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Eight-Year-Old Girl Calls Tesco Out Over 'Sexist' Kids Clothes

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This is the moment an eight-year-old girl burst into an impassioned rant - after spotting 'sexist' children's clothes on sale at her local Tesco. In a video filmed by her mum, Daisy Edmonds blasts the supermarket giant for having contrasting slogans on their t-shirts for boys and girls. While the boys' feature motifs like "Desert adventure awaits", "Hero" and "Think outside the box", the girls' say "Hey!", "Beautiful" and "I feel fabulous." Little Daisy was so enraged by the inequality, her mum, Becky, filmed her reaction and posted it on Facebook. In the clip, the indignant youngster says: "It’s unfair because everyone thinks girls should just be pretty and boys should just be adventurous.
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Dobby The Elf (1 month ago)
I have a shirt that says hey
Dobby The Elf (1 month ago)
Dalil Materspacher (1 month ago)
Sérieux regardez sa tête 2 seconde Hé au et au fait à la fin : OMG DAISY WHALLA T'ES UNE THUG !!!😱😱😱😱😱
Dalil Materspacher (1 month ago)
Cette vidéo m'a fait délirer en cours d'anglais alors j'ai décidé de taper ça sur YouTube 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nicola Apps (1 month ago)
Fantastic! This mother is raising her child to be aware of the insidious nature of sexism. Thank you x
Avery S (2 months ago)
I love you
Startion (2 months ago)
Hm? Well... Girls bully boys if they wear female clothing but women don’t bully girls if they wear male clothing, that doesn’t mean your not allowed to wear those clothing, for a boy wearing a pink shirt women and men are gonna make fun of them and if a girl wears a simple boy shirt no one cares
Gab Likes Coffee (3 months ago)
As a child, I had always just shopped in the boys section. I liked video games and cartoons, but they didn't have shirts like that in the girls sections. It didn't make much of a difference.
Lewis Mcdermott (3 months ago)
What is humanity anymore
CLASSIC (3 months ago)
Mum, when the weather is hot, why do I have to stay fully clothed while my brother has the god given right and freedom to be shirtless ? Why do they never ask that one ?
allen gower (3 months ago)
what a load of crap
SyThE FaDe (4 months ago)
What part of hey is great it's a fucking shirt
Gaming Chronicles (4 months ago)
It’s because it’s girly and girl like it’s not sexist.
A Doughnut (5 months ago)
Yeah, this definitely was the girls thoughts and ideas. Definitely not the mother telling her what to say to sky rocket them to fame.
FERRARITOWN (5 months ago)
I felt the same way as a little girl. Anyone who thinks the mom made her say it is clueless.
Warned Storm (25 days ago)
It's fucking marketing get over it
BiracialHuman (6 months ago)
It's a fucking t-shirt
Keenan Johnson (6 months ago)
Ok she is definitely right but the same shit just in a different way happens to boys
HH_DELUXE (8 months ago)
i can agree that they shouldn’t think girls are better than boys or boys are better than girls but the “Hey” shirt could be inspirational it can show that your confident and that your not scared to go up to people and say hi it’s big bold writing that can make you show that your not afraid of being confident and just because the think outside the box shirt is in the boys section doesn’t mean s girl can’t buy it same thing with a shirt in the girls section a boy can buy it it’s not like there stopping you
Ayse Cetin (8 months ago)
Savage, but she still did the right thing! Stand up for your thoughts everyone, don't let anyone stop you or get in your way.
R9 b1t (8 months ago)
My complaint is their damn voices.
HOT nLA (9 months ago)
I think she was told to say this beacuse at the end you can see put all those clothes back and giggle
Megan Chan & Maddie girl (10 months ago)
Respect to that girl..
SergeantStatic (10 months ago)
Girl looking like karate master wtf
Sam A (11 months ago)
You go kid. Follow your dreams
All gender neutral advocates should be shorn of their gender determining organs. Thus all external genitalia and internal organs must be surgically removed. Until then this gender neutral nonsense is all gas and no substance.
nothing better To do (11 months ago)
This kid has more logic than at least 60 percent of adults
big Daddy (11 months ago)
GalacticDuck21 (11 months ago)
Let's let the girls be sewage working which involves having a strong stomach and they should also do construction which needs lots of strength meaning girls will have to work out and they will always be tierd for real just stop with this shit and let the government work it out if they don't just go to a different country or study hard to find another world
Terri Lynn Sullivan (1 year ago)
It's actually quite well done. Yet can go either way. Why target market boys with violent toys and war crap any more than girls? Women are in the military, they are no more human nor are their lives any more sacred than any men's. If a little girl is raised to believe in war as a "service to ones nation" which MANY parents are NOT teaching their sons, why not prepare those girl's minds for their "civic duty?" We need to stop the gender-specific target marketing all around. The sexism is worse when we enable it to marginalize their lives.
Warned Storm (25 days ago)
No. Most girls like girly stuff and most boys like boy stuff. It's marketing to the target demographic its how company's make the most money because most boys love stuff about war and guns and video games and most girls love make up and pink things. Like it or not women were made to reproduce and stay home and care for children and men were made to protect their family's and earn money its biological and the most successful and happy ways of life nothing you can do can change it. If girls want to do that they can shop in the boys section
Elisabeth B (1 year ago)
I do like the girls clothes but she is right I mean this is a free country and why would a shirt and just say hi
Supreme Vids (1 year ago)
When run out of things to bitch about😣
Supreme Vids (1 year ago)
Jesus fuck this generation are the biggest fucking pussies ever, is she really complaing about the design of a fucking shirt. Stop being such a bitch and go to a new shop if u dont like the shirt -.- fucking americans i swear
Alexander Hoover (1 year ago)
Solution, mom: Buy her a boys shirt. We gotta stop projecting our insecurities onto our kids. Every parent I've seen do this to their kids, boys or girls, have extremely over bearing relationships with their children while the child suffers if he or she is even separate from his/her mother for even a few minutes. Just because a toy is blue doesn't mean it's for a boy. And just because your daughter doesnt like a pink shirt it doesn't mean you need to teach her about homosexuality when she's three. Kids are kids and will grow up and fulfill whatever 'roles' they want to, but if parents are constantly subjecting them to their own subjective truths and perceptions of the world, the next generation of children will be severely fucked up, much like my own generation's witch hunt on 'traditional parenting' and 'gender stereotyping,' getting butt hurt about anything under the sun, nearly almost always going out their way to get offended. It's insane that the market they are fighting against will be the same market they criticized before their kids panic from confusion about everything and that they see everything as an attack on their own personalized bubbles their parents made for them. It's disturbing, sad, and I don't know how it will affect my own kids. It's almost as if people are getting bored with their lives and want a cause to champion for, but they don't have one so they make up some and parade around the rest of us like what they're saying makes sense. "My four year old daughter needs a gender neutral astronaut costume." "No, mam. You need one. Your daughter couldn't care less."
internaut Dr. moxley (1 year ago)
She's going to be a cat woman when she grows up
internaut Dr. moxley (1 year ago)
How to teach your little girl to hate men, should be the title
internaut Dr. moxley (1 year ago)
This is garbage ,you are a horrible mother.
Working Title (1 year ago)
Way to brainwash your kid!
Danylo Tyupa (1 year ago)
Saying that there are no differences in gender, is sexist.
Communist 69 (1 year ago)
The shit is tesco
Saintsinnz (1 year ago)
The world going crazy... these crazy people seem to forget the fact that NATURE selected our gender, for reproduction and survival. If you wanna buy the boys t shirt just buy, dont train your kid to rant about it
God (1 year ago)
McToastylove (1 year ago)
Okay sweetie, repeat what mommy says so she can become internet famous and only love you because you can print money.
rolanddes (1 year ago)
I have been in business life for 15 years now and I am sure that if little girls or women wanted more content heavy messages on clothes instead of messages like I'm beautiful, business would cater to their needs just to make more money. So premise of this video is invalid. Like the kid though.
fun guy fungi (1 year ago)
I totally agree with her
ArrA (1 year ago)
That woman has teached that kid all that over the years
batman jelly (1 year ago)
If she wants them just buy the boys clothes simple and don't just make a video bitching over it
Muge .Oskay (1 year ago)
I admire this so much bravo
Master chief (1 year ago)
Terrakinetic (1 year ago)
2016 was the height of this stuff. I hope they realize after this election there are enough people out there who do not want to change and will not change that women need an enclave to develop their own niches. Total equality, much less equity, is a pipe dream because are large percent of the population is raised on the pursuit and maintenance of superiority. Thus ending sexism, racism, or whatever-ism, will not be possible without a truly omnipotent and active ruling power. The SJWs tried to force government to be that power and fell into hypocrisy and draconian measures. Many didn't even recognize they were trying to become superior instead of equal. I agree with what a lot of the geriatric second wave feminist veterans advise, the development of niches. You can't force major corporate entities to not be sexist. At least you can't without undermining certain freedoms. You can create your own products and niche that overshadows them. I am reminded of how the proliferation of Vietnamese nail salons came into existence. When the refugee women has no occupation in the 1970s, this niche was created for them and by them to have a place in society and now they are the premier of that niche in So. Cal and beyond. Likewise, "software engineers" came into existence just a few decades ago through innovation and men came to dominate that field because of male innovators and traditional cultural infrastructure. If women, other ethnicities, other religions, etc want a "safe space," it needs to be created through social niches. The next Internet, space travel market, astro agriculture, or whatever will need to be cornered by women, Asians, Hindus, or whatever if those groups want respect and power. Voluntary egalitarian will not work because "shit floats," the worse most greedy and callous will rise to the top. The valiant do not have the stamina to both fight and maintain their integrity. That's why there are so few Ghandhis, MLKs, Mandelas, or Socrates today and so many Trumps, Mercers, Kochs, and Waltons. Self-sacrifice is not appreciated by society as a whole. We need to consolidate the people who do want to see an egalitarian world, and create a protected region that is prosperous enough and powerful enough to keep those kind of people from influencing society at least in that region. That's what I think at least.
Anika Adejayan (1 year ago)
Meanwhile people in poorer countries just looking clothes to put on their back.Cute little girl but we really do have time on our hands in the uk .This comes from our people's all too wrong perception in life that clothes maketh the man
yeet (1 year ago)
Preach, sweetheart. You're my hero too :)
The Diamond Leauge (1 year ago)
btw I agree but can someone LOOK at the space consumation of girls clothes compared to boys in markets. Once I found a shelf of boys while god fucking NARNIA of girls clothes on the other side. Sombody explain to me What The Fuck is going on :/
The Diamond Leauge (1 year ago)
I'm going to get the fuckin clothes market back to the drawing board for this and this video. ..
rgalang74 (1 year ago)
This is so sad that this is what the kids of our generation are thinking about.The bad part is that they are being allowed. They are way to young to think about gender stuff.
Enoch Kirya (1 year ago)
You really want to tell me that the mother just "happend" to be filming and the girl just "happend" to start this rant. So obviously scripted that it makes me sick. This is an ugly trend that has developed over the last couple of years where parents will make cute kids say smart things to further their own political agenda. I don't have anything against the agenda itself, but I think it's completely wrong to use your own kids in this way.
Krish K (1 year ago)
Just wear boys clothes then no one is forcing you to wear just girl clothes
Peep Beep Meme Creep (1 year ago)
Who the fuck buys clothes from tesco? You must really have to be poor.
Peep Beep Meme Creep (1 year ago)
If it's a big enough problem to you buy the fucking boys clothes!
Peep Beep Meme Creep (1 year ago)
A (probably) feminist mother using her child to get her point across. How sad can you get? Like this little girl has no idea what she is talking about, the entire thing is scripted, she always looks to side at which someone is probably holding up a script, she cannot pronounce a lot of the words correctly. Like seriously speak for yourself don't make your child do it!
The Slim Reaper (1 year ago)
This video is pure cancer and if you like this shit; you are a cancer to western civilisation and you are the reason why the west will fall. You are nothing but a men hating feminist who has daddy issues, your child should be taken away from you and be raisen by a strong father figure and a caring mother. You are raising snowflakes because you are fucked up in your mind to think a gender is a social construct. Fuck you and fuck your issues!!!
Fatma nur gencer (1 year ago)
i watched it over and over again and I saw myself in her.she is so smart and i believe she has a bright future.I feel like i am the mother of her and i feel proud. we all should be like that.
Carter Holman (1 year ago)
Because usually 5 and 6 year olds don't think about this stuff it's just stereotypes of kids that are usually correct usually little girls don't want to play with stuff little boys play with and they should be seperate so people don't have kids looking transgender 😂
Carter Holman (1 year ago)
Now people are going to be buying thier kids the clothes of opposite gender 👍👏🏻👏🏻
Joana Romão (1 year ago)
You go, girl! It's great to see that mentalities begin to change! Great job, Daisy's parents!
The Slim Reaper (1 year ago)
This is child abuse...
r0b690 (1 year ago)
Pretty sure her mother had influence on this. And its retarded to create and issue out of nothing. They follow trend, if you dont like it you can easily find shirts that suit you no matter what gender. Its not an issue never has been an issue.
Leah Taylor (1 year ago)
aww ur so cute and I COMPLETELY agree:)
weird sponge guy (1 year ago)
Well I think girls have it lucky. They can strut up in a dress or a shirt marketed towards boys and almost everyone should be fine with it. Boys strut up in a dress and they will be indefinitely judged and bullied for their choices. Just buy a boy's top instead of snooting about it.
Alex J White (1 year ago)
I understand completely what she means male female we are all equal but come on
I had te same in her age. My parents aren't feminist.
Bobby Darko (1 year ago)
I've always told my little boy to wear what he wants so he just picks the tops he likes including girls tops (frozen) , try not to instill societies genders in to your child and she would probably just pick the boys top, after all if that's the one she likes why not wear it, after all we live in a pretty open society now that let's kids wear what they want
D Love (1 year ago)
And + some girls like me like Star Wars I have some friends that like Star Wars and super-heros as me boys and girls are THE SAME
Old Band Freak (4 months ago)
Same. That's why I go to the boys section and pay the girl section no mind.
GalacticDuck21 (11 months ago)
Angus Jones (1 year ago)
The clothes are seperated because it makes it easier for parents to buy/find clothes for their gender specific child, and because society has nurtured different clothes to different genders i.e a dress. This girl is going to grow up to be another feminist who doesn't have a clue what they are talking about.
Any jm (1 year ago)
Chared (1 year ago)
It's not sexism it's marketing! Tesco has clearly found that clothes of that particular nature sell best amongst girls of her age and clothes like the one she is comparing them to sell best amongst boys of the same age(8). Tesco aren't retards like this chav and her daughter they know that if they put an adult slogan onto a kids shirt nobody would buy it besides parents giving to their kids for a joke and in the same respect giving 8 year old girls shirts with slogans more appealing to boys would not sell and the same goes for boys are you trying to say that a boy can't have a shirt with "hey" on it because he might be a talkative character? No didn't think so
Azhlyn Berkley (1 year ago)
At that age, I didnt give a shit. I was lucky to have clothes. MY mom was a single parent and "Sexism" was the last thing on my mind.
Ariana The Banana (1 year ago)
I was like that when I was 8. Maybe her parents influenced her, maybe not. Maybe she is just an intellectual
1thyph477 (1 year ago)
E H (1 year ago)
I ADORE her!
tom nieuwenhuis (1 year ago)
THEN YOU FUCKING BUY THOSE SHIRST AND STICK THEM IN YOUR FUCKING FEMENIST'S ASSES. And facts up yeah woman rights off course but this is bullshit.
Orlando Orca (1 year ago)
If some girls didnt want to wear shirts that had pink and sparkles on them then So what? They can just wear shirts for boys. Just because one kid doesnt want to wear it doesn't mean ALL kids cant. Its just some fucking shirts. If you dont want feminine shit then get out the female section
that girl is genius!
fortnite gamer (1 year ago)
I was just looking for someone being sexest on YouTube so I could tell them off but this girl is right I don't think men and women should be seperated
Voodoo Barbie (1 year ago)
Oh my God, this is a classic case of a First World Problem. Get a life, people.
Andy Leroux (1 year ago)
she is tough and smart and assertive. Don't forget, she is a green belt in martial arts
TheSergillop (1 year ago)
What she did was actually thinking outside the box, well done!
AtheismDies (1 year ago)
Why complain about clothing that is provided to citizens by companies, it's their choice on how to make them. If you don't want it, hey here's an idea, don't buy it. Future SJW allert.
Bianca DM (1 year ago)
Amazing! well done you little star
Bluetot (1 year ago)
That girl is gonna be a feminist when she grows up ugh
dovets (1 year ago)
Mum is teaching her child to be just as big a pain in the arse when it comes to social engineering. Let them have a childhood for goodness sakes. Manipulating a childs views like this is as bad as cult brainwashing!!
BladmirPuting (1 year ago)
Of course you can wear what you like, Adidas goes well on anyone. But this is marketing, girls generally want more "pretty" things while boys generally want more "tough guy" things. Supply meets demand, if girls and boys suddenly switched preferences the "pretty" things would be marketed towards boys and vice versa. This is all dependent on the buyer, it's natural and there's nothing wrong with it. If anything you should be blaming boys and girls for being "sexist" and preferring different things. Also I'm fairly certain the mother dictated all this feminist rhetoric and is simply using her daughter as a mouthpiece.
Skippy889 (1 year ago)
all the clothes should be unisex clothes
Djcool Beat (1 year ago)
Skippy I wasn't talking to you dumbass.
It's unisex if you want it to be. There's nothing stopping one from buying a particular item of clothing.
Skippy889 (1 year ago)
+Djcool Beat kys
Djcool Beat (1 year ago)
dumb fuck
Skippy889 (1 year ago)
+The Slim Reaper Yes it should.
Miss Feke (2 years ago)
Where's the sign saying "These are the girls clothes and those are the boys clothes," Oh that's right, it's in her brainwashed head from her mother's mouth
Gál Zsuzsanna (2 years ago)
K.Jojo (2 years ago)
i can smeeeell those stinky dumb asses crying over the fact this little girl is so smart and calling her "feminist danger " cause she's smarter than they'll ever be xDD
CreeperCat (2 years ago)
I always get boys clothes because I hate girls clothes
CreeperCat i hate dresses and pink+girls clothing...i like neck shirts and boys clothing
Edward_. Hall (2 years ago)
Uh this is so annoying
Pancio Pinczera (2 years ago)
Ok Daisy, why do you have a long hair and a pony-tail? Its not very comfortable, especially if you are a adventurer (and a soon-to-be ninja, as i can see;)... The same goes for a earrings. Your mom told you to wear them, so you wouldnt be a subject to sexist "fabulous" look?:) I know you are a just a 8 year old, and those questions may be confusing for you. But your mom will help you figure it out, im sure:)
Jose Chavez (2 years ago)
buy the boys clothes then dumbass
Alexander Yuyitung (2 years ago)
I just noticed the girl was wearing a karate uniform
Old Band Freak (4 months ago)
Took me a few minutes but same😂
Alexander Yuyitung Same xD
Aryvandaar (2 years ago)
- Her mom made her say this. - Wear the clothes you want. If a mainstream shop doesn't have it, try finding strange shops or buy clothes online for various cultures (I like metal, band merch from favourite bands and many other strange things. Just cause your favourite thing isn't in mainstream shops then it doesn't mean that it is an issue). - Parents have long bought traditional boy and girl clothes for their children. It's a habit, and that is why mainstream shops do this. To earn money. I know, shocking right?
Bulhakas (2 years ago)
Hey Daisy, could you please tell us what your mother thinks about children's clothes?

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