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Street life in Beijing a Real World China Travel Guide

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Scenes from the street life in Beijing taken during our stay in China from February to April in 2016. Living in China for a couple of month is quite a challenge and more as the usual tourist attractions or the things you find in a travel guide . The daily rush hour, exotic streetfood, the old hutong houses, temples and most of all the people of Beijing made our time there an unforgettable experience. This is a real world look at what to expect visiting Beijing or China. Filmed with a Sony Alpha 6000 and iPhone 6
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Text Comments (126)
Saeed Rana (21 hours ago)
This vedio is not showing all beijing picture
Liding Newbold (2 days ago)
潘爷儿 (2 days ago)
ankit verma (5 days ago)
Love China,from India,my hsk level is 3 preparing for 5 and want to study in China
eddy chow (9 days ago)
If you want dire with cancer, go to china and live there
BOB MD (11 days ago)
It seems me like a ghosty city
Sandeep Baliga (14 days ago)
love this video , straight and simple ! i felt like inside Chinese towns ! love it
Tim O (14 days ago)
I don't like it because the streets are cleaner than my living room.
Aiza Khan (14 days ago)
Wow..Love from Pakistan
ANAND SHUBHAM (15 days ago)
Chinese people eating dogs..........
ANAND SHUBHAM (15 days ago)
hungry country china
gr paudel (16 days ago)
Poor visibility ?! Pollution problem bit !?
Admiel Kvuda (18 days ago)
仇博 (19 days ago)
im in beijing,this is just life of poor guys
drong zhou (19 days ago)
My lovely Beijing.
Yvon Moua Moua (20 days ago)
I can not stay in bigges towns like this, because of too much polutions.
phil phil (20 days ago)
The poor aspect in the outside.district of beijing.
我的团长我的团 (21 days ago)
潘爷儿 (2 days ago)
+obsidianstatue 沒錯,人家就是看的老北京,現代化還要看你的嗎?
obsidianstatue (20 days ago)
老旧,才是值得保护的遗产,北京一些胡同只要 居民把门前打扫干净点,就是全中国都难找的传统居民街道。
8weltenbummler (20 days ago)
中国有着悠久的历史。 旧的和新的都像是jing和yang,如果它可以独立存在则没有
buddy man (22 days ago)
Hutong 😁
Tony Montana (22 days ago)
Tony Montana (22 days ago)
authentic! from a Chinese
Matteo Desimio (1 month ago)
Mr. 8weltenbummler, do you know New York? You think that it could be an example to Beijing streets?
Matteo Desimio (19 days ago)
Dear 8weltenbummeler, as you said is unfair compare N.Y. with Beijing, first: the number of cars in Beijing is the same number of the population of N.Y. Secondly, the video luke alike intentional to denigrate the city of Beijing. If you watch the YouTube video named "Inside America's homeless epidemic" Oct.18/ 2018 you will see when a video is intentional. They do not just show N.Y. problem, also others large cities in the USA. I don't take sides, I like to analyze well the subjective for taking my conclusions. By the way, I know both cities it is not a possible comparison between the two cities.
8weltenbummler (20 days ago)
Dear Matteo, We been to New York a couple of times and it's one of the most amazing cities in the world. But because New York is a harbor city it has not to deal with the same problems as Beijing. The pollution in Beijing, and that's the only thing we all constantly see on the news, is also caused by its location in a valley surrounded by mountains. It would not be fair to compare both cities. But I also think that China will come up with some interesting environmental solutions in the future.
Mini Pralines (1 month ago)
I wish all travel videos where exactly like this. Beijing.. 💔
Haarbueschel (1 month ago)
Thanks for the video! That's pretty much how I remember Beijing from my time there in 2013/14. I really miss the city.
David Bourgeois (2 months ago)
Everything in this video is beautiful except for the traffic and the Apple Store (dude. you have to edit that bit out). :-)
pcking2008 (2 months ago)
Is that smog or fog?
derek lambert (21 days ago)
that is the jealous and angry lol
Brian Rowe (2 months ago)
Excellent video, really caught the atmosphere of Beijing. My wife and I were there for a week early June 2018. Liked the clip of the vendor shouting out on Wangfujing Food Street at 10.35 - we sat and had a couple of beers opposite him one evening. Entertaining to watch and got phone video clip of him myself. Was the clip at 12.00 taken in the Wanfujing area as well?
Brian Rowe (2 months ago)
Thank you. Looked it up on the map and it is within walking distance from where our hotel was situated. We are hoping to be back in Beijing in November and will be sure to check it out if we are.
8weltenbummler (2 months ago)
Hi Brian, glad you like the city and you had a great time in china. Thank you also for you comment on the Shanghai video. The scene you asking for is a shopping area called The Place at Guanghua Road, between Dongdaqiao Road and Jintong W Road in Chaoyang District.
지후천고 (3 months ago)
每个国家都有黑暗的一面, 美国日本欧洲也有
8weltenbummler (2 months ago)
Metro DC (3 months ago)
Visited China last year and will never go back there again. Lots of rude Chinese people.
Runze Hu (3 months ago)
7:05 hhhhh, the building next to the three men was exactly where I worked 2 years ago.. I was probably inside the building while you filmed this scene
Are you wearing a glasses instead of using a camera?
Zheng Li (4 months ago)
This video is awesome for anyone who has been living in Beijing. Feels so real!
change the world.china (4 months ago)
China best cuntry.
SJ C (4 months ago)
Thanks for your video I love my hometown,Beijing
8weltenbummler (4 months ago)
Thank you for your comment. It is always the biggest compliment when people from Beijing like the video.
bob okamaha (4 months ago)
which hotel/building was the footage at 11:36 shot?
8weltenbummler (4 months ago)
The building you see in the footage is the CCTV Tower and it is filmed from the Jingguang Center/Rosewood Beijing. Hope that's answering your question, it is always a pleasure to help people interested in Beijing.
Living Walks (4 months ago)
How interesting. Thank you for sharing, we film gopro walks through soulful cities mainly in Europe so it's lovely to see interesting places we may never get to go to, we enjoyed traveling around with you.
bldomain (4 months ago)
This old Hutong is now torn down or gentrified.
8weltenbummler (4 months ago)
Thank you for the update. It's sad to see more and more traditional Hutong houses being modernized and the old city is fading
Joel Cardoza (5 months ago)
NO overweight people and 1 bald older man in the whole video.......... and this is the city. Here in the 🇺🇸 that's a phenomenon.
Tyler Mandich (5 months ago)
Beautiful. I’m looking to visit Beijing at some point. This video just accelerates my interest.
8weltenbummler (4 months ago)
Hello Tyler, Hope you will enjoy your time in Beijing and have a amazing travel.
Glay sailor (6 months ago)
Beijing is a very big city. It is expanding. If you go to the edge of expansion, you will see a messy city. He has many problems in his development. Please remember to look ahead and wait a few years. These chaos will disappear without a trace, and these messes will appear in other places. This is development.
8weltenbummler (4 months ago)
Thanks, you are right. Beijing is making a great amount of progress and improvement. Hope it will keep some of the traditional quarters and Hutong houses for the future.
Mawji Patel (6 months ago)
What a wonderful video. Music is awesome. Keep it up.
8weltenbummler (4 months ago)
Thank you so much for your comment
Ashok Karki (6 months ago)
I really miss China. I stayed there for 4 years during my school years. Hope one day i will get to vist Beijing.
eddy chow (9 days ago)
Soon you will  have CANCER after examination
bambang sugiarto (7 months ago)
very dirty town
derek lambert (21 days ago)
but they make u so jealous huh? lol
Peter Smith (21 days ago)
like ur mom's cunt
Delly Thezar (21 days ago)
Ya mas kita di Indonesia bersih benget ya, koq mereka kotor sekali,,
Andi Li (22 days ago)
Udah liat sampai akhir gak, jgn cm liat awalnya doank yg di gang sempit, daerah pinggiran, pasar, emang di hk Taiwan, amerika,eropa,gak ada daerah kumuh?
DK CN (7 months ago)
Damn I remember those days.. I started appreciating the sun and blue skies that much more ... looks like chao Yang park
Alfa Painting (8 months ago)
good job.
Mash Kyrielight (8 months ago)
Flyingaceful (9 months ago)
China is amazing!
Sam Wong (9 months ago)
I love old styled n classical bldg, hope govt can protect them from being xx. Ps hker in europe
8weltenbummler (4 months ago)
Hello Sam, Thank you for writing. We too hope that Beijing will keep some of it's traditional quarters and streets.
bldomain (4 months ago)
Sam Wong This old Hutong is now torn down or gentrified
mi yo (9 months ago)
潘爷儿 (2 days ago)
+obsidianstatue 誰讓你人這麼多,有能力沒能力,都生好幾個
潘爷儿 (2 days ago)
+小树苗 都是矯情
obsidianstatue (20 days ago)
这种又社区感的 公园,在日本肯定没有,只有压抑的人,每时每刻提心吊胆的 担心你有没有影响到别人。
8weltenbummler (4 months ago)
ありがとう、世界は変化しており、都市も Thanks, the world is changing and citys too
小树苗 (5 months ago)
飞龙在天 (10 months ago)
I once lived in chaoyang district in beijing
Ken Yup (10 months ago)
It's so fabulous,what camera are you using?
Ken Yup (4 months ago)
8weltenbummler it's my pleasure,haha
8weltenbummler (4 months ago)
Hello Ken, Thank you for writing. We used a Sony a6000 and an iPhone to shoot the footage of this video.
necromancer (10 months ago)
Chinese eat scorpions and beetles!!! Disgusting!!!
Mark Wang (6 months ago)
nope, as I know less 1% of Chinese eat those bugs. most of them were sold to curious visitors from western countries....LMAO...
8weltenbummler (10 months ago)
We actually never saw Chinese people eat this. This is a probably just a tourist attraction for western people who like to have thrill and a nice photo for their friends at home. Chinese friends told us not to eat at Wangfujing Street.
Birdsfly11 (11 months ago)
Enjoyable video Thanks! Been to Beijing 4 times total since 07 and the scenes I'm familiar with bring back fond memories :) Still think about her. S.Z. aka J.
8weltenbummler (10 months ago)
Thanks for your comment. Great to hear that people who kow the city well like the video. 谢谢
Harry Liu (11 months ago)
well done. it's like back in Beijing again.
8weltenbummler (10 months ago)
Thanks Harry, glad you enjoyed it and have a good time in Beijing.
Jingying Fu (11 months ago)
Æpyornis Cotte (1 year ago)
I'd like to thank you so much ! This video is amazing ! good work ! 谢谢!
Jean-Paul Wenger (1 year ago)
Big fat like!
Ana Karina Buairide (1 year ago)
OMG thats fantastic!!!! Loved it
Bob Herron (1 year ago)
Thank you
MD IRSHAD (1 year ago)
Omg they were selling fried Scorpio and cockroach
Ron Lai (1 year ago)
Loved your video. Can show some old old shop and house?
Jiang Zou (1 year ago)
CyberSetan (1 year ago)
...the haze...
Augustin LE GALLE (1 year ago)
Beautiful. Thank you.
Francisco Neto (1 year ago)
Nice 👍🏽
Simon Yang (1 year ago)
Born and raised in Beijing, love this video, these are my favorite aspects of the city on the rare chance I get to visit. Nicely done!
Admiel Kvuda (18 days ago)
Yi lei Wang (4 months ago)
Simon Yang 蓝靛厂
8weltenbummler (1 year ago)
Glad you like it and thanks for the lovely comment.
RunNeSh3 VEVO (1 year ago)
Simon Yang 兄弟 北京哪个区域?我是半石景山半海淀的
Mengshi Ren (1 year ago)
I miss my hometown now.
Shiro Gracia (1 year ago)
Hi @8hweltenbummler ! I'm moving to Beijing next summer and I guess that your video show a great perspective of what I'll see soon. Is there's some places to go out and make jogging? I mean (safe parks) parks or any stadium near from the expat area.
8weltenbummler (4 months ago)
Hope you will love the city and have a great time living there
Tyler Mandich (5 months ago)
I’m never been to China but I have read and heard from enough sources that Beijing is quite a safe city all around.
Birdsfly11 (11 months ago)
definitely safe parks all around Beijing but your probably there by now and have found them lol...Enjoy Beijing!
8weltenbummler (1 year ago)
Hi Shiro, There are some small parks in Beijing to practice sports outdoors, like all Chinese people do. The best place for jogging might be the Olympic Forest Park. Hope we could help and feel free to write if you have any more questions. Wish you a great time in Beijing and have fun.
miketeoh2 (1 year ago)
Thank you, very well done
8weltenbummler (1 year ago)
Thank you for watching and feedback.
dave mcginn (1 year ago)
避免晚清陷井 (1 year ago)
Thank you for sharing,i will go to china next year,i know there are many place which are very beautiful,like Guilin,Yan shou and Hangzhou......
Ethan (1 year ago)
Suggest you go to Suzhou instead of Hangzhou.
Brian Monge (2 years ago)
awesome videa
8weltenbummler (2 years ago)
Thank you for watching and your lovely comment.
John Ference (2 years ago)
Really enjoyed
8weltenbummler (2 years ago)
Thank you so much for your comment, glad you enjoyed watching, stay tuned for the upcoming China movies.
V_ _V (2 years ago)
Oh Beijing! East 43 Street near Chaoyangmen... Hmm the chewable air, I left Beijing 3 years ago due to the terrible air quality but now I kinda miss it!
Roaming baozi (4 months ago)
Of course you lived in Chaoyangmen... with all the other Laowai... typical.
likeliterally (2 years ago)
excellent video! I love seeing regular life
Matteo Desimio (1 month ago)
Sometimes the luck of known, make us saying stupids things.
GARRY RAJPUT (1 year ago)
likeliterally copy paste
8weltenbummler (2 years ago)
Thank you for your comment and we are glad you like it. It was our intention to make the movie without music or voiceover to transport an impression how the city sounds and feels.
Matvall (2 years ago)
Not sure if fog or colour grading.... hahahha
8weltenbummler (2 years ago)
Unfortunately the smog is no special effect.

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