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worst nfl and college football jerseys dont get triggered lol Support me by buying my brand new merchandise: https://rbt.merchforall.com/ Important stuff: - 2nd channel: https://www.youtube.com/rbtsports - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/SamuelBrownRBT - Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/SamuelBrownRBT - Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/RBTofficial - OG Merch: https://bit.ly/2wo2VqO Today, I give a top 10 list of the ugly football uniforms across NFL and College Football For Business Inquires: [email protected] What will you find on RBT's channel? To sum it up, you'll find everything sports related, sports gaming related, sports topics all while being silly, making dumb, funny and comedic videos with some of the craziest off the wall gaming commentary you'll ever find. Many of the games I play are sports related, such as Madden NFL 19, FIFA 19, NBA 2k19, MLB The Show 19, and much more here in the future. We do wild challenges, experiments, series, realistic and unrealistic stuff as well. On Madden Football, we do custom franchises with NFL organizations, we test features within the game, we sometimes play Ultimate Team as well and do pack openings and try to pack the most beast cards in the game while spending a lot of money. Basically anything about football, NFL draft, trades, trade deadline, super bowl, gaming, touchdowns, highlights and more you'll find here. Sometimes, we do highlight reels as well, in a stupid way, which you should probably know. Full games will be uploaded sometime too, pre season, playoffs, championships, you name it. Sometimes, we do montages too with crazy sports glitches from sports games out there. I make videos similar to KayKayEs, AntoDaBoss, YoBoy Pizza, TDBarrett, Zirksee, Not The Expert, QJB, MMG, NTE, VictionaryHD and other madden commentators. It's all about making people laugh. Laughing is one of the things we take for granted in this life, so why not try to make more people laugh by just making videos? Also, I've thought about daily vlogging so you will see vlogs on here from time to time, whether it be a house tour, youtube related videos, sometimes will bring my family members on here as well - my dad, mom, sister, brother, cousins, girlfriend and more. You'll get the most outrageous content on all of youtube that you won't find anywhere else. FFS I'm going to stop now LMAO
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RBT (1 month ago)
hopefully i get over this strep throat soon so i can bring the facecam back and bring back the series lol in the meantime watch this video from last night pls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9a3wbiUMhCc
Osama Bin laggin (26 days ago)
RBT surprised Seahawks color rush wasn’t on here
Travis Loco (28 days ago)
9:10 who made u a pig
Travis Loco (28 days ago)
Oh ya u look like u was drawn by a pig
Sports review (29 days ago)
Rbt my number 1 is Pittsburgh Steelers bumblebee
Weston B (29 days ago)
RBT Steelers color rush?!
Patrick Cardoso (2 days ago)
Jets jerseys are smooth looking.
Wells (4 days ago)
666 dislikes the devils number haha
Aidan Palmer Palmer (5 days ago)
This is video sucks
Jason Martin (5 days ago)
The Broncos AFL Anniversary jerseys. And I'm a die hard Broncos fan.. but those are just putrid
SLiiM Beaty (5 days ago)
"it's hard to put a throwback uniform on this list..." proceeds to put three throwbacks on the list.... This guy sounds like he's about to throw up during his review of each one lol. "This ugh uni ugh from is so ugh garbage. It L ugh ooks like throw up ugh"
Poison - Dagger (5 days ago)
The thumbnail unies are dope af!
I’m a Packers fan and I absolutely hate the Packers throwbacks, disgusted every time I see them
DolFan316 (6 days ago)
RBT's description of each uniform's sheer awfulness is transendent in its brilliant humor.
Jared Bolton ygo (6 days ago)
Ebt u forgot the Denver's uniform from a bit ago with those socks I can remember I think it was a alternate
Jared Bolton ygo (6 days ago)
Rbt broke his rule they didnt play with those yet but gid jets how
Camden Gipson (8 days ago)
The Ohio state uniforms and the jets don’t deserve that
Conner Autry (11 days ago)
I don’t agree with the lions being on this. They were one of my favorite color rush
Paige Torgerson (11 days ago)
as a Wisconsin fan to be honest these are legit bro!
Paige Torgerson (11 days ago)
the new New York jets uniforms are LEGIT bro!
DomF 315 (11 days ago)
Jets New Jersey are sick
mmj mmj (16 days ago)
Your just a hater
Reed Howard (16 days ago)
*7 6
Noah Muhle (19 days ago)
I actually like the jets Jersey btw I am a chargers fan ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡
Chaseace1020 Yeet (20 days ago)
The buckeyes uniforms are awesome you suk rbt
GM Conway (21 days ago)
Go Bucks
Caleb Edgington (22 days ago)
Not trying to be triggered lions fan but our color rush’s and pretty clean
Travis Minton (22 days ago)
More like Ohio State throwback remind me of the Pittsburgh Steelers ugly bee striped uniforms lol
Muselk A (23 days ago)
That’s messed up I live in New Mexico and I like the lobos Jerseys
Joe Espinoza (23 days ago)
Get some help
Virtude s (23 days ago)
The one with the circle
Malachi _TV (23 days ago)
Apparently you don’t like green
Tyler Burdick (23 days ago)
I liked those florida gators uniforms
ScubaDuba 425 (23 days ago)
That isn’t the jaguars current uniform
Matthew Dubois (23 days ago)
The Michigan state are the best
E M (23 days ago)
Has two minute intro to hit 10 minutes
Coley BTW (23 days ago)
Southern miss uniforms look like a little league uniform
Vincent Vargas (23 days ago)
Fuck the Packers go chicago
UZ_Levi Bronco (23 days ago)
You hate my favorite school jerseys
The Weird Pizza Gamer (23 days ago)
Lol, I’m from New Mexico (moves out last year) and I think New Mexico (Lobos or the brighter red) are pretty cool, both teams are pretty trash though
Awsome Ipad Gaming (24 days ago)
Sped if u think the lions color rush are in the top 10 worst. Any normal person would agree they sexy as hell
Alton Burton (24 days ago)
Well at less the jet got more talent so they got a new Jersey:-D :-D :-D :-D
S DiGi (24 days ago)
The guy modeling for MSU is wearing Seahawks gloves
Hunter Florian (24 days ago)
Does he realize that the Jaguars changed their uniforms
Nick B (24 days ago)
Jags don't where those jerseys anymore
Elisha Bope (24 days ago)
The Florida ones cold
Miles Ewing (24 days ago)
8:01 amazing uniforms!
Miles Ewing (24 days ago)
7:21 these are so good
Trenton Inglish (24 days ago)
he has horrible taste
Jack Nabit (25 days ago)
RBT is so dang funny
MEMES 'O' RAMA (25 days ago)
MSU UNIFORM Looks Like A Shamrock Shake
Bowser With tits (25 days ago)
I like the jets color rush uniforms
Connør_Epix 19301 (25 days ago)
All of these are amazing i dont get your eyes. Theyre messed up.
Will Moody (25 days ago)
UGA’s all black uniforms were straight 🗑
JimmyJonga (25 days ago)
Jets uniforms R decent but the helmet and logo 💩
dank memes (25 days ago)
what about the stealers throwback
Stardan Sneed (26 days ago)
ProGamers (26 days ago)
I like OSU but those uniforms are ugly
Ian Martell (26 days ago)
Southern Miss looks like Walmart football gloves 💀
The ✈ copied the Saskatchewan cfl team
Kasen Leal (26 days ago)
Those Michigan state jersey looks fucking awesome coming from bucks fan btw and where is the Steelers bee one
The Mii Channel (26 days ago)
Of course my jets have to be on every rbt negative list. Not triggered though I miss the old units.
lukalegend2005 (26 days ago)
I actually like the jets uniforms but the number font is just so awkward
Jack Ball (27 days ago)
Like if agree
MADmagic (27 days ago)
Buccaneers unis are so trash
#1. Alabama
Robert Wagner (27 days ago)
Throwback eagles uniforms
PuRE_dEfaUlt _SkiN (27 days ago)
MMG is TRIGGERED by number 1
Cameron Farris (27 days ago)
the buckeyes ones are sweet same with mich. State
zema Hawkins (27 days ago)
I don't see how the Jets uniforms r ugly seriously wat r y'all looking at 🤔
Ian Naessig (27 days ago)
Jets look as stupid as the browns
DonDonSeahawks 12 (27 days ago)
Please make Dublin Shamrocks Jerseys and a chuck player in The Shamrocks
Jaguars Celtics (27 days ago)
He put the jaguars uniforms and not the steelers throwback ones
Alex The Spartan Fan (28 days ago)
Dude I’m a huge spartan fan.. I agree that the unis are ugly
Billy Waxton (28 days ago)
Gotta love the lobos uniforms
Logan King (28 days ago)
Lol as an A&M fan Florida lost in those
Grady20 Just football (28 days ago)
Jets have goodSo so do the jags Ohio state
Carter Rink (28 days ago)
Jets have good uniforms. I’m a lions fan and their color rush is also good
Halloffamer1 (28 days ago)
i think the state ones are fire you are so dumb kid
Angel Melendez (28 days ago)
Mother Tucker it look lit Florida
Keith Van Huss (28 days ago)
Forgot the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Bumblebee outfit Oregon Ducks in that crazy green and there's so many others I have ugly uniforms
Parker Stickney (28 days ago)
Packers throw backs are good so idk wtf u talking about
Aiden Salinas (28 days ago)
if u like the new new York jets jersey like if don't comment
Aiden Salinas (28 days ago)
You honestly have terrible taste
josh calder (28 days ago)
i like jets uniform >:( #worst_youtuber
I’m a mi state fan and I can say that our uniforms actually made me puke
Unlimited Amazing (28 days ago)
I'm surprised the bumblebee uniforms aren't on here XD
payton fetty8 (28 days ago)
I dont even like the Jets but they have great jerseys.
Baby Swag54 (28 days ago)
I actually like the jets new jerseys. Don't hate on me
Amy Freeman-Havice (28 days ago)
Paxton Gerhart (28 days ago)
I’ll admit that the throwbacks are my least favorite Buckeye unis. But I don’t hate them lol
RACINGFANFOREVER 9 (28 days ago)
I love the Jets uniforms tbh
Enchanted gaming (28 days ago)
I think the jets uniforms are amazing
Levi Long (28 days ago)
im actually really suprised that the Steelers bumble bee jerseys are not on this list and they deserve to be, coming from a huge Steelers fan
Where were the PittsBEEgh uniforms
The Jets unis look amazing don’t disrespect them
deonta holmes (28 days ago)
Lol this nigga rlly said dem Florida jerseys ugly 😂 trippin
Cyrus Steliga (28 days ago)
I won't disagree about the throwback uniforms for my packers
Faze airways (28 days ago)
I dint get triggered
shiea Lieberman (28 days ago)
This man hates green and yellow, the other ones I agree
Big Nate (28 days ago)
I like what michigan state did because they made a jersey that represented there season last year
Andrew (28 days ago)
this man really came for new mexico for not having enough colors and then nuts over the penn state uniforms? ok playa
StandUpGamer (28 days ago)
I kinda like the Southern Miss ones
Ace Phoenix (28 days ago)
Tbh I love the Jets jerseys
Sporty Boy (28 days ago)
Where are the Tampa Bay buccaneers

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