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MLB Pitchers Playing Other Positions

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Pitchers playing the field like outfield or first base. Sometimes balls get hit to them Instagram http://instagram.com/sportingvideo Twitter http://twitter.com/sporting_video All clips to mlb http://youtube.com/mlb
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Robert Tardy 11 (1 month ago)
Im looking to play in the MLB when im older but im debating to play pitcher cause im the best pitcher in my leauge with 156 K and 45 walks but im also a short stop and I am good at both but im really good at hitting and playing short cause im smaller and quicker and have more power and my average speed for my signature fastball is 79 mps and that is fast for my age at 11 and im getting advice from my cousin who pitched in the MLB of the ups and downs but im leaning towards pitching
Mike Gonzo (4 months ago)
Don't know why mlb acts so surprised about pitchers playing positions. They are athlete's!
Fleck Smugbrother (4 months ago)
I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often. Most pitchers are true athletes ( love to see Colon at another position). Preparing for these types of situations should be routine......
rla1000 (2 months ago)
You had us going there until you mentioned Colon. Seriously, I had the same thought, but you could say that about most players in MLB.  Probably most of them pitched at one time or another, and most pitchers played positions when they weren't pitching.  These guys would have been the best overall athletes in whatever league or whatever level they were playing at.
BubbaBlack (4 months ago)
4:38 is my favorite non-postseason Cub moment. Travis Wood is my favorite Cub ever. No question.
BubbaBlack (4 months ago)
Cubs MLB Perfect Inning Gaming Yep lol I have a signed picture of him on my wall
BubbaBlack Really? 😂 that’s cool.
TheHeroicraptor (4 months ago)
Joe Maddon is such an insufferable, self-congratulatory twat
San Sesbunso (4 months ago)
Very rare
Justin Brooks (4 months ago)
This is awesome
ww Heisenberg (4 months ago)
You forgot Sergio Romo playing 3rd base
HornetNumber6 (4 months ago)
Logan Skarupa (4 months ago)
Catchers playing different positions
Wesley Buck (4 months ago)
Or the inverse, non-catchers playing catcher
Mario Vasquez (4 months ago)
*that isn’t 1B
G G MOBILE (4 months ago)
Joseph G. (4 months ago)
Who likes manny macho u like him dislike my comment u hate him reply and like my comment Edit: Cubs mlb perfect inning some people like him I actually hate attention so yea ur wrong
Joseph G. Um everyone hates him. You just want likes/attention.
Yourboi-joe (4 months ago)
This is just all cubs. Cubs suck
Yourboi-joe Cry
Wesley Buck (4 months ago)
Oh little cardinals fan, gonna cry?
Mara Jacobson (4 months ago)
no u
Cole’s Videos (4 months ago)
Scoops (4 months ago)
Roy Oswalt?
John Snow (4 months ago)
You forgot the Rays had one of their pitchers play first base during the 2018 season against the Nationals at Tropicana Field.
john mccabe (4 months ago)
Youre right. Jose alvarado played first while jake bauers (1st baseman) went out to left field, mallex smith was moved from left to right, and then chaz roe came in to pitch. alvarado then got back on the mound, bauers got moved back to first, smith back to left, and carlos gomez came in to play right field. I dont remember the day but it was a wednesday day game and i think youre right about the away team being the nats
EonArashi (4 months ago)
Forget that. Sergio Romo played third for a third of an inning at one point.
Dpower244 (4 months ago)
Logically pitchers could make good outfielders or catchers
Dpower244 (4 months ago)
Dakota George the arm is great, of they r a good fielding pitcher, then they could
Dakota George (4 months ago)
If you actually do, then you'd understand that what you said makes no sense
Dpower244 (4 months ago)
Dakota George I catch
Dakota George (4 months ago)
I dont think you understand how difficult it is to catch...
Average Video gamer (4 months ago)
Man I was gonna ask for bid like this: you must have read my mind
Christopher's Cool Cards (4 months ago)
BEN PLAYSS (4 months ago)
Wood is the great outfielder of all time 1.000 career defensive stats 0 errors
BEN PLAYSS Wasn’t that the game where Jon Lester had the walkoff bunt in extra innings?
BEN PLAYSS (4 months ago)
Now this is a video I would never would have thought to do great idea
Sporting Videos (4 months ago)
Thank you Ben
Hats And Cats! (4 months ago)
Nymets86 (4 months ago)
Outfielders playing the infield
Mike Contente (4 months ago)
Catchers pitching to pitchers
FaltZ Baseball (4 months ago)
You should do Hunter Pence Giants highlights! Great vids btw
CloudyPlayz _YT (4 months ago)
I’m first can u pin me pls! Edit; Thank you!
CloudyPlayz _YT (4 months ago)
Thanks man!
Mega Knight (4 months ago)
Top 10 Worst Calls in MLB History please
Cole Parker (4 months ago)
This has been done time and time again
Mike Contente (4 months ago)
Seattle not running the ball is #1
Jacob’s World (4 months ago)
Great video

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