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Top 10 British Actors That Will Smash Hollywood

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Top 10 British Actors That Will Smash Hollywood These young Brits are bound for greatness. For this list, we're counting down UK actors and actresses who are set to become global stars. There's the likes of Daisy Ridley from "Star Wars" and Tom Holland from Marvel's "Spider-Man", as well as a "Kingsman" and a certain Stark from "Game of Thrones". How about Daniel Kaluuya, Suki Waterhouse of George Mackay? These are some of Britain's most exciting acting prospects! Special thanks to our user WordToTheWes for submitting the idea on our interactive suggestion tool: WatchMojo.com/suggest #10. Bel Powley #9. Suki Waterhouse #8. George Mackay #7. Phoebe Waller-Bridge #6. Florence Pugh #5. Sophie Turner #4. Daniel Kaluuya #3, #2, #1: ???
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Sarah S (1 month ago)
what about Finn Cole??
k s (4 months ago)
Barry Keoghan.
The Abby (4 months ago)
You pick that other girl over Maisie Williams in no 6 ok ? But then you pick Sophie turner over Maisie like how dumb are you ? You tryin to win an oscar in being dumb catagory ? SOPHIE OVER MAISIE ????????? FUCK YOU RETARD
Alvi Afsan (4 months ago)
Keanna Dupalco (6 months ago)
george mackay george mackay george mackaaay
Steph Hulme (8 months ago)
I love Taron Egerton!
Ben Sharp (8 months ago)
Honestly Daniel Kaluuya has something special, first saw him in black mirror and he made something so unrealistic and bizarre seem like it was real life and captured you in that moment. I think he'll be another Di Caprio
buzzardbeatniks (9 months ago)
As great as George Mckay is, his American accents aren't so.
Tyrell Films (10 months ago)
Gonna throw the names Franz Drameh (Legends of Tomorrow, Attack the Block) and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Misfits, Utopia) Drameh in particular should be noted for debuting in the same film as John Boyega.
sheMan32 (10 months ago)
This list is kinda shoddy. Haven't even heard of half of them. Where's John Boyega? Gugu Mbatha Raw? Will Pouter? Dev Patel? Riz Ahmed?
J Aff (4 months ago)
sheMan32 They're all ready big in America
famous brillance (10 months ago)
I hope so! I feel our US young stars are just social media trash. Ex. Jennifer Lawrence.
Jason Coladonato (10 months ago)
yeah he's british
Jason Coladonato (10 months ago)
missed john boyega dumbasses but I'll let it slide
Tyrell Films (10 months ago)
Watch the start of the video again brudda.
Stefan Baas (10 months ago)
Let coastal intense electrical sanction successfully intense bill much remaining killing.
Ishbel Jathanna (10 months ago)
Millie bobby brown definitely deserved a spot on this list
mileven wolfhard (8 months ago)
Yeah but Millie is already in Hollywood and everyone knows about her
Tyrell Films (10 months ago)
5 stars for this comment!
Funk Yourself (10 months ago)
Corgettes (10 months ago)
Malcontent 7 (10 months ago)
You list Sophie, but not so much as a mention for Maisie? For shame.
LKmandown (10 months ago)
where the fuck is jack o connel
bill592011 (10 months ago)
I don't think any of them will be big....have you heard Sophie Turners American accent..haha...Daisy Ridley/hopefully...
amy clarke (10 months ago)
fabiana g (10 months ago)
you missed fionn whitehead
Talking Box (10 months ago)
I’m sorry but Daisy Ridley is great and all, but Tom Holland has a better career ahead of him I think.
Claudia Nikano (10 months ago)
Toby Kebbell really should have been included in this list.
Daniela Korneck (10 months ago)
Where is Tom Hiddleston?
buzzardbeatniks (9 months ago)
pretty sure he's already well established.
Tanequil Smith (10 months ago)
With a few exceptions most of those mentioned were poor and wooden.
23brillbob (10 months ago)
Peaky blinders' Joe Cole feels like he is ready to launch assault on Hollywood. Mesmeric in the 1920s Birmingham drama, fantastic in The Green Room and steals the show in his episode of Black Mirror
Kim Buck (10 months ago)
What about Karen Gillan??
Tyrell Films (10 months ago)
She's already kinda smashed Hollywood. She's had her own short lived TV series and starred in Both Guardians films as well as set to appear in the third.
Sarah Venable (10 months ago)
Tom Holland and Taron Egerton should be in a movie together.
kye flint (10 months ago)
I think Taron should of got number 1
Toni-Ann Kirlew (10 months ago)
Where’s Michaela Cole?
Kathiravan Ganesh (10 months ago)
Daniel, Florance, Tom Holland these are talented but daisy just luky
Kyle Campbell (10 months ago)
Why this new generation of black actors is British?
Tyrell Films (10 months ago)
Its not. Lol we literally made the list once. The rest of them are in the US.
Wonderwoman79G (10 months ago)
Because they were born in the UK.
Nelson Ricardo (10 months ago)
Suki? Yep, that's how I would describe her acting.
KingKhanAbz (10 months ago)
Does anyone else feel SO proud watching this? I'm just like "Yes bruv! Smash it in America!" 😊
WatchMojoUK (10 months ago)
OfficialKingKhanAbz Haha, yep, pretty much :) woop!
Nathan Bowles (10 months ago)
But Daisy Ridley is so Wooden and has not improved since force awakens...
harly moon (10 months ago)
Sheila Bow (10 months ago)
Daisy Ridley’s acting is so wooden
Azza Gold (10 months ago)
Arthur Wacker (10 months ago)
What about Olivia Coleman and Jodie Whitaker??
Tyrell Films (10 months ago)
Whitaker's a TV star and I think thats where she wants to stay (broadchurch/ doctor who) but I reckon after a few years of DW and a small break she may get scooped up for Hollywood.
Arthur Wacker (10 months ago)
Pride was awesome.
Arthur Wacker (10 months ago)
Mi High. That show was on CBBC and I remember watching it. Quite good but I think the most popular CBBC show was the Tracy Beaker series. Anyway aside from the point, good top 10 list!!
harly moon (10 months ago)
Yas daisy ridley u go girl But I think john boyega should include it
red headed psycho (10 months ago)
lets get something straight, nobody cares if you was 1st
Rafi Putra (10 months ago)
100th like was from me, lads. Your welcome!
WatchMojoUK (10 months ago)
Rafi Putra Cheers Rafi!
D0CT0R (10 months ago)
This is stupid. How isn’t Millie bobby brown at least in the top 5?!?!
DenisIsABastardMan 98 (10 months ago)
Sophie Turner? She's already an established actor and she's shite anyway. Sean Bean's prosthetic head on a spike had more range than her.
Tom Holland as Nathan Drake!!! Noooooooo!!!!!!!!!
Peter Frank (10 months ago)
To be honest, I'd go for Paul Rudd -- But to be really honest, I wouldn't make another movie-video game adaptions.
Lewis Aldred (10 months ago)
Go back 15 years and get Nathan fillion
james howe (10 months ago)
José Vasco Branco Francisco who would you pick
Linda Higgins (10 months ago)
Sophie turner is adequate in game of thrones and shite in x men so how come she beats Maisie Williams who hasn’t put a foot wrong in her career and is has new mutants coming up
Riley Costello (10 months ago)
Anna Rabe (10 months ago)
Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland at the top spots 😍 can't wait to see them together in chaos walking
DodderingOldMan (10 months ago)
Love Daniel Kaluuya, he always had that certain something that marked him out as a very interesting actor. It's been so good to see him get some bigger roles. Hopefully he still does some decent TV and lower budget movie work though, would suck to see him reduced to stock-standard Hollywood tripe.
Will Huey (5 months ago)
get out was a really good movie
PurelyAfrican (8 months ago)
No he is "prestige" actor he won't do a role just for the money. He's actually working on a script at the moment. He's a talented writer also so he should be around for a while!
Apples Apples apples (10 months ago)
I remember MI hi
skin19head69 (10 months ago)
Joe gilgun would be a star if he was given a shot and didn't have such a strong accent. Also jack O'Connell. Tom hardy needs a bigger push too.
f d (10 months ago)
Jack O'Connell is one of the most promising actor from world imo.I pretty much watch everything he played and he always delivered.I hope he goes big in Hollywood. and Tom Hardy ? u must be joking right ? Tom Hardy with Michael Fassbender and that Jake Glya..... one of the biggest actor in hollywood rn (not counting actors like dicaprio,bale,joqaien phoenix etc.)
Zenevi Mawii (10 months ago)
skin19head69 I agree, Rudy in Misfits was absolutely brilliant. But Joe has a great range. I saw him play a psychopath in Lockout which was a garbage movie but he was the best part in it and I'd really like to see him explore that zone even more
skin19head69 (10 months ago)
Zenevi Mawii I can see that but I think he shines in comedy roles. Rudy in misfits was brilliant
Zenevi Mawii (10 months ago)
Hopefully with his role as Cassidy in Preacher, Joe Gilgun gets more roles. He's a great actor and definitely deserves more attention. I can see him doing extremely dark psychopathic roles in thrillers
Mighty Marouane Fellaini (10 months ago)
Why do they have Mackem accents in lady Macbeth. Isn’t it meant to be set in Scotland?
Mighty Marouane Fellaini (10 months ago)
Danstarr69 it’s easy m9.
Mighty Marouane Fellaini (10 months ago)
Jason C cheers av never seen it before so I wouldn’t of known
Jason C (10 months ago)
Mighty Marouane Fellaini It is not based on Shakespeare's play.
Dalek News (10 months ago)
Yasss Daisy Ridley
Mighty Marouane Fellaini (10 months ago)
“I came here for a shoot out, a proper fackin shoot out, with proper men. A shoot out is a shoot out, like a western. Wankers, fackin waste of my time.” That’s how I feel when I watch the bigger watch mojo channel
Minimus567 (10 months ago)
Sophie turner is not a good actress, she's even said that she's only got a role (possibly Jean Grey) over a much better actress because she's bigger on social media
Delboy0 (10 months ago)
I agree she is a mediocre actress that is getting parts because she is a global hit show and has a global profile and fanbase. Like Emma Watson who is a bad actress that is getting major parts because Studios know she has a massive fanbase from the Harry Potter movies.
Gonzalo A. Lencina (10 months ago)
Well, you don't have to be Meryl Streep to play Jean Grey.
Minimus567 (10 months ago)
B P Google it
B P (10 months ago)
If thats true that's sad
Sdain 76 (10 months ago)
Top 10 Jack O Connel Performances
james howe (10 months ago)
Random Profile www.watchmojo.com
HeyIts Arianne (10 months ago)
3 third good video mojooo
Haze Der (10 months ago)
Nelson Ricardo (10 months ago)
1st loser. Yep.
Lecter Ulyanov (10 months ago)

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