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n u a g e s - Dreams ❀

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❀Fae Child's Spotify Playlist: https://spoti.fi/2Okamt1 ✿Lo-Fi Spotify Playlist: https://spoti.fi/2OlAvHS Am feeling quite happy to have found n u a g e s music (Thanks to http://www.youtube.com/user/fingersonmyhand). Some real lovely emotions in each of his songs, just the vibes i needed. n u a g e s Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/nnuages Photo by Courtney Brooke Hall http://www.flickr.com/photos/courtneybrookehall/8051635734/ http://www.facebook.com/CourtneyBrookePhoto "Lets suppose that you were able every night to dream any dream you wanted to dream, and you would naturally as you began on this adventure of dreams, you would fulfill all your wishes. You would have every kind of pleasure, you see, and after several nights you would say, well that was pretty great, but now lets have a surprise, lets have a dream which isn't under control. Well something is going to happen to me that i don't know what it's gonna be. Then you would get more and more adventurous, and you would make further and further out gambles as to what you would dream, and finally you would dream where you are now." - Alan Watts Fae Child Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/FaeChildren Twitter: https://twitter.com/NotoriousBijou Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/faechildmusic For Fans of: Burial, Four Tet, Stumbleine, Owsey, Asa, Sorrow, Koda, XXYYXX, Tom Day, Teebs, MMoths, Sun Glitters, Kamandi, Beauvois, Bonjr, Kasbo
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Text Comments (9423)
KruchyM (1 hour ago)
True master piece
Hawko (2 hours ago)
holy shit this is so good
TheViolentTeddy (3 hours ago)
MMXBEATZ (5 hours ago)
Thank you
CallMeSpartan (5 hours ago)
I’ve been listening to this song a lot at night recently and I get all of these great memories about my times with my friends that I haven’t seen in a while. I had to move away a few years ago and I haven’t been the same since. I’ve felt that I lacked a place and when I listened to this song that became overwhelmingly clear. More recently I’ve been thinking about great times hanging out and goofing off with some of the best people I’ve ever met and how I most likely won’t be able do it again and I’ve honestly felt lonely. Then it hit me. I’ve been feeling this way because I’ve wanted to feel this way. I’m not sad, I’m just happy that i have experienced these things and it’s bringing my mind to ease. If you feel lonely, even just a little bit, remember a good thought and focus on how it made you feel. That will help you feel better. ;)
Rain Six (9 hours ago)
Idk why but this melody makes me think of death. Of my friends, family, myself. I don’t know why and I don’t like it. It’s a beautiful song but I hate thinking about that stuff. I wish I didn’t think of it.
Lisq (12 hours ago)
Polacy,też marzycie?
Noel Huerta (13 hours ago)
This gives me peace of mind.
mighty abdel (13 hours ago)
I am from morroco and here it's very hard to impeal to others with what you create ( tought crowd ) however you have bewitched me with this song
What the Fudge (15 hours ago)
Love this song... this and Autoharp by Hooverphonic are two of my favorite songs ever... Can anyone recommend similar songs?
Ivan Cardenas (15 hours ago)
My dream would be to relive that day after a party when its 2am ,kissing the boy i once loved with our shirts drenched with vodka and our mouths ingering with the taste of it as well
BA6IC (18 hours ago)
A door to another dimension.
Jarv Mcjiggle (20 hours ago)
use EVEN MORE dynamic compression in mastering to make it sound liek a boxy boomy hunk of shit. fucking music sounds terrible these days.
John Koe (22 hours ago)
Ok, I need permission 2 come back 2 Earth now, or shall I say the existence we cling 2 even tho it isnt needed. But isnt it needed? If not, y do so many of us return?
Ceyda Cebeci (1 day ago)
Amk bu dünyanın
All Spark Infinity (1 day ago)
Alan god damn WATS
Kalash Freakyboy (1 day ago)
Dream as long you keep your eyes open. Make your live your own dream and then you will dont have anymore dreams” #Akboy peace for my brothers ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼
Roberto Ramirez (1 day ago)
This video means: That we are in a dream.... when we wake up, that’s the actual dream. When we are in the spiritual realm, dream state; that’s our true self. And we manifest that spirit into this multi dimension.
keyfinder257 (1 day ago)
2:18 into this song features ideas that are at the root of the world's problems today. Alan Watts is not the savior he is made out to be. Good does not imply evil. That is utter horseshit and embracing it is the providence of the psychopath.
Andy Moradi (1 day ago)
This voice was the former president of Malaysia 🇲🇾 . I would never forget his voice. He is full of wisdom.
Hannah Faith (1 day ago)
Alan Watts saved my life.
vndlz (1 day ago)
these comments are weird
Riccardo Capobianco (1 day ago)
Remember "Ben Frost" machine....
Rubin Nissim (1 day ago)
We are one
JamesSwagger101 (2 days ago)
As he said "And finally you will dream, where you are now.." i tried to think about myself dreaming about me sitting in my desk all alone with no thoughts of what i will do next then let my mind dream about it in another way. And then i thought about him being in a conference room telling a few people in front of them saying "and you finally dream, where you are now.." i then ended up in their brain as they begin to just look at themselves and what they have become.
得Ziis (2 days ago)
i get the message :) one day i will become a pirate and i will live amazing adventures. << risking my life to live my life >>
TehLemonsRUs (2 days ago)
Good song but this guy talking in the background is distracting. I came for music not philosophy lesson
Max Weber (2 days ago)
höre da bizzy montana nur einen moment ruhe , die vocals , killer !!
Breno Melo (2 days ago)
Goat Out (3 days ago)
My goodness!! N U A G E S hit me up please this is art. My nipples immediately froze... Alan Watts a legend as always. WOW
Richard Lopez (3 days ago)
I have this on repeat!
Paul (3 days ago)
Nihilism is a cancer of the mind.
TheMuddyMusic (3 days ago)
bruh, i almost took a shower in all that reverb :DD
samarindö ö (3 days ago)
Its really awesome these days I've thinking so much about lucid dreams, then I get here and listen while reading you guys and pffff it inspires me to make music with this trascendance, I love you people with all my heart and Im very happy to read you because we all have been touched by this awesome track. Much blessings to everybody and lets create our reality deeply connected to the wisdom of nature.
Dime Wash (3 days ago)
Just returned from the year 2083, and I can assure you good folk, this song is still very much loved by all.
itskenny b (4 days ago)
Otha's a name.........*lucid
Xisammy22 • (4 days ago)
If you think this song is great now, try listening to it high, i went into another dimension.
Yasmín Rojas Marín (4 days ago)
Me topo con esto y es excelente para esta fría noche...
Alex Gonzalez (4 days ago)
Shit that was deep
Kyohei Fujima (4 days ago)
I just want someone to know I exist. Life is hard for the isolated.
Pandjew (4 days ago)
this new fullscreen mode is awesome
21plus ? (4 days ago)
Let Me Fly 🦋
DaDaughter (4 days ago)
this guy who made this video is sending hate comments to me.so no thank yous to fae child!!
Kdt Hartwich (5 days ago)
Fickeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen ! Love IT !
AMY REYES (5 days ago)
Mi corazón se contecta con esta canción💓🎶
Konstantinos Stavrou (5 days ago)
EpIc SpAcE burritoz (5 days ago)
What thus have me chills
Linéa (5 days ago)
this is magical <3 <3 <3
loosingmymemory7 (5 days ago)
contrasting is a mechanism of pure math but at the fabric of existence is probability, life and consciousness is just a guess, that is why nothing implies something but nothing implies anything (did I pull a JP?) argumentative algebra
Mohd Izuan (5 days ago)
21year's and me still struggling to catch my dream , oh damn how the time was change , it's hurt . Only God knows how I feel 💔
NativeTranquility2 (5 days ago)
Loving all the positive profound comments. That's all I have to say.
JTG Nation (6 days ago)
JJCBalak (6 days ago)
send chills down my spine every time
Jamie MC Keown (6 days ago)
🎧🎼🎼👌😁👌nuages 👍👍🎼🎼🎼
Felu :-V (6 days ago)
Uuuuuuuuuh uuuuuuuuuh uuuaaaaahh
Yaki Clone (6 days ago)
I started listening to watts well before the internet even existed.. now he's everywhere..even has a video game
Frej Jonsson (6 days ago)
furman _ (6 days ago)
Even under this thing people complain about their world. They clearly missed opening words: “finally you would dream where you are now”.
TEJR69 (6 days ago)
Why does it gives me total recall of me being 5 years old, turning on TV in the evening and seeing Princess Mononoke for the first time. Why in the fuck did I remembered this one? ._.
Ismitha Development (6 days ago)
Insane bro
1900ven (6 days ago)
Peter (6 days ago)
maaaan where are the drums and the beat? so boring...
Mary Jane (7 days ago)
And so it is....
j b (7 days ago)
hear Alan Watts voice, have another tab open with Alan Watts presenting a topic, quickly change tab to see if I accidentally clicked play on the other tab lol.
Ronny P (7 days ago)
Bloody dyslexia i came here looking for food thought the title said Sausage & Beans...
Yung Leo (7 days ago)
Yo....this some woke ass shit...
Laura Valentina (7 days ago)
I would like to hear those words in the voice of Morgan Freeman!
Hiendar Inenkoray (7 days ago)
Um. This makes me reflect on my future. Powerful enough to make me edgy, heh. I've been feeling lost, unsure and insecure for all my teenage life. I'm not experienced enough to say things like that, maybe I'm wrong and exaggerating. Whatever. I'm tired of feeling this way. Usually I'm the one who left behind by people that most likely had forgotten about me long time ago. And I continue crying over them, desperately trying fo get over it. But that's enough. Since this moment, I'm gonna start fulfilling my dream. Make myself better and forget about everyone who hurt me. I don't wanna hurt other people in order to take revenge, but anyway I won't let anyone make me feel vulnerable again. For everyone who reads this - I i hope you're moving in the right direction. Don't let your depression creep up on you, set a goal and go for it. Please
Rebbekah Van Shaw (4 days ago)
Beautiful!!! I'm so happy to read your comment and resolve! I hope you find your way in this big, crazy, noisy, violent, miraculous and mysterious world! Just know that we learn our most profound and life changing lessons through our pain. Even those who hurt us the most also teach us the most, to prepare us for greatness! Good luck 🍀 my friend!
Mane Matevossian (7 days ago)
Anybody with a list of spiritual songs/texts like this?
Zaire Variegata (3 days ago)
Check out Dustbusters by Delta Sleep
Reyyan Temel (7 days ago)
Yıllar sonra yolum düşerse.
Danny Bg (7 days ago)
1 planet 1 Country 1 Govt !
Gleyton Nunes (7 days ago)
SHACK SHACK (7 days ago)
I really recommend this compliation https://youtu.be/dfYt2tz_6w0 of Alan watts, it really made me understand alot!.
Hunter Maggio (7 days ago)
I wish I could give this 1 million likes
dhr Grizzly (7 days ago)
2018: get enlightened in a comment section <3
Grim Reaper (8 days ago)
every dream is a nightmare until you make a nightmare a dream
Hiendar Inenkoray (7 days ago)
Grim Reaper pretty deep. for me, throughout the path to your dream you suffer a lot, but you grow to accept it and start to enjoy it. Since your dream is complete, you'll start to long for this suffering and struggles.
Ronald Cano (8 days ago)
I’m running thru the mountains with a panda bear , hoping for daylight to arrive , scare and running fast and sometimes even waiting for panda bear because he can’t run anymore , I will not leave him alone in this wild night in the mountains . As daylight arrives after feeling like we’ve been running for months , we manage to walk to a place where we can have food . Conclusion, we never went our separate ways , we continued to approach many more adventures as panda and human being .
Divine Tarot (8 days ago)
You know i had a dream.. that my twin flame finally decided to marry me. Then we got lost in a crowd of people. And i couldnt find him we got separated.
Angel Shepard (8 days ago)
I don’t know why, but this song has made me remember a buried dream I had to travel the world and take photographs of my adventures, and it’s because of this song I have decided to do so once again. Thank you.
CS:GO Item Generator (18 hours ago)
Ant (18 hours ago)
Mat Zwart You're right
Mat Zwart (18 hours ago)
+Ant Dont think, just go.
Ant (4 days ago)
Any tips?
Evelyn Arteaga (8 days ago)
sound like lisa gerrard
Léo Nicolas (8 days ago)
a small Donnie darko effect
FUARK (8 days ago)
I escape from my emotions,i don't want to hear slow musics but ..
Atif Hussain (8 days ago)
more sugessions for these awesome trippy audio
Abbie Sian (8 days ago)
There is so much beauty behind this song it's unreal. 'Now lets have a surprise lets have a dream that isn't numbered something is going to happen you don't know what it will be you will become more adventures and finally you will dream where you are now' the reason that is is because everything your dreaming isn't reality it's just a dream you will still be in the same place when you wake up ' where you are now' amazing
RapGod (8 days ago)
Is life just a dream? Are we real?
praca zzp (8 days ago)
Alan? You again. Keep on talking to the world of sleepwalkers.
Grumpy Justin (9 days ago)
Everyday in bed:)
D Willimoto (9 days ago)
Fantastic composition.
Kwame Acheampong (9 days ago)
The pic reminds me of the elf/fantasy episodes from "Maniac"... Which in and of itself is pretty telling.
ManSpider (9 days ago)
2019 n also dying from depression
Erin Ivey (9 days ago)
"lets say the dream is what you feel now." (me sadness R,I,P Maggie
Tina (9 days ago)
Magpie Smyth (9 days ago)
apparently this song is perfect with super silver haze for me, I feel like I've transcended the concept of stress .. fuckin weird
Mrhn Jezkq (9 days ago)
One of the best music for dreaming in the dark room when you absolutely alone in night. I'm so addicted to music for a long time.
walky cocky (9 days ago)
Finally I found treasure.
Shahir S (10 days ago)
6.3K people cannot dream and donot have peace of mind
ForgottenFaye (10 days ago)
Do you ever scream silence, and scream when you should be quiet, or at least when told to do so? It’s a bad habit of mine. I want my words to be heard. Even if they mean nothing.

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