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Top 10 Comedy Actors of All Time

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Top 10 Greatest Comedy Actors of All Time The Ultimate Comedy Playlist is brought to you by Musical.ly. Find the playlist here: http://bit.ly/2rDsfZj and download the Musical.ly App for hilarious videos here: http://bit.ly/2wylk9l These are the actors whose ability to make us laugh out loud has stood the test of time. Join http://www.WatchMojo.com as we count down our picks for the top 10 comedy actors of all time. Subscribe►►http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c... For this list, we're scouring Hollywood history to find the funniest comedic actors who ever graced a screen. Special thanks to our user NBACoDGaming for submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at http://www.WatchMojo.com/suggest Want a WatchMojo cup, mug, t-shirts, pen, sticker and even a water bottle? Get them all when you order your MojoBox gift set here: http://watchmojo.com/store/ WatchMojo is a leading producer of reference online video content, covering the People, Places and Trends you care about. We update DAILY with 4-5 Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Versus clips on movies, video games, music, pop culture and more!
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WatchMojo.com (3 months ago)
The Ultimate Comedy Playlist is brought to you by Musical.ly. Find the playlist here: http://bit.ly/2rDsfZj and download the Musical.ly App for hilarious videos here: http://bit.ly/2wylk9l
Tonferd Films (17 days ago)
WatchMojo.com you should do top 10 Three Stooges episodes
Pepethegod 69 (1 month ago)
WatchMojo.com really musical.ly decided to sponsor you 🤦‍♂️
Alex Chernyzh (10 hours ago)
will farell is a moron not comedian
aishajs03 (1 day ago)
John candy was really funny a lot of people loved him
aishajs03 (1 day ago)
Where’s John candy
Martin Thompson (2 days ago)
John Cleese, dudley moore, peter cooke, rowan atkinson, spike milligan, richard pryor, sid james, laurrel and hardy, george carlin, steve martin, rodney dangerfield, eddie izzard, rick mayall, adrian edmondson and a whole heap more...
Noah Bauer (2 days ago)
Where’s Jon Belushi (Animal house)
Cemetal (3 days ago)
Mel Brooks is a female version of Barbara Streisand, but he’s still hilarious.
Michael DeWeese (3 days ago)
Seriously no women in the top 10 or in honorable mentions? Jonah Hill (who I like) gets a nod before Lucille Ball?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!! Not trying to be overly SJW but this is a terrible oversight.
Janet (4 days ago)
10 Leslie Nielson 9 Bill Murray 8 Mel Brooks 7 Marx brothers 6 Eddie Murphie 5 Peter sellers 4 Buster Keaton 3 Jim Carrey 2 Robin Williams 1 Charlie Chaplin Honorable mention jerry lewis mike myers Steve Carell Rowan Atkinson Bill Murray is way funnier than Ferrell , maybe Ferrell has gotten more roles but Murray is a natural where Ferrell is too scripted. Love Jim Carey but Williams was funnier and way better at Improv.
timwheat85 (5 days ago)
I love your video's and all but Bill Murray #10?? Come on watch mojo!!!
Huffalump Junior (6 days ago)
Idc what anybody says will Ferrell is number 1
NattyBoyTM (6 days ago)
This video is the ultimate blasphemy! John Cleese is not even mentioned! I am going straight to the comedy police and getting you executed immedietly!!
drizzle (10 days ago)
...2) Jerry Lewis...3) Steve Martin...
skeet yeet (11 days ago)
4:21 did she say fartsicle
Ethan (11 days ago)
Is number one Charlie Chaplin? One of the first entertaininers in history and in silence.
Jason Ranne (11 days ago)
John Candy
Tobbe Lund (12 days ago)
Gene Wilder deserves to be on this list... And Richard pryor.
Justin Williams (13 days ago)
Where's cheech and chong, there the funnest people ever
Vostaj si Teo (14 days ago)
Where is Rowan Atkinson
Brendan Moley (15 days ago)
Will Ferrell at 9? No Kevin Hart?
Bryson Smith (15 days ago)
Kevin Hart Amy Poehler Tina Fey
Jay Day (16 days ago)
What about great comedic teams like Jackie Gleason, Carol Burnet, Seinfeld, Abbott & Costello, Monty Python, Lucille Ball ... Though the actors mentioned are doubtless great representatives of the art, this list is somewhat arbitrary.
SuperHoppsZ28 _ (16 days ago)
I knew Charlie Chaplin was gonna be in this but I respect that choice because he is the G.O.A.T of comedy
Fresh.Mootz (16 days ago)
Charlie Chaplin?? Seriously? Who the hell is Buster Keaton?
Rilumai (5 days ago)
Did you just ask who Buster Keaton is??...
Oscar O'Reilly (17 days ago)
what about Steve carrel and Seth mcfarlane and Sacha baron Cohen
Kylan Gasko (17 days ago)
No Lucille Ball??? The first and best comidienne...this list is severely lacking some female representation. Kristin Wiig, Tiny Fey, Carol Burnett, Whoopi Goldberg, Gilda Radner, Betty White?
Harry Jimerson (17 days ago)
What about the 3 stooges
cosmic coconut (18 days ago)
Y’all are missing Seth rogan
Thunderstruck#AC/DC95 (19 days ago)
Plz do top 10 rhythm guitars
Winston Elston (20 days ago)
Chick-o, not Cheek-o.
2StepMarv (20 days ago)
I personally want to argue that Buster Keaton is the best Comedy Actor of all time because his works were so innovative that you can still see tributes to his work in films today.
taran khela (20 days ago)
Where is rowan Atkinson ? The great man that revolutionised the art of comedy. This list is a garbage without him. Really.
Daniel Borden (21 days ago)
I can’t believe John Belishu isn’t here.
mrnocal (21 days ago)
So they don't say "male" comedy actors and show Kristen Wiig in "bridesmaids" in the intro and there's not one single female actor included in the list or the honorable mentions? They really need to rename this video to "Top 10 Male Comedy Actors of All TIme" or omit the "Bridesmaids" clip from the intro and do a separate "Top 10 Comedy Actresses of All Time". Of course, they probably did already...they do lists for everything, no matter how mundane because they seem to have a quota to make the most top 10 lists ever. Can't wait for "Top 10 Reasons Toenails Annoy Us".
mrnocal (21 days ago)
...or "Top 10 Reasons Why the Brady Bunch Kids Seem Rich But Have to Share One Bathroom Without a Toilet"
Hudson Stewart (21 days ago)
#1 will ferrel
Magic Squirrel (21 days ago)
Steve Carell?
James & Barb Jefferson (21 days ago)
You picked a pedophile for #1
Rilumai (5 days ago)
Except he wasn't a pedophile so your statement is bullshit.
Jaren Jackson (22 days ago)
Where is Kevin Hart you guys only need one black person
Doctor Fu (23 days ago)
Daniel Yahudah Israel (25 days ago)
Where are the Three Stooges?
Mahendra Parmar (26 days ago)
No Steve Martin?
CS S (26 days ago)
Lou Costello isn't even an honorable mention
KurtRussell 4 (26 days ago)
Where's Tom Hanks
OddTuber (27 days ago)
Seth Rogen #1 for me :)
tasmin james (29 days ago)
No Richard Pryor..... this is bullshit
Preetam Mukherjee (29 days ago)
no rwan atkinson! this list is SHIT..
Jean Ferguson (30 days ago)
hell yeah we agreed with the list, respects to jim carrey and the great charlie chaplin they greatest comedy actors of all time.
Kevin Heath (30 days ago)
Dude... I love Kristin Wiig... I just love her.
Hope Morlen (30 days ago)
Robin Williams one of the greats gone too soon, and one of my favorite actors.
benedict rotol (1 month ago)
drippin fever (1 month ago)
Kelvin heart?
Donavan Weaver (1 month ago)
No, idc that he made comedy in the early 1900s. Jim Carrey should be #1
Andrew patrickm4 (1 month ago)
Take Will Ferrell off this list and put John Candy at 9. Honorable mentions list Chevy Chase and Don Knotts and take out overrated Jonah Hill and Ben Stiller.
Petraq Peshqini (1 month ago)
Jim Carrey 😍😘
Hunter Wolf7893 (1 month ago)
Where's Adam Sandler ar
oliver warren-cole (1 month ago)
why is robin Williams at number 4 he should be at number 1 he is soo funny as hell I really miss him he never fails to make me laugh rest in peace robin Williams
Philipp Vögtli (1 month ago)
Will Ferrell? No way.
I notice a distinct lack of David Hyde Pierce.
beavis102761 (1 month ago)
No Richard Pryor bogus list
Fríði Dam Lindberg (1 month ago)
Where is jack black and kevin james
Drake 22 (1 month ago)
Adam Sandler should at least be on honorable mentions
Piotr Piotrowski (1 month ago)
Where is John Cleese, Jackie Chan, Leslie Nielsen, Rowan Atkinson or Dan Aykroyd?
Scottie Baxter (1 month ago)
Women are way funnier than men.
rachel diane ames (1 month ago)
Miroslav Tomic (1 month ago)
Bill Cosby, Jerry Stiller, John Lithgow...
John Smith (1 month ago)
Number one: LAUREL & HARDY !!!! Not even a honorable mention from you ?!?! No respect for you any more, people :(
Tepidtooth85 (1 month ago)
Fun Fact, Queen was recording their fifth album in the studio while watching the Marx Brothers film "A Night At The Opera", which is where the album got its name from because they liked the movie so much
Glen Winstein (1 month ago)
John Bunny
Lord Sadism (1 month ago)
Top 6. 1. Charlie Chaplin 2. Peter Sellers 3. Groucho Marx's 4. Robin Williams 5. Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy 6. Eric Morecambe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myptvBfapls
arthur ortiz (1 month ago)
ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME WHERE THE FUCK IS STEVE CARELL !!!???!?!?!??!???!!? He deserves a spot on this list THE MAN IS A LEGEND
Spades Martell (1 month ago)
I agree Charlie Chapman is #1, but Richard Pryor isn't #2. Who made this list?
That Borderline Guy (1 month ago)
Sacha Baron Cohen
Blake music carter (1 month ago)
So Chris Farley is an honorable mention and Adam Sandler is no where to be seen? Worst top ten EVER!!!!
Lord Maczek (1 month ago)
Flip and Flap? And Charlie Chaplin is a legendary actor in movie history...
KSK HaLlOwEeN (1 month ago)
Jim Stinson (1 month ago)
I wonder how much cash Will Ferrell gave WM to make this list.
anubis (1 month ago)
Some great comedians are Seth Rogen, Bill Hader, Steve Carrel,
Ram Swaren (1 month ago)
dead poets society was the best movie i ever watched
No Rowan Atkinson and Louis de Funes? 0_0 That's really strange
Bobby Zerrudo (1 month ago)
Where is Steve Carell my boy?!!
Scott Temple (1 month ago)
How could you possibly forget ...THE THREE STOOGES
Giraffe Man (1 month ago)
John Candy?
Giraffe Man (1 month ago)
Will Ferrell could’ve been higher.
DoeJoe (1 month ago)
Gene wilder and Richard proper ?
Kobe For president (1 month ago)
Seth Rogen?
Marx Brothers should have been #1 in my opinion.
Jackalex18 :3 (2 months ago)
The Three Stooges
NotIllidan (2 months ago)
best X of all time = best American or successful mostly in America X of all time WatchMojo logic, ladies and gents.
one piece age of pirates (2 months ago)
Chris Tucker??
Michael Cameron (2 months ago)
Will Ferrell? Are you kidding me? He sucks!!! He is terrible and his movies are not funny at all. I don't get whats funny about him. Hes like a old weirdo trying to be funny but isn't at all. You gotta be kidding me WatchMojo.
Drew11Winegarden (2 months ago)
Will Ferrell should have been higher
Usman Anjum (2 months ago)
Three stooges? Laurel and Hardy? They should atleast have had honourable mention
lil saiyan (2 months ago)
Before vid:I better see will Smith and Martin lawrence or this video is shit Edit:this video is shit
Bo Anders Mikaelsson (2 months ago)
There is just Americans ?? Where is John Cleese and Marty Feldman ?
Bony Tablet (2 months ago)
Where is mr bean?
Maze Gaming (2 months ago)
What is this list Jim Carrey’s number 2 Who was drunk when they made this list I think you should rewatch caddyshack and made a new list
Greek Millenial (2 months ago)
The number 3 ranking is evidence of how underrated Keaton is. Buster Keaton is the preeminent comic. Either he was as brilliant as Chaplin or superior.
BJ DJ (2 months ago)
You missed Steve Martin and Adam Sandler!!
Tim Toon (2 months ago)
adam Sandler
Joshua Huq (2 months ago)
Where the hell is Kevin Hart and Adam Sandler!?

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