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MLB Slowest Pitches

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LtKedobu (2 hours ago)
I throw at least 45 mph at my baseball games i strike out 3 out of 5 batters
M R (5 days ago)
Where's Neil when u needm
David Varnes (20 days ago)
Why in the blue hell would anyone EVER throw a slow changeup to Barry Bonds? The man once hit an eepus pitch that still hasn't come down.
Matt Cook (1 month ago)
How is shingo takatsu not on here? He had the 55 mph frisbee slider
Taekwondo Time (1 month ago)
This is actually what pitchers used to do all the time before we got into the 100 mph fastball era of pitching. Pitchers used to change speeds to fool hitters. Somewhere along the line it became a lost art and pitchers went to the "everything hard" strategy of fastball and breaking ball, both pitches thrown at basically the same speed. So as a hitter, since you know every pitch is coming at the same speed, you can just time the pitch and crush it. It's just a question of will it go straight or will it drop?
Steve M (2 months ago)
Luis Tiant had a really slow pitch. Surprised he's not in there.
taputechnic (3 months ago)
I remember a game from the 80s where Tommy John's normal curveball clocked in at around 58, and then catcher (if I recall) Rick Cerone's normal throw back to the mound was clocked even faster.
Brent Temple (5 months ago)
Give me a lollipop pitch and I will send it to Mars.....lmao
MASON GRIFFITH (6 months ago)
Wheres Randy wolf's 49 mph curveball
Matthew McPeek (7 months ago)
Lesson to all young pitchers. Like with my son, there is a reason if you play for a good coach or you get far enough in baseball, they will try to convince you to not throw a 12-6 curveball. Especially a slow one. That is the type of pitch that can fool a youth player, or even teenage travel ball if it's thrown slowly enough. But there comes a time when hitters are disciplined, and are willing to wait for that moment to put the barrel on it and send it. Whether you call it a breaking ball or a changeup or Ultra changeup, basically it's a 12-6 pitch that you want to stay away from past the age of 13 or 14
Matthew McPeek (7 months ago)
And that goes for all 12 6 type of movement pitches whether it's a changeup, curveball, or a knuckleball. The fact is the pitch will end up in The Sweet Spot Of The Zone. If it's inside or outside or low, it's a ball and the batter won't swing because it looks wrong from the very start
Sports Seb (7 months ago)
The bonds is one us like we’re th lihhts
Pittsburgh Plays (8 months ago)
Can you make fastest pitcher changes ever video?
Ryan Carroll (8 months ago)
where is Orlando Arcia's 46 mph slider
vanitystr (9 months ago)
1:55 Thats nasty
Insta Dance Page (9 months ago)
craydul (9 months ago)
1:04 never new Goku was a commentator.
Nick S (9 months ago)
Where’s chad green
MASON CROSiER (9 months ago)
What about Fernando Abad?
KING GWAUPPO BMV (11 months ago)
Wtf was Wakefield doing throwin that shit to bonds like he ain’t know that shit would end up in the cove🤣🤣🤣
Willrocks650 (11 months ago)
Their slowest is my fastest
swashim (11 months ago)
Pitchers should try the 1:55 high lob, that one is the hardest to hit. Hell through it wayyy up in the air and land it on the plate!
WetNikeSocks (11 months ago)
Why would you throw a meatball to Bonds?😂
Morgan&OlivesLife (11 months ago)
Morgan&OlivesLife (11 months ago)
Rusty Shackleford (11 months ago)
2:23....RUN IT OUT!!!!
Comickid15 (1 year ago)
Favorite is both to Werth. His look of utter disbelief is hilarious, especially when he just dropped his bat on the 2nd one before the call was even made.
J4YB1RD (11 months ago)
Comickid15 It’s funny because both times, it was Charlie Villanueva pitching to him.
Manuel Gomez (1 year ago)
How you can throw a slow ball to Barry Bonds?
awesome sauce (1 year ago)
why would you ever throw that to bonds
Chris Moore (1 year ago)
When I was a teenager, the local fair had one of those "guess your speed" pitching games. I thought I could throw pretty fast. I guessed 75 MPH. I gave it everything I had - 54 was the best I got.
David S. (1 year ago)
1:32 I can watch that all day
Unspherdcomb6 (1 year ago)
A-rod said fuck you thought
One Buffalo (1 year ago)
0:54 the pitcher was clearly thinking fuck it bonds crushes all normal pitches imma throw him a middle school ball maybe that'll work.... it didnt work
Rafa Platte (1 year ago)
Who would give Barry Bonds a slow person pitch over the plate
cody odom (1 year ago)
My fastest is 63mph, and im 12
Daniel Butcher (1 year ago)
RIP Kurt Gowdy
Redbug 3 (1 year ago)
The pitch at 2:00 is A true Eephus pitch. Also called a slowball, a lollipop curveball, a blooper pitch, a looper ball, and many more. Lol.....
Bruce Carney (1 year ago)
Jamie Moyer change looked like it rolled off a tabletop, but when it was waited on it made the cheap seats.
Christopher Holmes (1 year ago)
1:55 *Holy God that has to be the nastiest pitch I've ever viewed in my life*
laesperanzabéisbol (1 year ago)
Kev (1 year ago)
Damn, hopefully I'm not injured next season. Cuz I really really wanna play again
D 1 (1 year ago)
What is the name of the first pitcher?
Eheeiudj Jrnrrb (1 year ago)
"Did that even register" xD
rallisoify (1 year ago)
Lookin for a hitter. Werth aint no hitter
Marcelo 47 (1 year ago)
aND i T Is OuT Of HeRe!!!!!
Jonalexher (1 year ago)
what ball park is it at 0:52?
healthdios (1 year ago)
My sister throws faster than these guys.....
Icecube88 (1 year ago)
why would you pitch slow balls to these guys. they are professionals. hitting a slow ball is the easiest thing in the world to do for them.
almostfm (1 year ago)
Because if you're used to seeing high 80s from a pitcher and he suddenly throws one 55, it can royally screw up your timing.
JD Superman (1 year ago)
Simons euphus bro I could thro dat fast boi
MBenson 89152 (1 year ago)
I pitch 0mph. Is that good?
ProTipGaming (1 year ago)
Why the hell would you throw this to Barry Bonds?
Mille Mathisen (1 year ago)
guys, silly anybody watch worse this case . /
remos100 (1 year ago)
Why do they throw it so slow?
eac gameplay (1 year ago)
I'm 11 and I can throw 59 mph
immeohmyoh (1 year ago)
I threw these a thousand times in grade-school, but the umps would never give the strike-call. Umps hate them, so they are hard to develop en-masse for the MLB. You get screened out, sadly.
pete miroslaw (1 year ago)
I was at the game at 2:08
F3AR_VEGGIE (1 year ago)
Why would u throw that pitch to barry bonds
YeezyBoy 17 (1 year ago)
Shows you something that it was almost all the older players that crushed them
AJ_Didas 5 (1 year ago)
where's mathew kershaw's fastball
Squarepants Gaming (1 year ago)
The majority of these pitchers are slowing down waaaay to much... thats not an eehpus pitch. its just slowing the arm speed
Mccrizzle Mcsizzle (1 year ago)
Poor Werth :)
Fox Mulder (1 year ago)
most of these pitches end up 450 feet lol
HeyImDanielle (1 year ago)
Anybody else hear "AND HE'S ******* OUT OF IT?'" 1:58
a brown avocado (1 year ago)
at 3:20 did anyone notice the score?
James Tracey (1 year ago)
Boss Tipps (1 year ago)
I pitch as fast as the last pitcher
Dyl ? (1 year ago)
Boss Tipps want a cookie
TheBroskiTwins (1 year ago)
subscribe here
TheRektScrubCrys (1 year ago)
anyone notice how almost all of these are against the tigers
:I (1 year ago)
Where's Bugs Bunny's slow pitch
rth 03 (1 year ago)
im twelve and pitch over 62mph
rth 03 (1 year ago)
my curve not fastball
Dana Riddle (1 year ago)
Did number 48 on the tigers git hit with the ball
Jack Clements (1 year ago)
Beast Mode (1 year ago)
CanadianCoinHunter (1 year ago)
0:05 is it me or does that sound like Markiplier???
Yonkage (1 year ago)
It's funny because I doubt I could even throw 60mph if I tried.
Pickle 235 (1 year ago)
3:29 He must get kicked out of the league he is on drugs
Toxic Plus (1 year ago)
changeup to the next level
Tyler Tutt (1 year ago)
16-4 at 1:04... holy shit
RaiN MWhop (1 year ago)
This is crazy I was just thinking about this, the slowest pitches
RaiN MWhop (1 year ago)
And it pops up on my feed
Radric Davis (1 year ago)
Moral of the story is don't throw this pitch to guys on steroids
Gavin Jones (1 year ago)
Wheres chapmans fastball😂😂
TheJinroKing (1 year ago)
74 mph is not considered "slowest" pitch...
DroneAir (1 year ago)
All you had to do was have a compilation of Barry Zito's fastballs
Harry Loomis (1 year ago)
Dan haren's fastball
Theo Anderson (1 year ago)
Head burn hero mechanical portray cause violent mere importance.
ILLEGALLY FUNNY (1 year ago)
go A-Rod like why pitch that slow come on now
OmegaWolf 5 (1 year ago)
why are these dudes pitching
Steven Craig (1 year ago)
randy wolf and zack grienke curveballs need to be in this video. they would have competitions on who could throw it slower. they got them down into the 50mph's
Mille Mathisen (1 year ago)
Thin distribution plane reporter rub.
WE ARE ANONYMOUS (1 year ago)
There calling it a knuckleball then a curve ball why not just use the same exact name as they do in softball it's called a change up it was first created in softball it seems like there trying to act like these players just created it n no it was originated in softball I wish they would just say it's a change up
WE ARE ANONYMOUS (1 year ago)
What the fuck is an ephis pitch it's a change up
WE ARE ANONYMOUS (1 year ago)
It's like there trying to create a pitch off of the softball pitch called the change up Witch is a change in speed to slower then a regular pitch it's nice to see players can learn from the game of softball
Brock Walls (1 year ago)
0:16 A-Rod has had enough of your fucking Eephus.
I remember my cousin and I used to play MLB 12 (or 13) the Show super seriously. We decided to edit pitchers to see who the best really was. I had my pitcher throwing 101-105 fastball and a 30-20 mph Change-up with a 70-80 Knuckleball, normal speed curve and an 80-90 cutter.... The frustration he got from playing that way was insane. . . Seeing how he is a Mets' fan you think he would be use to losing.
The Walking Cookie (1 year ago)
1:53 "did that even register" lmao 😂
Wash Guy (1 year ago)
Barry Bonds is a shitbag but that slow floating pitch seems to always be hit for a home run
IrishSullivanify (1 year ago)
I'm from Detroit, and there's too many Tiger's failing in this video lol.
Happy Unicorn (1 year ago)
So, these pitchers are comfortable throwing these? Like, do they really think that hanging this over the heart of the plate is a good idea? Most hitters can tell what they're throwing just by the speed, they can adjust to it, then t off on the guy.
I was dead at 1:56. its too tricky
DeepVoiceBryan (1 year ago)
I had a pitch like that called the "SUPER SLOW MO" when I played pony league and travel ball. 😁 it worked like a charm. Lol
Cole Johnson (1 year ago)
Can you imagine how stupid Chapman could make someone look if he suddenly threw a pitch this slow?
Jordan Sanchez (1 year ago)
I'm 11 and I can throw 67 not even kidding I use weight balls

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