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80+ Famous BRAND NAMES You're Probably Pronouncing WRONG | CAR Brand Names | FASHION Brand Names

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How to pronounce brand names in English. Do you really know how to pronounce these brand names in English? American English Pronunciation.
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Text Comments (36)
ashwani kumar (1 month ago)
Very nice
Yasin Raja (2 months ago)
Videos And More (3 months ago)
Thanks boy.
Alam Soyat (4 months ago)
Thank you somuch my teacher
fsharmin1 (5 months ago)
11:41 I love that
Chopper (5 months ago)
chaitra chaitra (7 months ago)
niceee ...
Venuvenka Chiranjeevi (7 months ago)
My most favorite channel ever
Sidratul Muntaha (7 months ago)
You rock 😇😇
GoldzBear (8 months ago)
Great video!!!! Pronounce these ones in the correct way is helpfull for a good comunication!
Sao Sáng (8 months ago)
Necessary! Thanks
Ramiro Perez (2 months ago)
Sao Sáng you are gorgeous
Jesus Osmar (8 months ago)
Thanks sir. I really appreciat it
A V (8 months ago)
Thank your.I watching your channel in Azerbaijan. This really great
Florian Bandilli (8 months ago)
This my favorite YouTube Chanel , I really like that .
Piedad Loren Serrano (8 months ago)
Алексей С. (8 months ago)
Priti Yogi (8 months ago)
My favorite YouTube channel.. better than ever🤘 Thanks a lot 7 E S L..
Gong Tayeng (8 months ago)
Priti Yogi Arunachal Pradesh 😂😂😂
Gong Tayeng (8 months ago)
Priti Yogi aap ladki ho kia?😂😂😂
Gong Tayeng (8 months ago)
Priti Yogi place?
Priti Yogi (8 months ago)
And where are you from sir.?
Priti Yogi (8 months ago)
Gong Tayeng Hi sir, I am from India.
J/A/S Thomas (8 months ago)
I wish all these videos would have been available 20 yrs ago when I was younger. The age of the person plays a important role in learning a second language, but I'm persevering thou. Tks
Claus Tame (6 months ago)
Marianella Simmons its NEVER late!! Here we are.
mauro carvalho (8 months ago)
(7:04) Rolls-Royce is missing.
Faisal AboMouti (8 months ago)
nice video, but there is some twitching sound.
Ali Imran Allahwala (8 months ago)
Thanks sir 👏
Sena Tamie (8 months ago)
Thank you so much !
Diego Martinez (8 months ago)
Thanks again for this video, I really appreciate your help.
Tan (8 months ago)
Good morning 7 ESL! Thanks so much. I really pronounced some of them wrong. BMW -here we have always named it - [ Be EM Vi] Happy that I came across to your channel. Love English language so much.
Gong Tayeng (8 months ago)
Robot 🤖 sir🤣🤣🤣
BlackPink (8 months ago)
Gong Tayeng (8 months ago)

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