i (2 years ago)
Agreed, the background was super busy and literally took away from the Aventador.
Agus Gama (2 years ago)
i was thinking exactly the same!
Jay Cass (2 years ago)
+Mike Kleinsteuber Seriously! I was like yeah, I can see the flakes in the paint and what not. Then...it looked like someone drew it with pencil crayons I mean it looks good but its not right. It isn't photography. Its Photo-editing.
toua lee (2 years ago)
+Mike Kleinsteuber was thinking the same too.. i was like wtf?
Your fellow human (3 years ago)
To me the 7:30 image was already good – just need to remove some unnecessary reflection. IMHO, the final image was processed too much (HDR).
Adrian Wilson (3 years ago)
sponsored by Panerai ;-)
Art Coolique (3 years ago)
Bad editing
Laurent Nivalle (3 years ago)
Try to light a Citroën C4 Picasso, and you'll be good ! ^^
Michael Mc Avoy (3 years ago)
ya they removed all the reflects in the car really bad!
Kiril Varbanov (3 years ago)
That's a common issue with car photography: they all look unrealistic, as if they are CGI renders. Not even close to real world. But, if the customer likes it...
Daniela Salazar (3 years ago)
Everything was fine until I saw the final result - it looks awful! it almost looks like a fully chromed car :S
AP Media (3 years ago)
music name plz !!! thanks you`
Esteban Guzman (2 months ago)
did anyone find out the music name.. thanks!
Justin Officer (3 years ago)
This is a joke right? Not a single ad agency that specializes in Auto would even think about using. Photographer that took that image.
Luke Holmes (3 years ago)
Horrible post-processing. Ruined a beautiful image
chargersfan1111 (3 years ago)
Looks like a shitty filter was put on
Unboxing ASMR (3 years ago)
Looks so extremly fake..
XSVPro (3 years ago)
Great image, what focal length did Blair settle on for the car? (and what system, full frame or cropped?) Thanks for the vid guys
Mohammed Zainal (3 years ago)
It's all about taste, some will find it too contrasty and destructive and some will just like it. To me, I preferred it before pointing the details lights on it, it looked mysteriously beautiful, but hey, we are all different ;) thanks for the tips though.
MaghoxFr (3 years ago)
+Mohammed Zainal Me too, the Chimera only was the best. I kind of hate the post processing, why not lighting it on set? The backgrounds weren't good IMO.
Oozywolf (3 years ago)
+Mohammed Zainal Same here. I like these images better: http://s.petrolicious.com/quick-takes/2013/ken-brown/ken-brown-10.jpg http://designhey.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/super-car-photography6.jpg http://www.paulward.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/1IMG_2555fw.jpg
Bojan Glamocak (3 years ago)
+Fstoppers Fans Where can I download the raw file? :)
tompparaideri (3 years ago)
Advection (3 years ago)
I agree with xRiller... The post editing after the photo is way overdone. The point in the photo shoot was to keep the transitions "smooth" and they did the exact opposite when editing. Not to mention that last background drowns the car. I can't think of a worse background to choose... be it the line flows or the color, oh man the color. That photoshop guy crapped it up... guess he never heard of "less is more"
Ultimatehobbyreviews (4 years ago)
The centerpiece is the car... not a busy busy background wall. The car is angular and spectacular and busy but your editing company muffed the shot with a very busy background that stole the Thunder from the car.... I wouldn't shoot a bride with 23 brides surrounding her. I'd have the bride be all the splendor. You let an editor steal the Thunder not only from the car but all your hard studio work. The photographer was talented... The editor knows photoshop "tricks" big-time but lacks fundamental common sense.
Oozywolf (3 years ago)
+Koi Shooter It's funny that not only did the photo look better, the model car looked cooler too. That guy needs to lay off the Photoshop.
Koi Shooter (3 years ago)
TOTALLY overproduced! The Boneville background with it's low white transitioning to sky blue actually accented the silver nicely and looked like it could have actually been there. IF IT DOESN'T REAL, HOW CAN YOU IMAGINE OWNING IT? This is classic case of a guy realizing he is going to be on video so he uses the opportunity to do his own promo, and ruined the picture. Hopefully, the client rejected it and asked to see other versions. If he didn't then he gets what he deserves.
yeahdude7 (4 years ago)
The original photograph was much better, the crappy post processing ruined the image.
Ian S. Rutter (4 years ago)
The original shot is great as well as the one light shot, but after processing it, it looks like a really over processed HDR image, sorry, but it's terrible. Don't ruin what is a beautiful piece of art.
Nic Taylor Photo (4 years ago)
What's with all the Panerai watches?
Nic Taylor Photo (4 years ago)
Looks better before.
CV (4 years ago)
LOVED watching this. Would love to see a video version shooting cars with dslr.. great stuff.
Star Light (4 years ago)
Alisher Ruziev (4 years ago)
How do they make these big white backgrounds? Any tutorials??
j p (4 years ago)
shoot it out side overcast day....and a spot multiple shots bracket exposures and then create in photoshop
Avidcomp (4 years ago)
I don't like the cgi enhancements. It seems to have defeated the purpose Blair had after he said half the photos out there were cgi, not real. So they've taken a beautiful real shot and made it look like a really well rendered cgi model. I wouldn't have gone beyond some elementary RAW file adjustments.
r s (4 years ago)
i unfortunately have to agree.. i can see taking out reflections of the lighting equipment, etc. but end result makes it look like ultra HDR and I'm personally just not really into it. 
Kwik (4 years ago)
All that money, and time for a garbage post image..
Alisher Ruziev. What a loser.
+Oozywolf I agree
Oozywolf (3 years ago)
+Gerrard Harvey Felt the same way. I get the angular background, but it's just a bit too much. As you said, the focal point is lost because the background is simply too busy. Also, he needed to take all the dodging and burning he did and drop the opacity to somewhere around 75% (probably even less...). It seemed like judging from his previous work they showed, he likes that style, and that's pretty much opinion. But I think the super contrast result looks...gimmicky. Something seems off to me, and it's simply my style against his. I go into Photoshop thinking, "Let me make an edit that looks seamless." However, his style is very in-your-face. You can tell it's been edited to the extreme. He's seen success because honestly, a lot of people like that style. But in my opinion, he should've let the car speak for itself. It's like if they made the new World Trade Center (One World Trade Center) hot pink. It makes a statement by itself. No need to give it even more attention. Too much just makes it an eyesore. It's a beautiful car, let it be beautiful by real light, not by fake Photoshop edits. Just my two cents though.
Kwik (3 years ago)
LMAO! Ouch
Gerrard Harvey (3 years ago)
+Alisher Ruziev I see you're also a professional psychologist. What a bonus. Give yourself a pat on the shoulder.
Benjamin Jehne (4 years ago)
The post completely ruins all the work. You dont have to put so much money in a production like that, if you do a postprocessing like that. It looks now like a cheap privat production, where some tried the first time to use clarity in Lightroom, sorry... .
Cyril B. (4 years ago)
It was nice until the post prod :/ Why that HDR effect ?! 
brandon morris (4 years ago)
Don Gerra Marco (4 years ago)
F3FisGoodforYou (4 years ago)
When you open a design/photo/advertisement magazine you see all those retouched post processed HDRed pictures that all look the same and all look awful.
F3FisGoodforYou (4 years ago)
Nice video that show how to ruin a wonderful photo using this all to common post processing / retouching that end up looking like a bad CGI.
Jay Mack (4 years ago)
Made something so simple look way out of touch for the average person. Right the normal person doesn't have 60K in lights like this. And the whole HDR post processing. Sorry not a fan  
Sascha Karilampi (4 years ago)
Wow talk about fucking up a good pic.. Looks like shit after. If i hade not seen the before pic, I'll just thougt it would been a painting or digital paintid pic. And if I hade the money and car I would take it to a nice spot and not done a loot of shit in some editing program. But I guess you like to make pics not take good photos. Sorry for the hate. :)
CallahanJones (4 years ago)
What I would do in this situation with the very little lighting equipment I have is take a lot of shots then merge them.
Michael Cox (4 years ago)
To me even the original shot is been over lit. It is not very dramatic and flat.
Mad9977 Productions (4 years ago)
i liked the orginal photograph better, the retouches make it look like a drawing...
MrDemexi (4 years ago)
postprocessing  is not good enough. 
Eon Basson (4 years ago)
Thank You so much made my project so much easier 
Aguyandhiscamera (4 years ago)
this is why u never let someone else edit your photos. all of that work ruined by sum hdr freak
Ceko (4 years ago)
Great photo! Too bad about the postprocessing though... I'm not really a big fan of that over-dramatic look. They could as well had taken a computer rendered image for that...
Leslie Dudley (4 years ago)
Here is a much better way to achieve these effects - *TrickPhotoEffects. com*
Yi Bao (4 years ago)
amazing video 
nabir asafat (4 years ago)
Haha I also noticed they all had Panerai watches. Business must be good.
Patrick Downs (4 years ago)
I've assisted on the light painting of 20 cars for a book, using continuous duty lights in softboxes and pan reflectors, 30 second exposures. Maybe 10-20 separate images composited for each final image. The results are much better than this, more interesting, very unique.
Traian Constantin (5 years ago)
ok, i'll jump in (not that one's opinion really matters) as many others have said ... the photo looks way better then the overprocessed retouchet image.
Christian Elvers (5 years ago)
Do I have to wear a Panarai-Watch to do this job, too? :-)
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