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Top 10 greatest martial arts actors ever ! ( part 2 )

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Martial Arts Best Actors This is my personnal opinion ! Tracklist : Fairy Tail Epic Theme (Hip Hop Remix) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xX88afxztg Rae Sremmurd - Black Beatles Instrumental https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFW7AeOwMWU Kendrick Lamar - HUMBLE. (INSTRUMENTAL) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuX_pZ--chg Ip Man 2 Rap Beat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b573VZF4mDo futur mask off - saxophone cover https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G73hDINRcIE Thanks for watching !
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Text Comments (1785)
Macovic (16 hours ago)
It’s really van Dammes worst example. He has way better fights on movie.
Wani Kentang (1 day ago)
Musics name?
DGFCD [ Top List ] (1 day ago)
Which one ? The tracklist is in the description
Alyson Diaz (2 days ago)
Tony Ja Scott Attkins Jet Li Jackie Chan Jason
tonton pogi (2 days ago)
Bruce lee still the best
Jonan Terry (2 days ago)
silverfox has to appear as a must on my list
asd (3 days ago)
Donnie Jen and Tony Jaa the best of the best
Femas Femasgustiadi (4 days ago)
Donnie chen
Femas Femasgustiadi (4 days ago)
Ip man yang paling gagor
Darkasknightfall (4 days ago)
Michael j white said he could beat Bruce Lee. Is he crazy? Scott Adkins Jackie chan etc. Bruce Lee on top. He’s just too fast as well as strong.
אליה שמרון (4 days ago)
Bruce Lee is the best ever...
Žanas Bondariovas (4 days ago)
it is kinda sad that this genre of movies is already dead
Sa Da (4 days ago)
Boyka... boyka .....boyka
Very Praz (4 days ago)
Jason statham good talent and my favorite,,,
Ruiizū mL (5 days ago)
9:12 define grace and sophistication 😎 You're forgetting the Silat Martial Artist Iko Uwais of Indonesia!! Check out some of his movies The Raid & Triple Threat, as well as the upcoming series Wu Assassins of Netflix 😍
DGFCD [ Top List ] (4 days ago)
Genito juliao
Nathaniel (5 days ago)
I love the part one it showed Bruce Lee’s picture,the beat went perfectly
Amir Selimovic (5 days ago)
1-Bruce Lee, 2-Donnie Yen, 3-Tony Jaa, 4-Jason Statham, 5-Scott Adkins, 6-Michael Jai White, 7-Jackie Chan, 8-Jean-CVD, 9-Jet Li, 10-Cuck Norris
Private Island (6 days ago)
12:58 is where real Kung fu begins
Louis XXV TORBEZO (6 days ago)
anyone know what the title of this song
DGFCD [ Top List ] (6 days ago)
Which one ?? The tracklist is in the description.
Gohan Anims (7 days ago)
1:22 isnt that the guy who killed the guards in way of the dragon (Bruce Lee)
Kaz K (7 days ago)
李小龍だけ動きが全く違うんだけど。 繰り出される技の一つ一つの動作が目で追えない。 特に蹴りやパンチのスピードが尋常じゃない。
jonathan elizalde (8 days ago)
Brucelee favorite
jonathan elizalde (8 days ago)
Dómine Yemen es puro cuento
Thys Peters (8 days ago)
jet li's awsome
Thys Peters (8 days ago)
jet li wow
John Ashforth (9 days ago)
Sho Kosugi
Raimund Katjina (9 days ago)
Scott Adkins
Arup Bala (10 days ago)
Brouce is the best martail artist in the world
missy mason (10 days ago)
Amazing....R.I.P Bruce lee. Donnie yen Jet li J.chan Number one! Wow..
Anupam Rai (10 days ago)
Hey this music is from fairytail
Nxnx Jdjdjd (10 days ago)
Jason statham is good
1948 FALESTIN (10 days ago)
بروس لي أفضل. ...bruce lee
Augustine Anak Petrus (10 days ago)
Yes Bruce Lee the best in the world
Mauricio Ramírez (11 days ago)
Parami el mejor es el lejendario bruselee
KamoteDragonKatol Yes (11 days ago)
Where is Ramon Zamora?
busa busa1 (11 days ago)
Personal opinion but I disagree the order should have been Bruce Lee II Jackie Chan first in reality no one has entertained us more in the karate industry movies then Jackie Chan over the last 30 years Justin opinion
scott addkin ,josan stam is verry fast figheters
Tji chetau (12 days ago)
Stop with Bruce Lee myths!
shreyash rocker (13 days ago)
Scott Adkins and Donnie yen are best
ghgf lau (13 days ago)
Bruce Lee is the best forever
Sandro Barbarossa (13 days ago)
Ottima classifica manca solo uno Stivensical e Gesonstantman al quarto posto e Get Lii al quinto posto bravi a mette il re al primo posto Bruce Lee Bravi a mettere il secondo e il terzo pero inversi ciachicen al terzo posto e Donnie Yen al secondo posto e lerede di Bruce Lee comunque Bravi comunque affare questa classifica
guilty conscience (14 days ago)
بروس لي،دوني يين.الافضل بالنسبة لي
wwe dark kingdom (14 days ago)
Bruce lee is the guy is the god of mma
aliou badara (14 days ago)
Very nie vidéo sont i want thé musical mixte please
DGFCD [ Top List ] (14 days ago)
aliou badara Thanks 👌 the tracklist is in the description
Where is vidyunt jamval of India
tbonepachanga (15 days ago)
Van damme beat the number two in the world, before his acting career started, imo he deserves at least 4th position.
Fiddleronthecube (15 days ago)
Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Donnie Yen would be my top three. Best fight was Jet versus Donnie in Hero.
king khan tips &triks (15 days ago)
Scott adin is bestest and great
lost souls47 (15 days ago)
Fairy Tail theme song combined with all the best Martial Artists ia the Best
Irfan Khab (15 days ago)
bruce lee is my best
Philip Filip (16 days ago)
Boyka is the best
koffi richmond yao (16 days ago)
Scott Adkins, Jay W., Donnie Yen
apis0909 (16 days ago)
Scott atkins the best
Gaetano Guglielmino (17 days ago)
Steven Seagal? Però Bruce Lee rimarrà sempre il numero 1.
DGFCD [ Top List ] (16 days ago)
di niente
Gaetano Guglielmino (16 days ago)
DGFCD [ Top List ] grazie
DGFCD [ Top List ] (16 days ago)
Robert Anderson (17 days ago)
Donnie yen hands down best FIGHTER EVER !!!!!!
Homepros NYC (17 days ago)
I thought David Carradine was going to be no.1 LMAO
Music Ru (17 days ago)
Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Bruce lee Scot Adkins
Music Ru (17 days ago)
Musaub Awah (18 days ago)
Donni yen and jackie chan is best because jackie chan style is action comedy and donnie yen style is very different with other
Akaa Kehna (18 days ago)
14:00 that's why chuck Norris is no.10 and Bruce Lee is number 1!!!
shaz parsi (19 days ago)
scott adkins is the best
u tube (19 days ago)
Jc forever
abhimanyu kumar (20 days ago)
Scott Adkins is the best among all.
Artrivius (20 days ago)
Scott Adkins is the most complete and best fighter in world! Yuri Boyka <3 !!!!
Nietzschy Zimero (20 days ago)
Good top 10
Pritish Nandi (20 days ago)
no I am not
Pritish Nandi (20 days ago)
kar bhi lenge
Pritish Nandi (20 days ago)
firoz Bhai ko on the spot pitne ki baari
Pritish Nandi (20 days ago)
usi k jaise he wo
Pritish Nandi (20 days ago)
7 times black belt champion
Pritish Nandi (20 days ago)
tabhi bhi Chuck Norris hi tha
Dövüş Bilimi (20 days ago)
i think bruce lee is a very exaggerated fighter. jon jones conor mcgregor khabib nurmagomedov fedor emelanenko george st pierre and others can beat him
thecolorapple green (20 days ago)
Jackie's drunken master is theee best!!!
Niko Chayshev (21 days ago)
Where is a Travis Fimmel?
DGFCD [ Top List ] (19 days ago)
https://youtu.be/iUnooWLAygg lol
venkatesh Balakumar (21 days ago)
Chuck norris should be higher
Pung hero (21 days ago)
Muay thai
Rob S. (22 days ago)
more honorable mentions: Lateef Crowder, David Carradine, Don The Dragon Wilson, Billy Blanks, Mathius Hues, Jeff Speakman, and Richard Norton
Teresita Gumahad (22 days ago)
Tony jaa is strong but yeah still Donnie Yen
marcos domingues (22 days ago)
Jet li -4 whats is movie ?
mong thangrai (22 days ago)
All r best
Honey Singh (23 days ago)
1- Bruce 2- jay white 3- Scott
Black Sola (23 days ago)
Half of the list was totally off...
vag dag (23 days ago)
Michel Torres (23 days ago)
100% previsível 😂😂😂 que falta de originalidade...
oLogzn (26 days ago)
What is song 9:05
DGFCD [ Top List ] (26 days ago)
jet lee is better than anyone. bruce is nothing comparison to jet lee
Erns Fritzard (26 days ago)
Where's sammo hung 😞
DGFCD [ Top List ] (26 days ago)
artiza jundel (27 days ago)
bruce lee is the best...
Tony jaa is the best.
Sudharshan Gkr (27 days ago)
Really gud countdown i appreciate
Indira Sharma (28 days ago)
Bruce lee
hajrah nata (29 days ago)
Bruce lee, is the best..
michael duddikof ?
Alvaro Quevedo (29 days ago)
Falta Dragon Wilson
Betsyba Betty (29 days ago)
Collection wasn't bad, but the music sucks, it will be better if was original sound.
THE BROTHERS (29 days ago)
Best Video Nice whly Best fighters You World
مايكل 2BE (29 days ago)
Cu do ♡
Seenu Seetha (30 days ago)
No1 Bruce Lee.
duynam pham (30 days ago)
phim của jackie chan là phim gì vậy ad

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